Teacher Take Student's Virginity

Teacher Take Student's Virginity

Student Larraine’s Seduction

John is a teacher of history, science and math at the local all-girls high school. He is 32 years old, single, and at 6 feet 2 inches weighing in at 200 pounds the students consider him a hot one. He cannot understand how he ever got a job at the school, given it is all females, but he has never complained as the views are always great.

Larraine is a senior with a good record. She is sort of quiet but anything but a prude and she has been around some. She has had a couple of boyfriends and she is familiar with oral sex but she is still a virgin.

She has two classes with John, one is history and the other is a study hall at the end of the school day.

Larraine broke up with her latest boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and she misses the male female connection thing. John has been looking more interesting to her everyday lately. She has decided to have some fun with him at the next study hall.

The bell rang and the girls started to enter the room. Larraine hurried to get a front row desk as did several other girls. It seems there were other girls with a more that casual interest in the teacher. Larraine had on the usual school uniform of a skirt, blouse vest and tie. As she had planned on teasing John today she had put on a pair of bright red panties.

The student’s desks were open front units so it was easy to see everything under the desk top. John’s desk was a big wood one with a fully enclose front. The study hall was used regularly as a lecture hall and so each row of desks was a step up from the one in front. This arrangement gave John some very interesting and arousing views sometime.

Well Larraine took her seat and opened her books so she would look busy and then she reached under her desk and pulled up her skirt to over mid-thigh. She kept her knees together and waited, the trap was baited just waiting to be sprung.

John was working on lesson plans and looked up occasionally. He always gave the girls a long hard look at the beginning of class, especially certain girls. There were 3 girls in the class that always sat with their skirts up and legs apart so their panties could be seen. Two of the girls were cute and the third was heavy but very well built as she had the biggest breast in the school and that included the female teachers. The other two were average build.

Now Larraine was a cute brunette with nicely developed breasts and well-shaped butt. Her legs were the kind that would make men look twice when exposed to view.

John looked across the first two tiers of desks and notices the three girls all with legs apart and panties showing. He looked at their legs and then up into their eyes in such a way that both parties knew what the other saw and though. John was not a fool though and he was not about to jeopardize his job by messing around with the students, not that it had not been offered more than once. Still he seemed to get a hard on at the end of many days because of the study hall show.

Then his view stops as he notices a new set of legs in the second row. He checks the seating to get the name and looks back. He sees a pair of very shapely bare legs and they are bare all the way up to mid-thigh.

John thought, “Oh my, a new set of legs and they are very nice. They are so tempting and such nice proportions.” Just then Larraine saw she had his attention and she parted her legs showing her red panties.

John’s eyes opened wider at the site. “Dam it what a show and oh god she is going to give me such a hard on. “ He looked away quickly but then returned to stare up her skirt looking with lusty eyes. John loved the look of the smooth soft young skin and the red panties covering that oh so young and tender pussy. Then he saw her open and closes her legs like she knew he was looking and she was teasing him.

John spent most of the time looking up Larraine’s skirt at the red panty covered pussy. The other girls notice the attention John was paying Larraine and so started to do things like move their legs and cough and then one even went to John’s desk to ask a question and in doing so bent over his shoulder and let her breast rub against him.

John had a massive hard on and so did not get up at the end of class. Larraine waited until all the others had gone before she went up to John and bend over to ask a question about the science class. She had taken her tie off and opened her blouse and the pushup bra made her nicely rounded breast form a very tempting cleavage.

She was able to look down at his crotch and noticed the massive erection in is pants. The thought of his cock so hard from looking at her pussy actually turned her on and she squeezed her thighs together as her pussy got all wet and warm.

She went home that night as she lay in bed she put her hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy. She pretended her finger was his cock and she rubbed her clit as she pictured his big hard cock in her mind. She rubbed hard and fast and soon she was bucking her hips as she pushed the middle finger into her pussy but stopped short of ramming in too deep and breaking her cherry. She twisted and moaned as she got very turned on and had a nice little orgasm. She collapsed on the bed and thought of John and how maybe she would like to have him break her cherry.

The show went on for several weeks with Larraine changing the color of her panties every day and getting even boulder with her going to his desk with questions.

Of course the other girls saw what Larraine was doing and so it sort of became a competition as to who could show John the most. John noticed that the other girls were showing more and in a bolder way than they had in the past. In fact one day he was sure one of the girls was wearing crotch less panties and he spent a longer time staring trying to figure it out.

Larraine had seen the exchange between John and the other girl and could not figure out what made him look so hard but decided to up the stakes. She first flashed open her legs showing the bright yellow panties until she was sure she had John’s attention and then she asked to go to the restroom. When she got back she sat down with her legs tight together until she was sure she had his attention and then she opened them wide.

