Asian Whore in Live Sex Show with Animals_(1)

Asian Whore in Live Sex Show with Animals_(1)

It’s my first night doing a live sex show in front of an audience of men. I work as a whore in an underground sex club where men come to pay and fuck me. They get to watch me fuck animals and have their turn with me too. If they want to ride me bareback and cum in me, I have to let them. It's my job to please them and make their dreams come true. I'm getting wet just thinking about a bunch of men gangbanging me. I’m so turned on just thinking about all the animal sperm unloading inside my pussy too.

I’m standing in the middle of the room with the light directly above me. There’s a room full of men sitting on chairs watching me undress. I wear my long sleek black hair down and it contrasts against my milky white skin. I have red lipstick on and nothing else.

As I sit on top of the mattress laid out at the front of the room, I caress my naked body looking at the group of men in front of me, the anticipation increases my arousal. The heat rises between my legs. I start to pinch at my pinkish brown erect nipples moaning. I look out at the men longingly letting them know I’m ready for some fucking. I spread my legs apart showing them my soft hairless pussy mound already glistening with my juices. I can see some men in the back strain their necks to see. The men are murmuring in the crowd. My fingers work their way down my petite body to my cunt lips. As I push them apart, pussy lubricant spills out onto my fingers. I gather my warm juices and rub it all over my shaved slit.

Moaning and finger-fucking myself I hear the men grow louder. I see two Rottweilers brought out to see me. Their cocks are already dripping with ejaculate. They are panting with their tongues hanging out standing above me.

“Ooohh, yeah,” I say in a breathy voice reaching for one dog’s cock and sucking on its fat red swollen shaft. The men are excited watching me so I grab the other dog and begin sucking his dick too. The precum drip out of their cocks as I wrap my lips around them catching it in my mouth and swallowing. The liquid was warm and salty with a musky rich scent. There I was, naked lying on a mattress holding two dog cocks and tracing my tongue over their redness. I stroke my mouth over each swollen rod savoring the sex juice of these canines. They stand on all four legs panting letting me do it.

“You like sucking dog cock don’t you? You’re a little whore.” A man in the front said to me getting on top of the mattress. He was a little chubby with thinning brown hair and glasses. He undid his pants and pulled his dick out stroking his raging hard-on.

“Oooh, yes, I love drinking the dogs’ juice… tastes so good,” I slurped on their stiff canine pricks.

I left my legs open. I knew my fuck hole looked irresistible. The man plunged his rod into my wet fold and began pumping in and out fast and hard. I spread my legs wide to let this stranger fuck my cunt as deep as he could. “Oh, fuck this cunt is TIGHT.” He cried as he pushed himself all the way in me. I felt him filling me up with his flesh pole and waves of pleasure washed over me. The heat of the dogs’ cocks and the precum dribbling down my face made my pussy ache with desire to be fucked by lots of cocks tonight. These men paid to ride me bareback and that’s what I wanted them to do.

“Oh god, yes! Fuck me. Fuck my pussy.” I moaned as the chubby guy humped his dick into me driving it in harder and faster.

“You want me to cum in you, you dirty whore?” He grunted.

“Oh, yes, please. Fill my little pussy with your hot load. Please cum in me.” I begged. One of the dogs started to cum while I was sucking on its hard slimy cock. His cum just streamed out and I caught it in my mouth and swallowed as much of his hot doggy cum as I could. The dog’s white seed dribbled out the corners of my mouth and down my neck to my tits.

“Oh god,” the man said as he pounded his cock into my red swollen pussy. “Drink that dog’s cum you cunt. Suck it good. Suck it like the good little Asian whore that you are.” And with that, the stranger shoved his dick inside my pussy shooting his load with one deep thrust. His shaft pulsed as I tightened myself around him letting this guy empty his balls into me. He moaned, “Oooohhhhh, you’re such a good fuck.”

Another guy said, “I wanna see the other dog fuck that slut.”

The first guy pulled out of me and I could feel his cum drip out. He grabbed the dog and guided his cock to my tight wet fuck hole full of the man’s sperm. The men and I watched as the Rottweiler’s fat red cock began pumping in and out of my cunt. As I propped myself up on my arms to get a good view, I saw the dog’s big dick slide in and out of my slick slit. The dog’s dick pushed out more of the man’s semen and it gushed out of my hole with each thrust. I felt my body shudder as I came hard on this canine’s member. I screamed in ecstasy as the orgasm ripped through my body. I felt like such a dirty little whore letting these dogs and men use me.

