Dirty Doctor, Naughty Ashley

Dirty Doctor, Naughty Ashley

Dirty Doctor, Naughty Ashley.

Hello, The character’s name is Ashley. She is 18years old.
Description: Dark blonde hair, long
Big breasts, 36D
Tall, long legs
Round ass, smackable
A bald tight cunt
Lovely pink sensitive nipples with perfect sized areolas
Chapter 1

I am a horny girl; Always had many boyfriends, Had sex very often and enjoyed oral. Both giving and receiving.

I was popular in my school for my 'slut' image and my hot boyfriends.
I wanted to join the Cheerleading team of my last year. The rules were strict; I had to have a body exam ever 60-90days to make sure my cheerleading wasn't affecting me in anyway.

Before joining the team, The captain sent me to the gynac to have an exam to see if I was healthy and only then could I join the team.
I went to the gynac’s office, Not sure if I was being sent to Dr. Mrs. Nichole or Dr. Smith.

My mother told me that she'd take me for the exam but I refused.. I drove and owned a car and there is no need for my mother to take me to the doctor.

I went on the given time for my appointment taken by my captain, Linda.
I reached in time for my examination. I had worn flat flip-flops, A half cupped denim bra, A white razorback top, Hot pink mini shorts and a blue G-string.

I was called into room No. 2
When I entered, there was Dr. Smith, waiting for me. He looked very charming, He must be 28 years old, had light brown soft hair, big eyes, Fit physique, tall, Around 5”11. Big player, everyone knew that. I had even heard stories that he does his hot patients quite often and that they all enjoyed it. I used to masturbate sometimes thinking of a doctor fucking my cunt raw and treating me like his whore patient.

“Good afternoon Ashley” Dr. Smith greeted me into the room. It was a huge white room with a massive bed, a couch and a desk. The bed had the leg supporters on the side to get the pelvic exam done. I was finding it a bit awkward and was pretty turned on that a male doctor would examine me.

“Good afternoon Dr.” I greeted him back. He asked me to take a seat on the couch as he was holding my report. “So you were sent here by Linda? Need to get into the cheerleading team?” He winked at me. “Yes, I needed a full body exam to make sure I am fit, and to keep a record.”

“So you will be coming every 60-90days to make sure everything is right?” He had a big smile. “Yes doctor.” I replied back. “Well well, this is your first exam, Hmm... lets waste no time, You are the last patient I have for the day. Shall we?” I nodded. He asked me to remove my clothes and to slip on a robe. The robe was short and very transparent. He then asked me to weigh myself on the machine. He opened the door, it was a little weird for me to roam around in the clinic's corridor practically naked, I followed him to the machine and his receptionist/secretary weighed me.

As we walked back into the room, Dr.Smith ordered me to get rid of my robe and lay on the bed naked, with my legs spread. The way he spoke itself turned me on… I laid naked on the bed, My legs spread wide kept on the stands attached on the bed. He sat on a chair, wore gloves and took the stethoscope. Placing his one hand on my inner thigh, he put the stethoscope close to my pussy, 'Omg, maybe my imagination might just come true today' was the tough that flashed my mind. He kept it on my bald pussy and asked me to contract my pussy walls. I did just as he asked. “All's good from the outside..” He winked and brought some lube, not that I needed it by how turned on I was at the moment and applied some in my pussy lips. Removing his glove he put 2 fingers into my pussy, I moaned a little, hoping he wouldn’t notice ‘I so want him to do me’ I thought...

“So Ashley, If I am not mistaken you are sexually active and are on the pill” he read from my chart. I nodded. He pushed 3 fingers deep in and his thumb was on my clit… “Yehahhh ahhh” I let out an other moan. Suddenly I could feel his tongue licking my pussy.. Yeah he was 100% going to do me and I was pretty damn happy about it.

“I hope you don’t mind Ashley” He said and went back into my pussy “You look so wet and tempting and pink and glistened, you taste amazing… so young and yum. I have to thank Linda for you,” And he got wilder and was eating my pussy hard.. My hips buckled upwards and he pushed me down on the bed and kept eating me out, licking and sucking my clit and pushing his tongue into my hole. I was getting too horny and I knew I was about to come, hard. “Ohhh yeah Dr.Smith.. OHHHH MYYY, You are AMAZING, Ahh Yeahhh Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhha hhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I'm cuming ahh yeah” I was dripping wet, smearing all my juiced all over his face, Dr.Smith lapped every last drop.