John chocked and coughed as he saw her legs part wide and expose her very bare and shaven pussy. He could see her wet pussy lips glistening and his cock jumped in his pants. “Oh shit what the hell is she doing? Oh man such a sweet tight pussy and so smooth.” His cock jumped and pulsed and soon there was a small wet spot on his pants. This was too much and he was very close to crossing the line with this student.

None of the other girls had ever shown their bare pussies and this girl was just asking for it.

Larraine had not done it again until she had things all arranged. There was a day when she was home alone for several hours after school as her folks and brothers were at a sporting event. It was on that day she sprung her trap.

Just like before she had exposed first her panties and then her pussy and after class she showed her cleavage. She also saw that John had a massive hard on and he had not moved as she had pressed her breast against his shoulder.

It was the end of the day for John and he was leaving when he saw Larraine sitting on the steps.

“Hello Larraine, what are you doing here?”

“Oh Mr. Johnson, I missed my ride and have not been able to get one from anyone else and my folks are with my brothers at a game out of town.”

He should have known better but well she was a very pretty young woman and hell he was just going to be a gallant gentleman. “Well maybe I can give you a ride, if that is okay with you.”

“Oh that would be so nice, thank you thank you.” She stopped as she realized she might be a little too anxious. She smiled sweetly and took his hand as he offered to help her up.

He noticed as he helped her up she had put the yellow panties back on and it seemed she had made and extra effort to be sure he saw them as she got up. When he finally pulled his eyes off her panties and looked into her face he saw a very sweet look that actually made him stop and think.

John was taken aback a little when he looked at her face and into her eyes. He thought he saw more than a teasing little girl, he thought he saw a woman with serious desires. They walked to his car and like a proper gentleman he opened the door and helped her in. Again her legs and panties were shown as she sat down and got in. The skirt was up all the way to her home and he had trouble driving as he was constantly looking at the beautiful bare legs in the seat next to him.

When they got to her place she just looked at him and said “would you please come in for a minute?”

The look in her eyes and the sound of her voice melted his heart and she had him hooked. Without hesitation he followed her into the house.

“Please go sit there on the sofa and I will get a soda for us.” She put her books on a table as she went into the kitchen for soda. She was feeling different that she thought she would feel.

He looked at her as she walked away and noticed her very nice butt and the legs. The feelings he had were not going to be kept controlled for long.

She came back and handed him a glass and sat down on the sofa tucking one leg up under her and in so doing exposed a lot of leg. She heard him suck in air as he looked down at her thigh and the very large amount of bare skin she was showing. She had taken the tie off and had unbuttoned the top three buttons of the blouse so her cleavage and some bra were showing.

“Mr. Johnson I wanted to ask you some things but, well I was a little embarrassed to ask.” She smiled and bent forward so her breasts were more exposed.

“Well Larraine you can ask me anything and I will answer if I can.” He was looking at the sexy body siting so close to him he could reach out and grab both breasts so easily. No matter what, he really wanted this young woman in a very serious way. His cock was as hard as it had ever been.

“I was just wondering if you have ever had sex with any of your students”, and she smile a very sweet innocent smile.

He chocked and coughed as he could not believe his ears. “Now why would you ask a thing like that and no I have not had sex with a student and I don’t think it is proper for you to be talking to me like that. I think I better go.” He started to get up.

“Don’t go, please, I guess that when I saw how you looked at the other girls and then how you looked at me sometimes, will I just thought, maybe you wanted more.” She reached out and touched his arm to push him back.

Larraine I am much older and you are just finishing high school and I am your teacher. No matter what I feel about you it would never be right.” He really wanted her but knew it was wrong and still he wanted to reach out and take her in his arms and kiss her hard and deep.

“You are my teacher and I want you to teach me more. I, well at first I just wanted to sort of tease you, but, all of a sudden that changed and now I want more.” With that she bent forward and kissed him on the lips tentatively as the position of her legs and his drink would not allow more. She backed away, put his drink on the table, then quickly before he could object she put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard.

The feel of her lips on his sent a shock through his body and sensations he had not felt in some time. Her arms around his neck made him feel like he was in heaven. His arms went around her and he pulled her to him and then he felt her tongue touch his lips. He quickly parted his lips and her tongue was in his mouth. Then he pushed his into her and their tongues danced. The kiss only lasted a moment but seemed like forever.

“See I knew you wanted me and I want you to teach me all about sex. I want to do everything with you.” She leaned into him and he fell back so now she was sort of on top of him and started to kiss him on the neck.

“Okay, stop it. I am your teacher and I could lose my job if anyone ever found out about this. I am not going to teach you about sex and it seems you know a lot already.” He pushed her back and sat up but could see her skirt was now around her waist and her panties were very visible. He wanted her in the worst way but was not going to take advantage of her.

