Wonder Woman and the Pink Power Ring

Wonder Woman and the Pink Power Ring

Ever since the war of light, Diana hadn't stopped thinking about her experience with the pink ring. Sure, it gave her immense powers untold and the power of love was intense, but there was another side effect of the ring that Diana had not expected.

The pink ring had made her horny beyond belief! She had never experienced such euphoria, and to be near orgasm for hours on end was, quite frankly, life changing. She now found herself thinking of little else. It was an awakening for the selfless superheroine who was always doing good deeds for others. The sudden flood of pleasure to her often neglected libido was overwhelming and an amazon libido was already a powerful thing.

The plan was to go down to the trophy room in the JLA's orbiting headquarters and "borrow" one of the pink rings so she could take it back to her room and just have a couple hours alone with it. I mean, technically, the ring chose her, right? So it wasn't even really like stealing at all. It was hers.

There were different colored rings clamped along the wall of the Justice League's trophy room. Each one has a release lever next to it. There are yellow rings of fear, red rings of rage, indigo rings of compassion, orange rings of avarice and pink rings for eroticism. Each of them had been collected after it's owner fell in battle. The League felt these were the troublesome rings and that's why there were no blue or green rings being held here.

Freeing the ring with the release lever, Diana used her superspeed to catch it as it flew through the air, but on contact with it, Diana realized she doesn't have the willpower to resist it's alluring hum any longer.

She puts the ring on and transforms into a far sluttier outfit that reveals way more and is a provocative and cheap pink color. She might have been embarrassed by this before but wearing the ring she stopped caring about humility.

She felt her breasts swell with milk again. It felt good. She felt sexy and firm and fertile. Her swollen clit throbbed and before she knew what she was doing, her hands pinched her nipples to make them hard, she pulled each of her amazon teats free and plunged her hands into her quivering sex, moaning and panting right there in the middle of the trophy room!

Knowing she wouldn't be able to make it back to her quarters unnoticed like this, she security locks the door and then completely gives in to her carnal desires. Her legs give out from her and she sinks to her knees. Her pussy had been sorely unattended over the last few months and the ring wanted to fix it! She wanted to fix it too!

She runs her hands over her swollen teets and pulls at them, squeezing each nipple, tugging at them until they are raw and sore. Pulling aside the thong, she plunged her fingers into herself. She was so wet! She knew part of it was the ring's power and partly it was her oversexed Amazon biology, but Diana had never been so horny that she was sitting in a puddle of herself as she was now. Igniting her ring she created a big pink cock out of pink energy and with her ass up in the air and her face on the floor, she mentally wills it to enter her.

The tip finds her entrance and eases inside her adjusting its size to fill her to the utmost and then she fucks herself with it, creaming. She spreads her arms out and shivers and moans as her first really great orgasm hits her. She's barely finished before she starts to build another orgasm deep in her loins.

Dripping onto the floor, Diana is thankful that none of her colleagues could see her now and that the door was locked. This carnal display was clearly beneath the dignity of a princess and yet here she was rutting around like a dog in heat.

It didn't matter that the door was locked. Captain Boomerang had snuck in before Diana got here and hid when he heard her coming. His plan had been to steal back some of his old Boomerangs that he knew they were displaying here as spoils of war. When Wonder Woman had walked in, he thought she would see him, but she seemed lost in her own thoughts. By the time she had put the ring on, it's power had engulfed him and he watched her breasts swell, getting hard in his tights.

He had seen everything, jerking off in the corner and he wanted her so badly. I mean it was Wonder Woman! She was the ultimate female symbol personified as this Amazonian princess now writhing around on the floor in front of him like a horny bitch rubbing up against everything.

Maybe the erotic power of the pink ring was also affecting him, but within seconds of witnessing this base display of animalism, Boomerang had his hands down his tights, choking his python to life. Nobody would believe him. Every villain dreamt of the Woman Cunt; the Rogues, his own father wanted a piece and he had an opportunity to be the one to hit it. Her tight and ageless Amazonian skin glistened as she serviced herself like a filthy prostitute.

He had a plan now. Putting on a burst of super speed, he frees three rings and rushes to Diana.

He puts the orange ring on her finger next to her pink one. He puts the pink and red ones on himself. The change was instantaneous. As the orange light flooded over her, craven desire filled her. She wanted more! More cum! The orange ring combined with the pink had magnified her lust. The avarice of her libido in overdrive was consuming to her mind as it focused on only one thing.