“I am going to examine you to while we are having this wonderful time” he said to me, “Need to give Linda the reports after all” he smirked me and came and squashed my left boob in his hand. “Those are huge and looking very tempting” he said and started to pinch my boobs and fiddle with my nipples. He squashed them as hard as he could... took his stethoscope and examined them. “All's good with the two little dolls” he said and smacked my boobs and next his faced buried in them. Biting my nipples sucking them bad “God, I wish there was milk coming out of them.. It would taste as good if not better than your cunt juices. Ahhh” and he went back to biting and suckling my nipples and side by side squashing my boobs hard.. “DR. SMITH, Ahhhh yeahhh. Oh pleasee they are too sensitive, please!”
“Oh are they? Well then better enjoy it babe I am going to chew your hard pink nipples off” He said

“The moment you walked in, I had a major hard-on.. how I want to fuck your tight little pussy, ass and mouth so bad.. I have the whole day, As I said you are the last.. Linda loves keeping the hot babes for last, so I can have fun with them. Why don’t you call your home and say there is a que and the doc is running late eh?” “I've always wanted to be used badly by a hot doctor and you just fit the role to well.. don’t worry, my mom wont bother. You have the whole day to fuck me hard. Make me your bitch doctor!”

He had a sparkle in his eye, “Wait a min..” he went to his desk and put the cam on and came back to me.. “I'm going to record us for the record. And you have no say in it you little whore, I am going to fuck your brains out and make your holes so raw and you will love every min of it. Then, and only then will I call Linda and give her the green signal. You and I are going to have some fun missy”
“OH YES DR.SMITH” I moaned out.
I got my legs up from the supporters “Hold it there, Let your pussy remain open babe” he kissed my lips, His slid his tongue in my mouth, I could feel him licking my tongue, sucking it and kissing me at the same time and I could taste myself on him!

He unbuckled himself from his pants, letting them pool around his legs removed his shirt and slipped on his coat back on, he looked like quite a site. And to add a touch of authority, he put his stethoscope around his neck. He pulled out his cock, erect and touching his bellybutton..
He was hung like a horse, fat and huge and properly manscaped down there. His balls hung low, looked quite tight. Guess he hasn’t banged any of his patients in a while. Lucky me.

He stroked his hard cock, and I could see a drop of pre-come ooze from his slit. God, I wanted to wrap my lips around his dick and beg him to fuck my throat.

“Shove 3 fingers deep into your pussy Ashley,” he said and continued to stroke himself.
I followed his command, his tone was to strong and powerful, I was soo horny, I’d do anything this man said.

Jamming 3 fingers deep, I moaned out load.. “Now pinch those nipples for the camera, show me what a slut you want to be for me Ashley” he said.. I followed his commands like a lapdog.
“Dr.Smith, please…” I moaned and kept pinching my nipples and fingering my cunt.

Sliding over me, he murmured in my ear... “You want this cock inside you? Want me to bang you hard Ashley?” I moaned out loud and thrusted my hips upwards.. “Fuck me Dr.Smith. Please.”

