Daddy and daughter Emily

Daddy and daughter Emily

It was late and I was tired. The day had just dragged on, worked late and then had to get the wife to the airport - the traffic and the weather didn't help at all. I clicked off the light in the living room and headed towards my own bedroom. Emily had gone to bed earlier, I noticed her door wasn't shut tight so I popped my head in just to make sure everything was ok before I went and hopped into bed.

Something didn't look right... it took my eyes a second to adjust to the dim light before I realized my daughter was laying on her back, feet drawn up to her bottom and her knees far apart. She was naked from the waist down and was quickly sliding her fingertip between her vagina and her clit. I suddenly realized she was masturbating and I was intruding. I may have made a subtle sound as I caught my breath, I quickly stepped back and pulled the door to it's former position.

I hurried to my room as quietly as I could. I don't know if I was more embarrased for her or myself. I know if I'd been caught masturbating at 14 I'd have been mortified. Hopefully she hadn't seen or heard me; breakfast might be uncomfortably quiet tomorrow.

I pushed my door closed but didn't latch it, figured I didn't need to. Emily was either busy with herself or if I'd been noticed she was probably hiding in the closet trying to will herself into a black hole where she wouldn't have to face me later. I tossed my shirt onto a chair and was taking my pants off when I realized I had a hard on. This suprised me because I'd never viewed my daughter in a sexual way, sure, I'd noticed her breasts developing and her hips and legs filling out but I always took it at the natural course of things. But then I'd just seen her exposed and performing a personal sexual act and my body had responded to it.

I had just stepped out of my pants when I heard Emily behind me, "Dad?" She caught me by suprise and I spun around to face the unexpected noise, she had come into my room when I expected it the least. Immediately I was aware my hard on was causing my boxers to tent out and Emily was looking at my crotch, I did the best I could to hold my pants up in front of myself but it was too late; I may as well been using a sheet full of holes to sheild my daughter from my own sexual exposure. Emily quickly looked to the floor and took a step back against the wall.


"Uhmm," she stammered for a moment, "Dad, is it ok to masturbate?"

The ironic question of the night, prior to her arrival I was considering exactly that. We've always had an open house in terms of questions asked, our motto could have been The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I knew I owed her a reply, "Well Emmy, it's only natural to do the things that make us feel good. The important thing is that you dont' get carried away with it, like taking it to excess."

I saw she was peering through her bangs, trying to get a glimpse of my crotch again. "Uhm dad, you saw me didn't you?" She asked me a rather direct and somewhat embarassing question, had to give her credit for having guts.

"I didn't mean to honey, it really was an accident. I don't want you to be uncomfortable about it, it's only natur..."

"Can I see yours?" She blurted out.

"Oh." I was taken off guard. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned about this question had it come up in a different situation and probably not against the idea either but I didn't want to expose her to adult sexuality, namely, my hard on. "That would be a little awkward sweetheart."

"Daddy I just want to see, you know, a boy."

"I know honey," I was trying to let her down gently, "it's just that..."

"But daddy, you saw me, it's only fair."

I looked at her standing there, she was wearing one of those oversized tee shrits that hung down to her mid-thigh. I didn't want to quess what she was wearing underneath it but I did notice her nipples pressing against the thin fabric of the shirt, no bra. I got the feeling she wasn't going to relent and decided I could just show her a little and she wouldn't see my full hard on. Still holding my pants in front of me I pulled the waistband of my boxers so my erection would come up to lay against my stomach, then I tugged the waistband down a little to expose and inch or so of my penis. I let the pants down a little so she could see.

"Daddy, you all all of me." She complained.

Oh geez, this girl was going to grow up to be a lawyer someday. I dropped my pants on the floor and pulled the band of my boxers down until they only exposed the shaft. I heard her complaint in the form of a snort. Fine, I pulled my shorts down so she could see my balls too.

I saw her staring at my erection and for just a moment it looked like she wanted to reach out towards me. "It's okay," I told her, "you can touch it." I hadn't expected my reaction to her hand around the shaft of my penis. Maybe it was the softness of her hand or the warmth of it, maybe it was because it was my daughter but I could feel myself getting harder. I doubt she noticed or felt the difference but I was rock hard and my balls were starting to ache from the tension. I was going to need to cum after all this.

Somewhere between chagrin and this highly charged sexual tension I lost my inhibitions. I closed my hand over hers and moved it back and forth some then let go, she continued stroking me for a moment before I stopped her by putting my hand over hers again. "Do you want to see more?"

"Yessss." Her voice was low and breathy, I saw her nipples were quite prominent through her tee shirt now.

I pressed my legs together so my boxers would fall off. I kept my hand clamped over hers and turned towards the bed, she was forced to turn with me as I held her in place then I pressed on her shoulder so she'd sit down on the bed. I stood there in front of her, my hand clamped over hers while my erection was in her face. I released my grip on her but she continued to hold me. "Suck on it honey."

She never looked away from the object of her interest. I saw her open her mouth a little and pause, then she took me into her mouth. She was wet and warm in a way that could only feel good, I could feel her slick tongue just under the head of my penis. Pretty much she was just holding me in her mouth but it felt good; I nudged forward just a bit so she'd take more then I told her again to suck on it. She did. Sucking me made her tongue draw tighter against me, I moved her hand along me again then let go, again she continued on her own. She was jacking me off into her mouth. The pressure in me was building fast, I was about to debate if I was going to cum in her mouth or pull back and let it splash on her when I decided to stop. I backed out of her and felt the cool air of the room mixed with her warm breath on the head of my penis. "Enough of that for now honey, I want you to lay back on the bed."