“But I saw you looking at me at school and I know you were looking up my dress and I saw the reaction so I assumed you wanted me. Besides nobody would know about us unless I told someone, right”.

That sounded like a veiled threat to him but then there was something about this girl-woman that appealed to him in a very basic way. “Look I do not know what you think I can teach you and yes you showed me your panties and I looked, so what. Now just what do you think I can teach you that you don’t already know?”

“Well I am a virgin and you can tell me what it is like the first time.” Actually the more she thought about it the more she wanted him to be the first one but how would she be able to get him to do it. She looked at him with that sweet young innocent look she could do and saw him melt.

Oh shit, he thought as he looked up and down at the very sexy young woman sitting next to him. The look in her eyes was both sweet sexy and so full of desire. There was no stopping now. He reached out with both hands and took her face between his hands and pulled her to him. Kissing her on each eye then each cheek and finally on her lips, softly at first but then with more pressure. His hands moved to her back as she moved to him and the kiss deepened. Slowly he pushed his tongue between her lips and moved slowly around her mouth in a very tender way.

She responded to his touch and kiss by entwining her fingers first in his hair and then the back of his head as she pulled her body to his.

The feel of their bodies being pressed together caused both of them to get urges and sensations they had not expected. As he leaned back causing her to move on top of him, she could feel the long hard cock against her thigh. Her body gave a little shudder as the sexual sensations surged through her.

The kiss broke and he pushed her back to a sitting position. “Oh my Larraine that was a lot more than I expected and I hope you are not upset I kissed you like that?”

“I wanted you to kiss me and I want even more from you.” She let her hand down to rub his leg and feel his nice hard cock which pulsed under her touch.

“Stop please, don’t do that. I am not sure what is happening between us but, well you are so young and you said you are a virgin and well please slow down okay.”

She looked at him and smiled that sweet little girl smile. “I am sorry I did not mean to upset you but well I have questions and well I really want you to teach me things and I just found out that I have a real desire for you.” With that she lunged at him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him hard, deep and with a lot of passion.

He responded to her kiss by letting her tongue push its way into his mouth and fight with his tongue. Their heads moved side to side as their lips ground together. One of his hands moved from her back to her side and then up slowly he cupped her breast. Her breast filled his hand very nicely and he just squeezed slowly. The kiss became more passionate as her breast was squeezed harder.

Then she moaned and straddled his leg with hers and squeezed his leg between hers. She could feel his cock now very hard and as she moved on his leg she was sure she heard him gasp.

All he could do was think want a sexy girl she was and how he wanted her so bad it hurt but he had to stop. He pushed her back and broke the kiss. “Enough, stop, I have to go.” He got up and looked at her siting on the sofa with a very sad dejected look on her face. “Look Larraine I cannot just have sex with you, it would not be right. It means it’s not because you are not desirable. Dam it girl you are very desirable and if you were not my student and under age I would probably continue, well maybe not.”

She looked at him and heard everything he said and she realized he did have feelings for her, real feelings otherwise he would not have stopped. Now she did not feel rejected but she felt a new thrill, he had feelings for her. “But I’m not under age, I was 18 last month. So you do not have to worry about that. Besides I want you to tell me what it is like to take a virgin. Please I don’t want to do it with some immature boy or some dumb brute either. I want you to teach me please.” She looked up at him with her sweet sad eyes and reached out with both hands.

The look on her face could melt and iceberg and so she reached him in the deepest way. He was hooked and he knew it. This sweet cute school girl had a hold on him that would not be broken. “You are a very persuasive young woman. Well first off taking your virginity or losing it should not be a rushed thing. It is not something you just go out and do. It should be done with someone very special and in a very special way.”

“Well good then you will do it right?”

“I did not say that and it needs to be done by someone that is very special to you.”

“But you are special to me and I feel you think of me in a special way otherwise you would not have stopped before.”

“Look all this has happened so fast and we need to slow down okay, I need time to think. You are in just too much of a rush.”

“Okay, I’m sorry but I just want things, well actually I want you but I was not sure how to go about it. It is just that, well with the boys at school it was all hurry up and fuck, but well that did not seem like it would be that enjoyable and I wanted the first time to be good. Please will you tell me more and teach me how.”

“Well Larraine first there is not much to teach it is just sort of doing. Both parties have to be part of the act. Geeze that sounds so cold, and it is not cold but the passion of the first time should be hot. There needs to be very passionate feeling on both sides. For a better word there needs to be hot passionate love. That is why it used to be, and some still think it should be, that you lose you virginity to the man you will spend the rest of your life with. Today that is not the norm any more as women are having sex with more partners, just like men always have. Still you do not want the first time to just be losing your virginity you want it to be with someone special, someone that cares about you.”