He bit my earlobe and slid down, taking my nipple between his teeth and gave it a hard pull.. “Please” I moaned…
He straddled me, and slid further up to my chest and positioned his cock near my mouth “Open. Suck.” He commanded, I did just as he told me to.
He shoved his cock down my mouth into my throat, “I am going to fuck your face first, Slut.” He said and rammed in, fucking my mouth... gagging me with neat thrusts.
“Yeah slut, fuck my cock with that mouth of your, yes.. just like that” I was gagging on his cock and he was enjoying himself.
I could taste his precum. He tasted good..
He suddenly pulled out and rolled me over and got me up to my hand and knees, “I need to ram my cock inside that twat of yours, you little slut.” Dr.Smith announced and in a single thrust, in full force he rammed his cock to the hilt inside my pussy.
“SO TIGHT! Yeah baby!” he moaned out load, “Oh God doctor, you are huge!!” I yelled out in pleasure.
Doctor Smith fucked me hard and rough for about twenty minutes, during with he kept his pace of hard jabbing thrusts, he kept pinching my clit and nipples… whenever he would shove his cock in, I would contract my pussy walls to milk him.. I had a feeling he enjoyed that by the way he was moaning. He was loving ramming his cock inside my tight little cunt.. “I am going to come doc, yess.. don’t stop. Fuck me… Oh yes please” I was blabbering, he then began to pull my hair and smack my bottom. “Come on my cock babe, yes.. fuck” he yelled as I came hard! I was in cloud nine, a hard fuck is a great fuck.
He suddenly pulled out and came all over my ass “Fuck, whore.. Yes!! Ahh” he came, then he slowly began to massage his come inside my arse hole, “This next, let me just recover a bit” he said and bit my shoulder “Till then, get down and lick me.”
I slid down the bed and got between his knees and began licking him from root to base and took his balls into my mouth.. “Oh fuck, Ashley. Yes.”
He moaned out.. and began pulling my hair and pumping his cock into my mouth.. “That’s a good girl. Just like that.. hmmmm”
Soon, he was hard and ready for round two again…
“Up on the bed, I need to prep your ass for my cock, whore.”

I hopped on, and he squirted some lube onto my pucker and started making way for his fingers to fit. “SO fucking tight babe! I am going to fuck you raw” He had 2 fingers deep in, opening me up for his cock. “YES!” he moaned “I am going to fuck your ass so hard Ashley, You will not be able to sit” “Oh God, Mr.Smith. Please” I moaned out
He rolled on a condom now and slowly started making his way inside, “Push out” he said and slowly the ring gave way and he was in, I could feel his balls on my clit now “Hmmmmmm” we both moaned.
He slowly began to move, He was smacking my ass hard now “God, look at the site, my cock sliding into your tight ass, Ashley. I need to record this view” he said and pulled out to hold the cam in his hand. He came back and in a single hard thrust he was inside me again. He began fucking me in earnest. “FUCK. Yes babe.” God, he was stretching me so good. It hurt and felt good at the same time.
“Doc, yes.. ugrmmmmm!!”
He started rubbing and pinching my clit, “I’m close already! Your ass is milking me, bitch!” He was thrusting hard and long “COME!” He ordered and I came, He rode out my orgasm and then pulled out, ripped the condom off and flipped me over. Holding me cam to my face, his one fist was pulling and tugging his cock. “Open that mouth! Stick your tongue out, Ash” he said and I did as he asked.. “YES!” He pumped a few times and shot his load into my mouth.. “Swallow my come for the cam Ash!” and I swallowed his come. I was a hot and sweaty mess.

“That was quite a fuck Ashley. You have great stamina to keep up. I will be calling Linda up and giving you a green sign. And thanking her of course.” He said while he was still pinching my nipples… “You have magnificent boobs, I want to suckle them and drink your milk!” He said looking deep into my eyes, I was so relaxed after coming so hard… I was foating somewhere. I nodded “If its possible, I’ll do it for you, Mr.Smith. I would love for you to drink from me. To make use of my boobs”
“It’s the 21st century. Everything is possible.” He bit my nipples, relishing them.
He got up and told me to dress while he did the same.
“You are my little fucktoy, Ashley” Dr. Smith said and kissed me straight on the mouth “I am going to write you a few pills for the changes I want to incur in you.”
He wrote me a few pills for my boobs, so they always stay super tender and sensitive which would help for the milk. For me to always be horny which would help for my boobs to always be full! And a hormonal one, for the milk. And scheduled my appointment for 3 months later and till then, my milk would flow and I’d be fully ready. “Next time I see you, these babies will be milking and till then you will fuck anything that has a penis, or not too because of how horny this will drive you” He laughed. “Take the pills from my receptionist.”

He removed the cd of us and kept it in my file to work on it so the next time we have a grander fuck session. He called Linda up and thanked her for me and told her to get me on the cheering team. “Linda, She is going to make the jocks so happy in the new few weeks after the pills I gave her start working. Get her a tight cheering outfit, she is going to grow some melons!”
“No no, the pills won’t harm her, just some changes will occur” he said while he slapped my boobs!


