The Power of Science (Chapter 3) - Claire's New Life

The Power of Science (Chapter 3) - Claire's New Life


Evan created a device that allowed him to stop time, leaving him free to do as he wished. That night, he ran into a bully, David, and his girlfriend, Claire, as well as two of David's "friends", Tristan and Cory. Evan used his new power to take revenge on everything that the couple did to him in the past.


In the days following the creation of his time-manipulation device, Evan got even more bored in school. Now that he could just stop time and do all his homework instantly, he didn't have to worry about anything academically. This allowed for more free time outside of his classes to do whatever he wished. Many people with this power probably would've robbed a bank or tried to take over the world by now, but Evan just wanted to have some fun with his new power.

Of course, having fun included training Claire to be Evan's sex slave. Her boyfriend, David received a two-week suspension after the "fight". While getting questioned by the principal, David mentioned Tristan and Cory, but not Evan. David's ego was too big to tell anyone that the nerdy kid Evan Weiss was able to beat him up. Tristan and Cory mentioned Evan, though. After the principal spoke to Tristan and Cory alone, he called Evan into the office. Evan was able to assume that the boys made up completely different stories about him, though, since he was able to leave the office with just a warning.

David tried to get Claire to support him, but she did exactly as Evan wanted. She told everyone that David actually got in a fight with the Tristan and Cory, while she ran away, alerting another student, who then told a school security guard. When asked about Evan, she made sure to emphasize that he had nothing to do with it. Tristan and Cory both bled at the scene, and Evan didn't leave any evidence of his presence, so the school was able to determine that Claire and Evan had to have been telling the truth. David had gotten into too much trouble and too many fights before, so the school board had no choice but to suspend him, even if his family does fund the school. Tristan and Cory also received two-week suspensions, since they committed the same 'crime'.

Evan and Claire weren't completely off the hook, though. The school gave the two of them curfews and put them under more security, but that clearly didn't affect Evan, with his new time-stopping device. As long as the school didn't catch them doing anything strange for the next week or so, they would be cleared.

Things were going pretty well for Evan. He had Claire in his control, and his biggest enemy at the school was gone for now.


"So have you given it a name yet?" Julianne asked after a long silence. Of course she would ask that. Out of all the questions she could ask, this was the one she chose.

"I just told you about an achievement that no one in the history of the world has ever accomplished, and you ask me if I named it?" Evan asked jokingly, "Do you know how difficult it was for me to decide to tell you about this?"

"Well, I'm not surprised that you, out of the entire history of the world, were the one to accomplish this, and I probably couldn't even begin to understand how it works," Julianne responded, to which Evan gave a proud grin, "But I am surprised that you didn't name it. Every big invention has a name!"

"Then do you have any suggestions?" Evan asked.

"I don't know - probably something science-y and time related. You should name it, Evan."

"Real helpful."

"You're welcome!" Julianne gave Evan a mischievous look.

Despite having just told Julianne about this huge secret, he was having more internal conflict about whether or not to tell her about Claire. Evan predicted that Julianne would either be really into it or really against his "relationship" with Claire.

"Oh, what the hell," Evan decided. Why not just get Claire in here and show Julianne what I've done.

Evan pulled out his cell phone and texted Claire: "Come to my room ASAP"

"So, Jules, you know that fight that supposedly happened between David those other guys?"

"Yeah, how could I not know, it's the biggest thing in the whole school."

"Well, I actually did have a part in it," Evan then went on to explain what he had done to David and his goons, as well as Claire.

"Then wasn't Claire outside where you left her?"

"I didn't leave her there. I knew I had to get her back for everything she's done to people like you and me at this school. Just getting her suspended felt like it wouldn't be enough."

Julianne just looked at Evan with a confused look.

"You'll see," Evan said in a serious tone.

After about a minute, Claire arrived in Evan's room, to be greeted by Julianne and Evan. Whenever Evan told Claire to go somewhere, it was usually just him, but now, he was here with his girlfriend, and Claire didn't know how to react.

"Claire, why don't you go sit down in that chair and turn it around so you're facing the wall," Evan gestured at a chair on the side of the dorm. He then handed Julianne one of the time stopping devices, and they both pressed the button at the same time. Julianne looked around in amazement, since this was her first time using the device. She looked at Claire, who was now motionless, as well as everything else in the room. She quickly got back to the topic.

"What are you doing, Evan? Why is she here?" Julianne pointed at Claire.

