My History Teacher 3

My History Teacher 3


I was definitely nervous.

Butterflies were flying around my stomach and my leg couldn't keep still as I sit in my car in the alleyway of my History teachers' house. We had sex in her classroom before she offered to take me back to her house and fuck me...for a long, long time. To make me scream and cum for her over and over again. Then she fingered and sucked me off to an amazing orgasm. I shiver at the memory. I had no idea why I was so nervous, but I decide to take a leap of faith. I take a deep breath and step out of my car. I lock it behind me and walk up to her back door. I knock on the door three times and she opens it. She had changed out of her skirt and blouse and into jeans and a t-shirt. I smile and suddenly the butterflies are gone. She smiles back.

"Emily, I didn't think you would come."

I tilt my head to the side and furrow my brow.

"What makes you think I wouldn't come?"

She purses her lips for a second and shrugs.

"Because you seemed a little uneasy after our know. So I just assumed you wouldn't show..."

I smile and lean against the arch of the door.

"I'm fine Kelly, but I do need a shower. Do you think maybe...?"

She smiles surprised and steps back to let me in.

"Sure. Come on in."

I step inside and she shuts the door behind me. She puts her hand on the small of my back and leads me upstairs to her bathroom. I feel her eyes burning a hole into my ass as she falls back behind me as we go upstairs until we reach the bathroom. She turns around and crouches down to grab towels from the cabinet.

"Here are two towels. You pull the handle up then to the left for the hot water. Call for me if you need anything..."

She trails off as she turns around and stands up. I had stripped off all of my clothes and leaned against the sink. I smile at her baffled look. I see her eyes look down my body. I bite my lip and smile as I make my way over to her.

"I was hoping to be screaming your name...but you would already be here...preferably kissing me, in the shower."

I say slowly and seductively, finishing the sentence with a quick tongue lick across my lips that catches her eye. She swallows hard and nods her head.

"Umm, yes-yeah. I would...we..."

She stumbles as her eyes glance down my body, lingering on my pert teenage breasts. I smile and raise my hands up to the hem of her t-shirt and start to pull up.

"My eyes are not on my chest, Kelly."

I say with a teasing smile. She snaps her eyes back up to mine and for only the second time, she blushes. I pull her shirt up and over her head. The second the offending clothing is gone I lean forward and capture her lips in a heated kiss. She moans and runs her hands down my sides to my hips. I step forward and reach behind her and unsnap her bra, pulling it slowly down her arms and using my nails to tease her skin. She moans deeply and tries to move her hands down to my ass, but I stop her and smile into the kiss.

"Ah ah ah. Not yet."

I break the kiss and move my hands to her pants. She smiles as I kiss her chest and unbutton her pants.

"You're more of a tease than I thought."

I push them and her panties down her legs with a chuckle. She steps out of them and flings them to the side. I stand straight again and move an inch closer to her.

"Oh, I can show you a tease."

I move my hands to her hips and lean forward until our lips are an inch away from each other. She closes her eyes and leans down to kiss me, but I pull away last second. She doesn't notice I'm gone until I open the glass door. She smiles and groans. I leave the door open for her and turn on the water. I step into the cascading water as I feel her enter and close the shower door. She presses her front against my back and I moan at the feel of her erect nipples against my back. The thought of teasing her flies completely out of my mind. She slides her hands onto my hips as she nudges my head to the left and kisses her way down my neck. I moan and close my eyes. Her hands drift up my body to my breasts and cups them softly. I gasp as her fingers roll my nipples gently. I move my hand behind her head and hold her lips to my neck with a moan. She tugs on my nipples and I moan, arching against her wet body. She moans and I turn around in her arms when she releases my nipples. I press her against the wall and attack her lips with my own. She moans and reaches down to grab my ass. I moan and part my lips just enough for her to slide her tongue into my mouth. I move my hands to her breasts and cup them softly. She moans and I start to toy with her nipples, eliciting another moan from her. She squeezes my ass harder and presses me into her body. I move my hands behind her neck and hold her in the kiss. She wraps her arms around my waist and spins us and pushes me back against the wall with her body. I moan and break the kiss for breath. She drags her nails down my sides and I shiver and gasp quietly. Her lips travel down to my neck, slowly working her way to my chest. She palms my breasts and I arch my back against the cold shower wall. She bites and sucks on a patch of skin on the top of my breast. I moan and slide my hands up her back to her shoulders. She releases the now bruised flesh and teases her tongue around my areola. I groan in frustration at the lack of attention to my erect nipples. I slide my hands into her wet hair and all but demand her to take my nipple into her mouth, which she now so graciously does. I let out a high pitched moan and arch my back against the wall. She moans and wraps her luscious lips around my nipple. Her teeth suddenly sink into the sensitive nub of flesh and I let out a cry of desperation. I could already feel myself moving towards an orgasm and she hasn't even touched me below the waist yet! She smiles against my skin and moves to my other breast. Fuck, she was going to keep teasing me. I moan as her teeth nip at my nipple. If she wasn't going to touch me, I was sure as hell going to touch her. I pull her mouth up to mine and kiss her softly as I spin us around yet again and press her against the wall. She moans but breaks the kiss as her hands reach my hips.

"Turn around."

She whispers softly. She puts pressure on my hips and I turn around. She pulls me back against her body and we both immediately moan. I lean back into her chest and relish in the feel of her hard nipples pressed against my skin. One hand moves up to my breast as the other moves to my thighs and motions for me to spread my legs wider. I do as her hand cups my breast and her fingers play with my nipple, making me moan quietly. Her other hand hovers over my pussy and I already knew my pussy was dripping with arousal and aching to be touched. I whimper and roll my hips back against her crotch instead of thrusting for her hand. She moans into my ear and palms my breast with a firm hand. Simply making me arch my back and press my ass harder into her body and moan louder. She groans in lust and caves, moving her hand to my dripping cunt. I moan loudly.

"Oh, god, yes..."

My head rolls back onto her shoulder and her lips attack the wet skin of my neck. Her fingers easily find my clit and starts to rub gently. I whimper and buck my hips toward her hand. She rubs harder and I moan loudly. She moves her lips to my shoulder and bites and sucks on my skin. I raise my right hand to her head and tangle my fingers in her wet hair to keep her lips on my body. My other hand moves to cover her hand on my breast and presses down and she gropes my breast harder. I grunt in pleasure.

"Mmm, yes...oh...right there..."

I whisper as her fingers roll my clit. She moans softly and trails kisses up my neck until her burning lips take my earlobe into her torturous mouth. I let out a high pitched moan as her teeth sink into the flesh of my earlobe. I was becoming increasingly close to my climax. I needed more of her.

"I...oh god...I n-need you inside me, K-Kelly."