I was thrilled as one of my fantasies had come true, I had sex with a fucking hot doctor and he was going to do me again and again and I was his toy! & I got into the cheering team.

Chapter 2

The medicines Dr. Smith gave me were for enlarging my boobs, were keeping me super horny all this so that I start producing milk in my boobs. Some sort of hormonal pills.

I was on the team, the captain had given me the tightest outfit I could fit into. When I cheered, jocks would ogle because either my boobs would be jumping out or my ass or cunt was on full display.
After 6 weeks, My boobs were growing fast, I already needed a bigger size bra and a new costume top.
Gage, one of the jocks… my regular sex buddy was having the time of his life. I was always horny... We would fuck anywhere and everywhere like wild minks! I was always dripping wet and always had a raw cunt because of the hard fucking. My boobs were forever sore nowadays and my nipples were bitten bad. Thank god no one was fucking my up the ass, I would be walking around funny and sitting funny too then.

Gage was reaping all the benefits, 24x7 sex and soon 2 months after my appointment I was producing milk, so every 2 days they would fill up to the hilt and Gage would drink it up, or one of his buddies would.
I was on could nine, having wild sex, was in the cheerleading time and was now producing milk for my fuck partners. I couldn’t wait to go back to Dr.Smith and let him use me like the whore toy that I am.


Three months had passes, I was enjoying my time on the cheering squad and the time I spend fucking all of the jocks. They loved my milk. I was like a sex machine. The pills just made it worse

Today was my appointment. Wearing no panties and no bra.. Just a short sundress, I went to Dr.Smith's office.
Once again I was the last patient. I walked into the changing room, Hung my dress there and walked naked into the doctor’s office. I didn't bother putting on the robe. Why waste one when he was going to rip it out anyways. I knocked on his door and walked in.
Dr.Smith had a huge grin on his face "There comes my lovely fuck toy, My darling treat." and he grabbed me closer to him and started pressing my boobs. "I see the pills have done wonders, I wanted milk to come out of these babies the last time you were here and well.. I am a magician." He scooped up my breast and began to suck on my nipple. "OMG Ashley, Hasn't anyone had any? Its so full" He was shocked.
"The guys I fuck love drinking it, But I've stored it since 3 days for you. I want the magician to enjoy his creation." I moaned.. “I am soo full doc, I am in pain. Please drink me up.. Please” I moaned and rubbed his hard dick through his pants. I said as he was enjoying the milk from my boobs.
Pressing my nipple with his teeth as he sucked on it, His hand massaging my breasts and squeezing them till they hurt even more, drinking from me.. All this was getting me very horny. I could see his camera already on. He really loves filming his toys, a good memento for him.
His hand traveled down to my bald cunt and he spread me open, “Hmmm… You are so swollen! God, You must be having multiple orgasms because of how horny and sensitive you are” “Oh god yes, I go off like a rocket!!” I moaned as he started pinching and playing with my clit with he was drinking from my boobs!

He went and got a ruler and some tape and began spanking my cunt which he had kept open by some tape.. “I am going to beat your clit raw… so you cum as many times as possible” he said and kept smacking me until I was cuming like there is no tomorrow..

After milking my boobs dry and pushed me on his couch and spread my legs open. Seeing my bald pussy's wetness and open.. "Ah, Always horny.” He exclaimed as he smelt my aroma and began to lick his way into my pussy. OMG his warm tongue inside my cunt worming around, digging deeper and deeper almost made me climax. He then got off me. I could see his penis very erect under his pants. "Let's release the pressure Doctor" I said as I un-zipped his fly and slid down his pants and boxers. I removed his shirt and lab coat and pushed him on the couch and went down on my knees. Kissing and licking his penis, taking his balls in my mouth and licking them.. I loved his musky scent and taste. I slowly started to play with his balls while sucking his penis. Tasting his pre-cum made me moan louder.
“Come closer Doc, I was to try something” I said as he slid further down the couch.. I slowly began licking his puckered hole… kissing and licking him down there.. “OH FUCK YES ASHLEY!” His hips jerked up, He shoved my face deeper into his lap! “Yes you whore, do it right!” I began putting my tongue into his hole.. “Ummmmm” I moaned.. I loved how worked up I was getting him playing with his puckered hole! “That’s enough!! Up! Before I blow my load!” He commanded.. I slid up, taking his cock into my mouth
His hands fondling over my breasts and pulls my hair, Mr.Smith was deep throating me soon.. I had him even harder. He got me off my knees and pushes me up against the wall and in a matter of seconds he was ramming his thick swollen cock inside my tight wet cunt. OMG this was amazing, the rush of adrenaline surged through my body!
He fucking me against the wall, My one leg in the air as he rammed his cock deeper inside me. “I am going to fuck you, you bad girl! You won’t even be able to walk out of this clinic straight!” In and Out. In and Out. WOW. He kept fucking me hard and fast. I swear I blacked out in the middle. My boobs in his mouth. His free hand playing with my clit while he fucked me bad and hard.

