Little Piggy 7 - Double Detention, Thursday

Little Piggy 7 - Double Detention, Thursday

Littler Piggy-7, Double Detention – Day 4


Little Piggy walked down the street away from home heading to school. She was mastering the training belt and knew how to accentuate or not its affects. At the end of the block was Coach Gray standing next to a big black pickup. 'Feeling better today?' he said looking down at her. 'Yes, sir.' she said with a smirk and a salute.

'Did you practice?' She knew what he meant. She held up the ball bag and twirled her dress smoothly and gracefully. 'Get in. I'll give you a ride.' he ordered with a leer. She climbed up to get into his tall truck. It looked shiny and new but it was old looking inside with a big bouncy seat. Bouncing in she noticed a depression in the seat under the seat cover. She was pushing down on it when Coach hopped in.

'Put the ball there and get on it.' he demanded. Her eyes went wide and she rushed to remove her panties and training belt. She placed the ball in the seat depression and climbed on putting the prongs into place. She moaned a little and squirmed around on the ball. Coach reached across her and fastened her seat belt, tightening it just enough to hold her snug. 'Don't want you flying off.'

He started to drive and the vibration from the engine alone were make little sparks fly. When Coach hit a dip or pothole she bounced with the seat and would cry out. He had only gone a block or two when he noticed her looking down at his waist. He hit the gas pushing the back prong hard into her ass pucker and then hitting the brakes rolling her onto the one in her pussy folds. 'Oh.' she gasped.

He repeated this a couple times with Little Piggy gasping and moaning. Bumps in the road bounced her on the seat. She was twitching now with spasms building. She was looking at his waist again when he said,' Turn the ball towards me.' Then he pulled his man meat out from his waistband and said, 'Get to work young lady.' She pulled her legs under and turned. Now she was facing him and she leaned forward. The ball in that direction let her pivot right into his lap.

She was just getting her mouth around his dick when he started talking. 'Mr. Newnen likes you. Thinks you're alright. I'm not sold.' She was concentrating on swallowing his cock but wondered where this was going. 'You've got a lot of guts, that's for sure. But the love of dicks isn't going to get you anywhere in this world.' He put his hand on the back of her head as he pushed further into her throat. She started to squirm and twitch.

'You need to keep up with your school work. And stay away from immature boys.' She was swimming as the truck rolled and bounce down the road. The ball under her and his dick doing the same in her throat. She snorted and he let go of her head. She stayed down on it as long as she could. Her little folds and ass pucker were being pounded by the bounce of the seat. It tingled all over her body. She loved the sensations and realized what Coach Gray was talking about.

She pulled up to catch her breath. 'Yes Coach.' she said breathless. Then she dropped right back down on him. 'You like that? You're going to love this.' he turned suddenly into a driveway which jerked and bounced even harder. She snorted a couple times. Next he drove over a speed bump, a little fast. His dick jammed down her throat. She popped up, 'Oh, wow!' she groaned. And plopped back down on him.

This went on a couple times before he said, 'That's enough for now.' He pulled her head up off of him and he looked in her eyes searching. 'Get yourself together, I'm taking you to school.' Her eyes were a little wobbly but she saluted, 'Yes sir.' She managed to climb fumbling off the ball and placed it back in its bag. Slipped on the training belt with a wanting moan and fastened it. Then Coach handed her a small towel to wipe her mouth and groin so she could slip on her panties. 'Good!'

He dropped her off at school and she quickly remembered how to walk. Twitching and jerking every few steps as she made it to her first class. The rest of the day went smooth. She sat straight up in her seat, every class. She listened attentively and answered questions when asked. Finally the day was done and she headed straight to detention.

Tommy caught up with her and asked if she wanted to see his cock. She smiled and said, 'Thanks. But I have detention because of you, and your friend Jack. And your dicks. Double detention!' She glared at him for a moment and returned to smiling. This shut him up quick and he meekly said, 'Sorry about that. It wasn't all my fault. You asked..' he trailed off. She stopped and just stared at him, then continued to detention hiding a smile and a wiggle. Tommy did not follow.

