Public Incestuous Passion 4 - Sister's Public Cherry Popping

Public Incestuous Passion 4 - Sister's Public Cherry Popping

Public Incestuous Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Four: Sister's Public Cherry Popping

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Becky Yates

I swallowed the last of my brother's cum. The jizz warmed my belly. My brother, Tim, groaned as I nursed his softening dick, wanting to make sure I had it all. I loved my brother's spunk. It was such a yummy, salty treat. I couldn't believe how fast I had become addicted to this delight.

It was all thanks to Melody.

She gave me such confidence to do things with my brother. In public. My friends were watching me suck his dick in our college's bathroom while Melody—wild and uninhibited Melody—fucked her pregnant, younger sister up the ass with a strap-on. Lee, said little sister, was painting and moaning, coming down from her orgasm.

“Fuck, that was hot,” groaned my brother as he pulled his dick from my mouth.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, staring up at my handsome brother. He was tall and slender, with a sleek, muscular build perfect for being a swimmer. My body buzzed. I pulled my fingers from my virgin pussy. I had a wonderful cum. “I love doing things with you.”

“You are wild, Becky,” my friend, Kristi, said. She stared down at me. “This school is getting so crazy.”

“Yeah,” my brother said, staring at Melody and her sister. “Jesus, I'm in the girl's restroom.”

“Yep,” Melody said. “Bold of you to be in here, cutie. But I always enjoy an audience. I know Lee loved it.”


The spanking sound whipped my head around. Melody had pulled the dildo out of her sister's asshole while a red handprint grew on Lee's ass. The slender girl, her belly growing round with Clint's child, shuddered. Her round breasts jiggled. She licked her lips, gleaming with pussy juices.

“I shouldn't be in here,” my brother groaned, putting away his softening dick and hairless balls (he shaved because he was on our college's swim team). “Damn, Melody, I should... Fuck!”

My brother darted past my friends, Kristi jostled to the side, her brown hair swaying. Another girl was walking in and gasped at the sight of my brother. Then she really gasped as she saw Melody wearing a strap-on and Lee utterly naked.

“He's cute,” Lee said. “I see why you like him, Becky. He's not Master, but he's kinda dreamy.”

“I can't believe you were sucking your brother's cock, Becky,” my friend Belinda said. She sounded stunned.

“Really?” Lee asked as she calmly started getting dressed. “I thought every girl was fucking her brother. Or sister.” She glanced at Melody and grinned.

“Not me,” said Rhea, my third friend. “Maybe I should.”

“You should,” I said, feeling really bold. Melody had given me just so much confidence. I mean, I couldn't believe what I just did, and... It was so hot. I sucked my brother's cock at school. My friends watched me. “It's amazing.”

“And you still need to actually fuck him,” Melody said, getting dress herself, her blonde, braided hair swaying as she moved. “We need to get your cherry popped. Today.”

I shivered, my pussy clenching. “Today?”

“At school, since your home situation isn't... working out.” Melody grinned, tapping a finger on her chin. “Your brother has swim practice today, right?”

I nodded, a hot wave rippling through my body.


Melody Samuels

“Are you okay?”

I blinked, finding my half-sister, and girlfriend, Pam leaning on the wall by the bathroom's exit. I was still riding high from fucking Lee up the ass with a dildo after she drank my piss and ate my cunt. I had such a hot audience: Becky's brother, Becky herself sucking his cock, the other girls watching...

Wouldn't mind playing with a few of those girls.

“I'm fine,” I told Pam, giving the half-Japanese girl a big smile. She looked fully Japanese, her face round and delicate, her eyes slanted and dark. You'd never know we shared the same father. She was our secret, incestuous lover. “Just having fun.”

“So much fun, Mistress Pam,” Lee said as she strolled past, a saunter to her steps. You'd never know she was just fucked up the ass with an unlubed dildo. She savored it. She loved it when sex caused pain, drinking it in. She took after our masochistic mother.

Pam slipped her arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to her. She had a soft smile on her lips, almost said. “Alicia stole your spot?”

“Yes!” I gasped, frustration bursting out of me. I was supposed to spend lunch having fun with our brother, Clint. I had such naughty plans. I was going to use this slut teacher, Mrs. Umayyah, as part of our play. I would have had the Arab whore licking my asshole clean of all of our half-brother's jizz. “She did that little princess thing and... I felt like a Mom. I couldn't say no to her and ruin her fun. She just didn't want to wait until tomorrow.”