She moans at my plea and she moves her hand lower to my entrance. She pushes one finger into my hot core and moan loudly.

"Yes! Oh, Kelly. M-More."

I say, desperately needing her to fill me. She lets out a growl and pulls the digit out before thrusting two inside of me with quick and fast thrusts. I cry out as I feel myself quickly reach the edge. She removes her hand from my breast and moves it down to my pussy, her fingers rubbing furiously across my engorged clit. I gasp at the sudden pleasure. That was all I needed to come undone for her. I moan and arch my back against her wet form behind me.


I scream as my orgasm takes over my body. She moans at the use of her name and leaves sloppy kisses across my neck and shoulder. My legs tremble in pleasure and my hips twitch on her fingers. My mouth drops open in a silent scream and my hand moves to her forearm to slow down her still rubbing fingers. She complies and slows down both hands. The hand that was rubbing my clit moves up to splay her fingers against my stomach. Her other meticulous fingers were slowly thrusting in and out of me, letting me ride out my orgasm. When I finally come down from my high I am panting hard and leaning back against her for support. She gingerly removes her fingers from my wet cunt, eliciting a whimper from me. She moves both hands to my hips and chuckles softly.

"Can you stand on your own Emily?"

She says with a smile. I finally realize she had been supporting my weight for a while now and immediately stand up straight again. I turn around with a smile and kiss her softly. She moans and runs her hands up and down my back. I wrap my arms around her neck and move us so we are out of the spray of water and she is pressed against the cold glass of the shower wall. She groans and pulls me in closer. I pull away and kiss down her neck to her beautiful chest. She moans as I cup her breast and take a nipple into my mouth and use my other hand to tug on her nipple. She moans louder and I switch my mouth to her other nipple. She moves a hand to my shoulder and starts to push down. I smile and kiss down her stomach. When I'm on my knees I look up at her to find her looking back at me. I lick my lips slowly before leaning forward and placing my mouth on top of her clit. She moans and bucks her hips against my mouth, her eyes burning down at me with lust. I open my mouth and take her clit in between my lips. God, she tastes amazing. She moans and bites her lip. I suck on her clit lightly, letting my tongue flutter over the sensitive nub. She moans in surprise and arches her back.

"D-Do that again."

She says softly. I flutter my tongue again and she moans louder. I move my hands up her legs to rest on her thighs, I squeeze gently and I feel her legs tense.

"Oh my god, Emily..."

I moan and move two fingers to her entrance. Her stare intensifies as I tease her entrance. She drops her hips lower to take my fingers, but I pull them away. She groans in frustration but I suck her clit harder and she moans softly.


At her words, I thrust my two fingers into her wet pussy and she lets out the most erotic moan I've ever heard. I moan back and thrust deeper and harder into her. She finally breaks our stare and throws her head back against the wall. One hand reaches up and grips the top edge of the glass shower wall as her other hand tangles in my hair. She holds my face against her pussy as she bucks against my fingers.

"I-I'm close, Emily, don't stop. Please..."

I'm surprised by her last word and I think she is too because her breathing hitches and she tenses for a moment. I decided to flick her clit mercilessly with my tongue. She gasps and her muscles clench around my fingers. I push past the tightness and continue to thrust into her pussy. Her body goes rigid and she moans loudly.

"Ah! Yes! Don't stop, don't stop...fuck, don't stop."

She says repeatedly. I moan and suck her clit and finger her cunt until her hand pulls at my hair. I get the message and pull my mouth away from her clit. I look up at her and smile as I see the exhausted look on her face. A look of someone who just got fucked, hard. I slow my fingers still inside her pussy and wait for her to relax. When I see that she is, I gently remove my fingers and stand up. She opens her eyes and releases her grip on the shower wall, her hand moving to my shoulder. I raise my hand to my mouth and suck her juices off of my fingers, moaning softly at the taste of her. She lets a small smile spread across her lips and she moves her hand to the back of my neck.

"Your so hot."

She whispers before pulling me into a kiss. I smile against her lips and kiss her back. She moves her hands up to my cheeks until her thumbs are in front of my ears and her fingers are in my hair. I moan and she pulls away. I wait a few seconds, enjoying the tenderness left behind from her kiss, before opening my eyes. She smiles and kisses me lightly.

"I believe that we should actually take a shower now."

I smile and nod my head.

"I think this all constitutes as a shower we just got...a little dirty."

I punctuate my last word with a smirk and a small kiss pressed against her lips. She smiles and lets a light laugh escape her lips.

"I guess you're right."

She reaches behind me and grabs the body wash from the shelf behind me.

"Let's clean you up then."

She smiles and turns me around. I smile and shake my head. Who knew I would ever be in the shower with my history teacher, my female history teacher, and have her covering me in body wash. I definitely didn't think that. She notices my silence and starts to massage my shoulders after my body was completely lathered in soap.

"Are you okay?"

I take a deep breath and turn around. She tilts her head to the side in concern. I smile lightly.

"I need a minute, that's all. I'm done in here so...can I borrow a robe?-and can you meet me downstairs after you're done?"

She smiles sweetly and nods her head.

"Yeah, of course. There is a robe hanging on the door knob and the towels are on top of the counter."

I smile and kiss her softly before stepping out of the shower. She steps under the water and pushes her hair back. I shut the door and grab the towel off of the cabinet and dry off before wrapping my hair in the towel. I grab the robe from the door knob and make my way downstairs as I slide the robe onto my body.


I look up as she walks into her kitchen. She smiles hesitantly and leans against the arch of the entrance. She was wearing a blue button down shirt that made her gorgeous blue eyes pop and her cleavage very noticeable. She had on the hottest pair of short pink colored Carebear boy shorts I have ever seen. I smile and start to laugh. She bites her lip and looks away.

"Shut up. I didn't have time to do my laundry this week. This was my choice."

I stifle my laugh and she rolls her eyes and starts to walk away, but I stop her.

"No, don't go. I like them. Really, they're cute. They're adorable."

I smile as she turns on one heel to face me with pursed lips. I move my foot and push out the kitchen chair across from me. I glance at the chair then back to her fiery blue eyes.

"Sit with me. We should talk."

Both of our faces become serious and she sits down across from me. I sit up in my chair and cross my arms across my chest. I take a deep breath.

"Do you like me?"

She furrows her brow slightly and lets out a chuckle.

"Ah, yeah. I like you, Emily."

She says with a small, yet confused, smile. I sigh and lick my lips.

"Good...good, so...what are we doing? You are my teacher. At least until graduation. Where do you see us going?-Is there an 'us'? I-I just..."

I drop my head into my hands in frustration and groan. She stands up and walks over to me.

"Hey, Emily, it's okay."

