Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt 5

Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt 5

A few days after her breeding with D, he called and set up an appointment to bring his dog back to be bred again. Due to her busy schedule, Stephanie set the time for just after she closed up normal operations. Stephanie was excited, as this would be her first time with a woman.

About an hour after she officially closed, there was a knock at the office door. She could barely contain her excitement as she opened the door for D, his wife, and their dog.

"Hello, I'm Stephanie, I run the kennels and facilitate the breedings," she said, offering her hand.

"I'm Janice," replied D's wife. "D says you run a very professional operation here. So, why the after hours meeting?" She asked, somewhat skeptically.

As Stephanie led the bitch out to the kennel, she explained how the business, and the need for occasional after hours appointments. She also took in the view of Janice. At 5'10", with dark chocolate skin, she was a statuesque ebony knockout. She had a full round ass, hefty D cup tits, and a slim waist that gave her a perfect hourglass shape. Stephanie could just imagine those strong dog legs wrapped around her little waist. She was wearing a tight T shirt, that showed just a little bit of a smooth black stomach, and a skirt that came down to her mid thigh, revealing long, smooth dark legs. Her hair was pulled back in a wavy pony tail, that hung between her shoulder blades.

Stephanie turned their dog in with the same dog from the last time. "And this is where the magic happens," she quipped as the dogs moved to smell each other. Within minutes, the large male was beginning to mount their bitch. Janice was watching intently as the dogs bred, and Stephanie couldn't help but notice Janice's nipples getting hard as she watched. Soon, Janice was licking her lips, and her legs were rubbing together.

"Kinda makes you horny, doesn't it?" Stephanie asked, seeing Janice's obvious arousal.

"I... I don't know what you mean," she stammered.

"I'm not judging. Besides, it's obvious," Stephanie said, moving closer. "It gets to me too. Seeing their raw power. Gets a girl wet."

As she said this she delicately swept a lock of stray hair behind Janice's ear, noticing the slight shudder as she made contact with her smooth dark skin. "Besides, we have some time till they're done. We could... take care of some things while we wait." Leaning in, Stephanie kissed Janice's lips, delighting in the silky smoothness of her full lips. Janice softly kissed her back at first, then began kissing her more fervently.

Stephanie took Janice by the hand and led her back into her apartment. In the apartment, they wrapped each other in their arms and began making out in earnest, exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. They broke their kiss only long enough to peel each other's shirts off, and Stephanie gasped at the perfect ebony globes that were revealed to her. They were easily a C cup, but seemed to defy gravity, as they were unrestrained under Janice's shirt. Her areolae were a chocolate brown, and here large drawn up nipples looked like Hershey Kisses, and were begging to be sucked.

Janice moaned as Stephanie kissed her way down her neck, nibbling here and there, relishing the goosebumps that raised in response. When she latched on to Janice's nipple, Janice was in heaven! She had experimented with a girl or two in high school and college, but they lacked the experience to really make it worth while. Stephanie on the other hand, had learned from a lesbian friend how to push a girl's buttons. As she sucked on Janice's hard nub, she would lightly bite down, eliciting moans of delight from this ebony goddess.

Stephanie backed Janice over to the couch, and guided her down as Janice's knees buckled. With one free hand, Stephanie kneaded and massaged the other tit, tweaking and pinching the nipple. Her other hand found its way between Janice's quickly parting thighs and up her skirt. As she rubbed the clit through the thin satin panties, Janice was bucking her hips, and moaning loudly. She then slid the panties to the side, and slowly inserted her middle finger into her dripping cunt, feeling Janice's walls tighten on the invading digit.

"Mmm... Somebody's really wet," Stephanie mused, slipping her finger out of Janice's dripping snatch. Looking straight into Janice's eyes, Stephanie put her finger in her mouth and sucked the juices off of it. "Hmm. I haven't eaten pussy in a while, but you taste better than I remember. Would you like this little white girl to eat your black pussy?"

