A slut's tale...the introduction

A slut's tale...the introduction

Please read first….I am a 38 nypho, bitch, slut, who loves to fuck. I have been advised by my therapist that I need to channel my urges by some other means besides spreading my legs. These stories, which I hope you will enjoy…are real. (My cunt is begging to be touched, something tells me I will writing naked.) Most of my stories will not be this long. If you are just looking for the sex part so you can get off, do a word search for the word BREASTFEEDING. However I hope you will take the time to read my back story as it is intended it to give you better understanding of who this slut is. I’m sure you will be turned on too (and maybe even cum!)


Hi, my name is Debbie and I am a nypho. [This is the part where you say, “HI Debbie”…think of AA but for sluts.] It has been two months since I have been fucked by a cock other then my husband’s. I confess, I celebrated on New Year’s with my best friend and her husband, but that doesn’t count as they are my closest and dearest friends. It has been two months since any “stranger” cock has fucked me. I love to fuck and to be fucked. I love to cum, and I love cum. I squirt. I can fuck all day and all night. I love pussy and tits and the feel that only a women can give. I have picked up guys at the food store and I have had random sex with other milfs. I have made 10am hookups through Craigslist and then meet another Craigslist hookup for lunch. Some days I crave cock and other days I want pussy. I love them both equally, and I have been this way college. I am not ashamed to say that I am slut. I am 38, sandy blonde hair, blue/green eyes. 5’7, 130ish pounds, nice round 36c tits. I have been married for twelve years to a super sweet husband and have two young school age kids. And yes he knows!


My husband and I are opposites in almost everyway imaginable, especially when it comes to sex. Despite the fact that he can’t satisfy me, I love him so much. To be fair, no one man can truly satisfy me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband’s seven inch cock. I would say that of the men I have been with, three out of five men are smaller. Maybe even four out of five men. However girls…in addition to the length, it’s his girth…yum! It might not be mega porn-girth material, certainly I have seen skinner cocks on the screen, but trust me it feels so nice sliding in and out of my cunt. Very few men, especially white men, are as round as him. There is nothing like a hard, heavy cock resting in your hands before you glide it inside you waiting pussy. I love the heat of it as I jerk it. Trust me, I can suck cock down to their balls, but I just can’t take all of him.

As I said before, we are opposites…sexually. I can fuck all day, he can’t. When he gets all wound up in work, sex is the last thing on his mind. Me? When I used to work, I had a fuck buddy, car, closet, hotel room, wherever. Now in the mornings I often masturbate in front him while he’s getting dressed, yet he just watches. Sometimes if he had a hard day at work or if the laptop is out at night, and I get real fucking hot and horny and in desperate need of a good lay, nothing. Now you have to understand…he doesn’t fuck me, he ‘makes love to me’. I hate those words, I feel like vomiting every time I think about the words. But having sex with the man I love is good and I enjoy it, but it is not fucking. He touches me with his fingers and licks me till I cum. Then he “loves” me till he cums. Sometimes he will get me off a second time, but that is pretty much it. It is good, the thrusting, sweating, pounding, but it is not enough. I need more then that! Even after we’ve had sex, I often finger fuck myself at least once or twice before bed. If I feel I need cock and my vibe doesn’t feel right that night, I sometimes slip across to my neighbors (New Years party couple) for a good night romp.

Again as I said, he knows of my extracurricular activities. When we first met, I was in his frat house having amazing sex with my female college roommate in the middle of a circle-jerk. But that is another story. [I am so fucking horny now] When he proposed, I told him ‘yes’ but that I wouldn’t be monogamous. I wasn’t going to stop fucking other guys because I truly believe that love is love but fucking is pleasure. However, I did make him one promise. I would ONLY love him, and I would never have feelings for any other man. Unless it was a pre-arranged event, I swore I would be home every night. In return he can have sex with anyone he wants, but I have to approve. What does that mean? It means that I have to have sex with her too. I am insanely jealous. The thought of him alone with another whore, bitch, slut is too much for me. He knows that I would probably leave him if he ever cheated on me…but that is another story. Has he fucked other women throughout our marriage? Of course. He is a very good looking man and very confident, and he has no problems picking up co-eds, women, and even married women for us to play with. Many a nights he came home with some hot blonde for us to fuck! On occasion when he had been very sweet to me, I have brought him home a treat or two.

