The Algebra Teacher 3 - The competition

The Algebra Teacher 3 - The competition

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(recap: Phillip is a black student in Colleens, his teachers, class. Lisa and Kerri are fellow students and are part of an after school tutoring. Colleen and Phillip find themselves attracted and begin to get it on after class. Lisa and Kerri taped the classroom antics.)

Kerri and Lisa hurried into Kerri’s bedroom to download and watch their videos. The girls were glued to the video screen as they watched . Kerri pulled her box of TOYS from under the bed. “Take your pick,
or should I say prick.” Laughed Kerri. Lisa grabbed the big black rubber cock. Kerri took her favorite
vibrator. Nude from the waist down the girls used the TOYS as they watch the videos over and over.

“Fucking Slut loves the Black Cock.” “Teachers Pet. Oh fuck Me Phillip.” “Oh I would love to Colleen.”
“Wonder if she will get Knocked UP.” “Yea she probably wants to.”
“Internet News. Slut teacher get knocked up by Black Student.” “Way to go Bitch.”

Kerri and Lisa dug out some wine from their stash. Laughing and joking they started to kiss.
“69 me Bitch.” Laughed Kerri. As they wrestled around, Lisa pulled off Kerri’s top and Kerri pulled off
Lisa’s and their faces were buried in each other pussy. “Swallow that pussy Bitch.” “Who you calling a Bitch, Bitch.” “Eat my Pussy.” “You eat mine.”
Kerri was on top, then Lisa. They dug their faces into each other pussy, licking sucking. Kerri used the black rubber cock to fuck Lisa while she licking her clit. They twisted and turned, laughed and joked while they made lewd comments about Colleen. Exhausted and satisfied they lay on the bed jacked up on sex and wine.

The next day in class Colleen and Phillip avoided each other eyes. Kerri had her own ideas. Sitting
next to Phillip she was fawning all over him . Lisa was laughing inside watching her friend flirting with the teachers “boyfriend”. Phillip was so full of himself, first the teacher and now this blonde White Bitch. He was riding high with all the attention, of course little could he know the flirting was just Kerri being A BITCH.

As much as she was enjoying Kerri’s come-on to Phillip, Lisa couldn’t help but think this was a bad idea, the class was getting their midterm evaluations tomorrow and Colleen looked really pissed. Colleen’s face was turning crimson watching the flirtatious bitch Kerri. Lisa thought Collen was going to jump out of her desk when Kerri leaned over to help Phillip.

After school Lisa went to the tutoring session at Colleen’s classroom. No Phillip, no Colleen. OOOPPPS.
“Lisa, do you know where Kerri is?” Colleen asked. Did she really want to know thought Lisa, well her goes. “I saw Kerri and Phillip going west on Jackson, I think they were going for Ice Cream.”
Lisa actually felt bad for Colleen, it looked like she was going to faint. Needless to say, the tutoring did not go well and ended way early.

Phillip and Kerri walked away from school. Kerri hung on Phillips every word, walking as close as she could to him. She would use every means she had to woo him away from that evil witch teacher, Colleen. Kerri made sure her butt twitched with every step and her firm boobs bounced just a little.
Phillips was so hard Kerri could see the bulge in his pants. Goodbye Colleen – Hello Kerri. LOL

Phillip and Kerri got to the Ice Cream Stand and Kerri ordered a “LARGE FRENCH VANILLA.”
She licked around the top with her tongue, slowly swallowing letting Phillip watch her swirl
the cream around her mouth. Kerri lead Phillip around back to a corner of the alley.
“Take a bite, Phillip.” Phillip bit off some of the Ice Cream. “Now give me some. “ teased Kerri.
Kerri put her tongue into Phillip’s mouth playing with the melting Ice Cream. She took a bite herself
swapped with him. Kerri was hard up against Phillip. She could feel his member up against her crotch.

Kerri knew what was in the package. She reached down, using her palm to rub his cock through
his pants. Phillip’s kisses were getting stronger, he gripped Kerri by the hair. Kerri could feel control
moving from her to Phillip. She knew what he wanted. Kerri sank to her knees, on the hard pavement.
Phillip pulled down his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

Looking down at the white slut sucking his cock, Phillip was beaming. The biggest grin filled his face
watching Kerri kneeling in the gravel. Now he had two Hoe’s to take care of him. Maybe tomorrow
he might spend some time with Colleen or maybe someone else. Kerri licked on the cone and then
slurped around Phillips dick. The Ice Cream dripped down her chin just like the cum would.

Kerri ran her lips around the head of his cock head just as she had around the ice cream cone. She licked
up and down the shaft, then taking him fully inside her mouth. She felt the surging and pulled him
out so the full load hit him in her face. The cum mixed with the ice cream dripping down onto her
tee shirt. Kerri looked up at Phillip, cum faced licking all the remnant from his face.

Kerri stood up as Phillip decided to take charge. “Come by my house, no one is home, and we can
get it on for real.” “Not now Phillip, I got to get going. “ Phillip grabbed her. “You are coming with me.”
“Phillip, tomorrow, OK.” It was a decisive moment. “OK” Phillip answered in a dejected voice.
Kerri was disappointed, she had hoped Phillip would be a real man, not bend so easy.

Kerri hurried home to find Lisa waiting. “What the hell is on your T.” Laughed Lisa.
Ice Cream and Phillip’s cream. I gave him a blow job he should remember.”
“Yea, what else.”
“That’s it. I put him off, he wanted to go to his house.”
“EWE, EWE” Lisa curled her mouth. “I’d want no part of that, not that hood.”
“Yea, Like no way.”
“What’s with your knees , Kerri?”
“I was kneeling in the gravel.”
“Behind the Ice Cream shop.”
“You are a sleezy whore.”
Kerri just stuck out her tongue.

“Kerri, I don’t know what you started now with Phillip.” Lisa sounded worried.
“I’m OK, I want to fuck him real bad, just I’ll pick the place and time.” I can handle him.
“I hope so.” Replied Lisa in a worried tone.
Kerri pulled off her shirt. Keeping this as a souvenir.
“Just don’t let your mom see it.” LOL

(To Be Continued)

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