“You seem to care about me and you seem to like me so why not you?” She reached out and took his hand and pulled him back to the sofa.

He sat down again and pulled her closer to him. She looked up at him and he knew he was going to do whatever she wanted. He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks and then her lips very softly and no tongue. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and they both could see that there was going to be a lot more of this.

“Look I don’t know what you expect of me or how I am going to handle this but I just cannot throw you on the floor and have sex with you.”

She smiled at him and understood it would take time. “That’s okay I really don’t want you to do that either, not after what you just said, but I would like something from you. When you touched my breast before it felt so good please do that some more and well I want a kiss a lot of kisses okay.” She reached out and took his head in her hands and pulled it to her.

Their lips meet and the kiss was as passionate as ever.

He felt her tongue enter his mouth and dance with his. Her body move to him and his hands moved from her hips up her side and then in so his thumbs were under each breast. The fingers closed over the top and the thumb moved up so each breast was now being squeezed. Then the thumbs moved over her nipples and she moaned. His hands moved to unbutton the blouse and then caressed the bare flesh. He broke the kiss and his lips moved along her jaw line to the ear and he nibbled on it. Then the lips moved down the neck to the base and down to the cleavage. He kissed the exposed flesh of each breast with feeling and then his hands pulled her blouse over her shoulders. The lips moved up kissing all the way to the shoulders.

She moved her arms back and let the blouse slip off her arms. His lips now moved down her arm to the hand. He took her hand and kissed the palm and then each finger which he then put in his mouth one at a time and sucked them each. His lips then moved up the inside of her arm slowly. Now he took the bra strap between his teeth and pulled it over her shoulder. This was repeated on the other side and then he unhooked the bra and it felt down.

He looked at the smooth young flesh of her very nicely shaped breasts. Taking each in hand and lifting he kissed the top and then let his tongue lick and teased with the tip. He made circles around each nipple until she could stand no more and forced his mouth to cover one.

He loved the fell of the warm soft flesh and the fact she forced his mouth over her nipple was such a turn on. Holding the hard nipple between his teeth, while his tongue teased the tip, caused her to moan loudly. Then he sucked in hard and deep as he felt her body shift into his.

His hands now gripped each butt cheek and he pulled her to him.

She loved the feel of his mouth on her breast and then to feel his hands on her butt was too much. She started to grind her hips against him and moan.

He broke it off and backed up. “Oh man we have to stop or things are going to get way too involved and besides your folks will be home. Look this weekend we can get together, how about I pick you up at the library?” He needed time to think and cool down.

She was naked from the waist up and she loved the feeling that she had being like that in front of him. “Okay but I wished you had not stopped you made me feel so good I just wanted to be so close to you.”

“Well mmm you have masturbated before?”

“Yes, why you want to watch me?”

“No, but you can relieve the tension of your feeling by rubbing your clit and having a personal orgasm.”

“Yes and that is something else I want to ask you about or you can teach me. Are women supposed to have one the same time men cum?”

“Well that is an entire lesson or lessons by themselves. You see a woman should have several orgasms while a man may have just one or maybe two. That will be a separate lesson. I have to go now. You stay here and I will let myself out.” He left in a hurry before he changed his mind and did what he really wanted to do, that was to fuck her in every way possible.

He was gone but she was still hot and horny. Her hands reached up and cupped each breast and squeezed them with increasing pressure and then teased each nipple with a finger. She loved the feel of her breasts being squeezed as she imagined it was his hands doing it. She closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts till it hurt and then a little more. She took each nipple between thumb and finger and pinched them harder and harder until the pain was too much. Then one hand moved down over her belly and past the waist band on her skirt and panties. It was too tight so she reached down and pulled up her skirt and then cupped her pussy with her hand. Pulling up on her pussy as she squeezed her tit caused her to moan out loud. Then she worked a finger in behind the panties and rubbed her bare shaved pussy lips. When her finger touched her clit she moaned again and this time spread her legs wider. When she pushed her finger into her wet pussy she moaned and bucked her hips forcing her finger deeper. All the time she was thinking what it would be like if it was his fingers, oh and then his cock.

Soon she was on the floor on her back with her hips bucking up high as thought what it would be like to be with him. Then the orgasm shot through her and she heard the car door slam. She grabbed her clothes and ran to her room. She was washing up in the bathroom when her mom entered the house. She had almost reached an orgasm and so she was really horny now.

The next day at school all she could do was think about sex with him. She had worn her red panties so he could see them plainly. By the end of the day in study hall her pussy was soaking wet as were her panties. He had called her after class to his desk.