Clint didn't come to classes yesterday, which was my day. We had an emergency at home and he had to fix a plumbing problem in our kitchen. We couldn't afford to hire a plumber. Not when Clint could fix it himself. With our large family—three mothers, myself, four other sisters, Zoey's girlfriend, Clint himself, my daughter and Pam's, plus the two lesbian sisters who lived with us—we had to be careful with our budget and make sure we could buy food and pay the bills.

It was all that adult, responsible stuff that took time away from having fun with Clint. “Don't you get frustrated?” I asked Pam. “Doesn't it annoy you when we can't have Clint all the time? We're his girlfriends!”

“I savor the time I do get with him,” Pam said, a smile crossing her lips. “It's such a special time. I treasure it.” She glanced at me, her smile growing naughty. “But I also enjoy my time with you. The others. I don't mind sharing him. And you don't either.”

“I don't,” I said. “But that was before he had every girl at our college and our neighborhood coming up to him.”

“And what are you doing with Becky?” Pam arched a thin, black eyebrow at me.

“That's different,” I said. “I'm just killing time. And it's ending tonight.” A smile crossed my lips. My idea was just so naughty. “I need to find Mrs. Umayyah.”

“I bet that Arab slut's in her classroom watching Clint,” Pam said.

“Let's go find out,” I said, slipping my arm around her waist. She was such a wonderful girl. I was glad I had her. It was such a delight to love her. I was glad our father knocked up her mother and that we discovered who she truly was. When I brought her to my brother, a gift, we didn't know we were related at all.

So it was so hot when we pieced it together after meeting her mother, Mrs. Hiragawa.

Pam and I hurried through our college's cafeteria. Becky and those three girls were sitting at the table. They must all be friends. They were all sophomores, and I didn't know those girls that well. This was my last year of college, only a few months until Clint, Pam, and I graduated.

What would that mean to our harem?

I sighed, aching for Clint. My hand slid down, groping Pam's ass. She shivered beside me while a guy wolf-whistled. I loved the attention. I don't know why I got off on being watched, but it was such a wicked thrill doing naughty things were I could get caught.

Or where people watched me.

It didn't matter who watched me, just so long as they were people who I didn't have sex with. It wasn't the same doing it for my family. No, it had to be people who had never enjoyed me so I could see the lust swelling in their eyes.

The way Tim looked at me while his little sister sucked his cock...

My pussy grew juicier.

We left the cafeteria behind. The halls grew quiet. I passed my mother striding down the halls, a black-haired MILF in a low-cut blouse. She gave me a smile and a slight bow of her head. She taught history at our college and was also our sex slave. Our meant Pam, Clint, and me.

“You two look up to no good, Mistresses,” my mother purred.

“Wait until you hear what your daughter did in the bathroom. It will be all over the campus soon,” Pam said.

I just grinned. “Yep! But that's nothing on what I have planned for later.”

“Oh?” my mom asked.

“You might want to stick around after classes, Mommy-slut,” I said as I kept walking, pulling Pam along with me.

“What do you have planned for after school?” Pam asked me.

I grinned at her as we reached the stairs to the second floor. Mrs. Umayyah's classroom was next to my mother's. Clint was in my mother's classroom with Alicia and those two pregnant, Japanese twins he bred. Three cute, little girls for him to play with. The big perv.

I was in such a good mood. I liked it. I was riding high from abusing Lee and coming up with my naughty plan.

Pam squirmed beside me the entire walk to Mrs. Umayyah's classroom. My pussy grew juicier and juicier. No panties on and a shaved cunt meant I had nothing to contain the flood of juices leaking out of my snatch. My inner thighs were so sticky. My sweet musk filled the air, a naughty perfume.

We reached Mrs. Umayyah's classroom. I burst in and grinned as the Arab MILF gasped, wrenching her head away from the wall separating this room from my mother's. The naughty woman had drilled a hole in the wall to peek in on the fun my family had in there. It drove the MILF so wild she went from a prim and proper Arab wife to a slut who whored out her own nubile daughter, as well as some other girls, to the faculty and students of our college.

