My shockingly pleasant surprise Part 2_(1)

My shockingly pleasant surprise Part 2_(1)

I guess the days events were more than my subconscious could cope with. Not long after I dosed off, my mind began putting all the sights and emotions into one giant collage. It was like an out of body experience, floating from moment to moment, emotion to emotion. When my mom was on the floor my point of view changed. I was where my mom was, on my knees between my fathers legs, looking up at his marvelous cock. Just before I had my lips around his fat head, I was jolted out of my dream by a slamming door.

Sitting up in my bed, covered in sweat with a raging hard on, I tried to shake my sleepiness away. When my head was clear I heard the commotion that woke me up. I heard my mom yelling at my dad, "how could you do this to us? Wasn't I enough for you"? Then my dads pleading response, "please honey, let me explain.....I love you but....", their voices getting softer as they desended the stairs. I got out of bed, nervously opened my door and poked my head out. All was quit until I heard my moms car tear out of the driveway. I had to find out what was going on, so I headed down stairs.

When I entered the kitchen I saw my dad sitting at the table, his hands holding his face. I stood there for a minute confused, wondering what the hell was going on. Slowly, I walked to stand next to my slouching father. I placed my hand on his back, "dad, what's going on? Why did mom leave like that"? He looked up at me with sad eyes, "I messed up Chris, I messed up bad and she's gone", putting his hands back over his face. "What did you do dad? You can tell me", I reassured him. He didn't even move his hand while he spoke, "she went through my computer files, she found my porn file and.....", then he went silent. "What? That's all dad, porn?" there wasn't a response this time. Frustrated, I ask him over and over what he meant. Every time there was silence. I threw my hands up, leaving my big strong father to gather his thoughts. I walked to the living room and dropped to the couch so i could think. I had to know what he was talking about.

After a few minutes my head started hurting so I went back to the kitchen to find some pills. When I walked in this time, it was empty. For some reason this made me angry. "How could he not give me an explanation", i thought. I looked out to the driveway, now both of my parents cars were gone. I must have been thinking too hard because I didn't hear him leave. Now that I was alone in the house I had a chance to do some investigative work. I knew my sister would be here in a couple hours but I didn't know about either of my parents. Throwing caution into the wind, I walk to the stairs and pause for a second to calm my nerves. Then i walk upstairs and straight to my parents bedroom.

I begin my search at the most obvious place, dads desk computer. After powering it on, I'm faced with my first challenge of the mission. Logging on....I tried a few passwords that I would use, his birthday, moms birthday, the kids birthday, anniversary and so on. Nothing worked. "Maybe mom left it out", I suggested to myself. My eyes darted over the sprawled out papers, while my hands hurriedly lifted and separated them. Feeling my hope fading, my frantic pace slowed. Then at the far corner was a crumpled up piece of paper. I open it up andfind what I've been looking for. All dads login codes on a single sheet. My hands were shaking with anticipation as I enter his password. Once I get to the home screen, I start narrowing down my options. Clicking on multiple file icons, I separated the ones with multimedia and video files. Then I searched those files till there were just three left. Of the three, one was marked as family movies, the other was work projects. The last was marked trash. I figured he wouldn't combine fantasy with the first two, so I opted for trash. What opened on the screen sent chills of delight through me.

I couldn't believe what I saw. My dad had quite a large porn collection but what struck me was more than 3/4s of them were gay porn. I was shocked, but in a good way. Going through each one showed me what daddy was into. Apparently, he enjoyed watching younger guys my age getting used by older men. My cock was quickly filling with blood, causing a painful erection in my pants. This one clip showed a large man standing over a younger guy with his big cock out, stroking himself. I watched as the man reached down, grabbing the younger one by the hair, pulling him up to a sitting position. When the muscular man had the fragile boy where he wanted him, he took hold of the young guys hair with one hand, pulling his head up. The man lifted his nice size cock up, then let go of it so it slapped his new fucktoy in the face. By this time, I was so turned on, I didn't hear my daddy leaning against the door, silently watching me.

Focusing on the action on the screen, I slid my fingers along the outline of my hard shaft. I was hypnotized by the way the big man dominated the little boy slut. That's what I craved, that's what i needed. I watched as the master pushed his slaves head back so his cock fell out. Then without moving himself, pulled his slut to him, feeding him his cock. My mind was overcome with need, I moaned out, "oooh......yes daddy....feed me that big cock". I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, seeing my self on my knees in front of daddy. "Please.....mmmmm.....take me daddy", I said while rubbing my hand over my crotch. Suddenly, I felt a large hand wrap around my throat.

My eyes shot open and I was shocked when I saw my daddy standing above me. Looking down at my crotch then meeting my eyes, he smiled, "so now we know each others secrets". He had a frightening look in his eyes that I'd never seen before. It was like he was a different person, a man that took what he wanted and didn't care what anyone thought. I felt his grip tighten on my throat, causing fear to fill my body. He slowly bends down, putting his mouth against my ear and whispers, " I don't think you're ready for me...", he pauses to breath heavily, "I don't care if you are or not, I've watched your little ass tease me long enough". I couldn't remember ever teasing him but if I did I was starting to wish I hadn't. My mouth opened to tell him I didn't mean to but nothing would come out. My silence and worried look spurred him on, "your mother didn't understand my need, she wouldn't except me. She's gone now so I can use want I want now", he squeezed even more and jerked me up by my neck. "You're gonna be my new fucktoy. I'm going to ruin you for every other man and you're not going to enjoy it at first, but soon you'll beg for it! All you are for is my pleasure. Do you understand me", pulling me face to face. I was terrified but I was still rock hard. My mind was overloaded, then things started going black from lack of oxygen. What was happening....