When she entered Mr. Newnen's office she slipped off her panties and skirt set them on his desk and went to sit at her desk. Setting the ball bag next to her desk. He was correcting papers as usual and grunted to acknowledge her arrival. She sat patiently and only rocked a couple times letting out little gasps. Finally he pushed back from his chair and looked at her. 'All night?' he asked. She nodded and smiled, 'Yes sir.' 'And the ball? Did you use that as well?'

Her smile broadened. 'Would you like to use it while we wait for Coach Gray?' She thought for a moment. 'Did you see Coach Gray this morning?' She smiled and nodded, 'Yes sir.' 'He's a bit gruff, but he means well. Under all that muscle and tough exterior he's a very smart man.' Again she smiled and nodded. 'Did you enjoy the speed bumps?' asked Mr. Newnen. Little Piggy smiled broadly.

Just then Coach Gray arrived and Little Piggy stood up next to her desk. Coach looked at her and smirked, 'Well let's get started.' 'Did you hear from the other teachers?' Mr. Newnen asked. Coach didn't take his eyes off her, 'Highest marks today. If she can keep it up she'll be on the honors list this year.' Mr. Newnen smiled, 'I told you. She just needs focus and little training.' She beamed and her legs twitched.

She instinctively slid off the training belt and picked up the ball. They both looked at her. She lifted her eyebrows in anticipation of her instructions. Coach pushed her over on the desk and ran his hand between her legs. She shook and moaned. Mr. Newnen slipped off his pants and stroked his man meat making it grow and stiffen.

LP felt Coach pushing his cock into her wet folds. As it passed through she squealed and then moaned lower the deeper it slipped. Coach started slowly grinding it in to her. Pumping it in slowly inch by inch. 'Mmmm' uttered from her lips. She thought about her mom and dad doing it. She shook as Coach's waist bumped into her ass. He jerked and pumped hard making her gasp and moan again.

He pulled out and Mr. Newnen took over sliding his stiff rod into her hot moist ass pucker. 'Oh!' she gasped as he pushed through and kept going. He slid right in and pushed up against her ass. He pumped and her legs shot up straight then wobbled as she was squeezed up against the edge of the desk. He pumped again and again warming up her asshole. LP squeaked with each deep thrust and shook. She felt limp laying on the desk, the training ball wrapped in her arms.

After a few minutes he pulled out and pulled her off the desk. Coach was sitting in the chair and she was instructed to slip her legs through the arm rests facing him. As she climbed on, Coach slid his meat between her folds. Her little pussy wrapped around his hard rod. They started rocking back and forth in the chair with her legs lifting her up slightly on the front stroke. Mr. Newnen stepped behind the chair putting his dick in LP's mouth.

The rocking pushed both cocks in and out and she was soon swimming with excitement. She twitched and jerked, building up sensations throughout her body. Her body rocking to the hard cocks thrusting. The rhythmic rocking was both erotic and pacifying. She lolled there limp as spasms flooded her body and mind. Just as she was all the way down on Mr. Newnen they stopped suddenly.

He pulled out and walked around behind her. She could feel him shifting her body around so her ass hung over the edge of the chair. When the chair rocked forward and then back again, Mr. Newnen's cock was there. It slid through her pucker and up. Now when they rocked back and forth she was pushed onto one then the other huge muscle. Doubling her spasms.

'Oh, Yes!' she cried. Her legs shot out and her back arched. Impaled on both dicks at once, she flailed and jerked. Her body was feeling all the sensations at once as they continued to rock. Her head fell against Coach's shoulder and he moved his arm to hold her there. He pushed up with his waist grinding his huge cock further in on the back stroke. Then pushed her back on Mr. Newnen grinding his up her pucker on the front stroke.

On the next back stroke Coach just stood up. His meat muscle the hook that kept her from sliding off. She twitched and squeezed his rod as Mr. Newnen's dick pulled out. She felt the loss and wondered what was next when Coach started bouncing her on his hips as he walked around the desk to the middle of the office. It was like the pickup truck all over again and she screamed, 'Oh yeah!' each bounce.

He stopped and stood there for a moment and Little Piggy had to catch her breath. Mr. Newnen was behind her again and slid himself in most of the way. LP felt filled. This was better than the ball. Slowly Coach pulled his dick back transferring the load to Mr. Newnen. Mr. Newnen rocked forward lifting LP up by her ass pucker and then letting her down. Coach did it next and they began taking turns lift her up by their dicks.

