02] Cold and Wet

02] Cold and Wet

This a true story. Readers are advised not to read if offended by mature/young gay sex.

Cold and Wet.

The Saga of Ajay and Raja.


The two figures huddled, shivering in a corner of the bus stop caught my attention as I got down from the bus. It was late at night, wet and extremely cold, as only a hill station can get. None of the other few passengers, who had been on the bus seemed to notice them and went hurriedly on their way. A closer look revealed two young boys, dressed in what appeared to be school uniform pants and coloured shirts. They were wet through and through and shivering so badly they could barely reply to my questions. The bus that I had arrived on was the last one of the day and would return to the plains only the next morning. When I explained this to the boys they were on the verge of tears.

Feeling sorry for their plight I asked them to come home with me. I could give them a meal, a change of clothes and a warm place to sleep. The brisk walk of a kilometre from the bus stop to my house started to warm them up a bit. We reached my place with very little said as they were still too cold and wet to talk. I gave them towels to dry off and a couple of shirts and lungies to change into. While they were changing I lit a fire in the sitting room fireplace and made some soup. When they had dried themselves and changed I gave them two bowls of piping hot soup to warm them up. Soon they were feeling less chilled and were able to tell me some of their story.

The boys appeared to be about 18 or 19 years old. They were both from a small town in the plains at the foot of the hills and had bunked from school for the day to make a trip to see the lake and town. When they had visited a close by tourist spot, they had come across someone selling “magic mushrooms” [which this particular hill station was famous for producing]. They had heard of many foreign tourists visiting, to buy and use these mushrooms and decided to give it a try themselves. Having consumed the mushrooms they went into the pine forest and soon began to experience the effects. After wandering some distance from the road and with no real idea of how far they had gone or the passage of time, they began to feel tired and lay down under the trees to sleep off the lethargy they felt.

Woken by the rain they were shocked to find it was almost night and getting dark. With a lot of difficulty they eventually found the road and were able to make it back into the town, which by then was shut down for the night. By this time they were both wet to the skin, extremely cold and ravenously hungry. Keeping just enough money to pay for the bus back home they found a shop on the verge of closing and were able to buy a cup of coffee apiece and a couple of bondas, which did little to ward off the pangs of hunger. They then sat down to wait for the next bus, not knowing that the last bus going down the hill had already departed. That is how they came to be where I found them.

They were perkerier by now but still feeling cold, though the room had warmed up nicely. I asked them if they would like a shot of brandy to get rid of the lingering chill and prevent them from catching pneumonia. With the usual Tamalian shyness, they at first refused, but when I pressed them a bit they admitted that they did drink and were quite used to having hard liquor. I poured out three shots of brandy and was not really surprised when they did not want water or soda with theirs. Barely diluting the brandy with some Miranda they finished off their glasses before I had had time to take more than a couple of sips of my own drink. This is the way Tamil boys learn to take their liquor, almost neat and gulped down to give a fast high.

By this time I had prepared a more substantial meal and while they poured their second round of drinks down their throats and wolfed the food, I finished my first drink. Warmed by the brandy, the fire and the food they began to relax and to speak and behave more freely. I poured them a third round of drinks and told them to go slow with these. We started chatting in a general way and I found out more about them. Both boys were actually 19 years old and the previous day had been ones birthday. This trip to the hills had been undertaken as a celebration of that. They were good looking boys, with the normal coffee coloured skin of Tamils, though unusual was the fact, that neither of them had much facial hair. Both were just starting to show some down on the upper lip and around the chin when other Tamil boys of the same age would have had thick moustaches and rough stubble and would have been shaving for a couple of years.

To me, boys of this type and age are very attractive in a sexual way, so slowly I brought the topic of conversation around to sex and in particular male to male sex. Somewhat to my surprises both admitted that they had experimented with this and were quite open about their experiences, with each other and with other boys. Perhaps, their inhibitions loosened by the brandy, both expressed their willingness to have a bit of fun with me and quite readily agreed to make it a threesome. We wasted very little time in talking after that and bringing in some blankets and rugs, soon made a nice bed on the floor in front of the fireplace. The room was warm enough for us to remove our clothes with comfort and I began undressing one of the boys. Unbuttoning his shirt, I exposed his smooth and hairless chest with dark coloured nipples inviting the application of tongue and lips. As I started to kiss and lick his chest and nipples he showed some signs of being unused to these sensations, but soon the rising bulge in his lungi indicated that he was enjoying it.

Turning to the other boy I started to kiss his face and neck. He also showed signs of not being aware that lips and mouth could induce such sensations. They both admitted that they had never indulged in any form of kissing or licking activities, never even knew that lips, tongue and mouth could be the source of the exquisite arousal they were now experiencing. Quite soon I had them both kissing, licking like professionals. Both were good learners and not at all hesitant or shy to try anything new. By now both had rampant erections with their cocks finding the way out of the folds of their lungies and begging for attention. When I bent my head and took a cock in my mouth it came as such a shock to the boy that he shot his load of cum in less than ten seconds.

The other boy having seen what I had done to the other, and was now about to do to him, made it easier for me by flinging off his lungi and standing stark naked in front of me. He lasted just a little bit longer, perhaps 15 or 20 seconds.

The naked boy, called Ajay, and the one still in a lungi, whose name was Raja, now turned their attention to undressing me. Raja removed my shirt and started to lick my nipples and chest, working his way down to my stomach. Meanwhile Ajay had removed my trousers and my underwear and with surprisingly, no reservation took the length of my cock in his mouth and began to suck it just as I had done to him a few minutes previously. Raja also went down in front of me and started to lick my balls then replaced Ajay and sucked my cock as well. For boys who had never known about oral sex both proved adept at the task.

To date their experiences had been mostly mutual masturbation and some amount of frottage, the insertion of a rampant cock between the clamped thighs of another; I now introduced them to the full spectrum of sexual activities that could be undertaken. I showed them how kisses, licks and love bites could enhance an erection, how sucking could bring a flaccid cock back to its hard state and the different methods used, to almost come to climax and how to slow down and stop at that point so as to prolong the pleasure. I told them about anal sex and using a finger to probe their asses showed them the amount of pleasure to be achieved from fucking and getting fucked. Of course as both were “freshers” and extremely tight so that even my well lubricated finger caused them some discomfort at first before they felt the pleasure of penetration. We could not go all the way though I would have loved to fuck both of them.

It was towards the early hours of the morning when all the events of the day began to catch up with them and both boys started to flag. We settled down to sleep well warmed by our exertions, the slowly dying fire lighting their smiling faces as the lay, one on either side of me, naked as the day they were born, flushed and shining, replete with sexual gratification. Innocently, trustingly they slept. Ajay’s head cradled on my shoulder, his hand on my chest and his leg across my thighs, his now limp and flaccid cock pressed against my hip. Raja, sleeping face down had his arm across my stomach, his sweet backside was thrusting upward, exposed and inviting. I was tempted to kiss it one more time.


Coninued in Part 2

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