"God, yes! Eat me! I need to cum so bad!" Janice cried, as she started pushing her skirt and panties off.

Stephanie grabbed the skirt and underwear from Janice's hands and pulled them the rest of the way off. Once she was completely denuded, Stephanie pushed her legs apart, and was awarded with the sight of a clean shaven, Nubian pussy. Her lips were swollen, with her clit clearly poking out of its hood. She leaned in and inhaled Janice's musky scent, and slowly licked from her brown eye to the top of her gash, steering around it, and teasing her by licking over her puffy labia instead.

"Please, stop teasing me! Make me cum! If D comes in, he'll kill me!"

"Beg me," Stephanie answered, still licking around Janice's wanting cunt.

"God! Make me cum! I want you to suck my clit, ram your fingers in me! I don't care, just make me fucking cum!" Janice screamed.

With that, Stephanie locked her lips around Janice's swollen bud and roughly shoved three fingers in Janice's pussy. As she sucked and bit and licked at Janice's clitoris, she roughly finger fucked her dripping cunt with total abandon. Janice was a writhing, moaning mess, bucking her hips back against Stephanie's pistoning hand.

"God! So good! Harder! Deeper! Eat my cunt, bitch! Fu-uuck!" Janice cried in ecstasy.

Happy to oblige, Stephanie added her thumb and pinky to the other fingers, stretching Janice's pussy, and hammering it into at a ridiculous pace. Janice was practically screaming in ecstasy, when suddenly her pussy opened, allowing Stephanie's whole fist to penetrate her canal. The sudden fisting pushed Janice over the final ledge, and she came with a force she didn't think possible. Her pussy muscles clamped around Stephanie's wrist, locking her fist deep in Janice's womb.

"Cumming!" Janice screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She fell back on the couch, almost in a fugue as the orgasm rolled over her.

"What the fuck, Janice?!" D shouted from the apartment doorway, in feigned surprise.

"D! Oh my god! It's not what," but D cut her off.

"Not what it looks like my ass! This bitch is wrist deep in your pussy, and your screaming like a fucking porn star! What is it supposed to look like?"

"Sir, I can explain," Stephanie started. "We were talking and watching the dogs breed, and well, she got very aroused." As Stephanie finished her sentence she sheepishly pulls her hand out of

"So your telling me, my wife gets turned on by dog fucking?"

"No!" Janice shouted

"I just offered to 'help'," Stephanie offered.

"Please, baby. Don't listen to this..this slut! She seduced me! You know I wouldn't do anything like this on my own!" Janice pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"You know what,"said D, "I think I can fix this right now." Then he turned and walked out of the apartment.

Janice started breaking down. "You fucking whore!" she screamed at Stephanie. "He was the love of my life! And you fucking tricked me into throwing it all away!"

"Janice, I think it will be ok. He's in shock. Who could be mad at their hot wife being with another woman?"

Janice was about to charge Stephanie, when the apartment door flew open. D was standing there with one of the kennels big breeders. "If dogs fucking turns you on, dog fucking is what you'll get," D said to his wife. "And since you seem to like dark meat," he said to Stephanie," I'm gonna put mine up that tight little ass of yours."

Stephanie and Janice sat there stunned, fake and real respectively. Stephanie couldn't wait to see the large fawn beast pound away at that tight black pussy. Nor could she wait to get that large black cock back inside her. Sensing his window, D led the mastiff across the room to his wife. He spun her around and pushed her down onto her knees with her arms on the couch, and turned the dog loose. She knelt there terrified as the big dog started sniffing at her arousal, then started licking her.

She was in complete shock. As the dog lapped at her cunt, she was didn't know how to feel. The long, broad tongue sliding between her nether lips felt amazing. Far better than any human tongue she had experienced, but as she got more turned on, the more degraded, and self loathing she felt. How could something that felt so good be so wrong?

"D," she moaned.