She sits down in the chair next to me and puts her hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know either. I just know that I like you and..."

She moves one hand to my chin and moves my face from out of my hands to look at her. She smiles.

"I like the sex with you, and..."

I smile and she smiles back.

"I like your company even if I've only experienced it at limited times...We don't have to figure everything out right now, we just have what we do and figure it out when it becomes necessary."

I bite my lip and lean forward, I kiss her softly. She moans back and I pull away.

"Umm...I think, if we still continue this, we're going to need rules. For when we are at school."

She smiles and chuckles. She raises her eyebrows.

"Why? So you don't go all 'fuck me, Ms.Harper' again at school?"

I open my mouth then shut it quickly. She starts laughing and I roll my eyes.

"I did not say that."

She bites her lip and giggles.

"Oh yeah?"

I turn my head and glare at her.

"Maybe I said it. Whatever. Back to the rules. You can't wear those fuck me boots or the blue blouse, at least with the top three buttons undone. I just...that's too much for me. I might fuck you in front of the class."

I say with a smirk. She laughs and rests her elbow on the table with her head in her hand.

"Okay...but you can't wear those dark skinny jeans that grab your ass just right with that long sleeve v-neck. Yeah, that's like my kryptonite."

I narrow my eyes at her and smirk.

"Kryptonite, huh?"

She smiles and leans toward me.

"Yeah, kryptonite...what's your kryptonite, Emily?"

She moves her hand to my forearm and trails her fingers down my skin. I smile and leans towards her also. Our lips were inches apart now.

"You, in a tight black skirt and a silk blue blouse that I can strip you out of."

She smiles and bites her lip.

"Mmm. Good."

She leans the rest of the way and kisses me softly. I moan and kiss her back. She takes my bottom lip between her teeth and bites down. I groan and kiss her harder. She slides her hand behind my neck and kisses me deeper. She slides her tongue in my mouth, but I pull away with a smile. She shoots me a curious look and I stand up.

"You want to know what I think?"

I untie the robes sash and she smiles while nodding her head. I let the robe fall to the floor.

"I think..."

Her eyes move up and down my body. I move onto her lap and sit down facing her. I wrap my arms around her neck.

" are the hottest teacher in school."

She smiles and moves her hands to my hips.

"Hotter then Mrs. Hanson?"

The Math teacher down the hall from Kelly. She was hot, not hotter than her but hot. I give her a serious glare and purse my lips.

"She doesn't even compare to you...or the way you make me feel when you fuck me. Because you fuck me so good, Kelly."

I lean down and capture her lips in a heated kiss before she can respond. She moans and pulls me against her body. I thread my fingers in her blonde hair and kiss her deeper. She moans and drops one hand in between my legs. Her palm caresses my pussy lips and I break the kiss.

"Mmm, more...please."

I say softly. She smiles and moves her lips to my neck.

"Oh...that's're a beggar."

I moan and shake my head.

"I-I'm not..."

She bites the skin on my neck and I gasp. I moan and press her lips into my neck.

"Oh, really?...we'll see about that..."

She grabs my ass and maneuvers her forearms under my thighs.

"Wrap your legs and arms around me."

I do as she says and suddenly she is standing up. I gasp.


I squeal and grip her neck tightly. She smiles and moves me onto the kitchen counter. She kisses along my jaw.

"Relax Em."

I smile at the use of my not often used nickname. I lick my lips slowly as her hand finds its way back to my pussy. I moan and tilt my head back against the cupboard behind me. She kisses down my neck and stops at my breasts. She avoids my nipples and I groan in frustration. Her fingers slide across my clit and I buck my hips into her fingers. She smiles and teases her tongue around my rock hard nipples. I whimper and put my hand on her shoulder and try to pull her in closer. She resists and I groan.

"Okay-Okay! You're right. I-I'm a beggar. Just, please, fuck me. Fuck me, Kelly. Please."

I plead. She smiles and moans.

"You're so hot when you beg."

She whispers against my breast. She moves her hand lower to my entrance and pushes two fingers into me while finally taking my nipple into her mouth. I cry out at the intense pleasure and my nails dig into her shoulder. She moans and flicks her tongue across my nipple. The action makes me shudder and suddenly her mouth is latched onto my other breast with her tongue flicking my nipple. I could feel my orgasm reaching me quickly. I spread my legs wider for her.

"Don't stop. I'm almost there..."

Her fingers slow down and I whimper.

"No, please, Kelly. You feel so good. Don't stop."

I buck my hips against her fingers and suddenly her lips are wrapped around my clit. I squeal in pleasure and move my hand down to her head.

"Ah! Oh, f-fuck."

She moans and I arch my back. I moan loudly and my fingers grip her hair and push her against my pussy. Her tongue flicks my clit and my hips buck up.

"Oh my god! I'm...K-Kelly, yes!"

I cry out. My breathing comes in panting gasps. My muscles clench around her fingers and my body shakes in orgasm. She releases my clit from her lips and kisses my thighs and stomach but continues to finger me through my orgasm until I relax again. I swallow and try to control my breathing and look down at her. She slowly removes her fingers from inside me and looks up at me as she takes one of her fingers into her mouth to suck off the juices. I bite my lip and groan at the sight. She smiles and sucks on the other finger. I sit up and cup her cheeks as she slides her finger from her mouth.

"As much as I love..."

I kiss her softly, moaning quietly at the taste of myself on her lips as her eyes drift closed.

"Having dirty, hot, sex with you..."

I kiss her again.

"On your kitchen counter..."

Another kiss.

"I want to fuck you in your bed..."

I kiss her harder and she moans. Her fingers trail up my side's, making me shiver. She breaks the kiss and helps me off of the counter.

"Mmm, I like that idea...I'm going to grab us some waters. Head on up."

I smile and kiss her lightly.

"Yes, ma'am."

I say huskily before shooting her a wink. I walk out of the kitchen with a sway in my hips, smirking as I glance over my shoulder to find her eyes trained on my ass. I walk upstairs to her bedroom and decide to look around. I walk over to her dresser and look at all f the pictures she had there, obviously family pictures from the way all the people looked alike. I hear her come into the room and I turn my head and smile. She held two glasses of ice water and smiles back. She walks over to me, handing me the glass of water. I take it with a small smile.

"Why, thank you."

I bat my eyelashes at her and she smiles.

"You are very welcome."

She takes a drink of her water and I take the opportunity to move closer and graze my teeth over her pulsing neck. She nearly chokes on her drink and the water spills from her cup and onto her shirt and neck before she can make the cup right again. I pull back slightly and giggle. She contains herself and clears her throat in embarrassment, looking away from my amused smile. I grab her drink and set both of our cups on the dresser. I smile and take a step forward, my hands going to her shirt buttons.