Boomerang had taken out his cock and it grew with the power of love and then the red rage was like a powerful steroid, pumping blood into his cock and making him aggressive. His cock was huge and angry now, hot as blood coursed though it with rage. It almost hurt now and he needed nothing more than to sooth his angry cock with wet pussy. He mounted her from behind swiftly, pressing his advantage.

Every super villain dreams of the wonder bitch and now he had her in heat! She didn't quite figure it out right away it seemed. Boomerang got in a few good strokes balls deep in Amazon pussy before she realized what was going on. He was glad he had the rings' power enhancing his performance. He didn't think he could last long hitting the princess from behind like this otherwise.

Her big meaty thighs rippled with each thrust as her thick muscles pushed back against her rapist. Diana was filled so suddenly and so soon after being bathed in the hungry light of greed, she didn't pick up on the presence of the man in the room until it was too late.

But she liked the cock and she wanted more! She needed it, it was hers! It was all hers! When she looked back and saw Digger Harkness's son Owen Mercer, his cock huge, engorged by the pink ring's lust energy, veins bulging down the shaft, hot and angry red from that ring's blood pounding power, she was horrified but not willing to act on that horror… "Boomerang? Oh my gods!" Was all she could manage. Her pussy needed this work out.

"Amazon pussy!" He sneered as he threw his entire length into her over and over again.

"You're disgusting! You don't deserve this privilege. I am an Amazonian Princess..." She knew the words meant next to nothing now.

He corrected her, "You're a horny slut who likes this dick, dick, dick!"

Each time he said dick he slammed his massive tool deep into her, banging his helmet against her cervix. She didn't stop him either, she just grits her teeth and screwed up her face in revulsion.

It was clear the rings were winning. She liked it. She wanted it and she wanted more! No! She mustn't give in to the orange ring's greed, nor the lust of the pink ring! But it was too late, and she was consumed by it's titillating aura. More and more she wanted this animal passion, until she simply gave in to her body's desires.

She spat out vile words unfit for an Amazon. "Fuck it then! Gimme that dick! Gimme gimme gimme! Throw your lightning bolt like Zeus, mortal! Prove your worth! Fuck me! More! More!"

She was going to get hers, she was going to make the most of this indignity and she was going to cum again!

Being a misogynist douchebag, Boomerang was all the more enraged that Wonder Woman was still able to handle his best efforts to work her over. Even his pride as a supervillain drove him to want to leave his mark on her.

Spotting something out of the corner of his eye, Boomerang sneered. "You want something? Here, I'll give you something."

Flipping another switch on the wall he sets free one last ring. He puts on the white ring of life and then can't hold back any longer. He squeezes her big melons, now almost twice their normal size as he's about to cum. Milk squirts from each nipple and Wonder Woman groans appreciatively.

"Most of the time the weapons I throw come back to me. Here's one you can keep!" He gripped her big Amazon ass with both hands and held tight and he drove balls deep.

And as torrents of cum gushed forth from his swollen member into Diana's accepting pussy a voice came from the white ring saying, "Owen Mercer. You are about to create life."

There was no stopping him now. The white ring represented life and Captain Boomerang was in the throws of a five minute orgasm!

He had never cum so much before. He was sure nobody ever had. His cum was thick and pearly white and he kept shooting into the Wonder pussy, each load ten times the volume of a normal man.

Diana realized what was happening. The white life force was going to make a baby inside her with Boomerang's cum and she was going to carry his child. This dirty criminal was impregnating her but her body was on autopilot now and she bucked against him to fuck even harder, "I want a baby! Give me a baby!"

Cum filled her until every thrust of his cock was pushing puddles of cum from her and being replaced with more. His sperm was powerful now and Diana imagined she'd be lucky if she didn't have twins with all the cum swimming inside her now. She did her best to cum one last time but as she did her couldn't focus her eyes anymore. The rings were strong and while one was intense, two was more than she could handle at the peak of her orgasm and she passed out underneath him still trying to fuck the last of his baby juice from him greedily.

When she woke, she was still on the floor in a massive puddle of cum but Captain Boomerang had left. He had taken the rings off of her and escaped but Diana knew the damage was done. Nine months later she gave birth to triplets. She tried to keep it secret but Bruce was the world's greatest detective after all…

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