Though sharing women has worked out well for us, the knowledge of who we each fuck doesn’t go both ways. If he really knew how many guys and gals I have fucked over the years, I am sure he would leave me. Now you may think that is unfair, but from my POV…if he needs to fuck someone or just have sex, my twat is always available (another promise I made on our wedding night, I would never say ‘no’ his sexual needs.) I am always in the mood and I really do love sex with him. From my point of view, why should he need to go behind my back? In terms of my needs and wants…he simply can’t get it up enough times or last long enough. Again to be fair, no one man can. One time my best friend, again another story, arranged for 8 guys to use my cunt as a cum-dump. I think only then, after each of them came 3 times, was I satisfied. My motto in life is that toys and fingers are nice…but sometimes you just need a good hard cock to fuck you.


I get myself off all the time. My typical day goes like this. When my hubby’s alarm clock goes off and he goes to the bathroom, I finger-fuck myself. I know he is naked, pissing. Though I am not into golden showers, I love the site of a peeing cock. So as he is peeing and showering, I finish my first. Typically before he gets out of the shower and back into our room, I am well into (or perhaps finished) my second.

I have learned that if I don’t get off twice before breakfast, I am such a bitch to my kids in the morning. I walk my kids to the school bus and I am back home by 8:20. My clothes come off before the door locks and I am watching porn by 8:21…that’s 3 maybe 4 orgasims before my second cup of coffee. I even found a way to sneak my vibe downstairs before breakfast so I don’t have to waste time running up the stairs to get it. If I am simply home all day or just have a errand or two to run, I typically have number 5 before lunch. Of course sometimes I get lucky and find someone to help with number five, six and perhaps seven. (You guys are so easy to pick up it is pathetic).

Around three in the afternoon, I like to get myself off before the kids come home…let’s just say that is number six. Assuming my hubby and I aren’t have sex that night (which is most nights)…I will typically have two more before bed, maybe more. It’s fair to say that I get off at least eight times a day. I once counted thirteen times. Although that particular day I had reached number twelve when I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep so at 12:30am I did it again. Does that count as the same day?


Sexually there isn’t much I won’t do. I don’t like scat nor am I into heavy bondage. I don’t like to be pissed on, but I will do it if you want. I don’t like anal, unless I am really drunk. But I LOVE to strap-one on and fuck a guy. Of course I fuck women to with my strap too (ass and cunt). Fucking people while strapping one on is huge turn on for me. I am not a dominatrix, but I can dominate people if they want. Alert: no man will ever dominate me. I was once in relationship where my girlfriend at the time was close to being dominate…again anther story.


Hopefully are you good and hard or wet (I am, and I came twice already) and I hope you want to fuck me. Trust me, you don’t. When guys say “I love you” or some shit like that. I dump him. If his continues, I threaten to tell his wife. And if he continues to pursue me, I place the call. I have broken up so many marriages, and sometimes I even feel guilty. One time I fucked this guy with this really small dick, I had to call his wife and tell her she can easily find better. [Don’t leave your cell phone out for me to find.]