"OMG, Yea yea yea Dr.Smith. Just like that" I was moaning as he fucked me nicely. He was then smacking my ass.. “I am going to fuck you hard and long Ashley! I hope you’ve told everyone home you have a long evening out!”
We were on the floor now, I was on my hands and knees, His hands on my boobs and dick deep in my cunt and he was fucking me with all his might. “Omg DOC! Please.. yes…. Omg.. stop…. Agrh! YES!”I was blabbering and soon I was coming HARD. I was milking and clamping around his cock. “Yes Ashley, clamp that cock around me! Milk me dry you slutkitten!”
He shot loads of cum deep inside my pussy. I was having multiple orgasms.

After my cunt was nicely used up, It was dripping with his cum and my juices. He then went on to my anus.
Smearing our mixed juices on my anus, he was putting his fingers inside.
OMG, How he teased it. He spread all the cum and juices over it.. two fingers deep inside trying to gap my butt a little for him. I was nicely lubed up and now slowly he got up and walked get the cam, I was still on my knees waiting for him. He got a butt plug and the cam and positioned himself, started pushing his cock inside my butt hole. OH MY GOD the pain was maddening but the pleasure was wow. It was like getting fucking in a tight cunt by a HUGE cock. Oh My. He slowly made his way in. Once in, He started pumping his cock in and out, “Deeper.. Harder and Faster.” Dr.Smith fucked me like crazy man. “SO TIGHT, Ashley! Your ass is so hot!”He said while caressing and spanking it simultaneously. “I want you to come every month for a check up, I’ll speak to Linda, Once in three months is too little.” He said while fucking me so good!!
“I need to drink from my tittywhore, every week!” he yelled while fucking me and pinched my clit, I went off like a bomb and he shot a load of cum deep in and to keep it in, He put a butt plug for me, shoving it hard inside me.

"I better check you up now Ashley, Linda sends me girls to fuck but I must also see that my pills doesn't affect their cheering. Your boobs are massive now. Time for you to stop the pills for a while. Only continue the milk one. I love how you taste." He then checked me up, Fingered me while doing so. Played with my boobs... While checking my pussy, He again got down to dirty business and ate my cunt raw. Omg it was hurting by now..
“Lets call Linda, and give her the progress report shall we?” He looked down while I was on my knees sucking him
“Hmm” I nodded
"Linda, well.. How are the jocks playing with Ashley keeping them entertained?” He laughed.. “I knew it, a good fuck everyday will keep them playing well” They spoke some more, “I want her in every week Linda, for me to feed.. Her milk is perfect.” Dr. Smith said while he pushed me further down his dick.. “I am stopping her pills, except the milk ones, Any larger her boobs get it won’t be good.. plus we don’t want her parents getting in on matters.” He said while thrusting upwards gagging me.. “And once a month, last Sunday a check-up.. I need to fuck those holes of hers as often as I can.. I have the rest of the weekends booked by other students you see..” he slapped my face when I stopped sucking, and came up to take some air.

“Next time you need a fundraiser, use her.. She’s my darling whoretoy.” He said while pinching my nipples now. I moaned.. loving his talk to my captain about making her use me.

