Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 5

Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 5

After my 'rental' and the phenomenonally disgusting way I had been used by my hosts, I dropped to the lowest level of usage in the Madam's mansion. There are five levels of ranking used by the Madam beginning at the time of capture as level five, and extending downward as the slave becomes more adept and consumed by the required daily oral service. A slave's ranking is indicated by a tag attached to an ear... a different color for each level.

Level five is yellow...level four green...level three red...level two blue, and level one brown.

I now wore the brown tag and was now looked on by the staff as the lowest form of oral slave possible, and would be treated like a dog from this point onward. It was outrageous that I would be used so unjustly and with such filthy lust, but until I was released, or escaped, I would have to exist in this world.


I wore a dog collar at all times, and when being used and transported within the mansion, would have a leash attached to signify my abysmal position on the social scale here.

The morning after my return from 'rental' status I was taken for my 'breakfast' to the conditioning rooms.

The food that was expelled from the models provided all of my nutritional needs, and was beginning to have more appeal for me, and I began to enjoy the nasty smell and taste while eating it. I had developed a powerful fetish in this regard, somewhat like that aquired for limburger cheese or other foods similar in aromatic funkyness. Almost anything can become erotic and desirable under suitable conditions.


After my time in the conditioning room I was given a dose of aphro 10, their most powerful aphodisiac, and taken to another area of the huge that I had never visited before. The aphro 10 did nasty things to the recipient...and along with an extremely powerful sex drug, contained mind control elements that completely shattered all moral conventions, and expanded the libido to unheard of levels, producing an intensely erotic drive that compelled one to behave like an animal sexually.

We entered a women's bathroom and four female slaves sat on the open toilets relieving themselves. The sound of their efforts filled the room, and the familiar smell of nature hung in the air after the toilets were flushed.

The Madam stood looking at me as I entered, her arms folded, and a discontented sneer on her pretty face. The guards brought me over to her.

"You're due for toilet duty shit mouth, and you'd better be up to it!" While you've been enjoying yourself somewhere else you have been neglecting your duites here." She was completely in control of me, and the other slaves at this point. I hung on her every word and was developing such a craving for sucking asshole that my obscene enslavement was becoming secondary now. I'd thought of begging her for it more than once, aside from the service she normally required of me each day.

They released my hands and stood by with the shock remote and tasers ready.

The Madam grabbed one of my ears and dragged me over to the first stool. She forced me downward pinching hard, and I knelt beside the woman knowing full well what was coming. Then she pulled me behind her and put my face in her ass. Her perfectly formed butt stuck out as my nose brushed against it...and I kissed the outline of her asscrack...very well revealed against her tight skirt. "Kiss my farthole," she grunted, "kiss it real good."

I was like an automaton by now, and my nose pressed inward, buried in her rear crevasse. I inhaled deeply, and at the same time she pushed out a very loud and obscene fart, and I kissed her crack repeatedly, moaning in pleasure. She didn't stop there and broke wind several more times moving her ass against my face as I gasped for air.

When she finished she pulled me around and looked down at me. "I can't tell you how much you disgust me!" she spewed, "you're a coward and a chicken shit and you've allowed me to do all these things to you...and now you're addicted to our abuse, and eating my ass you fuck...the guards are disgusted by you, our clients are disgusted with you...and you know what, your time here has just begun!"

She pulled me to the first female slave and held my ear tightly.

"We've run out of toilet paper," she said, "and we must find a solution." "Do you have any ideas?," she sniffed, holding my head down, and next to the slaves ass. I knew what she wanted and knew better than to hesitate or refuse anything she suggested. The pretty slave stood up and turned toward me, spreading her asscheeks.

A brown coating of fresh shit covered her inner recesses, and her butthole was covered with a thicker coating. I looked up at the domineering Madam and pushed inward quickly, shoving my nose into the woman's hairy anus. Crap covered my face as I poked my tongue deep inside her rear hole, and I ate it rapidly, swallowing the brown cream with great eagerness. I was at the point where I didn't feel much of anything anymore, and was was consumed with an insatiable need to satisfy my raunchy cravings.

I cleaned her shit stained backside, and ate her deep, well formed asshole voraciously as the Madam looked closely at my work, still hanging onto my ear. Somewhere in the back of my mind I felt a deep and intractable shame, and an indescribable bitterness toward the Madam...but it was currently beyond my ability to assimilate, and and the only thing that concerned me now was to satisfy my raging animal needs.

I cleaned the raunchy fartcrack quickly and moved onto the next. A ring of feces surrounded my mouth by now and I shoved my long tongue up the next woman's rear waste port, eating shit it as it pushed out. I kissed her ass up and down and all over after I'd wolfed down her thick brown paste, and crawled uncerimoniously over to the last two attractive slaves.

They knew better than to speak to me but had their hands inside each butt cheek pulling them widely apart. They were thoroughly enjoying my obscene oral attention to their intimate toilet area, I could tell, and I moaned as I ate several of the long farts that escaped into my mouth.