"I know you hate her as much as I do, right?" Evan asked, to which Julianne nodded. Evan continued, "She's done so many terrible things to the both of us, talking behind our backs, spreading rumors, making our lives at this school hell. We only have each other here, because everyone believes the things she said about us."

"So what are you going to do to get her back for it?" Julianne asked.

"I'm not going to do anything now, I've already did what I wanted. You, on the other hand, still need to get back at her. You can do whatever you want with her when we resume time again."

Julianne nodded in acknowledgement. "Does she know about your ability?"

"Of course not. I wouldn't trust her with that knowledge. You're the only one who knows about this."

Evan pulled Julianne in for a kiss. She greedily accepted it, and with that, Evan pushed both of their devices' buttons. He pointed at Claire.

"Claire, from now on, you must do everything that Julianne tells you to do, without hesitation." Evan then turned to Julianne, "Maybe tell her to strip for you or something, it's all up to you."

Julianne gave Evan a smirk. "I'm gonna enjoy this."

Julianne walked over the Claire and told her to turn her chair around, to which she immediately did. Evan sat down on his bed to watch the show.

"Stand up, Claire," Julianne commanded, and Claire stood up.

"You don't have to call her by her name here, Jules. She's more used to 'slave' or 'bitch' or something along those lines," Evan said, glaring evilly at Claire.

"Alright, slave, take off your jeans and your t-shirt," Julianne watched as Claire obeyed, slowly pulling her shirt off, revealing a black bra. Claire kicked off her shoes. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, revealing matching black panties. The whole time, she was looking down, avoiding eye contact with Julianne.

"Don't look so glum, bitch, at least Evan was nice enough to not get you suspended like your worthless boyfriend," Julianne berated Claire.

Julianne put two fingers under Claire's chin, lifting her head up to look directly into her eyes. Then Julianne slapped her hand hard across Claire's face. Claire was visibly startled, and quickly brought her hands up to her face to rub her cheek, which was turning red. The other cheek soon followed, turning red from embarrassment. Evan let out a chuckle.

"I've always wanted to do that," Julianne said, looking back at Evan.

"Yeah, it's real satisfying, slapping her worthless face."

Julianne turned back to look at Claire. She commanded her to remove the rest of her clothing, which Claire hesitated to do. This time Evan chimed in.

"That's your first and only warning, Claire. If you ever hesitate at one of our commands, I'm going to show everyone how much of a worthless slut you are," Evan threatened. He pulled up a video on his phone of him fucking her during one of their previous "sessions". Claire was bent over, Evan recorded his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and then moved up to her face, smeared with cum and make-up. Evan showed the video to the two girls, and Julianne watched attentively, while Claire looked away, trying to ignore the sound of Evan's cock slapping into her pussy over and over again.

"So," Julianne started, "You wanna take off everything else?"

Claire quickly took off her bra, then dropped her panties. She didn't even know Evan recorded that video, but then again, all her fuck sessions with him became a big blur. She was actually starting to like how Evan was treating her. She didn't have to worry about anything. Evan took care of everything for her. Evan even did her homework for her so she could spend more time with him. Claire was conflicted, knowing that she shouldn't be liking her situation, but she didn't want it to stop.

Julianne looked over Claire's body, giving a nod of approval. She then grabbed Claire by one of her nipples and pulled her over to the bed. Evan got up from the bed and took a seat at his desk chair, where he could get a good view of what was happening on the bed. Julianne took off her clothes and jumped onto the bed. Julianne lay down on her back, her head on one of Evan's pillows. She pulled Claire's head down onto her pussy, so that she was now on her knees and bent over, her face in Julianne's pussy. This gave Evan a great view of both the girls.

"Eat me out, Claire," Julianne commanded.

"I've never done this before!" Claire complained.

"Then you better learn, otherwise you're a pretty worthless sex slave."

Claire started with tentatively licking Julianne's pussy. It took a few minutes of Julianne telling Claire what to do before Julianne was pleased, leaning her head back and letting Claire eat her out. Evan enjoyed the show, listening to Claire's slurping and Julianne's moans of pleasure.

Evan watched Claire's bare pussy starting to glisten, getting wet from being abused. At this point, Evan walked over to the bed and got behind Claire.

"There's only so much a guy can take," Evan grinned at Julianne. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants and boxers, so he was completely naked like the girls.