After a few minutes she was rocketing to explosive spasms. Her voice was low and worn, 'Oh yeah, oh. Mmm yeah.' She was out of breath and limp when Coach lifted her off. He felt her jerk and spasm hanging limp in his arms. 'You're not done yet young lady.' he said lowering her to the ground. Her legs wobbly and her back weak. She took a deep breath and straightened up, 'I'm ready sir.' Her eyes not quite focused yet.

'Tomorrow is your last day of detention.' he started, 'Have you learned anything in the past four days?' 'Yes sir.' she mumbled as she was catching her breath and finding her legs. He nudged her and she caught herself before she toppled over. 'Good. Assume the position.' he ordered. She moved over to the desk and lay on her back. Her chest still heaving.

Coach walked over to the desk putting his cock in her mouth and she drew it in and it slid down her throat. He pushed it hard and she jerked and twitched. That little snorting sound came from her nose each time he put it all the way in. She remembered her mother doing that when dad was all the way in. Then Coach grabbed her hips and lift them up impaling her in the throat. Again she snorted and shook.

He lifter her off and she felt Mr. Newnen dick replace his as Coach let her down. When he lifter her up they switched. Back and forth, up and down. After a couple of those Coach kept her on his dick and set her back down on the desk. Then Mr. Newnen pushed in to her folds as they seesawed her back and forth across the desk. They both pulled out and she lay there smiling.

Just as she was catching her breath, Coach Gray pushed into her folds again and lifted her off the table. Mr. Newnen joined entering her gaping pucker. They rocked back and forth again filling both holes until she was building up again. Her body tingled and she twitched. She was mumbling something unrecognizable and squeaking.

Suddenly they both started pushing at the same time lifting her up on both their hard rods and then dropping down impaling her again at the bottom. They were starting to pick up speed when she realized their cocks were getting bigger and harder. Just then they both started to squirt. She could feel the pulse deep in her body. She exploded. Shaking and twitching as the spasms overtook her.

She took a couple deep breaths as the spasms slowed and she could feel them still squirting deep in side. The feeling was better than when she swallowed them and two at once was amazing. She smiled and looked around at the both of them. They were sweaty and breathing hard too. Coach lifter her off and stood her by her desk.

She wobbled but stayed standing, wanting to fall into the waiting desk chair. 'I can do it.' she repeated to herself. She took a couple deep breathes and looked over at them. Coach handed her the training belt. She slipped it on and fastened the buckle. Then he handed her the panties and skirt. She put them on and straightened her clothes. Lastly he handed her the ball in its bag and a note, 'This is for your parents. Explaining you will be a little later getting home tomorrow.

That night she gave the note to her parents. They just looked it over without showing it to her and agreed, telling her it will be fine with them. Later she was laying in bed and heard her father snore. She smiled and unbuckled the training belt, slipping it off. She unpacked the ball and took it with her into her father's bedroom. She nudged him as usual and he rolled to his side.

She set down the ball and mounted it. She twitched and shook, rocking back and forth a few times. Tucked her head under the sheet and quickly drew his hot dog in her mouth. She rolled the tip around with her tongue and let it slip to the back of her throat. It started to swell and she heard her dad grunt. Then he pushed his hip forward and she swallowed.

His cock grew down her throat and she rocked on the ball remembering the events of the day. Hanging from their dicks, from her pussy, her pucker and her mouth. This brought a wave of spasms. She slid up and down his meaty rod and he groaned again loudly. She slowed herself down and waited to see if he was waking up. She felt him push with his hips and she tried not to jump as she was pushed against the ball's prongs.

She pushed in again so she was pressing her face into his waist hair once again. Her dad rocked his hips and shifted his leg trapping her head. His dick fully stiff now buried down her throat. He started rocking his hips pumping in and out and causing her to rock on the ball. Her body spasms shook her but she tried to contain them so as not to wake her father.

All of her holes were filled now. She was completely stuffed, as much as she could be. Her father rocking his dick in and out of her throat and the dual prongs wiggling around in her body. Then she heard him grunt and swell. He squirted with strong thrusts and she twitched and jerked bouncing herself on the ball.

When he was done squirting she nudged him again and her rolled away freeing her head. Then she quietly slipped away and back to her room, the training belt and sleep.

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