"Let me get that for you."

I whisper before dipping my head and running my tongue up her wet neck. She gasps and closes her eyes. My hands work tantalizingly slow on her shirt buttons as my tongue, lips and teeth tease her neck. Her hands move to my hips and pulls me against her body as my fingers free the last button. I use my pointer finger and thumb to tilt her head down to me before kissing her softly. She moans and grip my hips harder. I move her back until her calves reach the bed. I break the kiss and press down on her shoulder so she sits down. She complies and looks up at me from her spot on the bed. I push her shirt down her arms and with her help, pull it from her arms and toss it to the side. I push her to lay back on the bed then motion for her to move back. She does without complaining of being bossed around, which surprised me. I climb on top of her and bend my head down to lick the water from her chest. She moans as I wrap my lips around her prominent nipple, sucking softly. I waste no time in kissing down her stomach and pulling her cute little shorts down those long, lean legs. I toss them to the floor and kneel in between her legs. I watch her closely as I kiss my way up her thighs. She gasps softly at first then bites her lip to hold back a moan as I leave a love bite on her thigh. She licks her lips as I reach her pussy and I copy her action. My lips reach her wet cunt and she moans loudly. I moan back and trace her pussy lips with my tongue. She shudders deeply and moves a hand down to my head to push me farther into her wetness. I moan and use my tongue to find her clit and roll it softly as my eyes flutter closed. She groans at my tentative touches.


She says softly. I tease her for a second longer then finally concede and flick her clit in rapid succession with the tip of my tongue. Her body writhes under my tongue and her back arches off the bed. I reach my hands up under her ass and push her up to me as my tongue moves down to her entrance. We both moan in pleasure. I wiggle my tongue as deep inside her as I could and pull out only to thrust back in. She moans loudly and bucks her hips against my tongue. My nails dig into her juicy ass and she cries out in pleasure, her hips bucking faster on my tongue.

"Ah! God, Emily, don't stop!"

I move my hands to her hips and grip them tightly, forcing them down on the bed. She groans in annoyance, but it quickly cuts off into a moan as I suck her clit into my mouth. I suck harder and she moans and arches her back.

"I-I'm so close Em."

I move my position slightly and thrust two fingers into her cunt. She gasps and her legs tense around my head.


She breathes out. I thrust harder and her body starts to tremble in climax. I open my eyes and look up at her as she cums on my mouth and fingers. Her back arches high and her fingers clench in my hair and her hand grips the bed sheets tightly. I stop my sucking and gently lick her clit until she comes down from her high. She sighs and sucks oxygen into her lungs. I pull away from her pussy and pull my fingers out of her pussy. She grunts softly and I move up her body, softly kissing her sweat touched skin as I go. I reach her lips and give her a small kiss. She smiles and wraps her arms around my waist, kissing me softly again. She pulls away and smiles.

"You're really good at that."

I smile and laugh.

"Well, I try my best."

She laughs and moves her hands down to my ass and squeezes roughly. I moan.

"There is no doubt in that."

She says as she latches her lips onto my neck. She sucks harder and I know she is about to leave a mark so I pull back. Her lips leave my skin and I playfully glare down at her.

"No marks. I don't need people asking me where I got it from, which would make me blush really hard because I would be thinking of you laying under me in this damn bed with your hands on my ass and your lips on my neck and then I would I have to make up a lie to tell them."

She smiles mischievously and her nails dig into my ass. I moan and buck my hips against the thigh underneath me.

"I think I would enjoy watching you blush and squirm under those questions."

She says huskily as she bends her thigh to press harder against my pussy. I moan and close my eyes.

"I-I would not."

I stutter out, distracted by her hands and thigh. I start to grind hungrily into her thigh when my urges become hard to control. She smiles and suddenly flips us over so I am on my back and she is pressed against me with her face buried in my neck, kissing and licking my skin.

"Well, it's a good thing your not in charge then."

She envelopes my earlobe in her warm lips and I whimper loudly. Her hands move out from under me and plant themselves on either side of my head. She raises herself up and thrusts down on my thigh. I moan and grab her hips and pulls her down harder.

"God damn, you feel so good Kelly."

I say with a groan as she thrusts down again, letting out a moan of her own. She supports herself on one hand and grabs my hand from her hip. She moves it down to her core.

"Put your fingers-oh....yeah, right there."

I gently rub her clit as she thrusts down. She moans and uses her own fingers to rub my clit. I gasp and moan at the new pleasure. I arch my back and rake my nails down her thigh. She moans and bites her lip, her hand works harder on my clit. I do the same to her clit and she groans.

"C-Can you cum-fuck...can you cum like

She asks breathlessly. I buck my hips harder against her hand and thigh, her wetness now running across my thigh, I moan.

"Are you-oh, right there...kidding? Fuck...yes."

I grunt out. She lets out a light chuckle, but it quickly turns into a moan.

"Oh god..."

She thrusts harder and rubs me faster. I moan so wildly that it sounded like one continuous moan as her fingers and thigh push me over the edge. She follows seconds after my orgasm and collapses on top of me, trembling and moaning into my ear. I relax my head back on the bed and pant for breath. She does the same as both our fingers continue to rub the aftershocks of our orgasms out of our tired bodies. She sighs into my neck as she slumps to the right side of my body and kisses my skin lightly, sending a shiver down my spine. I feel her smile against my neck at the effect she has on me and carefully moves her fingers from my clit, I do the same. We lay in a sweaty, exhausted mess for quite a while and neither of us decides to move. I close my eyes and relish in the feel of her warm body against mine. Thinking she would've moved by now, I try to turn my head to look at her but her face was buried in my neck. She groans softly and snuggles in closer to me, her left hand tucked into her body and her right hand resting lightly on my shoulder and her leg still in between mine. My arm was underneath her body and my hand was on her ass and my other hand on the small of her back. I freeze. She was sleeping...She fell asleep on me. What am I supposed to do? Sneak out? Or should I just lay here? She did say she wanted me to spend the night...though I don't think she meant like this. I have an internal battle with myself until I finally decide to move out from under her. I grab the wrist on my shoulder carefully with two fingers move her arm successfully to her side. I take a deep breath and move the hand on her back to her hip and move so my arm could slide out from under her and she was on her back. I sigh as I see she was still sleeping peacefully. I start to move off the bed but quickly stop when she moans softly. I look at her face and she licks her lips slightly, she was half awake. I wait about another minute to move off the bed and sigh when I do it successfully. I walk over to her drawer and grab some panties and a t-shirt. Noting with a smile that it had Pink Floyd on it. I glance over to her one last time before exiting the room, she had curled up into the ruffled bed sheets with her golden hair spread across the pillow. I smile and bite my lip and walk downstairs. I go into the kitchen and make myself a new glass of water and walk into the living room. I set my glass down after taking a few sips and grab the throw blanket from the couch, yawning in exhaustion. I was just going to take a nap. I wasn't safe to anyone if I fell asleep at the wheel if I drive home now. I lay down on the couch and quickly drift off into sleep.