When I know a guy wants to leave his wife, sometimes in the heat of the moment I force him to call his wife. It is amazing what you guys will do when I have your cock in my mouth. A guy once told his wife on the phone, while I was blowing him and fingering his ass, that she was a bitch and couldn’t suck worth a damn. He proceeded to say that he was going to leave her (which I would have been fine with) until he said that he was going to leave her for me! I was torn between stopping or continuing. On one hand it felt so good that I could control him in such a way, but on the hand…I’m not leaving my hubby! I decided to continue to suck him. I was praying that he would blow his load before he finished his tirade to his bitch wife. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen. When he hung up the phone, I stopped and told him he was asshole. I told him that he if felt that way, then leave the bitch but leave me out of it. He told me that he loved me and that I was the best thing that ever happened to him, etc. etc…bullshit after bullshit. I told to fuck off as I slide my panties up. He stood up with his boner waving in the wind and when he went to slap me, I kicked him in the balls, grabbed my cloths and left.

I am full of such stories. I fucked a neighbor just because his wife was bitch with the sole intention of ensuring that she found out about us. A brief preview of another story…I once was fucking a neighbor and his wife each separately on the side, i.e. they didn’t know the other was cheating. They were cute and seemed like this great couple. I thought it was a shame that we weren’t having 3somes. I figured it would be good for their marriage, right? So I arranged for each to come over about twenty minutes apart. Let’s just say that it did’t go as planned. I felt bad about that divorce.


In my neighborhood there is a secret group of four women who basically fuck each other. We get together on various Friday nights, or over a weekend, and have massive amounts of sex. Sometimes it just the four of us, sometimes we bring others in to play. In our younger days, it was so easy to find a young co-ed looking to explore her wild side. We have brought men who like to be dominated, a sort of sex slave thing..another story perhaps. We have invited a group of hot studs, sometimes four, sometimes ten to fuck us all weekend. We have a few simple rules for those gangbang times…no clothes, car keys are locked up and no one can say ‘no’.

We are all married. Carol’s and Cindi’s husbands don’t know. Wendy’s husband does know. [Wendy and Scot are the New Years couple I mentioned that I fucked.] Wendy and Scot are also my next door neighbor. Their home conveniently sits catty-corner to mine so I can easily run naked through our yards and enter their basement from the back. Out of respect for Carol’s and Cindi’s husbands, Scot doesn’t fuck either of them. He is such a nice guy with a nice long cock. Although he hasn’t told their husbands either.

When I first decided to fuck Scot, it was so hard to get him to go along. One night he was sitting in the study at his desk. Wendy came from behind and bound his hands behind the back of the chair. We swung the chair around, I pulled off my top, undid his zipper and as I started to suck on his big cock…

“No, please stop. What about your husband?” (He actually used my husband’s name. I am not sure why I am keeping it a secret.)

I stood up and stripped off my remaining clothes and playfully reached for the phone behind him, my tits pressed into his face.

I dialed the phone before engulfing his cock. “Go ahead and tell him,” I said eagerly.

“Hey…do you know what Debbie wants to do?” A moment of silence, “Yea Wendy tied me up and Debbie is…” Silence again as I am sure my husband is either saying blowing you or fucking you. “You sure your cool with this?”

I stopped for a second and took the phone, “come over now. Wendy needs a cock in her as she eats me out.” I hung up before he could argue.

He did come over and fucked her good. We were younger then and he did get it up quickly and actually fucked me pretty good as well. I was rather drunk and I let them DP me. My hubby had to work the next day so he left for bed. I stayed and we fucked for another few hours. If you haven’t guessed, Wendy and Scot are my goto fuck pals.

I hope you like what you have read. Are you hard? Wet? Have you cum yet?


When I chat with guys online, I am often asked what is my kinkiest moment? Though there are many, the time that I eat my neighbor’s pussy while she was breastfeeding her baby is probably the best….

About two years after we formed the Fuck Wives Club, Tammy and Joe moved in. They lived on the other side of Wendy and Scot but because the catty-corner lots, I could see inside their house. I’m not a voyeur by nature, but I did once or twice watch them fuck from my window. She was cute, and I instantly thought she would be a great addition to our club, but something like a fuck-club isn’t something someone just knocks on the door and asks, Hey a few of us wives are getting together to fuck some of the lonely husbands in the area all weekend, Wanna join? So I first become Tammy’s friend. Since neither of us worked, her and I started having morning “coffee” together. Tammy was two months pregnant, so it wasn’t coffee, but you get the picture. Despite the fact that I knew Tammy liked to fuck, at first she wasn’t comfortable talking about sex. My attempts to seduce her were slow going and as her pregnancy neared its end, I stopped bringing sex up all together.