“Lauren you cannot continue to flash you panties at me in class and you have to stop the tongue licking your lips and the other sexy gestures. Someone will see and get suspicious so stop it if you want me to teach you anything at all.”

That was all she wanted to hear, he was going to teach her. Behaving in school was going to be hard but she would do it. “Okay but when will you be teaching me.”

I will pick you up, Saturday, at the library at 11 and I will have you back at library at closing around 5. I have a little place in the country we can go to.

She could hardly wait for Saturday, and neither could he.

He had gone to a couple of stores to get some things like a video and some toys. He had also gone to a clothing store and purchased some sexy lingerie.

Saturday came and she was waiting at the front door as he drove up. She ran to the car pulled open the door and jumped in. She had her arms around his neck before he could do anything and was kissing him with wild abandon.

“Stop that now, people can see everything”, and he pushed her back into the seat. “Now behave at least until we are out of town.
She sat in her seat with pouted lips and thinking of what she was going to do as soon as they were out of town.

They had driven for about 10 minutes when he turned off the main road and down a back road. This was it and she reached over and put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek then ear and then bit his neck and sucked on it. She had twisted her body so now she was almost facing him.

He pulled to the side of the road and returned the kiss hard and full holding her tight and stroking her back from shoulder to butt.
He was thinking as his tongue danced with hers in a very sexy embrace; oh what a body she has got and she is so hot. I love the nice full butt she has, oh so round and so nice. His hands moved up and down her back and then cupped each butt cheek and squeezed them in a sexy way. Breaking away he took the wheel and started down the road. “Look you keep that up and we will never get to my place.”

“Okay you drive and I will just mess around a little.” With that you snuggled up to him with one hand at the back of his neck and the other on his leg. She started to rub up and down his leg until he grabbed her hand and pushed her back to her side of car.

“You keep that up and we could have an accident. I have a hardon now and it is going to affect my ability to brake so stop it please.”

“Okay but I want to see your hard on and I want to touch it.”

“Look you’re moving too fast and this is getting a little out of hand so just stop it.”

She sat back and got a little pouty. She was thinking he was not being nice but then again she had made him hard but she wanted to see his cock so bad and she wanted so much more from him.

He wanted her but not as fast as she wanted him. He wanted it to be special for her and she was not making it easy.

The remainder of the drive was filled with tension as she was still playing with his hair and ear and kissing him. At least she had stopped rubbing his leg.

He looked down and there was a small wet spot on his pant leg.

Dam she make me cum a little already. Things are going to get very hot very soon. He sped up as he wanted to get to the cabin before things got any more involved.

The cabin was just that a very simple one room thing in the woods. When they got there she simply ran around the car as he took out some bags. “Here you can help carry some things.”
He had given her the bag of clothes he had purchased and she looked inside. “Hey what is this?” she asked as she pulled up a sexy pair of panties.

“Well I thought maybe you might like to wear something sexy as I teach you.” He was a little at a loss as to what to say. Still he was getting turned on just looking at her. Besides the bags there was a garment bag in the car. “Well there is one more to bring in.”

“Hey these are sexy and you want to see me in sexy things.”

He hollered over his shoulder as he went out, “I want to see you in all sorts of clothes and without”.

The garment bag contained a very sheer dress of black silk that went with some of the other things in
the bags.

“Okay look I want to take you out on the town one of these nights so when do you think you could get away for the week end?”

She got a very devilish smile and said, “You will never believe it but next week when we have that week long break my folks are going out of town and have agreed to let me stay at home alone. So I can have the week with you if you want.”

He could not believe it but this was going to be the best school break ever. “Oh I want to spend the week with you, and I will make some plans you will never forget. Now I want you to try on some things to be sure I got the right size.” He opened the garment bag and showed her the dress.

She squealed with delight and grabbed the dress and ran to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?”
“I am going to try it on.”

“You silly girl I have already see most of you naked so get out her and leave the dress on the bed while you put these other things on.”

She heard what he said but was not sure about standing in front of him naked. Still the dress was beautiful and she wanted him to TEACH her. That is what she told herself but there was something deeper involved, something she had not expected and she was not sure what it was. She returned to the room slowly and saw him standing there with lingerie laid out on the bed.

“Come her young lady and let me help you. Besides I want you to enjoy something that every man should do for his woman.”

She though she heard him right, HIS WOMAN, he said and all of a sudden she got a warm feeling all over her.

He took the dress and laid it on the bed and then turned her around and around.

Dam she is one very cute sexy woman and I am one lucky teacher.

