The rise and fall of a boy called Rave

The rise and fall of a boy called Rave

I am going to be blunt here I am dyslexic, my spelling is going to be ropey and my grammar just plain bad but as I only learnt to read at 14 I don’t really care. If you don’t want to read it don’t but if you do don’t tell me at the end to learn to spell. This was more about me writing something for myself than anyone else. Oh and if you read it and I have used the wrong word over and over let me know, I once handed in a project with practical instead of particle every time and it is always nice to know when I go wrong. Regards Rave

The estate was all I knew, I was born there 12 years ago and I have never spent a night sleeping anywhere else. All I knew was these streets, my schools where all on the estate, most people here didn’t work, most people here never left. My mother had left when I was one, she hadn’t taken me with her, I couldn’t blame her all people here wanted to do was get out few ever did. My dad had stayed, had raised me the best he could and worked 12 hours a day in a dead end job for minimum wage just to keep me in cloths. He did his best but I wasn’t a good kid, no one on the estate was a good kid but I was worse, I don’t remember I time when I wasn’t in trouble.

The Dead Heads where my gang, I had been running with them for more than a year but it was only 3 weeks ago when I rolled the dice, took the beating and became a real member. I was still hurt from it but I didn’t care, it is the price we pay to join up. We ran down the street towards the park.

It was called a park but it was really a muddy bit of ground in the middle of the estate with a tree and a set of swings. The park was favourite battle ground in the current gang fighting on the estate. The Dead Heads where one of the 6 gangs on the estate, we where the smallest but we where hard. We arrived on the east corner are opposition the west, they where called The Hell Boys, they had jumped one of our lads last week and we were here going to settle that debt today. We had 47 lads here they had 58, we had both got about two dozen girls there to watch. The rules where simple, you beat down or drove off all of the other gang to win, I didn’t know what the prize was but it would have been arrange by the bosses beforehand.

The oldest strongest members took the middle of the gang around our boss, big bad Bob or B3 to us. I was closer to the flank on the left, I picked the lad I was going to aim for, and I ran my hand along the scare on my left bicep for luck. It was the first scare I ever got, I was 7 and had court it on the top of a chain link fences, it had bleed so much but since then it had been lucky. I had add many other to it over the year as a daredevil and a thug but it was my first. Most of us still wore our school uniform, as we didn’t have any other cloths, so to tell each gang apart we used face paint. Red spirals covered the right side of my face, the same as the others, these where our marks and I was proud to bear them. The Hell Boys had two black strips going from the corner of each eye to their chin. Their boss was giving some kind of speech, it had been going on for some time, so we waited.

As he finished Bob stepped forward, he wasn’t stupid but he was simple, he said only three words “TIME FOR WARR!!!”

“WARRRRR!!!” came the cry from all our throats and we charged.

The Hell Boys came to meet us. I felt the rush I had been waiting for as my adrenalin spiked the world seemed to slow as it hit my brain and my body moved with a will of its own. My vision began to blur and take on a red tinge, all fear and doubt left me and all I could fell we my rage and battle joy.

I shifted left to get the best angle on my target, he had seen me coming and corrected his own run to meet me. He had maybe a year and a half growth no me but I didn’t care, tonight I was unstoppable and he would fall to me. His first swing was sloppy on high and I took full advantage, I let it glance off my shoulder and moved in close. My right found his exposed rids again and again until I felt something crack and shift under the blow. I stepped back to as he sagged in pain, my upper arms would be a mass of bruise from his return blows but I had won. I move in for the kill driving him to his knees with an elbow to his skull and a second put him on his back. That cost me as I didn’t see the fist coming.

It was fast and hit hard, the pain bloomed in the centre of my face, my vision swam and it took all my will to keep my legs under me. I would not fall! I duck the next fist more by luck than skill. Then the blood from my nose touched my lips. I love the taste of blood it is the taste of violence and it has power, you can drink more than a pint of it before you are sick and your blood is different to the taste of other peoples I have never found out why but it is. The blood brought the world back into focus and I let my pain fill my rage and it felt like I could fly. He had a foot on me, was maybe 16 and looked strong but he was out her on the flanks not in the middle, so there had to be something wrong with him.