A few months after their son was born, Tammy and I started our morning routine agains. This time, she was more open with the sex talk. She shared with me that Joe hadn’t fucked her in almost five months.

“Men, gosh they can be such assholes! Can you believe it, it has been six months.” She said one morning.

“Really? You had Hank almost three months ago.” I sounded concerned.

“I know, he stopped because…” she raised her hands to make quotation marks, “he didn’t want to ‘hurt the baby’…fucker.”

“We can buy you a vibe, I know this great store about fifteen minutes from here.” I offered, despite knowing that she owned one.

She sighed a bit, “I have one, but your right. It’s probably time to pull it out.”

“You mean you haven’t…”

I stopped as Hank started to cry. She picked him up to breastfeed him. Most mornings I have watched Tammy breastfeed him but she had always covered him up with a blanket. Today however she asked, “Do you mind, I washed the blanket and it is still in the dryer.”

It was my turn to blush as the blood went to my cheeks and my pussy, “Please…I breastfeed my kids. Trust me, those aren’t the first I have seen.”

I got a quick glimpse of her nipple before the baby latched on. It was erotic watching and I needed to do something with my hands besides touch myself.

I said without thinking, “I remember how erotic it is to breastfeed.”

She smiled and said with a twinkle in her eye, “Yes it is sure.” I could tell she was thinking of something before saying, “It only magnifies Joe’s lack of effort.”

I needed to do something, my cunt was burning. On hand I was grateful I was wearing jeans, but on the hand…it prevented easy access.

“Has Joe tasted your milk yet?”

“No…did yours?”

I smiled as said, “Of course, milk-sex was great sex. He has confessed to wanting a third child only for the milk sex.”

We both laughed a bit.

My hands were itching to do something so I stood up and moved behind her on the couch. “Here I know how uncomfortable it can be.” I proceeded to massage her neck.

“Oh you have wonderful hands. You should have done when I was pregnant.”

Tammy felt her breast to see if the milk was empty. She unlatched the baby and moved him to the other side. I stood above her, spying on her wet, milky nipple. I so wanted to reach down and touch it. My cunt needed to be touched. The unmistakable milk aroma rose up and I instantly got wet. I was sure my jeans would show the evidence of my arousal. I was going to head to the bathroom to get off when she asked me for a glass of water. I was relived for a moment to move away.

Dirty thoughts raced in and out of my head. With my back turned, I ran a hand over my tits and squeezed one. When I returned with the water, she had covered herself up and I was disappointed. I turned and walk towards my coffee cup when I heard her rise and place the baby in the bassinet.

I turned and found her a few inches from me, wet round spots were forming on her gown. She looked down and giggled, “Oh shit, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Shuss, no need. It is quiet natural.” I took her hand and moved in to kiss her, very slowly.

She stopped me and said, “Wait, I have never done this. What would Joe think?”

“Relax, you’re not my first first. And trust me, Joe is going to fuck you so hard if you tell him.”

Before she could say anything, I stepped in and kissed her neck, massaging her left tit. She let out a moan as I continued. Soon I exposed her right breast and kissed my way down her neck before sucking on her nipple. Her milk exploded into my mouth. I was surprised as to how much was left. I slowly walked her back towards the couch. I could tell she was a bit apprehensive as she sat and I lifted her gown above her hips.

“Relax dear. You need this.” I said as I ran two fingers up and down her panty covered lips.

She bit her lips as the look of lust came into her eyes. “If you’re uncomfortable with anything, just say so.”