She also whored herself out.

“What's Clint doing to those girls?” Pam asked.

“He's fucking one of those Japanese girls up the ass while she eats out Alicia, who's licking the other twin's asshole,” Mrs. Umayyah answered her hand returning to rub at her crotch through her skirt. “Do you want to watch? Though if you're horny, I figure you could just walk in there.”

“Alicia's having her fun,” I said. “We'll have ours tomorrow. Now I need one of your whores distracting the swim team's coach after school.”

“Of course,” Mrs. Umayyah said. “Leyla would love to do that.”

“Your daughter is as big a slut as you are,” I said, grinning.


Becky Yates

Everyone stared at me, especially girls I knew who had brothers. Word was buzzing around our college. I couldn't believe that they all knew I was committing incest. Their attention made me feel so wicked. So naughty.

Especially those envious and curious gleams in those girls eyes. I hoped I gave them the courage to do things with their brother. To take that plunge into incest. Every sister needed to enjoy her brother's dick.

And today, I would enjoy my brother's dick. I would lose my virginity.

As the afternoon passed, my excitement mounted. I squirmed through all my classes. I could hardly pay attention in my final class, history with Ms. Samuels. She gave me a naughty wink when I walked in and licked her lips.

She had heard the rumors and... Did she have sex with her nephew, Clint? I think she must. Melody certainly implied everyone in her family had sex with Clint, even her mother. And to be Clint's sister, it meant Ms. Samuels also had sex with her sister's husband. Did that mean incest was a tradition in Clint's family.

Those questions made me so dizzy with lust.

My poor panties were soaked as History passed in an eager daze. I kept glancing at the clock. Time clicked by so slowly. I could feel every shift of the second hand. It felt so slow, like I never realized how much time could pass between one second and a next.




I just wanted class to be over. I wanted to lose my virginity. It made me so wet. Melody had something naughty planned, and knowing her, it would be were everyone could watch. Would I lose my virginity while the entire student body watched? That did just sound naughty.






I chewed on my lower lip, kneading it with my teeth. Not hard, but just enough to give me some sensation, attempting to draw my attention up from my juicy, virgin pussy. It failed. My cunt itched too much. I wanted my brother in me so badly. I wanted his cum spurting into my depths. I wished I wasn't on birth control. My mother didn't want any unexpected pregnancies.

She definitely wouldn't approve of who I wanted to have sex with.

Finally, Ms. Samuels said, “I want you all to read the chapter on reconstruction,” she said. “Be ready for a test on Monday. There just might be an essay question on carpetbaggers, so pay attention. Now enjoy the rest of the day.” She paused. “Especially you, Becky. I hear you're inspiring the swim team today.”

My cheeks went crimson.

The class burst into conversation, girls whispering and guys chuckling. Phones were out, people looking at them, typing, texting. Notifications buzzed my own phone. It vibrated in my skirt pocket. If it was shifted to my pussy, I bet it could get me off.

I took a deep breath as I rose slowly. This was it. It was time to lose my virginity and...

Where was I supposed to go?

I pulled out my phone, scrawled through notifications—mostly me being tagged in various Facebook and Twitter posts—and didn't find any messages from Melody. I frowned. Where was I supposed to go. I drifted out of the classroom, about to text here when a bright voice said my name.

I looked up to see James's younger sister, Jenny. She grinned at me. Though she was younger than me, she felt more... adult. More experienced. Her light-brown hair, held back from her face by a pink hairband, danced about her shoulders as her blue eyes twinkled.

“You're going to love it,” she said, hooking her arm in mine.

“Love... it?”

“Getting fucked by your brother.” She patted her belly. “I have my brother's baby growing in me. It was so wonderful. You are definitely going to love it!”

I nodded my head, a buzzing delight rippled through me. My heart beat so fast as she tugged me down the hallway, merging into the flow of students. It was only when we had gone a dozen or so feet I realized she was taking me somewhere.

“Um... where are we going?” I asked.

“Why, to where Melody wants you to be,” she said. “To lose your virginity.”

“Oh,” I said, my cheeks going pink. “You know about that?”

“The whole school knows about it.” Jenny giggled. “You're lucky that Mrs. Umayyah has dirt on so many teachers thanks to those naughty whores of hers.”

