Hi, my name is Sally and I’m 32 year old I’m a freelance graphic artist and I live in Toronto.

I moved to Canada 7 years ago when I got divorced and those 7 years have been very happy both personally and professionally.

I was at home watching TV when the phone rang. It was my ex-husband, Frank, and it was a surprise as we have only exchanged a couple of Christmas cards since our divorce.

Frank was at the airport with his son Stephen. They were about to go Mexico for a two week holiday but he had been called into work for some crisis or other. He wanted to know if I would fly down and babysit young Stephen. He’d pay for it all naturally.

Stephen was only a baby when his mother had died and although I was only married to his father for 2 years we had been close and still exchanged birthday and Christmas cards. A few weeks before he’d liked me on facebook.

The chance of a free vacation in Mexico was too good to turn down and I quickly packed my bags. Frank was going to fly down with Stephen and I’d meet them at the hotel at the weekend. Frank would then fly back to Chicago.

They were by the pool when I arrived. Frank was a little fatter than I remembered and a little balder. Stephen had grown up and was now a strapping 14 year old, blonde and handsome.

Frank read me his list of rules; no beer, no smoking, no sunburn, thought better about planting a kiss on my cheek and then left for Chicago.

Stephen had already made some friends in the few days he had been there and he went off with them windsurfing while went to freshen up after my flight.

It was red hot and I really needed to do some shopping as it’d been years since I’d been anywhere so hot so I hung around inside and in the shade for the rest of the day.

That night Stephen and I caught up over dinner and then he disappeared with his friends.

In the bar a couple on men tried to hit on me but although I was in need of some sex I was not that in need. About 10ish I made my excuses and went for a walk in the hotel’s gardens. It was a barmy night and I lingered by the pool, sat on a lounger in a warm margarita glow.

I slept like a log that night.

The next day a very beautiful young woman called Marina, joined Stephen and I for breakfast. This was 14 year old Stephen’s new best friend! He was teaching her to windsurf.

Stephen and Marina went off to the beech and I spent the rest of the morning shopping for summer clothes, a couple of sun hats and bikinis

In the afternoon I put on bikini and went down to the pool. The damn thing really didn’t cover too much and I felt eyes on me when I took off my shorts and tee shirt but thought ‘hey I am a 32 year old hot chick, I deserve a little poolside attention’

It wasn’t till I climbed out of the pool that I realised quite why I was getting so much attention. I would have to get another bikini, this one was obscene.

Stephen and Marina turned up about 6ish and dived in the pool to wash off the salt and sand. She seemed very familiar with him. Marina was a woman; Stephen although well built was still legally a child. I would have words.

Even Stephen had a good luck at my bikini!

That night we were once again joined by Marina at our table and it turned out Marina was 19, on holiday here with her parents and studying Art at UCLA. She and Stephen disappeared straight after sweet.

I settled down in one of the hotel’s lounges to read my book. I’d been happily reading for an hour or so when Jon from last night the bar approached me. I did some polite conversation for 10 minutes but then excused myself.

I thought I’d get a margarita from the bar then take it to watch the sunset. As I entered the bar I saw Marina just leaving with two tall drinks. She was heading for the pool area.

I was curious so when I’d been served, I went that way myself. I could hear faint voices before I spotted the pair of them on the loungers. They were kissing. I didn’t know what to do. Frank had asked me to look after Stephen but he was only doing what all 14 year old boys want to do I didn’t want to seem a spoil sport even if it he was kissing a 19 year old woman. While I hesitated Marina pushed Stephen away and took off her shorts. Now I was frozen to the spot. I couldn’t intervene.

Inside a minute I was treated to the unmistakable sound of two people making love. It went on quite a while and Marina was obviously very much enjoying the experience. If you know what I mean.

I left before they had finished and went back to my room. I would definitely have a word with Stephen in the morning.

The next day Stephen didn’t make it down to breakfast. I found him and Marina at the pool. They looked very much a couple.

I joined them and after a few minutes asked Stephen to go get some coffees. I broached the subject with Marina.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not Stephen’s mother and I don’t want to come on overly protective but Stephen is only 14 years old and I’m sure you’ll understand my concerns.”

Marina was very cool, “Don’t worry Sally I won’t hurt him, we just get along, we hit it off, he’ll be fine, trust me.”

Hmm. I thought.

Before Stephen got back with the coffees Marina’s parents came along. We said hello and exchanged pleasantries before Marina went off with them on a day trip to some caves and an evening’s banqueting.

Stephen and I had a good morning at the pool. My new bikini restrained a lot more than the last one and I was able to horse around with Stephen in the pool without absolutely every man there looking!

I couldn’t help looking at Stephen in a new light. I couldn’t help looking at the bulge in his trunks. It was pretty big and he obviously knew it had uses other than peeing with. It had also obviously more than satisfied the beautiful Marina.

That afternoon we went shopping. Stephen bought a sun hat and I bought some tops. We had cool drinks and fries at a stall and I decided now was the time to speak about Marina. I only got one word out.


“Sally, don’t worry.” He reassured me, “It’s a holiday thing. I’ll be back a school and chasing girls my own age soon enough.”

My god I was stunned. Was Stephen just repeating something Marina had told him or was he really that knowing?

Back at the hotel in the shop Stephen browsed the magazines while I looked for a bikini. I wasn’t sure about which one to buy and I was weighing up a choice of two when Stephen offered his opinion.

“The gold one,” he smiled, “it’s super sexy. Like the one you wore yesterday.”

My God! I thought, this boy used to call me Mom!

I bought neither of them and I went to my room for a lie down while Stephen went to the beech to surf.

Back in my room my mind raced; 14 year old Stephen and the Beautiful Marina the 19 year old university student. The two of them making love. Marina’s groans of pleasure. Me noticing the bulge in Stephen’s trunks. The super sexy comment.