A loud bang from outside jolts me awake. It sounded like the slam of a car door, but it didn't sound too close. I open my eyes and it takes a second for them to adjust to the darkness. I look at the unfamiliar surroundings then finally remember I was sleeping on my history teacher's couch. I sit up and find my phone on the table. I click the home button, 10:47. I had slept almost 5 hours. I groan and rub the sleep from my eyes.


I turn my head to see Kelly standing on the stairs with a confused look on her face in the cutest pair of matching Mickey mouse tank top and shorts. I give her the best smile I could at almost 11:00 at night.


I say, my voice hoarse with sleep. She tilts her head to the side.

"I thought you left when I didn't...why are you sleeping on the couch?"

She says curiously, finally putting the last 5 hours together. I look down at the couch briefly before looking back up to her.

"Umm, I didn't know if you wanted me to stay in the bed with you or not, so I decided to take a small nap before I drove home but ended up becoming a five-hour nap...Sorry, you probably want me out-I'll go grab my clothes."

I stand up and grab my phone.

"No. It's okay. I meant what I said at the school. You can spend the night."

She says quickly. I look at her and bite my lip. She catches onto my wariness.

"You don't have to, though. No pressure."

She says to reassure me. I really didn't want to drive home, I was still tired and my head was all clouded with sleepiness. As if on Que, I yawn and shiver slightly. I smile lightly.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend the night."

I sit back down on the couch and I hear her let out a small chuckle.

"Uh-uh, you're not sleeping on the couch. My bed is open to you- but I do have a spare bed if you would rather not sleep with me."

I smile sweetly at her and stand up and walk to the stairs.

"Your bed sounds nice."

I say simply, giving her my answer. She smiles back.


She turns and walks up the stairs with me following behind her. She slides into bed first and I slide in on the opposite side. It was awkward for a few minutes before she turned her body to face mine.

"Do you..."

She clears her throat.

"Do you cuddle?"

I turn my body to her and smile.


I say with a chuckle. She bites her lip.

"I just...I haven't slept that good in a while and it's because cuddling has always helped...anyways, we don't-"

I interrupt her with a smirk.

"Would you like to cuddle with me, Kelly?"

She smiles and lets out a small grateful sigh. She wordlessly scoots closer to me and drapes her arm across my waist and moves her leg between my own. Since she was taller her chin rested comfortably on top of my head. I scoot closer until our ankles are locked together and my forehead is resting against her shoulder. She lets out a content sigh and I smile.

"Is this okay?"

I ask softly, my hot breath washing over her chest. I hold back a laugh as I see goosebumps erupt across her skin.

"This is good...thank you, Emily."

She says with genuine meaning. I sigh as I feel the pull of sleep overcoming me.

"Mmhmm, no problem."

I say vaguely. She giggles and I relax into her body. Just as I am about to fall asleep I hear her whisper 'goodnight'.


I groan as I start to wake up. I was having such a great dream about my history teacher. I could feel the heat radiating between my legs as I recall the dream. I was at school and Kelly had met me in the classroom. She had suddenly stripped off all of her clothes and was only clad in what I knew as a strap on. She pinned me over her desk and shafted me hard and rough with the dildo, bringing me to a wonderful orgasm. It was oddly extremely arousing. Which is why I had woken up. I shift and realize a warm pair of arms are wrapped around my waist. I pull back slightly and smile as I am met with the lovely face of Kelly. I smile and take off my shirt as I come up with a devious plan. I lean forward once my shirt is off and press my lips lightly against hers. She doesn't stir and I move my lips to her neck. She moans softly and wraps her arms tighter around me. I smile and move my leg against her crotch. She starts to wake up and I move my lips to her chest.


I whisper softly as I pull down her tank top just enough to show one breast. She groans and opens her eyes as I wrap my lips around her nipple. She looks down with a furrowed brow.

"Emily...what are you doing?"

I smile and lean back up to kiss her softly.

"I had a really good dream."

I kiss her jaw and she moans with a smirk.

"Oh really?"

A smirk of my own spreads across my lips and I nip at the skin on the top of her breast. She gasps softly.

"Mmhmm. A really, really good dream."

I mumble against her skin as I pull down the other side of her tank top, revealing her other breast. She grabs her tank top and pulls it over her head. I drop my head back down and take her nipple into my mouth again and swirl my tongue around the sensitive nub of flesh. She gasps and arches her back.

"What about?"

She breathes hotly. I look up and give her a quick kiss before dropping my head to flick the opposite nipple. She moans and bites her lip. I pause to answer her and push her tank top up her body and she helps me take off the clothing. I flick the same nipple and she moans again.


I suck lightly on her nipple before gently grazing my teeth across the nub of flesh. She gasps loudly and, dare I say, whimpers. I grin up at her.

"In the classroom..."

I see the corners of her mouth turn up into a pleased smirk before sucking on her other breast.

"With a sizable strap-on..."

She gasps softly. That caught her attention, not that I didn't already have it. She cups my cheek with one hand and leads my eyes up to her wide, surprised ones.

"You dreamed of me...wearing a...strap on?"

I blush and shrug shyly.

"I-It just popped into my dream got me really hot from knowing how you could take me with such a thing. Really, fuck me. Ya know?"

I say softly and even a little innocently. I didn't think it was possible for her eyes to go darker but damn, do they go darker. She smiles slightly.

"Uh, yeah. I know what you mean."

I smile back then kiss her lightly on the lips.

"So...what do you think?"

She licks her lips slowly which makes me wetter. Her eyes fall down to my breasts as she answers me.

"As amazing as that're just not ready for my strap on, Hon."

I pull back with my jaw dropped and my eyebrows raised. Why did she think I wasn't ready?

"Are you serious? You don't think I'm ready?"

She smiles sweetly and moves her hands up and down my back.

"Don't take it the wrong way, Em. I would love nothing more than to take you with my strap on..."

She trails off and bites her lip and glances down at my breasts.

"...but I want to go just a little slower with you."

She says as her eyes connect back with mine. I clench my jaw in anger.

"You did it with your other students, but you won't do it with me. Why? You don't think I'm experienced enough? Right?"

I push off of her angrily, planning to grab my shirt and walk out, but she wraps her arms around my waist, keeping me locked against her.

"No, no, no. That is definitely not what I meant. God, not even close, Em. You're the most experienced girl I have ever met. I meant you are different. So yeah, I want to take things slower with you."