I jumped back away from his next swing to give me room more to breath. As he came after me it was plain to see why he was out here fighting me, he held all his weight on his left leg having to almost drag his right along. I danced to his right forcing him to try and spin on his weak leg, I picked my shots, I was too young to really hurt him like this but I could make him mad. In frustration he moved to fast exposing his left leg with all his weight on it, I didn’t need a second chances. I jumped and slammed both of my feet into the inside of his knee cap. If it didn’t work I would be on the floor with an anger lad above me, it had to work. The knee is quite good at taking downward force but not sideways, his knee with all his weight on its top and all my weight on its side broke, it folded up underneath him in the wrong direction. The is nothing quite like the sound breaking of a human hinge joint, it is somewhere in the middle of ripping paper, broken celery and snapping twigs, but I didn’t hear any of those sounds all I heard was the animal like howl of agony coming from his mouth. It seemed to go on forever drawing looks for half the people there but slowly it became little more than a whimper.

I forced my legs back under me and pushed myself to my feet and let out my own roar of hate, rage and pain and their right flank fled from us. Some of us set of after them, other where already down, I was one of four that turned and headed towards the centre.

The brawl there was breaking up, Hell Boys where moving back most just trying to keep away from Big Bad Bob he was 6’6 and built like a house no one could stand in his way. Then I saw the knife, this was back in the day when Chavs where still Scallis around our way before everyone carried one, it wasn’t that they where to hardcore it was that a knife was weak, only people that couldn’t hag needed a knife. No one was at bob’s back, his cousin fast Eddy was supposed to be there but he was a coward and had feel behind as soon as he thought no one would see.

I am told that I howled like a wolf, that I ran across the park knocking 4 lads out the way and I jumped smashing both my knees into the knife carrier’s chest before he could close with bob as he went down he cut my right forehand and I beat him into unconsciousness and I had been laughing. All I remember was a rush of red, a crash of bodies and a dull pain in my right arm. The world came back to me as a rush of noise, it was the first time I ever lost complete control and it felt good I was going to have to work on it.

“Good lad Rave” I looked up at Bob and then down at the mess I had made of the lad underneath me. He was still breathing but he looked like he didn’t want to be. The Hell Boys have scattered there was just us. Who the hell was Rave? It took me a second to come to me, I was Rave, well my name was Greg but I had gone by Rave for as long as I could remember. I don’t know who gave it to me but that was my name. I looked back up a Bob.

“Aye its alreet Boss” I smiled back. We had won.

My body was a mess I was covered in bruises, both my knuckles where cut, I had a six inch gash to my right forearm and even with the bitter taste in the back of my month I was still shaking from the adrenalin.

I could hear the sirens of the ambulances at the park in the background as I push my way into the old YMCA. Unless some die the police wouldn’t care about the fight, it was just estate kids after all.
The YMCA had left the estate more than 10 years ago and their building had become the Dead Heads base, it still had water and power but I don’t know how. The ground floor had a small front hall, a massive common room the now had couches around the edge and mattresses laid in the middle of the floor, a big dining room that still had two long tables in it and a kitchen that was really more of a bar now. Most of the lads that could still walk had made it back here and now lay around the common room. Girls moved between them patching up the wounded and flirting with the others. I move towards them as I needed someone to deal with my arm. People started to notice me, those that hadn’t seen me in the fight where now being told by others in the room, a few came forward to congratulate me but most kept back. To draw attention to me was to comment the fast Eddy has not kept his place and he may have been a coward but he was a vicious pick and held power as Bob’s kin.

I was stopped before I could get my arm see too. The lad went by Cain and was known as Bob’s left hand.

“You have been asked for when you came in” said Cain “upstairs now.”

I didn’t argue just followed. Upstairs was special if you weren’t part of the inner circle you didn’t go up without an invited. The where six dormitories each used to fit four bunk beds but things where moved in and out of them now you heard rumours about what went on in them at the new moon parties and just how bad things could get if you came up here for punishment. The was a small office and a large shower room at the end of the hall, this had become the bosses “throne” room and was where I was heading.

