Salvation Ch. 23

Salvation Ch. 23


Sorry it's taken so long to post. Don't worry, the story is almost complete.

"It's totally amazing!" Peter Fuller enthused.

"The change in my daughter Beatrice is phenomenal!" he told Doctor Croft as they walked along the corridor towards her private room.

"I have to admit, that she does show signs of adapting to the change in her circumstances," the doctor agreed. "But these changes may turn out to be only temporary," he warned.

"Just wait till you see her," Peter told him, rushing forward to open the door. Doctor croft stepped into a room that was much the same as all the others on that floor, but decorated by pictures Beatrice had drawn of the view from her window.

The room had a stout bed, plain sturdy furniture, and a bathing area where the patient could practice Doctor Croft's rules of hygiene. On the back wall were devices of persuasion ready to be used, and there was also a wardrobe, half for the patient's use, and half for storing the special equipment.

Beatrice Fuller stood as soon as the door was opened and seeing that Doctor Croft accompanied her father, soon lost her welcoming smile to curtsy nervously instead.

A couple of months past her thirteenth birthday, Beatrice had begun to fill out, her pudding basin shaped breasts pushing out her shift so it hung loosely in front of her, half obscuring the swell of her young hips. It hung on the upper slope of her bottom though, partly outlining their jutting curves and the deep cleft between them.

"Hello Beatrice. Your father tells me you have started to accept our treatments. Is that so?" he asked, making himself comfortable on the chair beside the table. Glancing nervously at her father, she nodded, her throat bobbing as she swallowed. "Yes Sir," she murmured.

"Have you cleaned yourself thoroughly this morning?" Samuel asked.

With the number of patients growing, Samuel had to limit himself to showing the patient's parents and guardians what to do and then only periodically monitoring their progress to ensure they didn't falter.

"Yes Sir, a double solution," she answered. The second one was never as bad as the first she had found. She could actually enjoy receiving them if she was brave enough to risk punishment and masturbate, but she wasn't.

"Come on then, let me see," Doctor Croft urged, holding out his arms, his fingers flicking upwards in a silent command for her to remove her shift. With a blush that added to her prettiness, Beatrice once more glanced anxiously towards her father, and then pulled her only garment over her head to stand naked.

She watched as their eyes slide down to her breasts, hovering over her swelling nipples before heading down her slightly rounded belly to the crop of curls rising from her cunt. She swallowed, feeling their eyes examine her, awakening feelings she knew she could not show.

Instead, she went to Doctor Croft, allowing him to draw her over his lap. With her body bent over his lap, his strong hands took the back of her thighs and drew them wide apart, spreading them until she knew she was totally exposed, the very idea of it making her breathless.

Samuel hummed, a smile creasing his features as he found the girl sparkling with fresh wetness, her clitoris swollen with desire and her labia flushed with passion.

"Mm, you'll have to keep a close eye on this one," he told him. "Her temperament appears to be warm, but she will need either constant supervision or the use of restraints," he suggested, letting her father see the wetness pooling in the mouth of her little vagina.

"I was intending to exercise her on a regular basis," Peter admitted, the bulge in his breeches a clear indication to Doctor Croft that he was ready to begin these exercises straight away.

Nodding his consent, Samuel smacked his hand down hard on the young girl's bottom, in order to gauge their resilience before using his palms to peel the cheeks apart and expose her puckered little anus.

Her dry skin was his first indicator of her cleanliness. His second was when he gently tapped the darker knotted flesh corrugated towards her anal exit and it opened, the result of receiving regular enema nozzles he concluded. "Mm, good girl," he murmured, spitting on his finger and using the wetness to coat her little anal ring. "Now, just relax," he urged. Her burning face hidden by his legs, Beatrice groaned as she obeyed.

Her thoughts went to her father, watching, as she felt the sharp sensation of a digit entering her bottom, its warmth and softness a pleasant contrast to the cold nozzles she so frequently had to push into herself. Her groan grew as his finger slid on and on, wriggling within her colon once it had totally submerged itself in her spongy backside.

Then it slowly withdrew, making her pant as her colon automatically clenched behind its withdrawal. Samuel inhaled the scent, nodding his approval as he detected soap from her first infusion, and Lavender from her second. "Well, she appears to be following her cleansing routines to the letter," he agreed, helping her up and pointing her to the bed.

"What now then?" Peter enquired, his heart hammering and his breath shortening as he thought of doing the same exercise on her, perhaps alone in her bedroom at home where, with privacy, he could go much further. Beatrice went and sat on her bed, unsure of what was going to happen to her next. She sat primly, her legs close together with her hands on her knees.