I blinked at that. What was that? Whores? Mrs. Umayyah? Wasn't she that devout, Muslim teacher?

She led me down to the first floor and then towards the gym. And the pool. I realized where we were going now. I shuddered as my pussy grew wetter and wetter. Swim practice. I felt like such an idiot as my mind was putting together the pieces of Melody's plan.

Then I realized we weren't the only students heading to the pool. There were others. Some grinned or giggled when they saw me. They waved at me or flashed me thumbs up or said such naughty things to me.

It felt like a game was happening. School spirit was on display. That excitement brimming in the air. It buoyed me. They were all coming to watch me lose my virginity. My college would witness it. This was so insane. I couldn't believe how much our college had changed since last year.

Clint and his harem had opened all our eyes to such taboo things like incest. This felt like the culmination of it, building over the last few months until our school was ready to witness me losing my virginity to my brother.

We flowed into the pool. It had spectators seats to witness the swim team in our Olympic sized pool. Our college had a great swim team, one of the best in our part of California. I trembled, my heart beating faster and faster as we passed into the warm, slightly humid air of the pool. The smell of chlorine filled my nose.

My brother in a speedo flashed through my mind, his body sleek and lean, sexy and strong. His speedo cupped his cock and balls, hugging his ass. He was such a stud. Dizzying waves of lust washed through my body.

“There you are,” Melody said as I entered the gym. The stands were filling up. The swim team were in the water, surrounding my brother. I stared at him while Melody was talking to me, her words drifting over me.

The guys were grinning, slapping him on the back. They clearly knew he was about to fuck me before the entire student body. He was such a dreamy hunk, standing in the water, the sexiest guy in our school. I couldn't wait—

Melody snapped her fingers before my face.

I blinked. “What?”

“Get naked,” she said then grabbed the hem of her top. “Time to pop that cherry.”

I shuddered and nodded my head. This was so naughty. I couldn't believe this was happening. As Melody's round breasts came bouncing into view, I drew up my own blouse. I exposed my pale stomach while cheers broke out around us.

“Take it off, sluts!”

“Look at those titties!”

“Damn, she's not as flat as she looks!”

I blushed at that as my small breasts came into view. I didn't wear a bra today, following Melody's example. My pussy clenched. I wiggled out of my skirt again, my firm tits jiggled before me as I bared my ass, bending over and shoving it at the crowd, my pussy on display, my black hair falling down my face. They could see that I was freshly shaved this morning.

The wolf-whistling and cheers swelled. My three friends were sitting halfway up. Rhea flashed me a thumbs up. All the students were all staring at me, lusting for me, but I was only for my brother to enjoy. And... any cute girl that wanted to lick my pussy. Melody had awakened that delight in me. I could even share them with my brother.

Like Melody did with her brother.

“Go, Becky, go!” the excited shouts of Lee echoed over the crowd. “Go, Becky, go!”

“Go, Becky, go!” a deeper voice shouted. “Go, Becky, go!”

I spotted Lee with her family. Clint was even there, his little sister Alicia sitting on his lap. Her brown pigtails danced around her face as she cheered me on, joining Clint and Lee. The chant spread, more and more students taking it up. The pool resounded with the passion. All these people were hear to witness my deflowering.

I almost swooned.

“Come on,” Melody said, the both of us naked now. She took my hand and led me to the pool. My eyes fell on her swaying hips. Her inner thighs glistened with excitement.

She was wet for this. She wanted this. I wanted to swoon again. It was such a thrill. We were going to be so naughty. I was going to lose my virginity.

She led me right up to the edge of the pool. She looked down at the water. Shivering, I sat down on the edge of the pool, the concrete rough beneath my ass. My feet dangled down into the warm water. I spread my thighs. I felt my brother, and the other members of the swim team, staring right at my pussy.

“Hey, cutie,” Melody called, kneeling beside me, her breasts jiggling as she beckoned to my brother. “Come here and show your sister how to eat pussy. She's just not good enough at eating mine.”

The members of the swim team all whooped, water splashing as they slapped my brother on the back. They pushed him forward to me. The pool rippled about him as he marched towards me. My pussy clenched.

“GO, BECKY, GO!” thundered the crowd behind me as Tim came closer and closer to me. I leaned back, Melody grinning at me before she straddled my face.