He spun her to face away from him and then he bent and kissed her neck at the shoulder.
He kissed her bare neck and then moved to her ear, “now you just let me show you how a man should undress his woman.” His hands moved around and held her in a bear hug as he kissed her ear and then neck again and this time gave a little bit to the neck. He unbuttoned her blouse slowly and let his finger just barely touch her skin. When the blouse was totally unbuttoned he turned her around and slipped the top off and as it slid down he kiss first her bare shoulder, then followed down her arm. As the blouse fell to the floor his hands ran up and down her arms very lightly while his lips mover over the breasts above her bra. He then took each bra strap in his teeth and pulled them over the shoulder while his hand undid the hooks.
The bra fell to the floor and he stood back.
“MMMMMMM your breasts are so beautiful”, and he looked up into her eyes and she had the most inviting look he had ever seen. “You are so beautiful and I am really lucky you want to be here with me.” He bent and kissed her on the lips pulling her to him.

She loved the feel of his hands and the tingly sensation that raced through her body with the light touch, mading her feel goose bumps all over. She knew her panties were wet as her pussy was just dripping with sex juices. Still she did nothing as she was not sure what he wanted her to do. She had never been undressed like this before. In the past she had taken her own clothes off as the boy took his and when he helped it was just sort of awkward for both of them.

“What do you want me to do? I want you to do everything but I am not sure.”

“SHHH, that’s okay you just let me do it all and then I will explain and you can help.” He then reached out and unbuttoned the jean shorts and slowly pulled them down and as he did he kissed her belly first and moved down to her hip. As the shorts moved down her leg so did his lips until the shorts were on the floor and his lips were on her knee.
“Now sweet woman I am going to see all of you but that is all we are doing now as I want to take you out for diner. You understand?”

“Yes I think so but oh your kisses and your touch are turning me on so I want you so bad.” She wiggled her hips and grabbed his hair and pulled his head to her breast. “Oh kiss them like before please ahhhhhh”. She felt his lips close around the nipple, which he sucked into his mouth. The tingles surged through her body and she wiggled her hips against his leg.

His hands held her hips and then move to the back cupping her butt. She felt his thumbs move into the waist band of her panties and slowly begin to pull them down. He kissed her naked body and move lower with the panties but not touching her pussy only her legs.

She stepped out of the panties and stood before him totally naked with legs spread. Her pussy was very wet with sex juices.

He smiled at her but said nothing as he reached out and pull her to him. She shuddered as her naked body came in contact with his. As his shirt rubbed her nipple and his pants touched her shaven pussy she quivered and tingled all over. She wanted him now and she wanted the hard cock she felt in his pants inside her.

“Okay now you gorgeous woman you time to get dressed.”

She loved the fact he called her WOMAN and not girl of young lady as so many older people called her, he thought of her as a woman.

“But I want you to do more please don’t stop now, please.” She reached out and put her arms around his neck to hold him close and tight.

He broke her hold. “We have things to do and there will be time later for sex but for now you let me tell you what to do. You wanted me to be the teacher and so you will do as I say.” He looked her up and down and wanted her in the worst way but was not going to rush it. He wanted it to be the best thing she ever knew; still his cock was so hard and wanting.

He went over to the bag he had packed and pulled out some panties, a bra, a garter belt and some black stocking. “Here you go now put these on.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she put on the items and he go even more turned on when he saw her with the panties and bra on.

She hesitated after putting on the stocking as she had only ever had panty hose and so garters were new to her. She had seen pictures but she wanted his help. “Just how do I put these on?” She looked at him with a look that almost made him cum.

“Here let me show you”, and he held the garter belt for her and then demonstrated how to hook the stockings. He let his hands and fingers linger longer than needed on her leg, the feel of her cool smooth skin made his heart race faster.

As she finished he pulled out a black silk dress out of the garment bag. “Now step into this.” He held it for her and then zipped up the back. It was a low back and low cut front to expose her nice cleavage. Coming to just about her knees the black patterned stocking showed off her nice legs and the slit up to mid-thigh was the final touch.

“There you look like you’re ready to go out and knock them dead.” He looked her up and down and his heart melted. He was starting to feel things for this girl, woman that he had not figured on. She was beautiful, desirable and so sweet.

“Okay so I am ready now your turn.” She walked up to him and started to unbutton his shirt and then she undid his pants and he did not object.

He loved her undressing him and he let her get him down to his boxers. “Okay that’s fine I have everything I need in this garment bag.”

“But you got to see me naked I want to see you.” With that she yanked the boxers down and his rock hard cock sprang up and stood straight out. “Oh nice cock I want that.” She reached out and took a hold of it and gave a tug.

She was turned on at the sight of his big cock with the very pronounced vein and the cut head. She figured he must shave the shave as it was hairless but there was a nice bush around it. She felt it pulse with her touch.

“Okay enough or there will be trouble. You keep doing that and I am likely to shoot a load of cum on that dress.”

He dressed quickly in a white dinner jacket and black slacks.