The adults devoured her; her father making her quiver with freshly learnt feelings. The Doctor's inspection making her quiver with a mixture of suppressed excitement and nervousness. She had learnt early on not to displease the tranquil looking gentleman.

"Obedient, are you?" Doctor Croft asked, his slight smile masking the importance of his question. "Yes Sir," she told him firmly, hoping that her response would be enough to avoid any further punishment.

She watched the doctor undo his breeches and felt a strange weakness flow over her. His cock sprung out, thickly veined and dark skinned, already swollen and erect as he stepped towards her, and held it to her face. There was no fear in her now, just a deep knowledge of what was expected of her.

"I have a tonic for you to swallow my dear," he told her, a grin on his face as his free hand went behind her head and drew her towards his manhood.

Beatrice quivered and looked along the shaft to the mass of curls at its base. She knew that she couldn't rebel, and let the hot skinned dome push into her mouth. Groaning, she felt her head being pushed down on it, just about the time the rich flavour swept across her tongue. Swallowing around the swollen dome and shaft, Beatrice let her head move with the guiding hand.

Obedience she had concluded would mean avoiding punishment and if she was careful, and didn't appear too eager, it might even mean sexual pleasure. She swallowed again and breathed when she could, the rhythm of the sliding cock oddly calming her.

"Let's see if she will accept her father's cock just as willingly," Samuel breathed. Attending to his breeches, Peter's excitement built as he watched his daughter lick her lips, and calmly waiting for his cock.

He shuffled forward carefully, his breeches around his ankles, and sobbed delightedly as his daughter's warm mouth surrounded him, her lips pressed lovingly around the shaft as she bathed his dome with her saliva, then willingly savoured and swallowed his flavour.

"Now I want you to part your thighs and masturbate, but you are not to come!" Samuel explained to the young girl.

"Do you understand? Doctor Croft asked, signalling for her father to approach. "Yes Sir! Beatrice answered, a blush immediately covering her pretty face.

With her breath coming loudly through her nose, Beatrice did as she was told and spread her thighs. Her father stepped right up between them, bringing him closer and allowing him to push her mouth more firmly down on his handsome cock.

Samuel watched Peter draw his cock to his daughter's face. A little hand crept timidly between her thighs and in moments she was stroking her cunt, pulling on the tender flesh to either side of her swollen clitoris. Nodding his approval at her technique, Samuel watched as she sucked at her father's cock.

"Do you want to finish in her mouth, or elsewhere?" Samuel asked the red- faced and panting man.

Peter drew away and took a steadying breath, his cock lurching with disappointment, right in front of Beatrice's pretty face where she sat erect, licking her lips of his flavour while continuing to gently and carefully masturbate.

"What did you have in mind?" Peter asked once he felt able to talk again.

"That's enough now," Doctor Croft told her seizing her hand. Beatrice couldn't mask the look of disappointment that appeared on her face as she drew her hand away, leaving a trail of gleaming wetness across her thighs.

"Good girl. Now stand up so you can turn and kneel on the edge of the bed for me please," he urged. Beatrice swallowed and got shakily to her feet. Her breath seemed out of control as she realised what they had in mind for her.

A thumb pushed her fleshy lips aside and spread her sticky wetness, tasking her breath and leaving to pant and quiver, waiting for what must eventually follow.

Beatrice wondered where her childhood had gone. Knowledgeable fingers now drew her labia apart, spreading the way for her father's cock to follow.

Surely, her mother would not have consented to this? Beatrice thought but swallowed as the tip of her father's swollen cock pressed against her cunt, and without hesitation, pressed its way into her.

Despite the daily training she'd received, Beatrice groaned as her father pushed his way in. Eyes closed, she clutched at the covers as he felt his hot and throbbing cock spear into her body, filling her with throbbing manhood.

This was nothing like the wood and rubber tools the nurse had forced into her on earlier occasions. Had her mother felt like this on her wedding night? Her father's cock jerked deep inside her, then drew out to push back in again, the friction sending hot pleasure through her lower body.

She was breathless, and yet every new thrust made her squeal, every new thrust made her rock with her taking. She came, squealing loudly with the pleasures he had brought her and didn't mind being hurriedly turned to take his sticky cock into her mouth again, before he erupted and she swallowed it all.

Would this give her a child she wondered? She felt the thick and hot sperm sliding down her gullet, and trembled with the very thought of it.