My brother's wet hands grabbed my knees. This was happening.


Melody Samuels

I felt Clint's eyes on me. He was sitting between Pam and Lee, Alicia on his lap, and my mother sitting behind him. I shuddered as a ripple of delight washed through me, glad he found the time to show up and watch me getting wild in public, the culmination of my exhibitionist lust. I was a little shocked to see him, but it helped to heighten the fun. He was one of the many, many pairs of eyes staring at me.


Did he feel any jealousy knowing all these guys were not only lusting after cute, nubile Becky, but me? Did it make him realize that I could have my pick of any of the cuties at our school, but that I choose him because I loved him. I loved him since we were kids. I grew up in love with him. Before the harem, it was Clint and me.

A strange, angry surge shot through me as I straddled Becky's face, my back to the crowd, my breasts shaking. Everyone watched my ass, my braided hair dangling down my supple back, as I lowered my shaved cunt to Becky's hungry mouth.


“Yes, yes, go, Becky, go,” I moaned as her tongue fluttered through my labia, flicking from my clit to my pussy hole. A wave of pleasure rippled through me.

Tim stared at me, his eyes so wide as he gripped his sister's thighs. A smile grew on his lips as he watched me grind my juicy cunt on his little sister's face. My hips wiggled from side to side, the heat washing through me.

“Come on, cutie,” I said, giving him a wink. “What are you waiting on? Lick her pussy. Show her how it's done. A stud like you must know how to make a girl cum with his mouth.”

“Yeah, I do,” he grinned. “You sure this is the best way to teach her?”

“Shy of the crowd?” I asked, his sister's tongue fluttering around my clit. “Can't get it up with everyone watching you? Or scared of your sister's snatch? Mmm, be a stud, cutie, and eat her.”

“I'm not scared,” he growled. His masculine pride surged through him. His need to prove that he was a stud who could make a girl cum while the entire student body watched him.

He buried his face into his little sister's bald twat—which I thought it was so hot that she'd shaved herself. It made her look so cute. I just wanted to devour her myself. She gasped into my pussy as her brother took his first lick of her snatch. He flicked his tongue up and down her nineteen-year-old slit, eating her while the entire student body watched on.”


Their shouts thundered around me, swelling my bliss. It was such a wondrous experience. It made me feel so amazing. My body buzzed. My cunt throbbed as Becky's tongue fluttered through my folds. She licked me with such enthusiasm. She loved my cunt while her brother loved her.

I loved incest. My ass clenched as I round my pussy up and down her mouth. My breasts bounced and jiggled. The swim team moved closer, staring at my tits. I grinned at them, sliding my hands up to cup them.

“Mmm, Tim, yes, that's how you eat your little sister's pussy!” I moaned. “She loves it. You hear her moaning into my cunt, cutie?”

“Yeah,” he groaned between licks, his eyes flashing up to stare at me. “Damn, I can't believe this. She tastes good.”

“And you're going to pop her cherry!” I moaned. “You're going to sink your dick into her pussy while everyone cheers you on?”

“Yeah, you are, Tim,” groaned one of his teammates, a cute guy with buzzed-short, brown hair. I think he was Rich.

“Gonna get your little sister's pussy. Lucky dog.”

“So lucky,” I moaned, my hips swaying from side to side. “Becky's got a juicy pussy. Every sister needs to enjoy their brother's dick.”

I threw a look over my shoulder, smiling at the sight of Clint watching me. He hugged Alicia tight, her skirt spread over his lap and... She was fucking him. That little minx had her cunt wrapped about his cock. He had his head resting on her shoulder, his face twisting in delight as she wiggled and squirmed.

I groaned, a wave of heat washing through me. Becky's lips sucked on my clit. She nursed on it, driving me wild with her passion. Her tongue caressed it, sending delight fluttering through my body. My fingers dug into my tits, my orgasm swelling and swelling.

Becky moaned about my clit. Then her stomach flexed. Her back arched, thrusting her belly up into the air. Her little titties jiggled. I reached down and cupped her small breasts, kneading her tits and thumbing over her pink nipples.

“Ooh, Tim, doesn't your sister have cute titties?” I asked as he stared up at me. I grinned down at him. “Huh, cutie? Aren't they just sexy?”