The room was all white tiles, the where still shower heads, sinks and toilets around the walls but chairs, tables, floor cushions and even a bed where also around. I had expected the room to be full of the gangs best and there girls but the where only four people in there. Bob stood with a group of elite thugs Lacy, Bob’s right hand, was an animal who spent half his time fighting people that made fun of his name, Taz a soft spoken lad who was known for going mad in fights and Mark who we all knew was next in line if Bob quite, died or got nicked. Cain closed the door and stood with his back against it, I was trapped in a room with my gangs 5 heavy hitter, and I hoped like hell I wasn’t going to catch a beating.

“You did well today and more importantly saw you do well” said Mark.

I thought of bragging, of acting hard but that wouldn’t be right, not here, not now.

“I didn’t try to do it and I don’t remember it. All I have got is bits and”

“Redness” Cain finished behind me.

“How do you know what I saw?”

“We all know because it happens to us. It is rear for someone to lose themselves to the red mist but it happens. When we see it we look after it as it can drown a boy” explained Taz “we will teach you how to enjoy it, use it and most importantly control it. That is if you want us to?” I gave a vague nod.

Bob smiled at that “Good now let’s get someone to fix that arm.”

With that Cain left to get the other the was fast Eddy and two of his cronies and the Daves three lads called Dave that worked as muscle for the gang and where treated like one person, the rest where girls all were pretty, most were blond and some were naked. They fawned over the lad that had been hurt, some looked in my direction and whispered about who I was. The two girls that had sat nearest Bob stood and walked over to me. One of them was Bob current girl, it was always a short live position and held no real power, and she would go back to being another lad’s sooner or later. The other was a different matter she was the most powerful girl in the gang.

She went by Bex and she was Bob’s little sister and Eddy fantasy, he would have raped her by now if Bob wouldn’t have killed him because Bob loved his sister. She was two at 16 two year younger than Bob and the same age as Eddy She wasn’t the prettiest girl there by a long way but she was close to the sexiest, her chest was small but well formed and she had a real six-pack for a stomach that led almost perfectly into her hips. She kept her hair short and spiked, it was currently pink but that could change from day to day. The fact that she could take me in a fight was also more of a turn on than I would admit publicly.

“Come on you we are going to patch you up” order Bex

They took me to one of the dorms the room had what looked like a hospital bed in on corner with restraint stapes on it, the other wall had enough medical stuff to put a body back together or given the restraints on the bed take one apart, in the centre of the room was a metal chair bolted to the floor the was a set of handcuff attached to each side of the chair. Bex told me to take off my shirt so I wouldn’t get blood on it when she relined my nose. She looked at my body with something that I had never really seen before I now know it was lust. I have a slim frame but with my life it hadn’t stayed that way for long, I may have still been little more than a boy but my body was hard muscle and she liked it. She used both her thumbs to snap my nose back into place and the blood flowed down my chest while the other girl patched my knuckles. She pushed me down onto the chair the other girl gave her a needle and thread. I felt the prick and the tug as she sowed up my arm.

“I saw you safe me brother” she said like she was talking to a small child

“People keep telling me that”

“I think you where very brave”

“People keep telling me that too”

“And I think you should get a reward” She moved up and kissed my hard. I knew the cuff was in place before she clipped it shut. She to look at me, I held eye contact as I move my other wrist down to the second cuff and let her fasten it.

“Very few of my play things get into my chair so willingly Rave, do you know what I will do to you?” she asked

“I have heard rumours, I think this is the only way to find out what is true, and it could even be fun” I said.

She had a bowl full of dirty water that she used to wipe the blood and paint off my face

“Now let have a look at you” she grabbed me beneath chin and pulled me head this was and that “you not that ugly are you?”

I kept my mouth shut trying to keep eye contact when I could, trying to show no fear. She grabbed for my pants but was going too quickly, it took her three attempts to pull them down leaving them in a pile at my feet. My steadily stiffing cock jumped free. I had hit puberty you had too before you could roll the dice to join up and was much bigger than most other lads of my age but I still knew it would get bigger and I was still on the small side. If Bex had a problem with size she didn’t say, she bit her lower lip and let out a hum at the sight of it.

“You can leave now Kate” she said to the other girl

“I can’t Bob told me to stay and watch”

“My brother said what” Bex turned on the girl who panicked and started babbling so she slapped her “Why in hell does my brother want you to watch me fuck him” so she was going to fuck me.