Lily Croft sat in a comfortable chair; one that had been brought in especially for her, and casually continued her knitting.

Across from her sat Mrs Victoria Hughes, an elegant woman who looked nervous and ill at ease. She had agreed to this, and yet she couldn't forget the risk that she ran. If the press were ever to find out, her life in London would be over.

Her nervousness grew as her son Daniel was brought into the room and his shift removed. She stared at him and his nakedness while, across from her; the doctor's wife continued her knitting as if unaware of him.

Lily Croft only pretended not to notice the young boy and smiled at his uncertainty, as he cupped his handsome cock in his hands, then timidly placed them down at his side, his eyes darting between the two women.

Daniel Hughes at thirteen was the sole heir to the family fortune and the apple of his widowed mother's eye. Lily and Victoria had had long conversations about the boy, and agreed that her future depended too much on his whims for it to be left to chance.

The clicking of the knitting needles continued but Lily looked up and smiled at him. Daniel timidly smiled back at her, his hands fighting the urge to cover himself again.

"My daughter Jasmine tells me that have been a good boy Daniel, and learnt your lessons well," Lily told him.

"Thank you Madam," he murmured, his eyes dropped as he recalled the humiliation and pain of his training.

"She also believes that you enjoy your lessons," she told him.

"Is that bad of me?" he asked.

Lily laughed and held her hands out towards him, waiting patiently for him to timidly come forward, into her embrace. Once there, she tied a blindfold over his eyes, then gently kissed his smooth cheek before turning him towards his mother.

"Now, you must be a good boy and show your mother just how much you have learnt," she urged.

Blindfolded, he shuffled forward, his hands held out in front of him while the ladies watched his handsome cock bounce and his small but compact bottom tense with each of his steps.

His mother stopped him with a hand, then stood in front of him to undo and remove her outer clothes, smiling as the sound brought a blush to his young cheeks and chuckling softly as the scent of her perfume had him breathing deeply through his nose.

Sitting again, she spread her thighs to have him shuffle in between them, the cotton of her draws also parting, exposing her furry nest to the woman seated across from her. Her hands lifted a large plump breast from the seat of her corset and held the nipple outward, her other hand drawing his face forward, until his soft lips covered it.

A groan escaped her as her son began to suck, instinct telling him how to do it, the sharp pull on her teat causing her to gasp with delight and shake with excitement.

"Yesss!" she breathed and hissed, loving the sharp sensation in her nipple as he sucked with more vigour. She quivered as it communicated directly with her crotch, warming and swelling, tenderising her for later impalement. Her hand left the back of his hair to slide down and feel the youthful smoothness of his shoulder and arm.

"Yes, you're mummy's little soldier," she mumbled, remembering him at four, so sweet in the bath of water. Her hand pulled her other breast free and drew him across to it. The fresh agony of delight caught her breath and made her arch into his mouth.

"That's a good boy," she breathed.

"Feel him," Lily urged, watching calmly from across the room.

Victoria caught her breath and let her free hand travel down his smooth young chest to his belly. A trembling grew within her as her fingers caressed his young and smooth loins, and then his handsome cock and balls.

She dare not look at him, yet she felt the exquisitely smooth flesh of his boyhood. It was now standing erect from his loins, the flesh hot and dry, stretched tautly along its length and drawn away from the tender, slender tip.

The tip was moist, leaving a trail across her thumb as she felt the soft tip and the little eye. Beneath his cock was a tight corrugated sack of flesh that was covered in a fine down of hair, containing his precious balls.

"Good boy," his mother panted, her eyes open but seeing nothing as she pulled her son downwards. "Be a soldier for mummy now Daniel," she told him. Daniel's heart fluttered as he felt himself pushed down onto his knees.

"Just like you were taught," Lily reminded him, putting aside her knitting to walk across to them. She watched the boy's nostrils flare, no doubt scenting his mother's mature sex for the first time.

Victoria looked ready, more than ready; her long thick nipples still gleaming with his saliva and her skin flushed with her excitement.

"Wide apart now Victoria," Lily urged her.

Victoria sucked in a deep breath and quivered as she spread her thighs right before her kneeling son. The fact he was blindfolded helped her, but not much. She watched his nose flare and saw him lick his lips.

His cock jerked upwards wantonly, quickening her heart as she thought of it actually entering her. Her son's cock, sliding into her body, there to claim him as her own and safeguard the rich life she'd become acquainted with.