“We’ll have a get together soon, you me a few collogues of mine and Ashley as the special guest. Her holes actually as our special guest.” He was going to come soon, I knew it.. “Anyways, Ashley is busy on her knees now… haha.. well her mouth was made for dick Linda honey. I can’t thank you enough for her” he said and hung up and began to thrust in earnests.
He soon came in my mouth, next thing I knew, He didn’t let go.. “We’ve been at this since 4-5hours Ashley. I need to pee..” He look at my face, staring into my eyes as if willing me to dare him.. I had never tried that, It was very dirty. I began shaking my head NO.. He slapped my face.. “Aren’t you my toy Ashley? If you may be so kind to keep sucking.. I need to use your mouth” I knew it wasn’t a request but a command.
I kept sucking, soon an acidy warm fluid filled my mouth “Swallow every last drop my love” he said and kept peeing, I swallowed all of his pee “Lick my cock clean” and licked his cock clean. “That’s my whore, atta girl.” He said, gently touching my cheeks in a loving manner.

He pulled me up, and made me sit beside him,
“I'll have the whole day free on Sunday when we next meet. I will plan for an insane time. Meet outside and the obviously come here by the end for your check-up.. and as you heard, I might invite Linda and my fellow doctor to join in the fun with us at different times of the day, More the merrier.." He wasn't asking me. He was telling me. Great. A 3/4-way or maybe more.

After our wonderful fuck and check-up, Doctor removed the plug from my ass and all the cum was oozing down my legs, “Don’t dirty my floors with all the cum flowing down your legs.. scoop some and drink it for me, Slut.” Mr. Smith said and I did just as he asked. It was weird, but I was no one to talk back, I was falling for this man, who claimed my body. As I walked into the changing room. The reception saw me and winked at me. I had almost spent 5 hours inside at Dr. Smith's room. She was watching some of doctor's patient fuck video. She was enjoying her life. I got dressed and walking back into his room to bid him a goodbye and tell him I'll be waiting for our amazing 3-way next time. I waked into the room. He was dressed already, Just his fly open and penis out. He was shagging while watching our last time's fuck video. OMG.. My boobs were so small there as compared. "Have fun with me while I'm gone Doctor oh… and thank you."

"You are amazing. I seriously owe Linda a huge one for you." He said while shagging away to glory.

"Oh, I need some milk. Do you mind asking the receptionist to remove a bottle of milk from your boobs for me and keep it for me? All that sex must have refilled your boobs.. or can I drink some now" He winked

I walked close to him and pulled down my dress.. "I think my nipples are too raw, you will bite them off.. I'll fill you a bottle now though" he was pinching them.. “Yes, I see.. well.. that’s fine..” He said while he kept shagging, I could hear me moaning from the video and blushed.. "Ok darling" he said as I walked out. I walked to the reception. Dr.Smith had already paged her. She was standing with a pump and a bottle ready to collect the milk by the time I reached her desk. "Looks like the doctor loves having his sessions with you. You will be here again in 7days I'm told" she said and she attached the pumps to both my nipples after applying some cream for my nipples seeing how bruised they were and it started to suck the milk out fast.. Wow, can’t believe they filled up.
It was amazing.. I was getting wet down there already. AGAIN. I moaned and looked away from the receptionist, feeling the heat rise to my face. I then felt cold fingers inside my wet cunt.. "Its ok, I can help you. Plus it will make the process faster" Said the receptionist as she fucked my cunt with 3 fingers. She was soon trying to put her 4th finger in.. “He has opened you up today, must have banged you hard” then she pushed her full fist in, by how much and how long I had fucked Dr. Smith I was pretty open at the moment and her fist slid deep in.. “My” She said and kept fisting me.. My cunt was making sloppy wet noises.. I was embarrassed and blushing.. “And you are blushing after what happened in there?” She laughed and fisted me harder. “I see all the videos, that’s my kink, seeing. You have one hell of a cunt, and those melons!” She licked her lips and kept fisting..!

I came hard and fast all over her fist.. she was still playing with my clit, it was torture now.. and by now two bottles were full.. "The doctor is going to love this. Why don’t you go in and hand it out to him. He will love the sight of those amazing swollen pumped puffed nipples of yours," She said holding the two bottles up. “And have a hot bathtub shower for the numb pussy and ass. It works wonders and ice for these” she said pinching my nipples HARD.