“Yeah,” he groaned into her cunt, his nose rubbing against her clit. He was snorkeling in her incestuous snatch.

His right hand shot up her body. Before I could move my hand out of the way, his fingers brushed mine. I gasped as a jolt of electricity shot through me. I groaned, my cunt clenching, a dizzy wave of heat washing through my body. I jerked my hands back up to my tits, groping them as the pleasure coursed through my body.

Becky's tongue dove into my pussy hole now. My clit rubbed against her chin as she plundered my depths. I shifted and worked my hips, grinding my clit on them as my orgasm swelled so fast. The cheers swept around me, the student body watching her eat me to my climax.

“Yes, yes, yes, cutie, you're eating your little sister's pussy so well. You're driving her wild. She's going to cum. Mmm, yes, yes, make her cum. Make your sister explode!”

“I will!” he growled and nuzzled his face back and force into her pussy.

“Tim!” she squealed into my cunt. “Oh, Tim, yes, yes! This is so amazing! You're going to take my cherry.”

“Yes, yes he is!” I moaned. “He's going to pop your cherry! Every brother should take his sister's cherry!”

I threw a look back over my shoulder, Clint watching me as our little sister worked her cunt up and down his dick. He had his hands around her waist now, bouncing her up his dick a few inches. Pure rapture burned across Alicia's face.

“Oh, cutie, make your sister cum,” I moaned, whipping back my gaze to stare down at Tim. My pussy clenched around Becky's probing tongue. “Just make her erupt! She needs it so badly. She needs you to love her!”

“Uh-huh!” Becky gasped into my pussy. Her body shuddered. “Tim! Yes, yes, Tim!”


The nineteen-year-old girl came on her brother's mouth. Her body quivered and quaked. She moaned into my cunt as her orgasm surged through her. My eyes widened as she shared her passion with me. She licked and lapped at my cunt as her brother sent her shuddering with orgasmic bliss.

“She's cumming!” I howled, thrusting my right arm into the air like I was a cheerleader holding a pompom. Why didn't I ever become a cheerleader? “She's cumming on her brother's hungry mouth!”

The crowd exploded. They whooped and hollered. The swimming arena thundered with their excitement. It swelled through me, feeding my orgasm as much as Becky's tongue swirling through the depths of my cunt. My face twisted in rapture.

My clit throbbed against her chin.

My rapture exploded through me. It was incredible. My body quaked. My tits heaved as I threw my other arm into the air. My had leaned back, my braid swaying across my supple back as I quaked and shuddered on the virgin.

Becky drank the juices gushing out of my pussy while the rapture surged into my mind. It washed through my thoughts, coating them in my passion. Bliss buzzed through my body as I drank in this wondrous moment.

“Yes, yes, yes, cutie!” I moaned. “You made your sister cum! You're getting her pussy ready for your cock!”

“I am!” he growled. “I am, Melody! Goddamn, this is so hot!”

“It is!” I moaned, stars bursting through my eyes. They spilled across my thoughts as I squirmed on Becky's face

Another orgasm burst inside of me. My pussy spasmed so hard it almost hurt. I drank it in, my stomach flexing. My fingers flexed and clenched as the rapture drowned my thoughts. I leaned back so far I fell off Becky's face.

I shuddered on my back, not caring about my braid digging into my spine. The world spun around me. The cheering students were standing up. All save Clint up front. His face twisted in rapture as he flooded Alicia's cunt with his cum.

That should be my cunt being filled with jizz.

“It's time!” Becky squealed. “Oh, Melody, it's time, isn't it. For my brother to pop my cherry.”

I sat up on my elbows, staring down past my heaving tits at the girl. Her face was coated in my pussy juices. She looked so sexy. I licked my lips, ready for this next part. A hush fell over the crowd, sensing something amazing was about to happen.

“Get on your hands and knees, Becky,” I groaned. “I need more orgasms. I want you licking my pussy while your brother pops your cherry!”

As Becky rolled over onto her hands and knees, the crowd exploded in applause.


Becky Yates

I trembled, my body buzzing from the awesome orgasm Tim gave me. I licked my lips, savoring Melody's sweet pussy. The concrete bit into my knees and my palms. I shifted forward, moving my head towards her pussy while the crowd cheered me on.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was being naughty while my entire school watched on. I would be an inspiration to other girls to take that step and fuck their brothers. Just like Melody was an inspiration to me.