"Bitch, you gonna take all that dog. And you gonna watch as I fuck this pasty bitch here," he replied. "Now, cunt. Take the rest of those clothes off, and start warming up this nigger dick."

Janice could only lay there and moan, in pleasure and in terror, as she watched the woman who seduced her peel off her trousers and underwear, then kneel in front of her husband. As she saw D's massive tool come out of his pants, Janice started to stand. She was gonna tell him this had gone far enough, but then the dog dumped on her back.

"D!" she screamed. "Get him off!"

Grabbing a fistful of Stephanie's hair, he glanced over his shoulder, "That's your job. You get him off, and maybe I'll forget this whole thing." He turned back to Stephanie, "Open up." When she opened her mouth, he shoved his cock down her throat.

Janice was struggling under the weight of the dog that mounted her. As he humped at her, she could feel him miss his mark. Several times she felt his prick hit a pussy lip, and her body screamed for it to just fuck her, while her mind screamed for it to stop. As she watched D feed half of his impressive tool to Stephanie, she was shocked that between watching them, and the dog mounting her, there was a constant stream of pussy juice running down her thighs. How, why, she wondered, could her body respond this way? Just then, she felt the tip of the dog's spear find home. Feeling the hot wet target around the tip of his cock, the dog began hammering his substantial cock deep in Janice's pussy.

"Aaahhh!" she screamed. "It's fucking me! This dog is... oh God... oh.. fuck..." she trailed off. As her body began to betray her further, she was lost in her own building orgasm. She started thinking about this massive pink tool buried between her black pussy lips.

As Janice began to moan uncontrollably, D had Stephanie move onto the couch in front of Janice. She was completely oblivious to the movement right in front of her, so D grabbed her hair and pulled he face up so she could see him.

"Janice, you are going to lick her asshole, and get it good and ready to fuck, understand?"

"Yes, D," she moaned.

"Ain't no more D, bitch. From now on it's Master."

Janice looked at D with eyes totally glazed over in lust as she moaned out "Yes Master", and let the furious pounding from the mastiff drive her tongue into Stephanie's puckered backdoor. D stood over Stephanie, feeding her his cock. She was drooling all over his massive tool, getting it good and lubed for her ass. She was using her free hand to finger her dripping cunt and frig her clit.

"Mm... god... cumming..." Janice moaned into Stephanie's ass. She started bucking back against the dog impaling herself on the knot swelling at her pussy lips.

"That's it, slut! Take that knot!" D shouted!

"Uh.. so big.." Janice moaned as the dog continued to pound it into her.

"You took my fist, Janice. Surely you can take this too," Stephanie coaxed.

Just then, the dog drove his knot home, and Janice's eyes rolled up to the whites. Janice was a moaning, incoherent mess as the dog slowed his thrusts.

"So... full..." she moaned, rocking herself back onto the dog's cock.

"I'll show you full," D replied, and shoved Stephanie's head to the floor, and sunk his long, black shaft in her ass. Stephanie screamed in pain and pleasure as his dick sank to the hilt in one thrust. Janice watched, helpless, as her husband started to hammer Stephanie's ass mercilessly.

Janice was torn: she wanted to be pissed that her husband sicced a dog in her to fuck her, and was now fucking some woman right in front of her. But watching Stephanie writhe on D's cock as he violated her ass, while the swelling knot pushed into her g-spot had her frothing at the mouth. Far from being a prude, but not as experimental as her husband would have liked, she felt something trip in her mind. Somewhere in her subconscious, that craven side of her emerged, and took over. Seeing the contrast of black cock pushing into her white ass, the sound of his heavy balls slapping those pink pussy lips, was driving her insane with lust.

"Fuck her, Master," she urged. "Make that little white girl your bitch. God... pussy is so full... Make her cum like I did," she begged him, reaching back to rub her pussy. Deep in her pussy, she could feel her canine master's knot throb, and then the white hot spray of his seed flooding her womb.