I kissed her lips before kissing my way south, her hands rose to rub her tits as I grabbed her panties. She raised her hips allowing me to slip them off. She let out a big moan as I licked her sweet, juicy twat. Whatever fear and intrepidation she had experienced had left as she rocked her hips in rhythm with my tongue. I licked her clit and slipped in two fingers inside.

“You like baby?” I said.

“Oh yea, don’t stop.”

“You wish it was Joe’s hard cock instead?”

“Yea,” she mumbled.

“Say what you want to say.” She opened her eyes for a moment. Over the years I have come to recognize that passionate ‘in the heat of the moment’ look. “It’s OK baby say it.” I said urging her in her slut out.

“I wish it was Joe’s big hard cock fucking my pussy right now.”

“You want me to get your dildo and fuck your cunt right now?”

“Yes please.”

I licked her clit again, slipping in a third finger. “Please what?”

“Please fuck me”

I playfully slapped her pussy lips, “Not good enough baby. What do you want me to fuck?”

“I want you to fuck my pussy. PLEASE” A small orgasim rolled through her as she inhaled. “Fuck my cunt now please”

“That’s better.” I stood up and offered my hands to her. She reached for them and stood up. I kissed her, my lips covered with her pussy juice. She eagerly kissed me. I lifted her gown over her head, letting it drop to the floor.

As I led her upstairs she said, “Wait.” She moved her gorgeous young naked body to the kitchen table and turned on the baby monitor. As she did, I removed my top. When she turned she was surprised.

“Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

When we got to her room, she moved to her closet, and I took off my jeans and wet panties. I was on her bed, rubbing my lips when she returned in shock. I padded my hands on the beds. “Come dear, I’ll take care of you.”

As she laid next to me she said, “I’ve never seen a women touch herself bef…”

I kissed her again before she could finish and then offered her my wet fingers that moments ago had been inside my cunt. She shook her head no.

“No problem. See…whatever you want.” (A sneaky little trick I play to help relax newbies.) I kissed her neck and then her right breast, hoping for another taste of warm milk. I love first-timers, they are so sensitive and wanting. I moved in-between her wide open legs. I turned on the cute pink vibe and slide it in me first. It purred nicely inside. I spotted a look of disappointment on her face. I smiled and winked back and removed it from me only to place it immediately inside her waiting, wet, fuck hole.

She moaned as I slipped it in and started to gently fuck her with it. “Harder” she said. I increased my rate.

“Faster” she responded. I fucked her with the dildo as she commanded.

“Too bad I don’t have my strap.” A look of joy and fear ran across her. “I could stop and run home and get it.”

I started fingering myself and she inhaled and moaned, “Don’t you dare stop…” she stopped before saying it.

“Go on…say it slut. Call me what you wanted to call me.”

“I can’t,” she was breathing insanely fast.

I slapped her thigh, “Say it. You know you want it.”

“Bitch…don’t stop fucking my pussy bitch.”

I pulled the vibe out, “ohhh” She inhaled, “don’t stop fucking my cunt you bitch.”

Her hips rocked as I shoved it back in. A massive orgasim began. I fingered myself as she came in waves. When she was done I laid next to her, I was in heat and needed release. I reached for her hand and moved it towards my spot. She was hesitant at first so I told her to pull away if she wasn’t ready. She didn’t and I moved her hand downward to my juicy cunt. As she fingered me, I reached for the vibe and began to suck on it. Her taste was all over it. I felt her mouth cover my tit which sent me over the edge. She brought me to a full orgasim. She was pretty good it.

When I opened my eyes, she was next me to smiling, she moved to kiss me.

“Should I tell Joe?” she asked.

“Most definitely.” We laughed.

“There is one problem thought?”

“And that is?” I asked.

“He won’t be home till this evening. And I am ready for another right now.”

As I rolled her on her back I smiled and said, “That’s not really a problem.” I then felt her hands guide my head towards her willing cunt.

An hour later we heard Hank crying through the baby monitor. By then we had given each other two more wonderful orgasims, and her tits were full of milk.