"Lead him," Lily murmured, the view of the boy before her straining her composure. Samuel would love to have her put to one of the boys, have them rut in her body while he looked on, photographing it and making notes in his journal.

Perhaps she should allow it, she thought.

Victoria's hands were in his hair now, holding his head tightly and drawing it forward, towards the rich source of the growing scent. His training told him he was being pulled towards his mother's cunt, an unseen, mystical place he'd never considered until entering Birbeck House.

Her toes curling, Victoria placed her son's angelic face at the very junction of her thighs and held him there, quivering with need and nervousness.

She felt herself unfurl and sobbed with the sensation that flooded her. Then, watched by the doctor's wife, drew her son's face the last inch towards her cunt, pressing his nose and mouth up against her and gasping with the delight of it.

Spinning off into a sudden orgasm, Victoria felt the ignition and release of a second as her son's tongue ferreted timidly into her cunt, sliding through her moisture to taste and collect her spend.

With a cry she jerked and bucked uncontrollably, her son feeding remorselessly on her orgasms. Unable to take it any more, she pushed him away and sucked fresh air into her tortured body.

"And the rest Mrs Hughes," Lily told her softly but sternly.

Eyes closed as the aftermath of her double orgasm flowed through her, Victoria pulled her blindfolded son upwards, her hand reaching down to blindly find his rampant cock and place it within her.

He started to buck, burying his cock deep within her liquid channel and she found herself coming again, the sensations spiraling through her, her mind shredding apart as she heard him cry out and felt his cock jerk powerfully within her.


Doctor Croft covered his head and shoulders with the black cape and looked through the plate to judge what the photograph would look like when taken. The view was reversed, so the boy in front of him looked as if he was doing a strange handstand, as he clung to the ropes that held him.

"That's a good boy Paul," he murmured as he roughly caressed the two inches of his cock that protruded from the spiked leather harness he had wrapped around it. The boy sobbed as the doctor roughly handled his cock forcing it to swell against the spiked harness causing him acute pain.

His privileged life had ill prepared him for the consequences of his father loosing his entire fortune on an ill-timed venture. With both his parents now dead, he had thought that the poorhouse was a hell on earth and that nothing could be worse.

As one of the orphan's Doctor Croft used for his experiments, he now knew differently. Samuel chuckled as he watched the bloated head of Paul's cock darken.

It looked ready to burst and could well have done so, had it not been for the tight leather ring that was around his balls stopping it from doing so.

"Right, let's try something else, shall we Paul," Samuel suggested, picking up a long metal pole that had an inch diameter ball at one end of it.

Paul swallowed and panted loudly with his fear. There was only one place that such a thing could go, as earlier abuse had shown him. He yelled, half in the hope of release, half through the pain of having the metal ball forced deep into his anus.

Then, breathless, he felt its slow progress along his anal passage, stopping deep within him to press downwards.

Magically, Paul's cock jerked powerfully in front of him and a new cry was torn from the boy, this one a strangled cry of searing pain as, his prostrates firmly massaged by the steel ball in his anus, his balls tensed and his burning seed was squeezed past the restrictive leather cords to then dribble from the tip of his swollen cock.

Doctor Croft rushed to the camera to quickly slide a new plate into the box, then take another photograph, this one with the metal pole sticking out of Paul's bottom whilst his cock continued to dribble pearly seed down onto the floor.

"Oh yes, very good," he panted, quickly covering the cock head with his mouth and savor the texture of the bloated head and the flavor of his young and virile seed. He sucked, drawing out what he could, then went to stand behind the fastened boy, his eyes glued hotly on his lean bottom as he hurriedly undid his breeches.

"Now then Paul. Let's see," he murmured, drawing himself up behind the suspended boy and pulling the pole out slowly. Paul gasped, then panted with relief as the awful ball was drawn out finally from his bottom. His relief was short lived though.

Within moments Samuel had drawn himself up behind him and, holding Paul's hips still, eased himself into his hot passage. Paul gasped in short pants, his eyes wide as he was taken.

No matter how often he was violated, the initial pain remained, a spiky ache that then sat in the base of his stomach, refusing to go away until the pleasure became intense.

Fully embedded in Paul's bottom, the doctor slid his hand round and roughly grasped Paul's cock. A jerk back on the leather harness and Paul sang with pain, tears of agony flowing down his cheeks as the doctor roughly masturbated his burning cock.

"No, please!" he whimpered.

