The Carnival Chapter 4

The Carnival Chapter 4

I thought about last night as I ate lunch at Danny Kaye’s Pizza, the only place within a mile of the carnival lot. The weather had been cold and drizzly for two days. It was a welcome change to spend last night in a nice warm and cozy trailer, especially with three beautiful women. I never expected it was to become a memorable moment in my life.

The more I replayed last night’s adventure the more confused I became as to how everything unfolded. I had too much to drink and apparently passed out. I awoke in the dead of night to find one of the three women straddling my torso fucking the shit out of me. It was almost totally dark; I was still drunk; I couldn’t make out who it was, as she faced away from me, so I just rode out the moment of passion.

In the dimly lit room I could feel more than see the silhouette of a naked woman as she slowly lowered her hot dripping pussy onto my rock hard shaft. Slowly she began pumping her wide firm ass up and down. I don’t know why I didn’t cum immediately; perhaps the alcohol. This whole week of experiences was completely alien. It was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me.

Licking the sauce along the slit of a warm meatball grinder took on a whole new connotation. I thought of Corrine and Carla and how succulent they were. I thought of Carmen and wondered what it would feel like to run my tongue through her slit. I was getting a hard on eating my sub in front of Paula. The brown eyed niece of Danny Kaye’s owner was staring directly at me. If she looked down she most certainly would have seen the bulge between my legs partially hidden by the table.

I finished lunch and it was now safe to get up. I started thinking about last night again and how I could get a repeat performance; I came up blank. I leisurely strolled along the tree lined street back to my temporary home. It had gotten a lot warmer, now that most of the clouds had dissipated. Things were also drying out quite rapidly; you could hardly tell it had rained the previous two days. As soon as I left the shade and onto the lot, the heat felt more like late July than June. I change from my jeans and back into a pair of light-weight shorts.

It seems my lower half of my body had a mind of its own; it kept telling me it wanted to go visit the electrician’s trailer. Of course it won the argument. Carla, Corrine and Carmen were in back sunbathing, all lying face down
wearing untied bikini tops. It was a definite no-no to have tan lines showing; but somehow I didn’t think it would show much on their already bronze skin. What a sight! My cock was swiftly becoming engorged.

They were a bit startled from my approach, but relaxed when they saw it was only me.

“Hi, ladies! I just came by to thank you once again for such a good time and a warm place to sleep last night.” Jokingly I added, “I wouldn’t mind doing that again.”

Carmen tied her straps back up and got up to get some cold drinks.

“Just a Coke for me, thank you.”

I couldn’t take another beer right now. When she went into the trailer, I said to Carla, Your mother said you were up all night and didn’t want to get up this morning”

She replied, “Not really. I slept like a log and you’re right about the part, I didn’t want to get up. I just wanted to sleep in late.”

That got me thinking again, and realized it must have been Carmen. Last night’s erotic scene began to replay in my mind again as I continued to think about last night; lying on my back with my stiff boner sliding deeply into Carmen’s dripping hot older woman pussy. I thought of when she leaned forward and began short fast pounding strokes just before she climaxed. The soft wet sounds as her pussy lips opened wide as she came down hard against my cock and balls. I recalled her pussy contracting along my shaft just before I blasted my load deep into her body. My groin was stirring; my dick was throbbing. My cock was straining to burst from my shorts when Carmen returned with the drinks. It was just barely below painful.

Now that I had a face to go along with my adventure, I couldn’t help replaying the scene all day.
There was no way she could miss the huge bulge in my shorts. I gave her a big strained smile, trying not to show my discomfort. She smiled back and her eyes seemed to open wider as she neared. She looked down and held her stare longer than she meant to. I tried to avoid eye contact, but she knew I saw her looking. The girls were still face down and did not notice. There was a small umbrella table, so Carman and I sat at the table. Corrine and Carla did themselves up and joined us. It was the most gorgeous boob fest you could imagine. I couldn’t help staring at each gorgeous babe in turn.

Carmen finally spoke up, “Did you enjoy our game of Monopoly last night?”

“It was the most fun since I started working the carnival. Maybe we can do it again, soon.” I replied hoping to get some reaction.

“Fridays we like to play cards. Maybe you could join us. I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind having you over. I know it would be all right with Joe, also. If it’s cold out like it was last night we might put you up on the sofa bed if you don’t mind.”

My mind was raging with thoughts of animal like sex; my cock bounced back to a full throbbing boner once more and now I didn’t think it was going to subside.

“I certainly would not mind; and I would be looking forward to another evening of fun and games.” My wishes were all coming to fruition.