She moved back until her head hit the pillow, she was breathing hard. Her legs were slightly apart, her tee shirt had crept up some and I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was wet. I sat on the bed next to her hips and gently caressed her leg, moving from her knee up to her mid-thigh; each time I let my hand travel further up until her hips began to raise from anticipation. I had to push a little to get my hand between her legs to cup her mound in my hand, she opened her legs some more to give me access. I let my hand rest there a moment then slid the tip of my middle finger between her wet vaginal lips, it entered easily. I mimiced what I had seen her doing - moving my finger along her slit from end to end. She moaned in a low deep voice I hadn't expected to her from her petite body. "It feels better when someone else does it doesn't it?"

She could only moan again in reply. Her hips were now matching the rhythm of my finger tip. She was trying to press down against me to increase the pressure but I held back, I was intentionally teasing her, deliberately making the pressure build so she'd cum hard. It only took a couple of moments then she grabbed my hand with both of hers and pulled me tight to her as she orgasmed. I let my fingertip penetrate her just enough that I could feel her contractions, she tried to press down further to get more of me in her but I wasn't letting it happen. I held her cupped in my hand as the spasms subsided, all she could say was, "Oh daddy..."

She suprised me by turning on her side and bending towards me, before I knew it she had me in her mouth again. I gripped her shoulders and stopped her, "Hold on honey, not yet." She looked up at me and I leaned down to kiss her, a gentle peck at first then I slid my tongue into her mouth. I made it a slow and sensual kiss, I felt her fall back into my arms. "Lay back honey. No wait, take this off." I began raising the hem of her shirt. She grabbed the shirt and easily slid it over her head, she let it fall to the floor. "There, now lay back."

I looked at her, my daughter, naked in my bed. She was beautiful. I cupped one of her breasts and let my thumb slide back and forth over the nipple. She made a noise that obviously showed it was pleasureable for her. I let my fingertips trail down her stomach and cupped her mound in my hand again. This time her legs were already open and my hand slid easily into position. She arched her back in response. "It felt good when you sucked me Emmy. It felt very good. I want to show you how it feels for you."

I moved down between her legs and slid one arm under and around one of them to hold it against me, I used my free hand to caress her, brushing against her clit and down and back to spread her wetness along the length of her little pink lips. I pressed my thumb into the skin of her upper thigh so she'd open up and I could see her hidden sex, then I pressed the breadth of my tongue against her and licked. She bore down on me hard and I did it again, then I took turns sucking her clit and pushing my tongue into her as far as it would go. Everytime I did that she would push down as hard as she could, trying to get me deeper into her. I held her leg against me firmly, the restriction of that was causing her tension to build greatly. I went back to sucking her clit until I knew she was going to orgasm again, when she did I pulled her open again and watched her contractions as she came.

I lay there for a moment, letting her recover. I kissed her around the tops of her thighs or on her clit; once or twice I slid my tongue into her again. When she relaxed I asked her, "Do you want to feel more?" She looked at me, her eyes were dreamy, smoky, they had a far away cast to them, she let out a long "Unnnnnnn..." I took that as a positive. I moved up between her legs and lay on her for a moment, wondering if I was going to fit into her but once I touched the head of my penis to her and it began to easily slide in the worry was gone. The moment she felt me entering her she began to push down against me, I pressed my thighs against hers to prevent it. Slowly, only by degrees did I push into her, it was driving her crazy - she wanted full penetration now. I prolonged it as long as I could. Finally I was completely in her, she was wetter and hotter than any woman I had ever known. Instead of moving in and out of her I pressed deeper into her, pushing against her cervix and pressing my pubic bone down onto her clit. She fought beneath me, she fought to get more and take more. I pushed into her as far as I could and held myself there. Then I felt her begin to orgasm, "Do it honey, cum on me. Cum on me baby."

She let out a little cry of a scream as she finished off, I relaxed some and let her regain her breath. I kissed her gently and told her how beautiful she was, how wonderful she felt, how much I loved her. I felt her relax beneath me then I told her, "I need to cum honey, I'm ready to burst." She nodded and pulled me close to her.

"Hold on, I need you on top. I need to pull out of you when I cum." I got my arms around her and rolled over so she was laying on me. "Sit up honey." Her weight pushed me deeper into her, I raised my hips against her and pushed a couple of times. It didn't take long. "Now." I lifted her so I could withdraw, my erection flopped back against my stomach and began to goosh out. She stared at it with fascination then gently took me in her hand and jacked me off as I finished. I was breathless, I had cum hard enough that my balls ached, but in a good way.

I asked her to get a tissue, she got a couple and cleaned me up. "I want you to sleep here tonight honey."

"Okay." She sounded very interested in that.

"I want to go to sleep with you while I'm inside you, baby."

That very much appealed to her. I was sitll hard, my erection wasn't about to go down, she played with me a little bit partly out of natural curiousity and partly bacause I think she wanted to make me feel good. She glanced up at me and I told her to sit over me again and get me into her. I let her do it all, she was eager to guide me into her again. She was soaked and I was still quite hard, I slid into her easily, both of us pushed into each other. Her warmth and wetness made me want to lay her down again and fuck her senseless but instead I pulled her down onto me and we just lay there together. I dont remember when we fell asleep.

When I woke up I was still partially inside her. My erection had gone down but realizing I was inside her and still feeling her heat and wetness it sprang right back up. I pushed a little and began to penetrate her again and the motion woke her up, she reciprocated the pushing and got me deep into her again. I began pushing into her but she stopped me. "Wait dad, you did so much for me last night... let me do this." She slid up and off of me then turned and took me in her mouth, this time she didn't hold me there, she was sucking me with the intention of making me cum into her mouth. I reached down and felt for her, she moved her hips back towards me so I could slip a finger into her. I began to cum into her mouth, I felt her swallowing as I erupted, only a moment later her legs tightened against my hand as she came again.

I pulled her back up to me and we held each other then dozed off together.

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