"Oh yes, oh yes," Samuel whispered in Paul's ear, his head turning to watch himself in the mirror, slowly fucking back and forth in Paul's anus, then pulling on the boy's tortured cock just to feel his anus tighten delightfully around him.

"Oh yes!" he gasped, doing it again just to hear Paul's agonized wail and feel again that delicious squeeze around his cock. He thrust back and forth with mad abandon crying out delightedly as he reached his orgasm, bathing Paul's colon with his seed.

Drawing away, he released the boy to have him lick his cock clean, and then sent Paul back to his class.

Doctor Croft restricted himself to three releases a day; in the same way as he restricted his family, so he restricted himself. Relieved until the evening, the doctor returned to his journal, writing up his latest findings before taking the photographic plates into his self-made darkroom for fixing and printing.


As the evening drew to a close, Samuel Croft returned to the family rooms where Lily was already comfortable, knitting quietly while a boy stood in the corner, trembling from fear rather than any cold he might feel, his clothes lying in an untidy pile on the floor beside him.

"You made him undress?" Samuel asked of his wife as he lit a cigar and stood before the fire.

"I thought it prudent," Lily nodded.

Samuel chuckled and looked more closely at her, smiling as his eyes detected a glow to her cheeks.

"Little by little, our activities are wearing you down Lily," he observed.

She blushed more brightly now and looked towards the boy, eyeing the thirteen year olds growing cock, stemming from a small patch of soft curls she secretly yearned to slide her fingers through.

"Would you also like enjoy him, as Jasmine and I will be doing?" he announced. The boy was due to leave Birbeck House the very next day, purchased by one of Doctor Croft's rich clients.

Lily fanned her hot face and looked again at the handsome young boy.

"It's only a matter of time, my dear," Samuel told her. "Sooner or later, you will succumb," he warned.

"You'll not hurt me, will you dear?" she asked, shaking with the thought of being their toy, even for a few moments.

Samuel went across to her and gently stroked her hair, considering her as she turned her head into his hand to kiss his palm as she looked up at him, beseechingly.

"All pleasure comes as a result of pain," he reminded her.

"But you'll be lenient, won't you, this first time?" she begged.

Jasmine entered and smiled towards her father, her eyes quickly scanning the room.

"Your mother wishes leniency," he told her. Jasmine smiled and joined her on the couch. "You'll never reach the heights of pleasure unless you allow pain to drive your pleasure," Jasmine told her.

That was a cruel lesson that her father had taught her when she was much younger; forcing a spiked dildo deep into her anus, bringing on an explosion of pleasures in her little cunt.

"I know darling, but I'm not as brave as you," Lily admitted. "Just one word Lily, that's all you need to say," Samuel breathed.

Samuel had laboured long and hard to bring his wife to this state of mind; firstly to accept the need to train there daughter, then to get involved in the patient's treatments, and now to accept that she too would be trained.

"Please, be gentle," Lily, begged, her body shaking with nervousness.


Jasmine and Samuel slowly undressed Lily while she stood before the fire. Their hands stroked and kneaded her, bringing her through her nervousness to have her tremble with the thoughts of her forthcoming pleasure.

Kneeling in front of her mother, Jasmine pressed her mouth to the apex of her mother's cunt and let her tongue search out the strong flavour, drinking it eagerly while her father prepared the table.

Lily was taken to it, shaking and panting in anticipation, her eyes large ovals as her daughter and husband guided her upon it, and then drawn down until her limbs could be tied to the corners and her head left to hang over the edge.

"Lovely," Samuel murmured, delighting in the tightening of his wife's breasts as she was stretched and bound.

Jasmine grinned and dipped her head once again between her mother's thighs, her eyes traveling along her body to watch it jerk as her tongue began playing with her clitoris. Flicking it upwards had Lily gasping, her body jumping as the sensations flew into her.

Naked, Samuel knelt at his wife's head and drew her head down, using her hair to bind her head back so her gullet would be straight; one long tube for his pleasure.

Jasmine chose to undress before the young boy, removing her clothes slowly and smiling at him, watching his cock grow erect and begin to overflow as, piece by piece, she bared herself to him.

At thirteen, he had a very handsome cock, slightly bent along the shaft but nicely thick and long with large balls hanging tightly underneath, full of sperm.

She then ran her fingers slowly between her thighs, smearing them with her excitement, then fed them to him, giggling at his eagerness to lick all of her flavour.

"Your mother's ready now," Samuel called.