I settle back on top of her and furrow my brow. Okay, I was not expecting that. I let a small smile spread on my lips.

"Okay, that...that makes sense."

She smiles back and kisses me lightly.

"I do have something we can use, though..."

I raise an eyebrow at her and she smiles mischievously. She rolls us over and presses me back into the bed with a hard kiss. I moan and kiss her back. She blindly reaches over to her nightstand and opens the drawer. She pulls back and grabs what she was looking for as I kiss her jaw.

"Will this work for you?"

I turn my head to her hand and bite my lip as I see her holding a 4-inch vibrator, I know my eyes were lighting up with excitement. She smiles at my reaction and kisses my cheek.

"It's no strap on, but I promise..."

She kisses my earlobe and flicks the arch of my ear with her tongue. I shiver and moan softly.

"I will make you cum so hard with this."

She whispers hotly against my ear. My breath catches and she moves her free hand and cups one of my breasts. I moan and arch my back into her hand. She smiles and nips at my earlobe. I move my hands to cup her face and shift so I can kiss her lightly.


I breathe out. I kiss her lightly again and she smiles. She kisses me harder and I moan. I move my hands to her shoulders and drag my nails down her back. She moans and sets the vibrator next to our bodies. She rests on her forearms next to my head. She moves her leg so her body is completely in between my legs. I move my hands down to her ass and receive an appreciative moan after squeezing her ass roughly. She pulls her legs up until her thighs are pressed against my own. She grinds down, pressing her pantie covered pussy against mine. I let out a moan and open my eyes. She looks down at me and bites her lip hard. She leans all of her weight on her left arm and moves a hand to my breast. She palms my breast roughly as she grinds down on me again. My breath catches and I push out a whimper. She smiles and moves her hand lower.

"So your dream made you all hot, huh?"

She says with a smirk. I nod my head as I feel her fingers tickle under my breast.

"Why don't you move your hand lower and see for yourself?"

I say with a small smile. She smirks and quickly moves her hand lower.

"Smart ass."

She says huskily against my lips. I smile.

"You love my ass."

She smiles back with a soft chuckle, her fingers tracing the top of my panties.

"Your ass is amazing."

She agrees in a whisper against my lips. I smile briefly before pressing my lips firmly against hers. She moans and slides her hands into my panties. We both moan as her fingers touch my slick folds. I whimper and try to press harder into her hand. She runs her fingers up and down my slit, skillfully avoiding my clit as my hips grind up to find the certain sweet friction. I dig my fingers into her ass and grunt in frustration. Her lips turn up into a smirk against mine. She breaks the kiss and sits back on her heels. I bite my lip, my breathing heavy from the kiss and her teasing. She grabs my panties and pulls them down my legs, moaning quietly at the sight of my wet pussy. I part my legs for her. She looks up at my face with an effort and moves up my body. She kisses me softly then moves her mouth to my ear.

"I can either lay on your side and suck those beautiful nipples of yours or..."

She says huskily into my ear. I moan and shiver.


I say with a small lick across my lips after she waits to respond. She smirks and kisses my neck.

"Or...I can move down between those stunning creamy thighs and suck on your little clit."

My breathing hitches at her dirty words and I feel my clit start to throb at the thought of her warm soft lips around my clit. I gulp and answer her quickly.

"Uh, d-down...please go down."

She smirks and kisses my breast. I moan and spread my legs as far apart as I can, silently begging for her to touch me. She moves her lips down my stomach and stops just above my pussy. I lick my lips in anticipation and wait for her to touch me. She lightly, oh so lightly, kisses my pussy lips. I moan softly and manage to stay patient and not buck my hips. She hums in respect and runs her tongue up my slit. I moan louder. She moves her arms under my thighs and up my side's. I shiver and buck my hips up to her teasing mouth. I hear a hum coming from my right side and I open my eyes. A vibration makes contact with my nipple and I arch my back with gasp.

"Oh, Kelly..."

I breathe out. She moans and moves the tip of the vibrator down my stomach, goosebumps rise on my skin. She pulls her mouth away from my pussy and brings the hand holding the vibrator out from under my thigh and presses it lightly against my pussy lips. I moan and look down at her. She licks her lips and smirks. She watches me closely as she pushes the vibrator into my entrance. My eyes flutter closed and a moan tears from my throat. She smiles smugly and kisses my thigh. Once the vibrator is at least an inch inside of me, she stops. I open my eyes and look down at her, my chest heaving with deep breaths. She looks up at me and licks her lips. She slowly lowers her mouth down to my clit and wraps her lips firmly around the sensitive bud. I moan loudly and arch my back, my hands come up and grip the pillow underneath my head. She pushes the vibrator deeper into me, all the way up to the hilt. I groan and buck my hips up to her face. I could feel my orgasm quickly rising with her lips sucking at my clit and her hand pushing the vibrator deep into me, only to pull out and do it again. I gasp for and grind against her face. She moans and raises herself up to her knees. The new position allows her to thrust faster into me. My eyes roll back in my head and a groan makes its way past my lips as I feel my orgasm rushing down on me. My hips thrust with each of her own thrusts, furiously trying to meet each stroke. My hands fly down to the bed sheets under me, my nails clawing at the satin fabric.

"Don't stop...please, don't stop Kelly."

I pant out, ending with a whimper. She releases her lips from the iron grip on my clit and looks up at me. My walls start to contract around her fingers and she kisses my thigh.

"Scream for me Emily. I want to hear you scream my name."

Her words make me gasp and arch my back even higher. Her lips re-attach themselves to my clit and I am pushed over the edge. My body tenses and shakes as my orgasm rocks my body, her lips and vibrator working magic on my pussy. My scream is stuck in my throat but after she moves her free hand to my ass and her nails bite into my flesh, my scream has no problem coming out of me. It was feral, animalistic and lustful. It was something I never thought would be able to come from myself. She growls in response and continues to pleasure me. That growl tells me she wasn't thinking of stopping just yet. My legs tremble and I feel another orgasm being coaxed from me. I let out a strangled high-pitched moan move my hand from the bed up to the headboard. My nails dig into the wood and I moan loudly. My second orgasm crashes down on me when she peeks out her tongue from those luscious lips and starts to flick the tip of her tongue over my clit. By this point, I had no more screaming left in me and I simply let out a defeated whimper. She releases my clit and lifts her head to watch me come down from my high. I suck in deep breaths and collapses against the bed, totally and utterly fucked. She had slowed down her thrusts and turned off the vibrator. I swallow hard and try to even my breathing. She gently pulls out the vibrator and a soft moan escapes my lips at the loss. She sets the vibrator down next to us and moves up my body. She kisses my chest softly then works her way up my neck.

"You look absolutely stunning when you cum and scream for me, Emily."