“You like dog cock in your twat, honey?” a young man said to me as he came up to me stroking his cock over me. He had a heavy European accent.

“Yesss, oh god, I love doggy dick in my tight cunt,” I cooed at the man. “Cum in my pussy, doggy.”

I panted and shook as the first man helped the dog fuck me with his dick. The man standing over me starts moaning and jerking faster grabbing my face. “Oh this is the best sex show I’ve been to. You suck my cock. Swallow everything.” I open my mouth to take him in, to serve him and make him cum. This young Russian guy starts fucking my mouth pushing his dick in far deep throating me. I choke a little while I still feel the Rottweiler ravage my pussy. The man’s eyes are filled with lust. He looks at me drunkenly and said, “You like a dog making you cum. I see Asian whores like this. You love it.”

I’m moaning, “Yes, yes, oh I love cumming on doggy dick.” As I sucked the Russian’s cock, globs of cum just start shooting out in my mouth.

“Oh my god!” he cries as I hold onto his shaft sucking hard on his head. I taste this man’s warm seed swallowing every drop. He pulls out quickly to let another man have his turn with me and some of it lands on my face, neck, and tits. I rub his cum onto my tits.

“That’s a good whore. Rub my cum on your tits.”

Suddenly the dog cums and I feel a rush of hot liquid as his seed fills my velvety hole. It’s a steady stream of white into me and it leaks out and down onto my ass. I cum feeling this dog buried in me unloading his balls. I feel like such a dirty slut the way this hot fluid just pours out. It almost feels like the dog is peeing into my hole.

“Oh you dirty cunt,” another man said moving towards me beating his meat. “You’re a sperm dumpster for all of us, aren’t you? Open your mouth, baby.” He groaned as he came into my mouth. I tightened my lips around this man’s thick rod and sucked as he shot his load. I swallowed his cum while he rocked his hips forward fucking my mouth.

I heard some men get louder in the room. A white pony was brought in. I felt my pussy ache for more cock. Its dick was already erect and ready. I got on my hands and knees in front of the pony offering my tight cunt. I braced myself feeling the pony mount and its cock prod at my wet fold. As it plunged its big member six inches deep into me I screamed in pleasure. The pony finds its rhythm while it bucks forward fucking its stiff cock into my wet slit. I groan and pant hearing the men cheer me on.

I’m cumming on the pony’s dick pumping in and out of me. Seeing my cunt juices drip out, one man said to me, “You like cumming on an animal’s cock don’t you? You’ll fuck anything won’t you?”

“Ohhh, yes,” I answer him feeling the pony pound into me. At that moment, the feeling of this beast’s hard member pumping into my pussy making me orgasm got me so hot. A man brings out a boar to me while I’m still on my hands and knees naked getting fucked by the pony. The boar’s cock has been stroked and is erect, its skinny dick curling at the end. He’s restless and squealing as I take his curled up slimy prick in my hand and into my mouth.

“Oooh, yeah, you dirty slut, suck that boar’s dick!” Another man shouts at me. I slurp hungrily on the boar’s cock feeling its liquid leak out into my mouth. The heat and odor of the boar overwhelms me as I swallow its musky seed. The cum dribbles out of my lips. My body is shaking hard beneath the pony while I feel it plow ten inches of its stiff dick into my tight wet fold. I cry and moan with pleasure feeling this beast explode its hot load into my cunt. I savor the warm rush of cum as it floods me and leaves my fuck hole washing down around my thighs.

Someone takes the boar away. “I’m gonna cum,” another man says as he shoves his hard meat pole into my mouth face fucking me. “Oh, god, swallow all of it.” I quickly take this man into my mouth to pleasure him. I felt his shaft twitch and pulse as streams of warm semen fill my mouth. I gulp it down hungrily swallowing the man’s cum letting only a little dribble out onto my lips. “Oh yeah that’s a good pussy whore.” He stands off to the side to watch me and let other men get a turn.

A man pulls the pony away. I’m left lying on the mattress in a puddle of cum. I’m covered in dog, boar, pony, and human cum, my pussy juices dripping out mixed with the men’s sperm. I feel used up like a cheap whore and I want more cock in me. The crowd isn’t done with me yet.

A large black man comes over to me walking one of the Rottweilers with him. “Get on your hands and knees. The dog wants to fuck you again.” The man holds the dog’s hard red cock out as I push my cunt down onto it. I moan as I feel the dog’s huge member push apart my lips and penetrate deep into me again. This time I’m rocking myself back and forth on the dog’s dick working my pussy to milk the dog’s cock for more cum in me. I’m panting and cumming as I fuck the dog, serving it once more.