“Please, please, Tim, fuck me! Take my cherry!” I moaned, wiggling my hips as I lowered my head.

“You sure, Melody?” Tim asked as he rose out of the pool. I heard the water splashing, more dripping off of him.

It rained onto my ass.

“Oh, I'm sure, cutie,” Melody moaned as I nuzzled my face back into her bald pussy. This time, she wasn't half-smothering me with her snatch. I could control where I licked her. “I want you to pop your sister's cherry while everyone watches. That would make me so happy.”

“Me, too, Tim!” I moaned.

“Okay,” he groaned.

A whoop went through the girls a moment before a hard, fleshy cock smacked my rump. I shivered at the feel of my brother's dick against my ass. I had stroked him, sucked on him, but I had never felt him there. Then he moved his cock down towards my pussy.

A sudden wave of nervousness shot through me. Whimpering, I pressed my face into Melody's pussy, enjoying the familiarity of her silky lips on my mouth, her sweet cream coating my lapping tongue. Her bigger tits jiggled as she shuddered. A big smile crossed her lips.

She winked at me.

I could do this. I could let my brother pop my cherry while everyone watched.

My guts tightened as his cock reached my pussy. His tip pressed against my hymen. He felt so big. Could I really do this? I had to. Everyone was watching me. Cheering me on. My name resounded through the echoing room.


“Pop her cherry, cutie!” Melody hissed.

“Yes!” Tim groaned and thrust.

My eyes widened. I moaned into Melody's cunt as my brother's cock pushed against my maidenhead. That thin membrane stretched and stretched. It felt so elastic. A flare of pain shot through me. I whimpered into Melody's sweet cunt, wondering how much force it would—

My cherry popped.

My brother's cock slammed into the depths of my pussy.

A wave of incestuous heat washed through me at this wonderful moment. The air shook with the force of the crowd's excited cheers. They witnessed my brother taking my virginity. His cock stretched me out as he reached so deep into me. My cunt clenched about him. I groaned into Melody's cunt as the pain I felt became pleasure.


Ecstatic euphoria swept through me as Tim bottomed out in my pussy. He filled my cunt to the hilt. I loved how stuffed full I was. My tongue thrust into Melody's juicy snatch, mimicking my brother's cock. He groaned behind me, his strong hands stroking my sides.

Then he drew back. My tongue copied him. Melody shuddered when I thrust my tongue back into her pussy as my brother's dick buried into my mine. Silky friction became hot rapture burning around his cock. My cunt drank it in as his balls smacked into my clit.

“Damn!” groaned Tim. “Damn, Melody, I'm fucking her!”

“Yeah, you are, cutie,” Melody moaned. “Fuck your little sister. It's making my pussy so hot. Mmm, it's inspiring her to fuck my cunt with her tongue.”

I did. As my brother pumped his dick in and out of my pussy, my tongue fucked in and out of Melody's cunt like a mini-cock. I savored her hot depths while my pussy enjoyed my brother's thick girth.

Being fucked was amazing. And being watched only made it better. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure rippled through my body. My hips wiggled from side to side as my big brother plowed me so hard, his balls smacking into my clit.


“You're such a naughty slut, Becky!” groaned Melody, her hips undulating, smearing her hot cunt across my hungry mouth.

“Yes, yes, eat her pussy, Becky!” growled Tim. “Make her cum!”

“I will, big brother!” I moaned.

Tim's hands stroked my sides. My tongue stopped fucking into Melody's clit and just attacked her pussy. As the bliss rippled out of my snatch, I couldn't do much more than mindless flailing up and down her folds, drinking her sweet pussy cream.

Tim's cock pumping in and out of my twat stirred me up. It felt so much better than masturbating. Than even being eaten out by him. It was incredible. He stimulated me the way a woman should be. I wasn't a little girl any longer.

I was my brother's woman.

An orgasms burst inside my pussy at that thought. My cunt rippled about his dick as he thrust into me. I moaned into Melody's snatch, my eyes squeezing shut. Such rapture surged through me. It was incredible. My hips wiggled from side to side, taking his dick as it buried into me again and again. It rippled over me. It made me feel so incredible.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, eat my pussy!” Melody moaned.