The Madam slapped my ass several times to humiliate me even further, and forced me to finish my last filthy meal, and with the slaves watching, pulled me by the ears again to the rear of the stools.

"Lick these stools clean you sickening fuck, clean the rear and under the lid."

I lowered my head down and my nose touched the back of the stool as
my tongue slipped under the back part, licking underneath to capture the slight brown deposit there, and it had a slightly different flavor and consistancy, possibly left there by several users over time. I licked the smear off the back also and moved to the next stool looking up at the Madam as she watched my work.

She frowned at me with contempt, though I tried desperately to please her, and whacked my ass again when I finished. "You took your time you dirty bastard!," she wheezed, breathing heavily, "You must do your work more quickly!" I looked into her eyes and nodded like a robot, and I was beginning to crave her approval more and more.

My self respect was long gone, replaced by the nasty craving that I was beginning to feel on a regular basis...and I could barely muster feelings of regret or anger anymore. She'd cleverly conditioned me to enjoy my unspeakable habits here, and she took great pride in watching me struggle with this dilemma.

Finally the guards cuffed me and took me away...and shoved me in the showers alone, to clean myself off. I was still rabid with lust...and my nameless meal had only enflamed my needs. I begged the guards to let me suck their assholes...needing desperately to smell their funky rear openings...but they humiliated I jacked off in front of them.

"Shut your fucking mouth bastard!," one of them shouted, "I wouldn't let you near my asshole right now...but I'll tell you what you piece of can clean the bottoms of our shoes if you beg us." "We've been walking around the women's showers all day long and I'll bet there's some tasty goodies for you there."

I was so hot I nodded rapidly, pleading with them for release, jacking my dick off, and they pushed me roughly to the floor, and held their shoes next to my face.

As one of them touched my mouth with the bottom of her shoe, I lapped out and swirled my tongue around it, cleaning the cinders off, and other obscure items there...the taste was a bit salty and the smell reminiscent of limburger cheese. I found other stains under the arch of her shoe, and cleaned them off dutifully.

After cleansing the underside of their shoes, I finished my shower while jacking off, and shot my wad just before they cuffed me and led me away.

They were treating me with more and more revulsion and contempt now, and I was at a loss to control my sexual cravings at this point.

They attached a leash to my collar and pulled it roughly as they led me away, and through the mansion, passing several other groups in the hallways. I could see no one with a lower slave designation than mine, and I wondered if I were the only one at this despicable level.


The next day after my routine was finished the guards took me to a room next to the Madam's office and left me standing hands cuffed behind to a wall. The room contained several video cameras surrounding what appeared to be a small performance area. Within a short time the Madam appeared, wearing tight, white short shorts and a yellow sweater.

She was accompanied by three of the wardens and two other women who were there to operate the video cameras. I was in a daze from my usual dose of aphro 10 and my pecker stood out firmly as I shifted nervously back and forth from one foot to the other.

The three wardens wore very tight short shorts also and sweaters of different colors. Their perfectly formed asses aroused me immediately, and I licked my lips as I watched them bend over to take their shoes off. The leash hung from my collar, and the Madam grabbed it and pulled roughly..."What do you think you're here for pig?" she said as she pulled downward on my balls.

I wasn't used to speaking in their presence and I hesitated briefly, looking for the right words. "I'm always glad to go whatever you what," I whispered, "I'll do anything you want."

She looked at me closely, breathing into my ear..."I want you to crawl and show the camera what a piece of shit you are a piece of shit aren't you?" I could not look directly at her and spoke in a monotone..."Yes Madam...I am a piece of shit!"

She laughed briefly and released me from the wall with my hands still cuffed behind. "Turn them on," she yelled to the two camera women..."and keep them on." She pulled downward on the leash and spit her words at me with a sarcastic tone in her voice. "Get on the fucking floor and crawl for me turd sucker!" I dropped to my knees and then layed down on the floor on my side. I began to inch my way over to the center wiggling back and forth as she held my leash and the other women stood there grinning with their hands on their hips.

I lay in the center near a drain in the floor and looked up at them with glazed eyes.

The Madam offered the bottom of her foot to me..."Lick it!", she said, covering my mouth and nose..."Lick it clean, and I mean very clean!" The others continued to look at me as if I were a bug, and I looked up at the Madam as my tongue began to clean between her toes.

Her eyes were bright with lust, as I removed the cheezy residue... I suspected that she had purposely neglected to clean her feet for several days...just for my enjoyment. I swallowed the salty toe cheese and sucked each toe clean as my tongue continued down her sole.

I was actually quite aroused by the smell and taste by now and voraciously lapped my tongue out when she presented her other foot to me. I licked skillfully between her toes, and the pungeant residue covered my mouth and nose as I swallowed it.

One by one the women shoved their unwashed feet in my face and I continued to eat the smelly substance trapped between their toes. The wardens enjoyed this greatly, assuring me they had all walked throughout the entire complex without shoes that day.

The bottoms of their feet were filthy, but I was in a frenzy now, and eagerly cleaned them, swallowing the nameless residue. I had all three feet in my face at once.and I went from one to the other slurping and grunting in pleasure as they smothered my mouth and nose. My mouth and face were filthy now, covered with dirt and other obscene substances.