Daddy must've seen my face turning blue because, before I passed out, he dropped me to the floor. I gasped and coughed trying to suck in as much air as i could. When I got my wind back I looked up at him with pleading eyes, but seen no care in his hard face. This isn't how i wanted it to play out, but I did want to be dominated so I played my roll. Looking down in submission, I softly answered, "yes sir, daddy". He gave a hearty laugh and walked slowly back to his bed, taking a seat on the edge, "come here slut, I want to talk to you". I start to raise myself up when he abruptly stops me, "I never said walk, crawl to me". Feeling humiliated, I go to my hands and knees. At first, crawling like a dog over to him was embarrassing, but as i got closer I felt more and more sexy. I wiggled my hips a few times to see if he noticed, "You're such a little cock whore aren't you?" I nodded my head in affirmative. Right before I reach the bed, he guides me in between his thick muscled legs, pushing me so I sat back on my feet. My heart pounds as I look up at his deep blue eyes, waiting for my next instructions.

"I never did answer you earlier, so I will now. Your mother left because I have a thing for young men, like you. I've fantasized about this moment many on your knees, trembling in fear and uncertainty. Not knowing what to expect or do". Slowly, he lifted his hand, running his thick fingers through my hair as my body shook. His touch was soothing. I felt my breathing slowing and a calm begin to creep in. His hand coming to rest on the back of my head. "Have you ever been with a man? Or anyone boy?" I nodded. "How many cocks have used your mouth and pussy before?" I opened my mouth but nothing came out until I felt his grip tighten. "5.....5 cocks, daddy! I sucked all 5 but only 3 fucked me!" I said nervously. "Did you like being used? Were you a good slut for them?", he asked. "Yes sir", I said as my gaze dropped to his crotch. He chuckled a little at that and asked, "are you ready to be my good slut? I'm gonna enjoy ruining your little boipussy for every other guy that wants it". His grip tightened again and my head was yanked back. He stood up in front of me, pulling me back by my hair until he was towering over me and let go.

I looked up at the giant in front of me. He looked down at me, "you ready to see what you'll be pleasing.....unwrap your present boy", his tone let me know it wasn't a question. My heart was thumping in my chest as I reached for the waistband of his pajama bottoms. My eyes met his when I started pulling them down slowly. Those deep blue eyes were burning with lust and the grin he had was menacing and dominating. He knew he had conquered my mind, soon he'd conquer me completely...and I couldn't wait! Licking my lips, I lowered my eyes to my present.

The base of his cock was smooth and so inviting. I couldn't resist leaning into him and lightly kissing it. I sit back on my heels and watch wide eyed as more of my daddy's huge cock comes into view. It seems like it'll go on forever till I see his circumcision line. I swallow hard when I realize the waistband is past halfway down his thigh and still hiding his monster! The anticipation is killing me so I jerk his pants down the rest of the way. I hear him laugh and watch as his huge cock wiggles as he does. "That's a man's cock boy! Like your present?", he bellows. Still In disbelief i say, "wow daddy! Its massive"! He moves back to the edge of the bed and sits there. "Get over here and see how big you can make it slut", he demands.

Putting my hands down, I start crawling towards him and notice half of his cock hangs off the bed. When I reach him I dip my head low and engulf his big head, running my tongue over it, savoring the taste of the cock that made me. He leans back on his elbows pulling it from my mouth. I quickly jump back on and suck more of it into my mouth. I'll never forget the feeling of his soft cock reaching the back of my throat. The way his soft skin felt sliding between my lips. His moans of pleasure, pushing to work harder to please this glorious cock. I get back on my knees and wrap my hand around the base, lifting it up for a better angle. Taking a deep breath, I slide down till it's at my throat. I squeeze the base and try to force it in as far as I can. When I get down to my hand I hold still, working his cock with my throat and tongue. That's when I feel it growing! I feel it stretch my throat more and move further down my gullet. It gets so big, it blocks my airway and I have to pull off.

With spit trailing from my lips, I hear daddy say, "you still got some work to do, but you're a pretty good cocksucker". I kiss it and lick it from the bottom to the tip while catching my breath. When I kiss his fat head I suck it back into my mouth, going down as far as I was. He grabs my head in both of his strong hands and tells me to move my hand. When my hands gone he pulls me down onto his giant cock, forcing the last few inches down my throat. It feels like it's in my stomach and it keeps growing! I fight through the urge to puke and after what seems like an eternity, he slowly pulls my head back. I can feel every bump and vein as its removed. When my lips are on the crown he stops. "Damn! That's the most I've ever had down a throat! I'm gonna have fun with that", he says amused. I worship my daddy's cock for a few more minutes, till it's at his full size and strength. "Now it's time to see what that young boipussy can handle slut", as he wrapped his hands in my hair, jerking my head off his solid cock. I breathlessly watch him lay back on the bed, beckoning me to climb up. I obey like a good slut and take my place next to him.

Let me know what you think and if I should continue with chapter 3.

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