She pulls back and looks at me. I look back into her blue eyes. I let out an exhausted sigh and smile softly.

"That...was...amazing but... so damn exhausting."

She lets out a laugh and rolls me onto my side and scoots in behind me. I relax back into her body and she hesitantly wraps her arm around my waist. My eyes close and I feel myself drifting off into sleep.


I say softly. She nuzzles her face into my neck and a shiver goes down my spine.

"Goodnight Emily."


I feel movement underneath me and I start to wake up. My eyes flutter open and I raise my head. I look down at the warm body I was laying half on top of. Kelly. I had an arm draped across her stomach and my legs wrapped around one of her own. I sigh and lay my head back down on her shoulder. I stay in a state of sleepiness as I lay with her. I had put back on my panties throughout the night from the fear of waking up and grinding against the woman next to me. I suddenly feel her hand move up and down my back. I groan softly and pull her in tighter. She relaxes into my hug but then we both remember who the other was and we pull back. I clear my throat and roll over onto my back.

"Good morning."

I say hoarsely. She grabs the comforter and pulls it up around her shoulders.


She says grumpily. I smile.

"You're not a morning person, are you?"

She opens one eye and raises an eyebrow, her eyes glancing to the smile on my face. The look makes heat start to grow between my legs.

"You are?"

I smile.

"Not usually."

She groans and closes her eyes again, she buries her face into the pillow. I smile and slide closer to her.

"I know how to make you a morning person..."

I whisper to her as I press my body against hers. She doesn't move but just scoffs in disbelief.

"Yeah, good luck with that."

I lick my lips and press them lightly to her exposed neck. She shivers and I move a hand to her hip. I roll her over so she is on her back and kiss her neck again. I move on top of her with one of my legs between hers. I run my hands under her sides and she moans. I lean down and take her nipple into my mouth, cupping the soft mound in my hand. She moans and arches up to my mouth. I suck on her nipple softly then switch to her other breast. She moans louder.


I nip my teeth into her nipple and she moves a hand to my shoulder.

"Mmm, yessss."

She drawls out as I tug on her nipple with my teeth. She arches her back higher and her grip on my shoulder tightens.

"Oh god..."

I release her nipple and kiss my way down her stomach. I lick my lips as I reach her pussy and immediately dive in. She pants and moans loudly as I tease my tongue around her clit.

"More. Emily. Fuck, give me more."

She growls out. I moan and suck her clit, hard. Her legs tremble at the intense pleasure, her hands flying down to my head to hold me to her pussy. I moan and decide to give her a hot, quick orgasm this morning. I raise two fingers up to her pussy and thrust them inside of her. She moans in surprise and her hips jump of the bed before being forced down by my free hand. She squirms under my hold, but I hold her down tight. Her back arches and her toes curl, her walls clenching tight around my fingers. I open my eyes to watch her cum. One hand moves to my hand on her hip and grips my hand tightly while her other hand tangles in my hair. I slow my sucking, eventually coming to a stop as her hips twitch in her aftershocks. I pull away as her fingers drop from my hair. She opens her eyes as I slide my fingers from her pussy. She moans and looks down to me. I take my fingers into my mouth and moan at the taste of her. She always tasted so damn good. I slide my hand out of her grip and make my way back up her body, her eyes trained on my chest. I dip my head down and suck her earlobe lightly, she moans.

"You taste amazing Ms. Harper."

I husk into her ear, unknowingly saying her formal name. She smiles and runs her hands up and down my back. I moan softly.

"You're not trying to play school in the bedroom, are you Emily?"

She says into my ear. I blush and pull back to look at her.

"I-I didn't....I just..."

I stumble. Obviously mentioning her formal name in the bedroom was wrong even if it was unintentional. She slides her hands into the panties and grabs my ass, making me gasp and push out the words I was trying to say.

"Kelly, I didn't mean to..."

I trail off as she gives me a smirk.

"Say it again."

I draw my eyebrows together in confusion. Her hands move up and around to my front to cup and squeeze my breasts. I moan and close my eyes as her fingers toy with my hard nipples.

"Moan it, Emily."

She tugs lightly on my nipples and I simply do as she asked.

"Ms. Harper."

I arch my back, pressing my breasts into her touch. She leans her head up and ghosts her lips across my neck. I moan and sit back then climb off the bed. She shoots me a confused look. I smile and sway my hips enticingly. She relaxes back into the bed and watches me undress. I teasingly slide my thumbs into the panties and pulls down on the right side. Her breathe hitches and she licks her lips. I pull the cloth back up over the recently exposed skin. She groans and furrows her brow in annoyance, her eyes find mine.

"Take them off."

I smirk. She was so damn demanding. Her stare burrows into me when she doesn't see me move.

"Oh, really? What are you gonna do about it if I don't?"

I say with a teasing smile. She narrows her eyes at me and tilts her head to the side, accepting my silent challenge of control.

"Don't test me Emily. Take off those damn panties."

I push down the left side of the panties to tease her and smile victoriously as she bites her lip.

"Make me."

I whisper quietly and seductively, snapping the clothing back up. Her suddenly dark, dark blue eyes snap up to mine from where they had wondered to my breasts. My knees nearly buckle at her stare. My confident posture and smile completely out the window. I gulp and shift on my feet. She gets off the bed and walks over to me. Her hand grabs the waistband of the panties and she pulls me roughly against her, eliciting a gasp from me. She moans softly as her naked body presses against mine, her lips barely an inch away from mine.

"Is this what you want? You want me to force you?"

She growls. I whimper, the low level of her voice was arousing by itself. I stare at her luscious lips and lick my own. My arousal completely ruining the panties I had put on. Before I can respond she jerks the panties, making our hips clash together.


She presses again. I moan quietly and look into those dark blue fucking eyes.

"I said make me, didn't I?"

I say to her with sass. That was the last straw for her. She crashes our lips together, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth to teases my own tongue. I moan deeply and her hands move to my ass and squeeze hard. I whimper and her hands pull up, still cupping my ass, and I raise up to my tip-toes with a strangled moan. Her fingers dig mercilessly into my ass, making me whimper. She moans and breaks the kiss. Her hands come up to grip my hips, I had rested back to the flat of my feet, and she twirls us around so my back was facing the bed. She turns me around and pushes me forward, making me squeal in surprise as my front flops over onto the bed. She quickly stands behind my bent form over the bed. Her hands grips the panties and roughly pull them down my legs. I kick them away and she spreads my legs wider. Her hand comes up to cup my mound from behind and I whimper. She moans and presses her core against my ass.

"You're so wet Emily."

She leans over me and kisses my shoulders and back. I arch my back in pleasure and move my hand back to pull her tighter into me. She grabs my hand and slams it down on the bed back above my head.