The night was dinner and dancing with Champaign and wine. Nobody bothered to ask her age as she now looked older that her 18 years.

The feel of him as he held her when they danced was heaven to her.

It was late when they got back to the cottage.

“Okay come here my dear and let me help you.”

“Oh I feel so wonderful and I want to.” She did not finish but simply threw her arms around his neck and kissed him so hard. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and teased his while her hips wiggled against him.

He pushed her back, “okay now time for bed as I have to get you home in the morning and not late.” Dam he wanted more but tonight was not the nigh but maybe a little oral would be okay. He spun her around and unzipped the dress. I fell to the floor exposing the beautiful sight that had turned him on so much before. He reached out and kissed her lips and then along the jaw to ear and down neck shoulder. His hands undid the bra and as it fell to the floor his lips covered her breast with kisses and then his tongue made circles around her nipples until she was moaning with pleasure and desire for more.

She reached out and started to undress him and soon he was in his boxers. He kissed her breast again and then teased her nipples. Then his lips moved down over her belly to the top of the panties. As he pulled down her panties he kissed her legs.

Then he stopped and picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.

The sight of her body turned him on so but it would only be oral tonight.

She was on fire with desire and her insides quivered with his touch. His lips on her leg so close to her pussy made her moan and when his tongue touched the lips she actually had a small orgasm. Then as his tongue licked her pussy his hands caresses and squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples until she had another orgasm.

He put first one finger into her and then a second but no easy as she was so tight. Still he licked and sucked her clit while fingering her pussy and massaging her breast.

Her hips bucked up and she moaned and called out, “oh fuck me fuck me now please”.

Dam I want to fuck you woman but not now, next week for sure but not now. You taste so good and I am so horny but no now.

He sucked harder and then licked faster. His hands and finger went wild and she bucked her hips.
She moaned and then screamed as she had a massive orgasm.

He could feel her body tense then quiver as the spasms of passion raced through her. She grabbed his hair and pulled hard as she wrapped her legs around his head and squeezed.

Dam she is going to make me bald and crush my head at this rate but then he felt the wonderful satisfaction of having given her such a wild orgasm.

“Oh man that was so great but what about you I want you in me now I want you to take my virginity now.” She squeezed his head again then let it go.

“Not tonight love but next week when we have more time.”

“But you have not cum have you and I want you to cum.” She reached down and took his cock in hand and then bent down to kiss the tip.

He was so hot she only had to stroke it a few times and suck on the tip before his shot his load. She took it on her belly and breast.

They were both spent so they showered together touching in a very loving way. After the shower he handed her a satin nightie and he put on satin boxers. The wine and sex had him worn out and she did not push the issue as he had said something about next week. She would have him for a week.

They slept together and woke in each other’s arms. There was a lot to touching and caressing the next morning and a lot of simple small talk on the way back to town.

The next week could not go fast enough for either to them. As soon as her folks left she packed and called John.

A week of wild sex was ahead.

He picked her up and they headed to the cottage and there they both dressed for an evening on the town.

There was a lot of touching and kissing.

At the restaurant they had a booth and sat next to each other. She had put her hand on his leg and rubbed it up and down until she could feel his cock hard along his leg. She teased the end until he pull it off saying;” That will be enough little girl, you keep that up and I will have a big stain on my pants and nothing left for later. Besides it’s my turn now.”

With that he reached over and cupped a breast in a hand and squeezed hard. Then before anyone could see he ran his hand down her leg to the hem of the dress and pulled it back.
She could feel the fingers and the dress move up her leg and all she could do was look around the room to see if anyone was looking at her. They were not looking but she kept looking as she could not look down. She felt the finger as they moved over her nylon stocking and the pattern in them. She felt the finger tips as they reached the top of her thigh-high stocking and then touch the bare skin of her inner thigh. Then the fingers moved ever so slowly up and she wiggled her ass on the cushion in anticipation of the contact. Finally his index finger touched her pussy.
“Oh god, you’re going to make me have an orgasm right here if you keep that up. You better stop, NOW.”

“Oh but I think you should have an orgasm, just bite your lip and do not make too much noise.” With that said, he move his finger over her now wet panties touching her wet swollen pussy lips very lightly.

She bit her lip and grabbed his upper arm with a vise like hold. As the finger worked its way over her pussy and then behind the panties to touch the wet lips for real, she tightened her grip on his arm and her whole body quivered as a small orgasm shot from her pussy and ass to her tits. There was a soft low moan or hum from her mouth. Then it was over and he had pulled his hand away and pulled the dress down.

“Just a little sample my dear there is more to come.”

“Oh you are a tease but I love it so.” She kissed his cheek with affection and not sexual desire. She looked at this man, her teacher and smiled.