“Why don’t you stay and help me with Hank…”

Her cute ass swayed as we walked down the stairs. Naked she picked up her baby and sat down on the couch and proceeded to breastfeed him in the nude.

I asked with a smile, “Have you ever done this before?”

“What? Breastfeed naked staring at another naked women? No.”

We laughed and she spread her legs, her twat was dripping.

“Come here” she said.

I was glad for the invite, but I was about to walk over with or without the invite. I took the open nipple in my mouth. My hubby did this to me a few times so I knew the intense pleasure she was feeling.

“Oh my good.” She stammered, “Touch me now…ohhh”

My fingers found her wet hole and she instantly orgasimed. I was afraid she would crush the baby. Her panting continued as I withdrew my mouth, licking the milk from my lips. My dream was about to come true. I had always wanted my husband to eat my cunt as I fed my babies, but I never broached the subject. In an instant I spread her thighs apart and began to lick her twat.

“No,” she said, “This isn’t right,” but her feeble pleas didn’t stop me. “no, please…oh god, don’t stop.”

She was so fucking wet, I had never tasted a pure ecstasy. If I could have bottled it up, I would be rich. He hips rocked. Between her baby’s sucking and my licking, her orgasim took her to unimaginable heights. She screamed so loud, I was afraid the police would come. How she didn’t hurt the baby, I will never know. It was amazing to be apart of. She begged me to stop, her breathing was so fast.

As I backed away I sat across from her, watching her as she switched the baby to the other side. She watched me finger-fuck myself in silence, lust in her eyes. I was so turned on. I wasn’t done when she put the baby in the baby swing and turned on the TV and motioned me upstairs.

When we reached the top, I tossed her against the wall, moving my hips in-between her legs, grinding my dripping pussy over her knee.

“Wait” she said.

She took my hand and guided me to the bed. She climbed on top of me, our lips met as she reached for the phone and rolled onto her back. She spread legs and put her finger to her puckered lips indicating that I should be quite.

“Honey? You are going to fuck me tonight….no right when you get home.” She pointed to her twat. “Urhh,” she moaned as I licked her. “I’m fucking myself imagining it is your cock. Oh yea baby fuck me good.” She was talking to him but speaking to me. “Lock your door and pull your big hard cock out…”

I reached for her vibe and slipped it in me. No way was was I not getting off.

“I want that baby…” again to him, but directed to me.

I pulled it out of me and placed the tip to her lips. She mouthed the word 'bitch' to me and started to suck it. She was clearly sucking it loudly for effect. “You hear that baby? That me sucking on your pussy soaked cock.”

I guided her free hand to my cunt as I reached down and finger fucked hers.

“You going to fuck me tonight. Yea? Tell me how bad you want it baby….Oh god fuck me Joe, fuck Joe…Shoot your cum in your office just like we used to…Oh yea baby that sounded so nice Ummm, I wish I could taste it right now.”

After a moment, with her hips still rocking, “Get to work so you can come home early. I’m going to finish up here. The baby will be feed and I will be naked and ready. You better be hard when you walk in.”

She hung up the phone and said, “That was so hot…I need you to make me cum.”

I swung my legs over her face keeping my pussy above face. “First is my turn bitch. This time I am not taking no for an answer.”

She smiled and licked her lips...

This is my first attempt at writing. If you liked it, I promise to write the stories I indicated above plus many, many more. How many times did you cum reading this?

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William and Ann Ch. 16

William and Ann Chapter 16 School was starting back up from Winter Break when Natalie told Ann she needed to see her. Ann was now 3 months pregnant and a slight bulge was the only indication that she was bearing a child. It would be difficult to tell a baby was growing inside her, but in the halls of the school, Ann and William walked around like typical high school sweethearts. They held hands, sneaked in kisses when they could, even snuggled out in the parking lot before and after school. It was cute to see this big senior boy so...


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