That evening Stephen and I had dinner by ourselves. Marina wasn’t going to be back till midnight and I thought I was going to get the chance to broach the Marina subject again but straight after dinner Stephen disappeared with a boy I hadn’t seen before.

In the bar Jon hit on me again. It was his last night and I guess he thought he’s try his luck again. After a margaritas he was looking doable. After three I was unsure of my legs and I decided it was indeed Jon’s lucky night.

Almost as soon as I’d decided to fuck Jon Stephen arrived. He joined us at the bar and had a coke. I couldn’t help comparing the two of them. Jon was late thirties, average looking, a little fat and a little pushy. Stephen was young tall, blonde, handsome and charming.

I decided it was not Jon’s lucky night after all.

About midnight Stephen helped me back to my room. I wasn’t drunk but I was on the edge of it. I opened my door and without ceremony walked in and flopped on the bed. I could see Stephen silhouetted in the doorway.

“Do you want to take my shoes off?”

I felt Stephen’s hands on my ankles as he slipped my shoes off.

“Thanks, that feels so much better” I stretched my arms back.

There was a couple of moment’s hesitation before I felt Stephen’s weight on the bed. He put a knee between my legs and as his lips sought out mine.

I gave a little laugh, “What are you doing?”

His reply was very calm “I’m going to fuck you; I’m going to fuck you very slowly.”

“Oh are you really?” I said, “It’s a good job we’ve got all night then.”

Stephen didn’t mess about. After a couple of minutes kissing he peeled off my panties, I felt a gentle kiss down there and then couple of fingers moved to check how wet I was. I felt the head of his cock gently pushing to get in. It was way too late to stop now. I let him in and I almost came straight away.

Stephen was as good as his word and he fucked me very slowly. I lost count of how many tames I came. It was wonderful.

In the morning I awoke to being kissed by Stephen. He was all ready dressed and was off to the beech again. With Marina.

I smiled, “Oh I’m being dumped.”

“No, we arranged this yesterday.”

“I’m joking,” I said.

“I know.” Stephen sat on the bed, “Marina is going home tomorrow so we are going to spend the day at the beech surfing”

“Just surfing?”

“Yeah why?”


“Come on tell me.”

“It’s just that I saw you fucking her by the pool the other night. Sorry”

“You did? Christ.” Stephen stood up, “I’ll see you later sexy.” And with that he was out of the door.

I lay in bed till 1 o’clock, had a lazy shower and went to spend the afternoon reading my book in the shade. But my body still buzzed and I kept thinking about how wonderful it had all been. I put my book in my bag, went to the hotel shop, and bought the Super Sexy bikini. Down by the pool I got a lot of looks.

Stephen and Marina arrived at the pool at 6ish. After a quick swim Marina disappeared to have dinner with her parents.

At dinner Stephen and I didn’t discuss what had happened and afterwards we played a very wholesome game of table tennis. The subject of sex didn’t come up till we stopped by the bar.

“I see you took my advice about the bikini.”

Yeah well it was easily the prettiest.”

“Sexy too.”

I smiled. “We have to be careful Stephen. You do understand that?”

“Don’t worry,” he reassured me, “It’s not like you took my virginity. Lets’ go by the pool.”

It was twilight and I guessed what was coming here. I sat on a lounger and waited for him to join me. He stood in front of my face; it was obvious what he wanted. Last night I had been unsure about sucking his cock. Tonight he wanted it done.

I rubbed the front of his shorts. He was hard. I quickly took it out and set about my task. He didn’t push it; just let me do my stuff. I swallowed when he came.

He didn’t really go soft. He was soon on top of me and when he slipped inside me it felt just as good as it did last night. He fucked me slowly. Kept me there on the edge. Like he’d been doing this for years.

He kept whispering in my ear “You’re beautiful…. “Sexy as fuck.”.. He kept planting tiny kisses all over my face and neck.

As I started to cum Stephen had a surprise for me “I told Marina about you watching me fuck her.”

My mind was full of colors and my senses were overloading “Did you? What did she say?”

“She said she wanted to watch me fuck you.”

My head spun, “What!”

“Hey don’t worry, only if you want.”

He pushed his cock right in me, I gasped. My mind was a mess from the sex and the suggestion

“Is this okay with you?”

I didn’t want the pleasure to end. “It’s fine.” I said.

Stephen slowed down, “We can’t carry on like this here.”

I felt hands and arms under me and Stephen picked me up. He took me to a room, not my room, Marina’s room. She opened the door and Stephen lay me on the bed. He got back on top of me and resumed his slow rhythm.

Marina sat on the end of the bed watching.

I was soon in the middle of a huge orgasm and was struggling not to scream out loud.

Stephen now started to fuck me harder. Things were getting difficult for me, I came again and again and again. I was getting lost in this pleasure.

I noticed Marina was now lay next to us. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I went deeper and deeper into my pleasure.

Marina started to stroke my hair. It felt good. Then her fingers stroke my face and lingered against my lips. I bit and chewed on them. Then they were gone and she was kissing me. Her hand moved down my neck and found a nipple. She had the gentlest of touches. Her tongue flicked around in my mouth. Her fingers left my nipple and her hand slowly and deliberately moved downwards. I could feel her finding my clitoris. What the fuck was happening here, my head was a complete mess.

Slowly I became aware that Stephen had stopped fucking me. The pleasure was all now coming from Marina. Her head was between my legs. It felt fantastic.

Stephen’s cock was now by my face. I opened my lips and let him in.

I’d come to Mexico to look after my 14 year old former step son and here I was sucking his cock while his girlfriend was busy between my legs blowing my mind..

I had a feeling my life had changed and would never be the same.

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