“Oh, look at this bitch.” I hear a man say in the group. “She’s that dog’s little fuck toy. Nothing but a sex slave to a Rott’s dick. Does it feel good, baby? You like using your hole to please an animal?”

“Oooohhh, yessss,” I cried in orgasm as I humped on the canine’s cock.

“In your ass now,” the big black guy ordered me. He pulled the dog’s prick out of my pussy, his ejaculate dripping out down my inner thighs. Some of it sprays up onto my ass as the man helps the dog push his huge fat pole into my tiny asshole. “Keep on like you were doing, whore. I know dirty cunts like you like a dog’s dick up her ass.” I push myself back screaming as the shaft eases into my tight ass. The dog’s fat meat stretches my asshole and buries deep inside. His ejaculate leaks out of my ass and down to my cunt.

I can’t help but squeal and moan in pleasure as I use my asshole to fuck the dog’s meat pole. “Oh, fuck my tight ass, doggy. Fuck it. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m cumming,” I said pushing myself down onto his thrusting member.

“Oh, look at that! Eat your cum off his cock.” The black man commanded me again. I pulled myself off the dog’s dick and turned to suck it off. I saw how all the pumping on the Rottweiler had creamed my cum on his shaft. I took the dog’s cock into my mouth and sucked him. It tasted delicious as I licked the creamy coating off this dog’s prick. I used my lips, stroking his thick stiffness in and out of my mouth tasting my pussy, ass, and the dog’s precum.

“That’s right. Keep sucking him,” the man said while undoing his own pants. He pulled out his raging hard-on that looked like it was just as big as the pony’s. He shoved it into my asshole taking in the sight of me sucking and stroking the Rottweiler’s big member. I felt about five inches of his black cock push into my tight asshole. He pumped in and out of me and grunted at me, “That’s a good little twat. Raunchy pussy whore will fuck anything, right?” He kept pounding his meat in and out of my ass.

“Uh-huh,” I whined back at him feeling like my ass was splitting apart, but I was cumming at the same time. I moaned with my mouth back down on the dog’s cock taking it all completely in. The guy pulled his black dick out of my ass and pushed it into my cunt.

“I wanna cum in that sweet pussy of yours,” he groaned at me. “Gonna fill you up with my jizz after fucking you in the ass.” I felt his long prick snaking in and out of my slit. His thick head pounded into me hitting my g-spot making me cum over and over. I squirted out cunt juices making his cock so slippery. I loved feeling like a naughty sex servant for this big black man. I wanted him to use my warm velvety hole to get off. As he made my body shake with his meat from behind, I sucked that dog off so hard it started to cum. The dog’s hot seed spilled out of its prick and into my mouth. I choked on the load as I tried to swallow all of it. The hot white liquid streamed out from my tightened lips and down my chin.

“Oh shit, drink that dog’s cum!” The black guy cried as the men cheered. In another stroke I felt the thick black cock explode inside my cunt. “Oh yeah!” he grunted pushing his huge swollen rod as deep as it could go. I screamed feeling him fill me up with his load of cum. His balls tense against me letting loose a torrent of sperm as much as the dog’s.

As the guy pulls his dick out of me, I sit up to see his cum dribbling out of my pussy. Someone brings out a goat. An old man orders me to lie down underneath it and suck its prick. I obey like the good Asian slut I am. The goat’s cock springs out from its sheath at me and I take its sliminess into my mouth. I suck fiercely on its dick while lying on my back with my legs spread open. I feel a man come up to me and finger my cunt. I look down to see an older man with white hair, in his sixties, slipping his cold bony fingers into my wet hole. He had liver spots all over his pale white skin. He had something else too, scars all over him.

He looked up at me his pale blue eyes brightening at the sight of my tight hairless slit. He brought his fingers, slick with my cunt juices, to his nose and sniffed. Then he shoved his fingers back into me. “You’re a good Asian whore, aren’t you? You’ll do whatever we say. You want to please us right?”

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you want. I’m your good little Asian slut.” I said sucking on the goat’s dick still staring at the weathered old man’s skin.

“That’s a good girl,” the old man said. “It’s scars from chicken pox. Got it all over.” A sly smile spread across his wrinkled face. “You’re like the girls back when I fought in the war. I used to rape girls like you all the time. But you like it. I don’t have to rape you.” He continued rubbing the front bulge of his pants with his other hand. Then he brought out something in a box he had on the floor. “I want to fuck you with this.” He pulled out a dead rat killed recently. Rigor had set in and stiffened its long body. From the rat’s head to the end of its body it was probably eight inches. The old man dangled it by its tail just above my pussy.