They all removed their shorts and panties and the Madam pulled me to my knees just over the drain. She pulled my hair roughly and shoved my face into her hairy cunt. She had a tremendous bush and my nose was buried to the hilt in it's funky wetness. She looked down into my eyes as she rubbed her swampy slit all over my face.

"You like that smell you cunt sucking son-of-a-bitch?" I looked up at her and moaned as she smeared her draining womanhood all over my face. The acrid smell sent me into a frenzy and my tongue dove into her steamy cunthole, releasing the draining excretion inside. I gulped the clear viscous pussy snot and it dripped from my chin as I performed cunnilingus on her.

My tongue lapped very rapidly in and out of her raunchy hole and she looked down in lust as she held my head firmly in her hands. "Eat me you fuck!" "How do you like that smell you toilet mouth bastard?" "You were born to eat cunt and asshole! It's the only thing you're good for! Yes you know what I'm talking about don't you pig?"

She began to moan loudly and forced my sopping face into her huge mound of cunthair and soon she jerked wildly, looking down at me in consumate disgust, and a thick streamer of clear fluid splashed into my mouth and all over my face. "Oh fuck...fuck...fuck!" she screamed . "Eat it you cuntsucking bastard!"

I looked up at her in great humiliation and swallowed a mouthful of the fragrant goo as she swore at me.

I gulped down her entire load and what I missed dripped to the floor, disappearing down the drain. Then she held my hair painfully and a streamer of warm piss filled my mouth and splashed all over my face. She looked up in pleasure as she washed her cunt juice off with piss, and was trembling noticably when she finally released my head.

The other three wardens then stepped up for their turn and they stood over me on all sides with their hairy fuckholes next to my head. I could smell their strong vaginal odors, and they began to envelope my face with their smelly pussies, first one, then the other, and I was traded around, going from one funky snatch to the other.

They also had extremely hairy vaginal slits, and I began to collect cunthairs in my mouth, unable to expell them, and as the thick, disgusting cream covered my face and oozed into my gullet I swallowed dutifully, eating hairs and all.

"Keep your tongue moving you pussy sucking son-of-a-bitch!" said one of them as she fucked my nose. "Eat my cunt...bastard!" said another as she pulled me over to her dripping hairpie. "You look up at me when you're eating fuckhole pig!" said the third..."I want your long tongue all the way up my tunnel!"

They began to moan and grunt as they traded me around and used me, and before long they became more and more insistant and I could tell were nearing orgasm. The two women with the video cameras had now come over and were capturing all of the action closeup...and as the three wardens began jerking violently...they got a near view of the three streamers of cuntslime that hit my face and head.

They pulled my hair frantically, jerking my head back and forth as their smelly liquid womanhood was expelled into my open mouth and all over my face...

The odor was overpowering as I slavered down the mixed slit cream...and I swallowed several mouthfuls of the disgusting slime, as globs of it dribbled and dripped to the drain below.

Finally they satisfied their filthy needs and looked down at me, still holding my head between them. In a few moments one of them forced my mouth over her urethra and hosed the inside of my oral cavity with a salty stream of hot piss. The fragrant liquid washed the cuntjuice down, and when she pulled me away, washed off of my face as it dripped to the floor.

The other two held my head firmly as one of them pissed in my mouth...and the other pissed all over my head. The warm liquid waste washed all over me as I drank more of it down, and soon I watched the last drops of golden urine drip from their hairy cunts, and down into the drain.

They released me and stumbled back...having totally vented their obscene lust...and I was washed down with a hose by the Madam as I knelt in shame over the gurgling drainhole.

The Madam lightly hosed my head and face and then my whole body as I knelt and waited. When she finished she toweled me down and stood looking at me.

"Look at yourself you ignorant bastard...look what you let us do to you. You fucking lowlife, you deserve it." She then looked closely at me, pausing for effect. "I'm going to rent your ass out again when I find just the right client...I want only the proper client for you pig!"

"One thing you must know pig," she sneered at me..."over the coming decades a million people will see you in all your glory being used like the piece of shit you are, because we're going to sell and distribute this video worldwide...and believe me we do very well with all our videos. You're going to be a star!"

They led me back to my cell taunting me as we walked, and jerked my leash roughly just to degrade me.

I was numb with shame and lust, but slept deeply for the entire night...having been used in such an exhausting manner.


I dare not think about what she had said...or I would not be able to maintain enough self esteem to function...but knowing that I had been forced into all this gave me a bit of strength, and the self worth that I needed.

Unfortunately my needs had become so strong by now that I craved release constantly...and actually began to wait in anticipation for my sessions with the cruel mistresses.

The thought of escape had become a distant memory now...they had damaged and molded me in such a way that I had indeed become their slave...and a slave to their horrendously disgusting treatment.

Somehow I knew that I would be free, in time...but wondered if I would ever be the same again...and able to function normally in the real world.

I vowed that I would never give up hope.

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