Pervert Camp

Pervert Camp

My mom came from work one day only to tell me that we are going to camp for next 7 days. She was too tired from work and wanted a few days off. Her colleague owns a nice farm. He didn't refuse her to use it for camping. Pretty harmless place with some trees and a lake.

She asked me to pack our bags so that we can leave for the camping trip in the evening and reach by night. I went to my room to pack stuffs up. I am 19. My mom is 40. I really don't know about my dad and I never cared to ask mom about it. She took care all on her own.

We put our luggage in our car. We had nice ride till we reached the spot. While my mom started to look around, I worked on the tent. There was just 1 large tent. My mom opened the luggage to arrange things inside the tent. Once we were done, I lit fire from the woods which I had collected from nearby. We arranged the dinner and had a wonderful campfire. Then the unthinkable happened. My mom slipped and fell hurting both her palms. I could just use some first aid from the kit I packed. I had to do rest of the work as she was helpless.

We went to sleep at 11. We basically had sleeping bags and I helped mom to get in her's. We talked a bit about life and then I too got into my bag and closed my eyes trying to grab some sleep. Late night I heard some voices, but I tried to sleep. It was 6 am and the rustling still continued. Turns out it was mom who was making the noise by turning herself around as she was in trouble. I got up when I heard the unsettling sounds. I asked her if she was okay. She said that the pain has subsided and her palms are better now but she was still unable to handle things on her own. And she wanted to pee.

She wanted to pee but she was not able to come out of her bag on her own. I helped her to come out. She sat down and so did I. I asked her if she could wait till morning so that I could arrange some help. But she wanted to pee really badly. When I was thinking of some way to help her, she said

"See, it is one time only. You don't need to make a fuss out of it. You lower my pants. Once I finish, you pull them up and then we can sleep."

I was stunned for a moment. I initially thought it would be odd to see her nude but then we had no option in tent far away from human settlement. When I found no other alternative but to help her myself, I decided to comply. I had never seen a girl like that before.

I helped her get up. I unzipped the tent from her end. We came out. There were woods nearby and we moved on to woods. She took a deep breath and turned her face away from me. I put my hands on her waist. I was a bit surprised when I found myself touching her without any hesitation. I mean I should have shivered or felt ashamed but I was actually happy to touch her that way. The boner was on its way. Did I really wanted to see her that way? My mom is hot and I had no doubt about that. I was always a big time pervert when it came to sex. Although I never thought about my mom that way, but here I was forced to. I tried to keep my perversion to myself.
"Should I?"
"NOW" she replied.
I tried to pull her pants down but they were tightly tucked. I tried to unbutton them but they were too tight to be opened from behind. Ultimately I came forward to face her. I was smiling.
"You are smiling and you have a hard on too?" she looked at me. I was looking down in shame but couldn't control my smile.

I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped it. While doing it, I pressed around her clit too a bit. Once the jeans loosened, I started to pull them down slowly. It was more like a porn movie for me. I was enjoying it even while knowing that it is my mom whom I am doing this to. I slowly slid down the jeans to her knees. I didn't need to go beyond that. Then she faced away from me once again. Her round ass was in front of me. All what was between my hand and her ass was her underwear.

"Will you pull them down or keep admiring?" Mom asked me.

I started to pull down the panty. It was an amazing feeling. Once I brought them below the hips, I could clearly see her ass and asshole too. I moved my fingers once through it and sniffed. I had totally forgotten it is my mom who is in front of me and I was fully acting pervert by now. She didn’t say anything. I pulled down the panty to her knees as well.

She sat down to relieve herself. I was standing behind her and nothing was visible to me. But then I couldn't resist myself and I came about to face her. I could totally smell it. My eyes glazed her pussy. I too sat down in front of her. I could see her pee coming out from above the pussy. Few drops trickled down as well. It was neat, shaved and clean. Once she was done, she found me staring at her pussy.
"Now since you have seen it quite well, can you care to get some water from the lake so that I can wash?" she asked.

I was stunned for a moment. She was okay to show herself nude in front me. I went down to fetch some water. When I came back, I saw my mom sitting on rocks with her legs wide open. I could see her asshole too.
"You can wash it yourself if you wish too" she told me.

I started to pour water and gently started to wash her pussy. We had maintained the eye contact during this. I was still pouring the water and rubbing. Soon it was me just rubbing her pussy. Slowly and steadily I saw a discomfort on her face. She turned her face away from me and started to moan. Her moans became loud and I was still rubbing around her pussy. I started to rub harder. I knew she was enjoying. Her moans grew louder and louder. I decided to take it deeper. I put my thumb on her pee hole and pushed my fingers in her pussy. I started to finger her as well. It was really warm inside. My dick was rock hard by now. I concentrated on fingering her wits out. I knew she was totally ok with this concept. I also realized that she might be a pervert too. She was moaning quite loudly without realizing it was her son who was fingering her. Then suddenly I felt a warm splurge on my hand. Probably she had cummed to my rubbing. She was sweating. I pulled out my fingers and sat in front of her.

“So you liked it …. pervert?” she asked after being quiet for sometime. I had been still gazing at her pussy.
“Only as much as you did” I replied without looking up. She was smiling. She didn’t say anything but got up abruptly and went back to the tent. I followed her with her pants and underwear in my hands while looking at her ass.

Do review and put and comments. Preparing the next part.

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