My intro to pee play

My intro to pee play

It was my sister who first introduced me to the pleasure of pee. She was a little more than one year older than I was. Our home only had two bedrooms. One was our parents and the other was ours. My sister was 9 and I was 8 when this introduction took place. We also had another sister age 6 and a younger brother 3. So we four of us kids all shared the same room.

I may have been born and defined as a boy but I never felt that was true and was always wearing my sister’s clothes when I could. I was always constantly telling everyone that I was not a boy but that I was a girl. I was always being called a sissy by my sister and our friends and I was. I avoided anything remotely boyish. To me being a sissy was being who I was and being called one only affirmed my feelings. That meant they all knew I was a girl. I was always getting in trouble with my parents about my feminine identity and my dressing and acting girlish especially in front of others. I was being seen by all our extended family, and their friends as identifying as a girl. I was a quiet non-assertive child; I was what one would consider a submissive. I had few male friends because I did not identify as one and I was just not interested. When I did I was just pushed me away saying I wasn’t like them and I knew I wasn’t. I did not like their games and play anyway. It would be later that their interest in me would turn to relieving their sexual lust. I did at this young age fit in more with the girls and most my play time was with them. I just wanted to fit in and I did seem better accepted within the circle of girls than with boys.

My older sister Becky used my submissive nature to always show that she was not only older than I was but in charge. She used me as her personal “slave” at times, her words. I did her chores and such when told. Also she used the threat of telling our parents when she would discover that I was once again wearing her clothes, something I did all the time. Or that I had worn panties to school under my pants. This was something that was a real issue between the Catholic Elementary School we attended and my parents. When the first recess bell would ring I was to stay behind as the other kids filed out. When only I and the nun were left inside I was called up to her desk. There she would grab the front of my waist band at the belt buckle and pull my pants down and look. If I was wearing panties we would go to the office where my mother would be called. She would then have to bring a pair of boy’s briefs and I was forced to change in front of them. Later they had my mother leave pairs at the school and when I would be caught they just took me and I was made to change them and always while they watched. I soon learned that wearing boy’s briefs to school then after my recess check change in the bathroom into a pair I brought in my lunch bag.

I had also then been seeing her friend Darlene’s father, Mr. H, now almost two years. His and my relationship was common knowledge with my sister and his two daughters Bobbie and Darlene. Bobbie was Becky’s age and Darlene mine. When I was five our uncle, my mother’s cousin, was asked if he could help where my parents were failing in getting me to understand I was a boy. I began spending time with him. He as Bobbie and Darlene’s father was saw me as a girl and allowed me to dress as one and be one. When I was with them what I was a girl and they were, in their word, teaching me to be one. After about six months while at my mother aunt and uncle’s house as they were leaving they began looking for me. I was found in the bathroom my pants and my pretty pink panties around my ankles. My uncle was naked in there with me and all hell broke loose. It was the last we saw of them. So here I was, another adult allowing me to be the girl I knew I was and I would do anything to protect this. So this relationship was the main source of control Becky had over my life. When she wanted something or needed something done I did it. I would do anything Becky asked or demanded I do.

This fateful enlightening evening we were taking a bath, something we did often together in our small home. Becky was upset with me because I had not fully helped, or rather solely picked up our room while she played on her bed. We had gotten in a bit of trouble because it hadn’t been done. So here we were in the tub and her explaining or rather telling me how she was my boss and I was supposed to do everything she said or face the consequences. I apparently wasn’t paying attention well enough. Then I was suddenly aware she was standing above me. As I started to look up I felt the first splash on my head. When I was completely looking up at her there she were her hands holding her pussy lips apart when the full force of her spraying wetness splashed on my face? I was surprised seeing her holding her pussy open and her pee shooting out and its warmth hitting me. I was stunned yet excited looking at her standing there with her pussy being held open and her piss flowing from it. I had seen her pussy many times as many times our mother would have me look at it. Then she would point out what was between my legs and explain that made her a girl and me a boy. I just knew that may have been then but soon it would fall off as hers did. (When I was six I had tried to correct that part of me that wasn’t right but failed in the attempt) Now here I was looking at it in its feminine beauty and I was in awe. Suddenly I realized it was getting in my mouth as her pussy was so beautiful. I was so shocked and excited I did not say a word. I just could not as all I could do was look as well as taste the salty tangy wetness filling my mouth. Becky looked down at me. She was as surprised as I was there in my silence. She had stopped peeing on me but stood there above me looking down at me.

I could still feel her warm wet pee on my face. I was in awe of my sister and what she had just done. I could taste her sweet yet tangy wetness in my mouth not even considering it was her pee. I began rubbing my face and then ran my fingers through my pissed soaked hair. All I could do was smile. I really wanted more but I could not understand what had just happened. I had already learned from my uncle and Mr. H about the cream that shot from their cocks. I also quickly began liking its taste when I sucked them and I enjoyed it when they shot it in my mouth. Now here was my sister shooting, I knew it was her pee but it was coming from her pussy a pussy I knew I would someday have. I was more excited and alive than ever before. I knew I wanted more and would do whatever to not only feel but taste that wonderful taste once again.

Becky as I was looking and lost in my excitement just continued looking down at me. Then a slow forming smile came over her face. She began by asking me why did I not yell and did I enjoy it. I really said nothing but only give a small nod of my head. She began laughing and saying I was not only her slave doing whatever whenever she wanted but also her piss slave from that moment on.

As I sat in that tub looking up at my domineering sister she again asked me but more sternly this time, did you like it? I again nodded but she said she wanted to hear it. As I opened my mouth to say yes she pissed right on my face once again. This time I feel she targeted my mouth as most all of it went into my mouth. I did not close it, I was enjoying it. I heard her next words well, swallow it, and I did.

We finally finished our bath mostly in silence. I could continue to taste the tanginess of my sister’s pee in my mouth but could not look at her. When I did she gave me a look that today I know is that look one gives when they know they have you. They have you right where they want you. They have you totally in their control and willing to do whatever whenever they want, and I was.

Pee “play” was from that day on part of our play. I was from that moment on an addict to the pleasure I derived from being peed on and enjoying its wonderful taste.

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