First time with my Cousin Part 4

First time with my Cousin Part 4

In the morning, I had awoke rock hard inside Grace, who awoke to an instant squirting orgasm. Grace didn’t know how long I had been fucking her but of one thing she was sure, it was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. We then showered together, were Grace finally lived her fantasy of being pissed on, and managed to persuade me to let her piss on me. I have to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! I then took her anal virginity, fucking her tight little ass was too much as I exploded deep in her bowels, amid her screams of pleasure, as her first anal orgasm swept over her.

After our first full anal experience, Grace has promised to take my anal cherry. We eventually got dressed, and set off for Grace’s house.
“This is going to fantastic, Mark” Grace was really excited over the prospect of fucking my ass.
“I have not used my new strap-on yet”

“New one, how many have you had?”

“Loads, me and Ashleigh get through about 3 a year”

This took me by total surprise. I knew Grace was Bi-sexual, but I didn’t know she had been with another girl before.

“You...and...Ashleigh?” I was still shocked

“Yeah, didn’t you know? I’ve been with her about 2 years now, we love fucking each other’s ass, But I won’t let her touch my pussy! I was saving it for someone special...Like you!” she went all shy at this point, I was still shocked, but knowing that she thought I was special enough to take her virginity changed my mood

“Thanks cuz” I said, pulling her close and kissing her forehead “But why didn’t you tell me about Ashleigh?”

“Mom and Dad don’t like approve of same-sex relations. If I told someone, I feared they would find out” Grace returned my kiss “We’ve been meeting at her place, Ash’s parents are fine with us”

“They are OK with you?”

“Yeah, Ash’s parents are brother and sister. That’s how I became interested in incest. They both have sex with Ash every day, She never lets her dad penetrate her though, only my, or her mom’s dildos”

I was now in total shock

“We’ve had a couple of foursomes before as well! But promise you won’t tell mom and dad”

“I won’t tell anyone, Babe” I said, rubbing her breasts “On the condition I can meet Ashleigh tomorrow”

“OK, Promise you won’t tell”

“Promise” I kissed her forehead again and carried on to her house

When we arrived, rain was starting to fall, Grace unlocked the door and immediately stripped. She slowly turned round,

“”Well?, what are waiting for?” she said, grabbing my crothch.

That was all I needed, I ripped my shirt off, and Grace had my jeans off in a flash. We got down to business immediately, no messing about, it was straight in, lock the doors and then strip off and get on with it. I made straight for her pussy and treated it to another one of my fabulous tongue lashings while Grace returned the compliment with the latest of her hot blowjobs, working me up into such frenzy that I was unable to hold back and shot a quality load of rich hot sperm all over Grace's face.

Grace loved being facialised, and had been transplanted to a higher level as she'd felt the hot jets of my copious spunk raining down over her nose, mouth and chin before starting to dribble down her neck and onto her tits. It wasn't the first time she'd been plastered by my outpourings and it wouldn't be the last; however, it may have been just her fancy, but I seemed to produce more than ever from the depths of my pendulous balls, enough to make the best professional male porn actors green with envy.

"Oh, so much again, my love," Grace said, licking her lips. I looked down at her sperm-strewn face, proud to have once again given her such a big load. Grace's face and tits were covered in so much cum that she looked and felt a complete and utter mess, but at the same time, she felt a horny little slut

"Don't wash it off yet" I said, "you look great."

"I feel great," Grace replied as she licked her lips, "it's the perfect way for my babe to show his love for his slut of a cousin."

"You said it," I laughed. "We're both a couple of fucking sluts and doesn’t it feel fab? Who cares if we're perverts, it beats being fucking normal and boring. Now where is this dildo?”

Grace jumped to her feet, grabbed my hand, and led me to her room. I wasn’t surprised to see pink and purple walls and posters of Justin Beiber. She went over to her cabinet and opened the bottom draw. It was full or dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and a few nipple clamps.

“Now where did I put it?” Grace said, searching through the draw

“AHH! Here it is!”

She fidgeted as she strapped it on. I gasped when she turned round. She was wearing a 10” dildo!

“You look shocked, Mark” She giggled as she joined me on the bed

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this big”

“Come on, this is me your talking about” She said, rubbing the dildo “It vibrates as well see”

She flicked a switch on the belt, and immediately gasped with pleasure

“FUCK!” she cried “I forgot about that”


“It has a little vibrator on the back as well, putting pressure on my clit and ass” She turned it off, and regained her breath

“Now, let’s get this monster inside you” Grace opened her bedside cabinet and took out some KY Jelly. She slowly, but sexily lubed up the dildo, then flipped me over and shoved her finger up my ass

“FUCK, GRACE!” I yelled as her finger slipped further up my ass “Give a guy some warning”

“Sorry” she giggled, working her finger around my anus “Now get on all fours”

I sat up and made myself comfy
“You ready” she said

“Yeah, But go slow”

She pushed slowly; I felt the head pop inside me

“OH SHIT” I cried

“You OK” Grace asked

“Yeah, keep going”

She kept pushing; I had never felt so full. It seemed to go in forever. Grace pulled out a little.

“Almost there” she said, and suddenly thrust forward and the whole 10” disappeared up my ass

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,” I cried as she slowly started getting her rhythm

“OH SHIT” Grace yelled, as she switched on the vibrations

It was the best feeling ever, the dildo was great but the vibrations were fantastic, the pressure in my prostate was out of this world.


She shifted a little, Holy shit! She was now hitting my prostate with every thrust. I kept getting the usual feeling, my cock was pulsating like mad, pre-cum constantly oozing out.


She kept pounding through this. That was all I could take, my balls went tight and I erupted all over the bed.


It was the best feeling ever, my cock was limp, but the feeling was ten times better than normal. I could stop cumming, Grace’s pink bed sheets were gradually becoming white, with my cum and her juices flooding the bed. As my massive orgasm subsided, Grace’s second hit her harder than ever. She collapsed on my back, as her juices flowed onto the bed. The vibrations took mte over the edge again, and we came simultaneously for the first time.

We both slumped forward, both breathing heavily, with the dildo still vibrating away in my ass.

“FUCK CUZ!” I gasped “That was fucking awesome”

“I told you” grace replied, removing the dildo, “I’ve never seen anyone cum so much, or without an erection”

“Me neither, your pussy was going mad, just look at your sheets, they are soaked through”

Grace leaned forward and dipped her fingers in one of the small pools of our juices.

“Mmmmmm! tastes good” she purred licking her sticky fingers “I won’t bother changing the sheets, the taste and smell too good, I’ll just have to keep adding more to it”

Grace scooped up some of the juices and poured it in to her mouth, then pressed her lips against mine, allowing the cum to slop between our mouth.

“Well, let’s get back” she said jumping off the bed “but I’m taking these with me”

She picked up her backpack and emptied all her “toys” into it

“What have you got planned?” I asked

“Never you mind “she said in a stern tone“but here’s a little taster, These are Ashleigh’s!”

Grace turned round; she was wearing two big, pink vibrating nipple clamps

“Whatever it is this will be a fun afternoon

To be continued...

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