"He's cumming!" she screamed, relishing the hot spray, and the building pressure of the dog sperm building in her cunt. She frigged her clit, faster and faster, until she came again, her stretched hole clamping down around the knot, trying to draw it deeper into her well.

Seeing Janice's orgasm, and hearing her screams sent Stephanie over the edge. Soon she was a writhing, bawling mess, as her ass came around D's cock.

"That's, right, slut. Cum all over this nigga dick," D said, grabbing a handful of Stephanie's hair, and yanking her back so far that her hands were no longer on the ground. The sudden pain of being jerked back, and held up by her hair was exhilarating, and fed into her orgasm. As she was held up, D started slamming his cock home, and with a final grunt, started spewing his load deep in Stephanie's ass, her spasming bowel milking the seed from his withering cock.

After what felt like an eternity to Janice, the dog's knot receded, and he jumped off her, his knot pulling out of her pussy with a pop. A river of dog semen and pussy juice ran out her cunt. D pulled his spent cock out of Stephanie's ass. "Go clean up my bitch's cunt," he ordered, and Stephanie crawled over to Janice, and started licking the dog cum out of her cunt. "I think this white cunt could use some attention, too," D suggested, and the girls moved into a 69 position, so Stephanie could drink the cum running out of Janice's chocolatey lips. Soon they were writhing and moaning into each other's cunts, as they brought themselves to orgasm yet again.
D got dressed and led the dog back to the kennel while the girls bathed in the afterglow of their orgasms. Janice was still stunned. She and D had always had a good sex life, but she had never felt so used, but at the same time, it turned her on. Being talked to like that should have hurt, but she was craving more of it. And being relegated to a fuck toy for a dog while she watched him fuck some skinny white tramp? She loved it. Suddenly, she felt herself wanting be used. D was a good fuck, but after being taken so authoritively, that's what she now needed. Didn't matter who, what, or where, as long as D would provide it, she would accept it. He said to call him Master, and she would. s

Stephanie on the other hand, was coming around to the idea that she was now a prostitute. Just another whore willing to do whatever with whomever for the money. No, that wasn't right. She figured if the circumstances were different, she could have ended up as a sex hungry nympho, giving it up freely. Currently, she had a job where she was paid to get laid, and occasionally, her boss would have her "service" a client or their dog, and it paid handsomely. Better than the job she got fired from.

As the girls got dressed, D came in with a grin on his face. "I got some friends whose dogs could use a good bitch to breed. And they all got big nigger dicks like mine, and they love some white cunt and ass."

"When, Master?" Janice asked.

"Tomorrow night."

"How much?" Stephanie asked.

"What do you normally charge?"

Stephanie's head was spinning. She knew when Bob came to her after the initial "incident", and then the first time she was actually paid for sex, things were moving quickly. But this was like being strapped to front of a jumbo jet.

"$5000," she said, trying to be as confident as possible. "Of course, that is assuming, what 4, maybe 5 friends, and if I am fucking their dogs as well."

Janice couldn't believe her ears. Stephanie was a hooker? Was she paid to seduce her, too?

Seeing the look of dawning revelation on Janice's face, she quickly said to her, "Yes, your husband paid for all this. But you enjoyed it. I did too, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it either. So, how's that sound, D?"

"Sounds fair enough," he replied. "Here's the address. Be there at 8, and don't where anything, uh, complicated. C'mon Janice, we gotta go get my new sex you something sexy for the party."

With that, he led Janice out to the kennel to pick up their dog, jumped in their car, and took off. As Stephanie watched them leave, she couldn't help but wonder what she has gotten herself into.

Thank you Readers who've waited with baited breath for the next installment of Stephanie's story. Sorry I've made you wait so damn long, but deployments are a real bitch. To the hundreds of thousands of readers who've helped keep this series (As well as Jack and Jessie) on the beasty top rated list, thank you. Feel free to comment, and be mindful, that like all my other tales, this is typed on an iPhone, so I may have missed a word or two, or had auto correct play crazy games. All flames will probably be ignored... Morg

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