Three pairs of nipples were starting to show through their bikini tops. I didn’t think these bikinis were made for swimming; the material appeared much thinner than the standard swim wear. Perhaps these were carnival props like so many other things I’ve seen and learned about the carnival way of life; the number of different ways to attract and lure potential customers was an important part of their business. Like the familiar slogan: ‘It pays to advertise!’ Well, this was certainly true and was executed in many ways in the carnie circuit.

It was getting late in the day and time to say my goodbyes to the ladies; it was time to get ready to open for business. It was finally safe to get up without putting on a show for all to see.

People were showing up early. This was a good sign; it looked like I might be able to get the weekly rent after all. It was a long night and we stayed open an extra hour to accommodate the crowds. Business was way better than I expected.

I was exhausted and only wanted to crawl into the back of my tent to my sleeping quarters. And that’s just what I did. It was still warm inside my tent; I stripped to just my shorts and flopped onto my cot. I was asleep in minutes.

I awoke in the middle of the night; and sensed someone was in the tent with me. I opened my eyes but couldn’t see anything. Then I heard a soft whisper calling me. It was Corrine.

“Are you awake, Bobby? Do you mind if I visit for a while?”

I was awake now! I sat up and swung my legs off the cot.

“Yeah, I’m awake and I don’t mind at all if you stay a while. Aren’t you afraid your father will find you out late again?”

“He and Mom are sound asleep, so I took a chance and came over to see you. I noticed you were very excited to see us this afternoon. I couldn’t help notice your discomfort. I took a glance at you when mom was bringing out the drinks. You had a major hard-on. I wanted it”

As she said this, her hand reached out and rested on my thigh; slowly she slid it up to my sleeping cock. Every nerve in my groin was short circuiting as my dick flooded with a fresh supply of arterial blood.

“Take off your shorts, Bobby,” she whispered as the back of her hand and fingers brushed up to my raging boner. Two seconds later I felt a wet hand sliding up and down my rock hard shaft. She spit on her hand again and began stroking faster with her slippery smooth hand.

“Slow down before I shoot my load all over you. It feels so nice.”

She stopped and repositioned herself and got down on her knees in front of me. The next thing I felt was her hot mouth and full lips sucking the head of my woody. I couldn’t bear it.

“Corrine, that’s not much better. I’m about to explode!”

“You can explode any time you want, now. Your cum won’t shoot all over my clothes now”

“I guess your right!”

With that said she cupped my sac and added to her mouth suction by jerking the base of my swollen member. I almost passed out from the pleasure. I never came as hard in my life. I barely got the words out of my mouth that I was going to cum. Corrine sensed my body tensing and jerked faster and sucked like no tomorrow. I felt my cock swelling even more as I felt a molten load building from my balls and shooting through my shaft.

I interlaced my fingers as I held the back of Corrine’s head. I couldn’t take the chance she might pull away at this moment. I felt this load was going to break the speed limit as it slammed into the back of her throat at more than thirty miles per hour. She let out a muffled sound as she felt my hot seed shoot and begin to fill her hot hungry mouth. Moaning her enjoyment as she tasted my sweet semen, Corrine continued sucking and licking until my last little glob of sticky cum was drained from my softening cock. She squeezed my tool from the base to the tip to make sure she didn’t leave any. Not a drop was lost as she gulped the whole load.

I felt a need to do something for her, but she said some other time. She had to return before someone might wake and notice her missing. There will be other times she said as she left. Actually I felt relieved that she did leave. After that blow job I was drained and sleep seemed the better option. I back on my cot and closed my eyes. Dreamland came immediately; it was daylight the next time I opened my eyes.

It was only Friday of my first full week at the Cape Cod tour. Last Friday on my first night of work I was a total virgin nerd. I was so na? to the world beyond school. Such pleasures never entered my thoughts. To be fucked and sucked by three sexually deprived gorgeous women had to have been every man’s wildest dreams. I was fifteen posing as eighteen going on thirty and living in Heaven.

What could possibly top the week today.

“Bobby, do you want to go get some breakfast?” My boss spoke loudly outside my tent.

“Sure. Just let me throw on some clothes; I’ll be right out.”

We drove to Hyannis for breakfast. Only fifteen miles from EBF; this was civilization, there were people and businesses and restaurants galore. We settled for the pancake house and had a leisurely breakfast. It was almost like being at home. Hyannis was our next stop and Bobby M. was checking out the lot for his position in the line. Like any other retail business, location was everything. I was looking forward to next week; but there was still two days left to finish my first week of carnival life. What a life!

I have a card game to attend tonight after work; it sounds like another new experience is about to unfold.

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