More than sexual desire was developing between the two.

They went to a club and danced for several hours. Several dances were very much a turn on for her and him as well.

He had rubbed her leg under the table and she had done the same. In fact she had rubbed his cock until he stopped her before he came in his pant.

All the way back to the cottage she had a hand in his hair, twisting it in her finger, and then teasing his ear. She kissed and bites his ear and neck, which drove him crazy. All the while she was rubbing his leg and then occasionally grabbing his crotch and squeezing his cock.

At the cottage all the passion was released.

“Oh I am so glad we’re back I want you so bad I want you to fuck me.” Reaching out she grabbed his head and pulled him to her and kissing him hard.

He did not resist and kissed her back forcing his tongue as deep in her mouth as he could. His hand roamed all over her back and down to cup her ass. Then he unzipped the dress and soon it was on the floor.

She undid his tie then the shirt and he was naked from the waist up.

“Come here you. I am going to eat you.” Pulling her to him he kissed her hard. Then the lips followed the jaw to the ear and down neck to should. Biting and sucking her as he moved. His hands were caressing her back and unhooking her bra, which fell away as his lips dissented down. The tip of his tongue teased her nipple to their hardest ever.

“Oh god suck them hard suck and bit my nipples. Oh god I want you now.”

He sucked the nipple hard and deep pulling in a mouth full of breast. Her breasts were very nice and he cupped them in his hands and squeeze hard.
His lips moved down and his hands grabbed her panties and pulled them down. Soon his lips were over her mound and he bit and sucked until she moaned.
“ahhhhhhhh oh god fuck me please fuck me.” Her hands grabbed his head and pull it to her pussy.
He tongue whipped her pussy and sucked hard on the lips. His tongue stabbed at her clit until he felt her body tense and quiver.
He stood up taking her in his arms he carried her to the bed and laid her out. Quickly stripping off his pants. Then on the bed beside her he started to kiss and caress her body. He kissed her breast softly and then with increasing passion he kissed sucked all over her belly.

Finally his lips found her sweet wet pussy lips and he sucked hard and long until she was writhing in passionate ecstasy.

Slowly he moved over her and between her legs. He kissed her mouth with a tender passion as his hand took his cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips.

She was wet and he was able to slip the head into her.

She felt the head of his very hard cock slid between her lips and into her. Her body quivered with desire and she wanted him, all of him.

He pushed into her feeling her tight pussy griping his cock.

She felt the head rubbing against her pussy and her muscles tightened around his cock.

He felt the muscle tighten and he pushed deeper until he felt the hymen. Then he pulled back until his cock slipped out.

“NO don’t stop I want you to fuck me fuck me all the way I want you to take my virginity now, do it now, please oh please fuck me.”

“Oh you do not need to beg me I want nothing more than to fuck you so hard.” He guided his cock into her again and began slow strokes in and out just touching her hymen.

“FUCK ME you bastard stop teasing me fuck me now.” She tried to buck her hips to him but he resisted.
Finally she was wild biting his shoulder and neck and ear.

He pulled back one more time and then as she bit his neck again he slammed down hard. He felt the hymen give and his cock go deep into her, all the way to the cervix.

Her body tensed and shook with pain and pleasure.

He pulled back and then started a very rhythmic thrusting in and out. The tight feel of her pussy wrapped around his cock was heaven and he started to kiss her hard.

The pain only lasted for a moment and was replaced with a very pleasurable sensation of a big cock moving in and out of her.

She started to buck her hips up and down to meet him. Her hands moved in his hair and over his back and then as the level of passion increased she dug her nails into his back.

Her body quivered and muscles tensed and relaxed on their own as she reached the orgasm.

When the orgasm surged through her every muscle tensed and she screamed. “OH god yes yes fuck, fuck me harder harder, ahhhhhh.”

This continued for several moments as she gripped his cock with her pussy muscle as hard as she could.

Then she felt his body tense and heard him moan, “Oh ah.” She felt the cum filling her pussy. It filled her to over flowing and the leaking out down her crack.

He pumped a massive load into her and there was no stopping. He continued to fuck her until his cock softened and slipped out.

He rolled to the side and pulled her over to him so she was half on top of him with an arm over his chest, a leg over his leg and her head on his shoulder.

He looked into her eyes with a very special look.

Things are only going to get better the thought.

She looked at him with more that passionate desire this time. She snuggled into his body and rubbed her head against his shoulder. Then kissed his cheek and closed her eyes.

This is the end but I am thinking there should be more. If you have any suggestion please email me. [email protected] I am sure the trolls will find fault but that is just the way it is here. This story was a request from a young lady that is a virgin and she was wondering what it would be like the first time. If you think force or rape is the way a woman should lose her virginity then you will have to find a different writer.

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