“Shit, she's cumming on my dick, Melody!” Tim groaned, thrusting harder into my cunt, stirring me up.

“Well, then cum in her pussy, cutie!” groaned Melody.

“Getting there.”

His dick kept pumping in and out of my pussy. He churned me up. The pleasure flowed through me. Every thrust into me sent another ripple through my snatch. I flowed from one orgasm to the next, my entire body electrified by his dick plowing into me. He gave me such pleasure. Such rapture.

He made me tremble. Every orgasm was better than the last. His dick churned me up, my pussy juices running down my thighs as I moaned into Melody's snatch. Stars dancing before my eyes, I nuzzled and pressed my face into her snatch, bathing in her sweet juices.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becky!” moaned Melody. “Ooh, I'm going to cum!”

“Yes!” groaned Tim. “Let's cum together, Melody! Becky's pussy is so hot! And she's making feel so good!”

“Do it!” I howled. “Cum in my pussy, big brother, and Melody... Cum on my face. I love your pussy cream!”


Melody grabbed my black hair. She pulled my face tight into her snatch. As another orgasm burst inside my cunt, my pussy convulsing harder about my brother's dick, Melody rubbed my face up and down her snatch. She masturbated using my nose and lips to please her.

I let her. I was too lost to my own pleasure to care about anything but Tim's cock plunging into me. The incestuous climaxes rippled through me again and again. My pussy convulsed and spasmed about his dick, so hungry for his jizz.

“Cum in me, big brother!” I howled.

“Fuck!” Tim roared.

He buried into me. His cum spurted hot into my snatch.

My most powerful orgasm yet detonated inside of me. I screamed into Melody's pussy as blast after blast of my brother's spunk flooded my pussy. His hot spunk filled me. It spilled through my sheath. My cunt rippled about his dick, draining him dry while I moaned into Melody's snatch.

Her juices gushed out of her cunt as she screamed out in rapture. Her entire body quaked and quivered. I drank down her cream as my mind melted in incestuous bliss. I couldn't believe this was happening. It was incredible.

“Fuck, Melody!” groaned Tim.

“Yes, yes, yes, cum in your sister, cutie! That's so hot!”

“It is!” I screamed out, my vision growing black, narrowing to a tunnel focused on Melody's flushed face.

I pleased them both.

Tim grunted a final time. My pussy milked the last drops of his cum into my depths. He pulled out of my snatch. I panted, collapsing into a ball, his jizz leaking out of me. I smiled so much as he moved around me, my mind dizzy with passion.

“Damn, that was so hot,” Tim groaned.

“It was,” I panted.

I blinked my eyes, seeing my brother over me as he...

Reached for Melody.

I blinked in shock as he grasped the blonde's shoulders, leaned over, and kissed the trembling twenty-one-year-old girl hard on the lips. My jaw dropped. My pleasure died in an instant as I bolted upright.


Melody Samuels

I froze the moment Tim's lips touched mine.

I was so confused. Why was he kissing me. And with such passion. I could feel his desire for me. How much he wanted me. His hands squeezed tight about my shoulders as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. A wave of heat washed through me.

A gasp went through the watching crowd. Becky screeched in shock.

My lips moved against Tim. For a heartbeat, my body surrendered to this cute guy kissing me, responding to his emotions. It all flashed through my mind in that second how he kept staring at me, always hinting he'd rather do things with me. I thought it was his shyness about committing incest with his sister but...

It was me he wanted. No other girl. He only fucked Becky to please me. He wanted me. He didn't have any other distractions away from loving me. My body wanted to just surrender to him. Buzzing on my orgasmic high, I responded to him for a moment and—

What the fuck was I doing?

I wrenched my mouth away, tasting him on my lips.

“Melody!” roared Clint.

It crashed into me. Clint witnessed me kissing Tim for that minute moment. What I just did crashed into me. A mighty panic seized me. I couldn't think. I stumbled to my feet, the entire student body staring at me.

“Melody?” Tim asked, his hand grabbing mine as he knelt before me.

I jerked away and bolted for the exit.

“Melody?” Clint called after.

“Wait, Melody!” shouted Tim.

I ran faster.

To be continued...

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