My eyes widened at the sight of it. I was willing to do just about anything, but I didn’t expect to have a dead rat shoved up my cunt. “I don’t know…” I said looking at it forgetting everything for a second.

“Suck that goat’s dick! I wanna see you swallow his cum,” another old man said to me from the group of noisy men. It was my job to do whatever these men wanted. They were paying customers who had fantasies they wanted to live out. I went back to sucking the goat’s dick and just waited. I felt the old man push the rat’s head into my wet pussy opening. I could feel its bristly hairs prickly against my skin. As the dead rat’s head and body slid into my tunnel, I closed my eyes moving my tongue over the goat’s cock slurping on it. A warm liquid was now dripping out of the goat’s member and into my throat. I gulped it down feeling the old man push the stiff rat in and out of my hole. When he pumped it in so hard it actually felt good. I really was a raunchy slut who would fuck anything. The men roared and cheered like I’ve never heard before. I was actually cumming feeling that rodent pound into my velvet cunt. The men watched in awe as my pussy sprayed juices everywhere.

Someone pulled the goat away from me. I had a metallic taste in my mouth from swallowing all of the animal cum. I laid there my legs pushed apart as the old guy kept fucking my swollen slit raw. The dead rat’s fur now coated with my cum. I loved feeling so filthy. A man walked up to me shoving his cock into my mouth. I wrap my lips around his thick member and suck until he cums, swallowing every drop. The men are so aroused seeing such an innocent looking Asian girl naked and covered in human and animal sperm, getting a dead rodent rammed up her cunny. The hottest thing of all was I loved it. My hole squirted juices as I came all over the place. Four more men lined up for me to suck them off and swallow their cum. I did as they all watched the stiff rat bring me to great heights of pleasure.

When the old man was done with the rat, he tossed it aside. They brought out a monkey this time. He was the size of a large boy, almost four feet tall. The monkey’s dick was already hard and he fiddled with it in his hands. He shrieked at the sight of me and stuck his skinny prick straight out at me. I lay back and spread my legs open offering my pussy to the monkey. I’m careful to give it whatever it wants so it doesn’t get aggressive. The monkey gets between my legs and up close to my cunt thrusting his hips forward. His cock finds my hole and he starts ramming his slimy member into me. He gets into a rhythm as he’s fucking me. The men are excited watching this feral monkey drill his dick into my tight sore Asian fuck hole. The animal continues shrieking as he pounds his meat into me. I never knew getting fucked by a monkey could feel so good. I moan cumming on the beast’s meat. The hairs on his body rub up against my body. I look down to see the monkey’s slick red rod pumping furiously in and out my velvety cunt. It started to cum inside of me. I felt the warm liquid leak out.

Someone took the monkey away and the old man stayed near me still rubbing his dick from outside his pants. “Me and my buddies fucked a girl like you once. Back then we just fucked a whore like that all night long being horny young men like that. Gotta take a pill to do that now. But I still love gang raping an Asian slut, fucking that pussy until it’s sore.” He undid his pants now and pulled his cock out. It was purple and skinny, stiff as a board. It looked long, about eight or nine inches. He had chicken pox scars all over his cock too. It looked veiny and scaly as he stroked it. “Suck me, whore.” He commanded me and I submitted to him.

I stroked and sucked his cock. It felt warm and rubbery in my mouth and hands. His taut skin was rough in patches all over his shaft from scars. I smelled the musk of sweat and body odor from the old man’s crotch like he hadn’t bathed for weeks. I almost choked trying to suck his dick, nauseous from the stench. He pulled out of my mouth and climbed on top of me. His odor now really strong as I felt his weight on me. I felt the old man’s prick push into my pussy and I watched the skinny shaft disappear inside with its chicken pox scars, scaly flesh and all. For a man his age he had a lot of energy. He thrust his hips forward pumping his cock out of my tight slit. The old man fucked me so fast and hard, pounding like a jackhammer into my cunt. The thought that this man was homeless entered my mind. I became so arouse at the idea that this old man was a dirty old homeless guy who wanted a good fuck with some Asian pussy to remember the good ol’ days. My fuck hole was dripping wet as he drove his dirty dick into me. Juices streamed out and I moaned wanting this strange man to unload his old semen inside of me.