Jasmine grinned and drew the boy towards her panting mother, his cock now rampantly erect. A stool had been placed for the boy to stand on and once suitably lifted Jasmine took his young cock and fed it into her mother's mouth.

Lily made little sobbing noises around his cock as it slid inwards and her eyes widened as she found her breath blocked, then the cock was sliding out and she could quickly pant, recovering before the eager boy pushed his cock back into her mouth again.

Samuel stood back and stroked his own cock, enjoying the sight of such a young and virile cock being slid so smoothly and deeply back and forth in his wife's mouth.

Adding to his pleasures was that of his daughter, the dirty young girl was kneeling down behind the boy and holding his bottom apart, stabbing her tongue into his little anal ring each time he drew out of her mother's mouth.

Standing between his wife's thighs, Samuel used his cock to slap her plump cunt, chuckling as it gleamed with her excitement. Squealing noises came from her mouth which abruptly stopped each time the boy slid his cock back in again.

"Jasmine!" Samuel called.

The slender eighteen year old scrambled from behind the panting boy to quickly kneel where her father had been. Straight away her tongue fluttered over her mother's labia, teasing the woman so her thighs would tense and lift her crotch and another squeal would erupt from between her filled lips.

Samuel pulled the boy aside and throw him over the arm of the couch, his hand guiding his cock into the boy's tight anus. He hissed as the tight anal ring slid along his shaft, pulling back his glands as he slid into the moist heat of his rectum, the boy now grunting and wide eyed, as the doctor's large cock filled him.

Samuel buried himself in his bottom, and then pulled away, groaning as he bobbed into the air again. With the boy now left to rub his sore anus, Samuel returned to his wife and grinned at her bent back head before putting his fragrant cock to her mouth.

Lily squealed, but the noise was already muted by the inward surge of her husband's cock. Wide-eyed, she suddenly remembered the need for breath and sucking in what she could before the cock slid over her tongue and into her gullet.

With a sigh of pleasure, Samuel held himself there; the head of his cock feeling her throat begin to work, as she grew low on air. His daughter hardened her flicking tongue and Lily fought frantically in her bonds, the pleasure between her legs competing with the quickly escalating need to breathe.

Gauging the moment, Samuel drew back and watched his wife gasp for air, even as the first of her orgasms rushed over her, lifting her bound body and offering Jasmine copious amounts of juice to lick.


"Tomorrow, we have three new patients coming to Birbeck House who have been booked in for two weeks of special treatments," Samuel sighed. Lily smiled, trying to hide the excitement she felt at the idea of having some fresh young victims.

Boy's or girl's, it didn't matter as she looked forward to removing their clothes to delight in seeing and feeling their lovely smooth young skin, before inflicting her special treatments upon them.

Jasmine licked her lips and drew herself off of her father. Dropping to his feet, she slid her mouth over his softening member and dreamt of helping him bind the patients down prior to their treatment.

She licked her anal flavor from her father's cock and imagined all the punishments she'd give their unsuspecting bodies, as she broke their will, and they pleaded for her mercy.

Samuel patted Jasmine's hair and thought of how soft and smooth the new patients hair would be, how lovely their little bodies would be, and how glorious their frightened expressions would be as he abused and tortured them, all in the name of his special medical research.

Not content with his successes, Doctor Croft now visited St. Saviour's on a much more regular basis.

He took advantage of his position as a patron, and advised his good friend Miss Bolton the matron on hygiene matters.

Much to Rebecca's delight, Samuel was also very happy to demonstrate all the treatments he had devised to punish children who masturbate without permission. This was a growing problem at St. Saviour's that she felt it her duty to inform him about, and would bring her many hours of pleasure trying to solve.

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The sleepover pt. 1

Prologue My name is Alex. I was 14 years old and 5’10, at the time of this story, and lived in London, England. I was always a geek and outcasted from almost all groups and societies. This Story starts on a Friday in Late July. It was my parents’ anniversary so they were going to Cambridge for a week. My sister was staying with her friend Joanna, so I asked my friend Bella if I could stay with her for the week. I almost always stayed with her when my parents were out of London and often when they were. She...


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Nerd son and Mom

Nerd son & Mom A Mom and her Nerdy son, a four-part story of becoming a cum slut. Janet Bigs was a 38-year-old widow, she had red hair, a set of 38E tits an ass she kept tight by working out three days a week. Janet was a MILF. Her son Wally was a small boy for his age but being a sophomore in high school he had several years yet to grow. Wally was he class brain, so kids were always asking him with help on their homework. He tried out for the soccer team he just made the cut...


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