I walked into his room dress still down, boobs and nipples exposed "There you go." I handed him 2 bottles... "What a site" He said looking at my swollen puffed nipples. "I need to bite ‘em" He got up.. Came closer.. lifted my dress.. Rubbing his erect penis against my numb stretched cunt and he began to chew and suck my nipples.."Ah, Ashley. Delightful, looks like my reception got her hands down here.. Fisted you I presume?" He moaned as he ate me and grinned against my pussy. “One last fuck babe,” and he slid right home.. Fucked me hard and fast till we both came and I saw stars.
“Milk, in 7 days.. we will fuck soon in a month. I will have you penned in every Sunday. I am a growing man.. I need A LOT OF MILK.”
I left after a while for home and Yes, I did have the hot bath.. With Gage.. He fucked me raw.. It hurt to even walk… guess no practice for me tomorrow, Linda would understand.


If you guys want more of this story, I am open to suggestions! Write in the comment box, what you want next and if it clicks with me I will write more for you all.


Sorry in advance for the few spelling mistakes


If you’ve read this story somewhere else [xham]. It is mine.
Do not duplicate it on other sites. Only I will be posting them around.

All rights reserved by the author.
Thank you. x

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Bi Bi 2 - The holiday

After several Saturdays of being with Ron and Becky I had become accustomed to enjoying being pegged by Ron. Sue, my wife, enjoyed the attentions of both of them. So much so that we all got our heads together to plan a holiday. The holiday idea came about when Sue and Becky found they holidays were at the same time. I suspect they planned it. So Ron and I organised our holidays to mesh with them. We planned two weeks away at a beach resort. Actually, again Sue and Becky did the planning. Ron and I just agreed. The hotel was...


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I’ve never been a very social person. I was never one of the people who were invited to all the loud parties. I’m more like the guy who lives across the street from those people and wishes they would keep it down. I do, however, get the urge to wander late at night, and sometimes I join a party just to have something to do. It was a Thursday, Friday if we wanted to be technical, since it was after midnight. I was walking through a neighborhood near my dorm room. The only light was provided by streetlights and the half-moon...


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Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 2: Leann's Sells Futa Pies

Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale Chapter Two: Leann's Sells Futa Pies By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Leann Winthrop's Week, Saturday “There you go, cutie,” purred Skylar, one of the futa-janitors. Her blonde pigtails spilled down her youthful face. I gasped as she gave my naked ass a squeeze. My futa-dick throbbed as I remembered the day before when Ji-Min and I had satiated the futa-janitors with our bodies. They'd taken my pussy's cherry while I'd sucked their cocks and took them in my cunt and asshole. In the end, Ji-Min and I were dripping with cum. And the...


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Mowing Mr Lewis_(0)

I never saw myself as the type of girl who was pretty, a girl who turned heads and got boys attention. I guess you could say I was a tomboy, hiding my feminine nature. That's why when Mr Lewis started showing interest, I was simply in a dream. It all started one Spring. Mr Lewis was my neighbour and I mowed his lawn for him, considering his old age . He would always thank me with a chat and an ice-cold glass of iced tea. One day I'd finished mowing his lawn, my parents were away for the weekend so I...


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Earth: Tentacle Breeding Ground - Chapter 8

Alarms blared, amber lights flashed, and the Brightdark’s hull shook madly as the ship plummeted towards the Earth. The overwhelming butterflies in Sarah’s stomach made her tense-up and clench her jaw, desperately trying not to pass-out from the g-forces slamming into her. Black smoke could be seen billowing past the windows, briefly blocking the view to offer a short reprieve from the sight of the solid ground that was rapidly approaching. Sarah, Adam, Zoey, and Steven all held onto the edges of their seats, doing their best to remain stationary. A’luhr was still at the front of the ship, connected to...


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My Konstantine & Me - "Hi."

So here I am again, lost in thought, shutting everyone out. It’s one of those moods that creeps in so slowly, like a nite of champagne, a single candle, and a playlist that could make a flip-of-the-wrist at a rainbow parade want to slit his wrists. Initially, you think you are just in the mood for champagne, just cause it tastes so sweet and it is the choice beverage of toasts at times of celebration, so how could it be gloomy. And of course the candle symbolizes a sense of romance, passion and even peaceful self-preserving meditation. And of course the...


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