“I got a fetish for Asian cunt,” the man grunted pounding his meat in my pussy. “I had to fuck you first with that dead rat I found in the alley.”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned urging him on, “cum in me.” I lifted my legs up spreading myself wide so he can drive himself deep inside. He grabbed on of my tits and twisted at my nipple. I made a whining sound climaxing again. Then I cooed to him in his ear, “Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Cum in me, please oh please, cum in me. Me so horny. Me love you long time.” I had been humiliated so much by this old man with his dead rat. It made me hot to think about this shame and filth. I wanted him to complete his fantasy by releasing the buildup of cum in his old wrinkled balls into my little snatch. He kept stroking his hard cock in and out of me making me cum.

“There’s just something about Asian pussy,” he whispers into my ear, “no matter how many times you fuck it, it stays so tight.” He pumped harder slapping his saggy wrinkled balls against my ass. I cried in ecstasy as this old sank his dick into my cunt fucking me raw. The men cheered him on. “Is this how you like it? Huh?” he croaked in my ear. I wrapped my legs around his waist breathing in his garbage scent. He paused to take my tit into his mouth. He sucked at it hard it hurt. “You like that?” I nodded. I felt him hard inside me while nibbling on my nipples. Slowly, he pumped his cock. Each thrust was fast and deep making me scream. Until finally he shot his hot load into my pussy. He pulls out of me and gets off the mattress. I look down at my cunt to see his creamy white cum oozing out.

Another old man comes up to me who looks like he could be a friend of the last dirty homeless guy. The stench of his soiled clothes reeked. He brought the boar up again to me and undid his pants taking his filthy hard dick out.

“I wanna watch you lick and finger the pig’s asshole. Get it ready for me to plow. Then I want to fuck your cunt and cum in you.” He commanded me. I reach my fingers down to the boar’s asshole and start rubbing it. I lean my face down to it as all the men watch in awe as I begin tonguing the pig’s ass. I push my finger inside it and it squeals. I finger fuck the pig while the old man strokes his own cock. He then gets down behind the boar and pushes the head of his prick inside its tight asshole. The pig cries as he starts fucking it. The man pumps his whole cock in and out a few more times moaning. The hole looks so tight around his shaft as it saws in and out. He then pulls out of the pig and turns to me.

“Get on your hands and knees.” He ordered me and I obeyed getting on all fours. I felt him push his dick into my pussy now. The thought of the old man having just fucked a pig’s ass and is now shoving his cock inside my cunt made my orgasm feel more incredible as he slowly pushed in and out my tight hole. I felt something push at my asshole.

“It’s my turn to fuck your ass with the rat now.” I felt the rat’s head plunge into my asshole, it’s hard dead rodent body working in and out. I was cumming so hard at that moment feeling the dirty old man hump my pussy at the same time.

Another man came up to me pushing his cock into my mouth. He put his hands on my head and rocked his hips forward. I sucked his dick hard as it slid in and out, saliva dripping down my chin. The old man started to cum inside my pussy. I heard the sloshing of his meat beating in my hole stop as he drove his cock deep and held it there releasing his warm seed into my sweet velvety cunt. He’s still hard even after shooting his load, so he keeps pumping his dick in and out. I feel his semen oozing out of me and drip down. He continues fucking my ass with the dead rodent.

The other man explodes inside my mouth. The rat and old man feel so good, it’s unexpected when the guy cums in my mouth and I choke, his sperm streams out from between my lips.

When these two guys were done, it was time to finish fucking the rest of the men. They had me lie down on a raised bed they brought out. With my legs spread and raised, men lined up and took turns fucking my sore swollen cunt raw. As I felt these guys pump their hard cocks in and out of my pussy, some of them shot their load in my fuck hole, while the others would pull out and make me suck and swallow them off as the next guy in line came up to have his turn with me. I don’t know how many men I fucked after that. They ran a train on me, their pussy whore for the night. Some were impatient and didn’t wait in line. They came right up to me and I stroked their dicks while they grabbed and sucked at my tits. They shot their cum on my tits and stomach watching the other men fuck me.

By the end of the night of my first live sex show with animals for men, I was spent. I had fucked so many men and animals that night. My pussy was sore and aching but it felt so good. I had pleasured so many cocks that night until all of my holes were raw. It felt amazing.

This is a sexual fantasy of mine (of which I have many) that gets my tight pussy so wet when I think about it while using my vibrator and dildo. Does it get you hard? What parts made you cum the hardest? My cunt gets so wet knowing there are men out there stroking their cocks and cumming while thinking about me.

I have many more fantasies and true stories to share.

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