Evan put his rock hard cock on Claire's pussy, then slammed it right in. It went in pretty easily due to how wet Claire was already. Claire was pushed forward, into Julianne's pussy, and Julianne gave a squeal of delight. Evan started fucking Claire's tight hole. Claire still didn't get used to the size of Evan's cock in her small hole, and she probably never will. Evan slapped Claire on the ass, making her squeal into Julianne's pussy. Claire rocked back and forth as Evan fucked her hole. Soon, Julianne came into Claire's mouth. At the sight of his sexy girlfriend getting off from Claire, Evan couldn't hold back. His balls quickly tightened up and he shot his load deep into Claire's pussy. After his first night with her, Evan made sure that Claire always took her birth control pills. He could fuck her as much as he wanted without having to worry about her getting pregnant. Evan backed out of Claire's pussy, then went to lay down on the bed next to Julianne. Julianne had allowed Claire to stop sucking her off. Claire was now kneeling in front of the couple, waiting for an order.

"It's funny, Jules, it took less than a week to change her from an absolute bitch to a complete slut," Evan started, "It's like she wanted it the whole time."

"Well, good job, Evan. I like this Claire a lot better than the Claire from before."

Claire looked down. She may have liked the sex, but she hated the humiliation. She just couldn't stand how they were insulting her after they had just double-teamed on her, using her for their own pleasure. Claire was not used to being harassed and verbally abused. Just less than a week ago, the roles were flipped, Claire being the bully, and everyone who she didn't like was the victim.

"Hey Claire, look at me," Evan commanded. Claire looked up to see Evan's smirking face. Evan continued, "Why don't you fish my cum out of your pussy and taste it? You were pretty eager to eat my cum during our first session. Show Julianne how much of a slut you are."

That was it. Claire had enough. She couldn't stand for being ridiculed like this anymore. This wasn't supposed to be her life. The pent-up anger from the past week was finally breaking through. She knew she could show Evan that he couldn't break her so easily.


"What did you say, Claire?"

"I'm not going to do that."

"Well, that's quite a surprise." Evan looked over at Julianne. "Did she just directly disobey an order?"

"You know, Evan, I thought she'd know better than that by now."

Claire's face was turning red with anger. As well as the rest of her naked body.

"I'm not going to do anything you fucking say anymore! You think you scare me, but you don't. I don't give a shit if you just share one fucking video on your fucking phone! I'm leaving, and I'm going to get you two expelled from the school and turn your life into hell!"

Evan chuckled. "It's really hard to take you seriously when you're completely naked and covered in cum."

Evan quickly sat up and grabbed Claire's arm, as she tried to get off the bed. He pulled her back towards him. Evan quickly spun her around and gripped onto her stomach, pulling her close to him. Claire helplessly struggled and screamed at Evan, making empty threats in order to get him to let her go.

"Jules, would you do the honors?"

"Sure thing, Evan," Julianne responded. She picked up Evan's phone and unlocked it. She pulled up the video and opened up Evan's anonymous social media account.

"So I just put this video on here and anyone in the area with this app can see the video?"

"Oh yes, Jules. Everyone will be able to see the true nature of the slut Claire."

"Alright, then, I'm gonna post it."

"Wait! Don't do that!" Claire suddenly screamed.

Julianne looked up from the phone screen. "Hold on. I thought you just said that you don't give a shit if Evan shares one video on his phone." Julianne looked at Evan to confirm.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I just heard her say that. Claire, what did you just say?"

"Just... don't... post it. Please, Julianne," Claire was pleading.

After a few moments, Julianne reasoned, "I mean, she did get me off pretty good. It would be a shame if everyone knew how good she was, then we'd have to share her."

"That's true, I'd rather hold onto her for ourselves, at least for a little while longer," Evan said mischievously.

Claire looked thankfully back at Evan.

"But... you still tried to defy us, Claire," Evan gripped onto Claire a bit tighter, "And we can't let that go unpunished."

Julianne put Evan's phone down and walked over to Evan and Claire.

"What are you planning Evan?" Julianne asked.

"Well, I've been waiting for the right moment to do this, and I think now's the right time."

Evan went to his drawer and got several lengths of rope. He walked back over to Claire, who was sitting on the bed. She had a puzzled expression on her face. The only time Evan tied her up was during their first encounter. She knew better than to object, though, so she forced herself to allow Evan to do as he pleased.

Evan gave Claire a devilish look, then slowly dragged the rope over her skin. Within seconds, Claire's skin prickled with goosebumps. Evan had never done this before. He was completely quiet, as well as Julianne, who just watched Evan toying with Claire. Claire almost wished that he was fucking her and humiliating her instead of keeping her in suspense for so long.

"What is he going to do to me?"

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