“He said the lad was dangerous and you shouldn’t be left to play with him alone” Kate said. Bex turned on my and grabbed me by the throat.

“Your hurt, naked, chain to a chair and I am choking the life out of you. Tell me are you dangerous boy” she snarled

“Very” I smiled back, she let go, holding her hand as if I had bit her “but if I hurt you it would end the fun wouldn’t it! Now what is this I hear about you fucking me?”

“See I am safe” Bex laughed but she made no move to send Kate away again.

She started with a deep passionate kiss, she sucked slightly drawing my tong into her mouth her own moved like lighting, I tried to do the same with my own but lack the skill and experiences to do it very well but Bex’s own more than made up for it. As she broke off the kissed she bit my lower lip hard, for a second I thought she had broke the skin. She started to lick my neck sending shivers down my back, it wasn’t something that I had seen as erotic before but I couldn’t stop myself moaning. Then she started biting me, small nips on my ears neck and along my collar bone. Then she moved on to my nipples using her teeth and tong to force more moans out of me.

She stopped and stood up, I pulled against the cuffs as I tried to follow frustrated at the loss of her mouth. She laughed and slipped her top over her head. Her breast where small but well formed and stood out in neat contrast to the muscles of her upper body and abdomen. I have always found something very sexy about a girl in just her pants and I think this is where it started. Her nipples where tiny in compression to her breast and I wanted to suck them.

She lit a cigarette as she moved back towards me. This time she kissed me she blow smoke into my lunges, it made me gag which she liked so did it again. After about the four kiss I had got used to it so she went back to my nipples, I was having fun but she was just trying to make them more sensitive. She took another drag on the cigarette and drove the red hot end into my flesh just about my right nipple. It was agony but I would not cry out not in front of her. I looked up at her and smiled bearing my teeth. She did it again but this time I was expecting it the pain only adds to my arousal, this time a moaned with the pain. She moaned in response turned on by my masochism.

She slapped me and stood, slipping her pants and knickers down. Her pubic hair had been dyed the same shade of pink as her head. She began to masturbate franticly looking at my now painful erect cock.

“I hope you last cos I need to get off now” She said.

She straggled me using her hand to line up my cock and then sat down. She engulfed my cock in her hot dripping cunt in one go and began to ride me. It took all my will not to cum straight away, I had to focus on anything but for the beautiful girl fucking me and the pleasure I was getting. I watch the half smoked cigarette snipping across the room, Kate looking scarred by the door, the single bead of sweat running down between Bex’s breast and between her muscles of her six pack and towards her... NO! That was not helping. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I let my eyes closes and thought none sexual thoughts.

I could feel her getting close, her breath coming in shape gasps. She was close but I was closer, I would not cum first. I yanked my head free losing some hair in the process. My mouth was level with her breast so I attacked them, licking and kissing, and then I found one of those small nipples and began to suck making her scream with pleasure. I was still losing it so I decided to take a page out of her play book and nipped her sensitive nipple with my teeth.

That pushed her over the edge and she took me with her. Her body tensed up and she howl with delight, her cunt contracted around my cock that pushed me over. It was the most intense orgasm of me young life as I sent spurt after spurt deep inside her. A smile of joy was on her lips as she came down, she put both arms around my neck and panted as I went soft inside her. She stood and I slipped out of her letting both mine and her cum run down the inside of her leg. She undid the left cuff and I made my move as she moved to the next. My right hand came free in a blare of moment, I had been picking the cuff with the needle used to stitch my arm I rapped my hand around her throat and tangle my legs with her as I stood, and she went over backwards with me on top of her. Kate took an intake of breath to cry for help. She stopped when I kissed Bex, deeper and harder with my body free.

“I told you I was dangerous” I said as we parted and I got off her

She lay there not panting as I got dressed above her. I slipped back down to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

“Still it was fun, maybe we could smoke another cigarette sometime soon” Her eye lit up at that, I don’t think she got many boys wanting to play twice I walked to the door and turned.

“I will see you soon Mistress” her body gave an involuntary shudder of pleasure when I said that word.

I Nodded to Cain on my way down stairs, things where looking up.

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