"Keep your hands there."

I groan in frustration but then she moves her fingers and I groan for a whole different reason. Her fingers rub my clit lightly and I buck against her hand for more friction. I bite back the words that were trying to force their way out. She kisses my neck softly. I push back against her with a cry of desperation.

"Please, I want you so bad. Please."

I finally beg. She groans and nips at my earlobe, making me gasp.

"Please, what?"

She says seductively. I quickly comply.

"Please, Ms. Harper. Fuck me-Ah! Yes! God yes, yes, yes."

I scream and arch my back. I feel her smile against my skin as she plunges her fingers in me faster. I grip the bed sheets in my fists and let out a whimpering moan.

"Fuck! Shit! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

I cry out. She fingers me harder, her knuckles pressing firmly against my pussy lips. I moan and feel myself nearing the edge. Suddenly she stands up straight and reaches underneath me from my front and rubs my clit. I jump in surprise on contact but quickly groan.

"F-Fuck! Oh yes! Ms. Harper, don't stop! I'm gonna cum! Yessss!"

My legs tremble as my orgasm crashes down on me; hard. My pussy tightens around her still thrusting fingers and my clit pulses under her relentless fingers. I let out a small squeal and pull on the sheets as my back arches. She doesn't stop and I'm thrown abruptly into another orgasm. I let out a strangled moan and my legs simply can't keep me up anymore. I rest most of my weight on the bed and she holds my bottom half up when she finally removes her fingers from my clit, her other fingers stopping inside of me. I pant hard for breath and moan softly. I came twice. She brought me to two orgasms. I swallow hard.

"Holy shit."

I pant out. Her hot breath washes over my slick back as she chuckles lightly, making goosebumps erupt across my skin. I open my eyes and raise my head to find that I had pulled off the bed sheet from one corner as she gently pulls out of me, making me shiver slightly. I blush and try to stand up on my own.

"Oh, crap. I pulled the sheet off."

We look at the sheet that had rolled off of one corner of the bed. She laughs and nods her head.

"I see that. Impressive."

I blush harder and bite my lip. Suddenly my stomach growls in hunger. I realize I hadn't eaten since the car ride here when I managed to snag a couple of cereal bars. How I hadn't gotten hungry is a mystery. She smiles and walks to the bathroom.

"If you want, I can make us some breakfast?"

I hesitate. Was this getting more personal than it should?

"I-I don't know. Maybe I should go?"

I say tentatively. She turns to me after putting on a black silk robe. It looked so hot on her. It ended mid thigh and fell apart near her chest, her cleavage obviously shown. I unconsciously bite my lip and she smiles.

"You obviously can leave whenever you want, but you can also stay, I'm offering. Plus, I don't have anything going on until later tonight and I'd like to get to know you better. I'm not completely ice cold."

She jokes with a smile. I smile back and shrug.

"Okay. I have to leave around 11 though. I have work."

She smiles and puts her hands behind her back, rocking briefly back on her heels in amusement. .

"Oh, right. Like you did the first time?"

I blush and turn to find the panties I had kicked away.

"This time it's real. I work until 5 pm. I'm not excited about it."

I pick up the panties I had on. She goes to the drawer and grabs another pair of panties and hands them to me.

"Here, you can wear these and I'll wash the other ones. Why aren't you excited about it?"

She asks as she takes the ruined pair of panties. I slide them on as I answer her.

"Well the restaurant is so busy on Saturday afternoons and I'm always moving and sometimes I mess up orders. I don't have the best memory. Can I burrow a shirt ?"

She smiles and grabs a t-shirt from the dresser.

"Yeah. I get that. I don't have the best memory either."

I pull the shirt onto my body and she starts to walk downstairs. I clear my throat with a smile.

"Do I not get pants ?"

She turns and bites her lip with a smile.

"Oh. I just...I'll get you some pants."

She starts to walk to her dresser again, but I stop her.

"No, no. It's okay. What were you planning on making me?"

I ask as I start to walk downstairs. I hear a smile behind her words as she follows me.

"I was thinking breakfast burritos because I can't cook."

I glance behind me with surprised wide eyes as we reach the kitchen.

"You can't cook?"

She shakes her head and opens the freezer door. I shut the freezer door and kiss her on the lips.

"I guess I'm making breakfast then."

She raises her eyebrows and I open the refrigerator door, bending down and pressing my ass out into the air.

"Really? I mean, you don't have to-"

I grab the eggs as I turn to her.

"Do you like your eggs scrambled? That's the only thing I know how to make with eggs."

I smile and grab the milk also. She smiles and nods her head.

"Yeah, eggs are great."

I smile and shut the door. I turn and walk to the stove, setting down all of my ingredients. She helps me find the other instruments and ingredients and I start to cook.


"So when will I see you again?-outside of school."

She smiles hesitantly. I was about to leave to go home after our breakfast, dressed in my clothes from yesterday. It was pleasant. We oddly never ran out of things to talk about and she learned a lot about me. That I was an only child, I hate Chinese food, I love pizza and cheeseburgers and I have a passion for history and everything else along those lines. I didn't get to ask her any questions, though. I smile back.

"I was thinking Monday? Here, after school?"

She smiles and nods her head.

"That sounds good. Umm, thank you for...everything, I guess."

I take a step towards her and look up into her eyes with a smug smile.

"No, thank you, Kelly, for everything."

I lean up and kiss her lightly then harder when I moan at the feel of her soft lips against my own. She moans softly and sucks my bottom lip into her mouth. I groan quietly as she bites my lip softly. She moves a hand behind my neck and kisses me deeper, plunging her tongue into my mouth. I let out a whimper and grab her hips and press her body against mine. She groans and moves us so I am pressed against the wall. I gasp softly and kiss her harder. She pulls away and kisses down my neck. I moan but gently push her away. I pant and smile as she does the same. She bites her lip and looks down my body, her heavy breathing noticeable as I let my own eyes linger to her chest.

"You're so sexy. Are you sure you have to go to work? I can make it worth your while."

She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. I smile.

"I'm sorry. I have to go. I will definitely continue this on Monday though."

I kiss her lightly and smile. She smiles back and I turn and walk out the door. She grabs my hips and pulls me back against her. I gasp as my ass presses firmly against her thin covered crotch. I can tell she holds back a moan.

"To be continued..."

She says hotly into my ear. I shiver and gulp. Her hands move down to my ass. She squeezes roughly then pushes me towards the door with a small smack on the ass, making me stumble slightly. She smirks and leans against the wall. I clear my throat and throw a glare at her over my shoulder. She chuckles softly and I walk out the door with a smile on my face. I walk to my car and start to drive to my house. I can't help but notice the excited butterflies that start to form in my stomach for Monday.

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