Magical Promiscuity

Magical Promiscuity

Chapter 1
Magical Promiscuity

I was, by far, one of the most awkward preteen boys to have ever walked this earth. That was, until after puberty worked it’s magic. It wouldn’t be a far stretch of the imagination to say that I was attractive. The first girlfriend I gotten had been in fifth grade. But girlfriends you have before puberty don’t really count though, do they? My life however was fairly normal. I had a normal name, Mike. I lived in a normal suburb of Seattle, with my mother and sister. My father had been arrested for extortion and sentenced to 5 years in prison while my family was living in Nebraska. After that, my mother moved my sister and I, from Omaha to Seattle where we currently reside.
At the time I first discovered my gift I was 15 years old. And it was over that summer of great surprise that I lost my virginity. The first friend I made after moving to Seattle was a girl my age named Sammy. She was a cute girl, about 5’8” with a small round face, long blond hair, and a brain the size of an almond. I say almond instead of the more commonly used peanut, because she was not quite as stupid as say… Paris Hilton, whose brain I would compare to a peanut. But nonetheless no one ever made the mistake of thinking her an intellectual person.
She lived just down the block from me, and I met her at the park one day while I was playing basketball at the park. She walked by, smoking a cigarette, and smiled at me. I didn’t have anyone my age to talk to at the time, besides my friend Michael who still lived in Omaha who I chatted with occasionally on the phone, so I gave it a shot and said, “Hey.”
It was the simplest, most uninspiring way to start a conversation. Yet with an intelligence level so low as her own it worked beautifully, and was the start of a long lasting friendship. As a matter of fact, although I am currently in college, I still talk to her often, albeit online.
In any case, I introduced my self as Mike, and we became very good friends and she introduced me to the people who would eventually take me into their clique. At any rate, I lost my virginity to Sammy one night at Brittany’s house, who was a mutual friend of ours. Brittany was having a little get-together. Just Sammy, Jeff (another member of our “clique”), Brittany, and myself were at her house. We weren’t getting riled up and partying as we might have some other nights, because Brittany’s mother was home. Brittany’s mother stayed in her bedroom most of the night watching TV and laughing. We watched what I thought would be an action movie, “Pearl Harbor”, but it turned out to be a chick flick and quickly bored me.
Both because Brittany wasn’t the richest person in the world, and because she and Jeff felt the need to take up her entire bed with their “make out session”, there was no room for myself or Sammy to sit or lay anywhere on the bed. So, Brittany kindly took a break from her lover and went and got a few extra blanket and pillows, which she laid out on the floor for Sammy and I to sleep on that night.
Sammy and I were just very close friends. We had never gone out before, in fact, she had turned me down the one time I attempted to try to be anything more than a friend to her. But that night, what with the alcohol taking affect, along with my transient interest in parts of the movies where guns and bombs were being used, my mind drifted to Sammy’s late blooming body. I thought about her small nipples and looked down at them, lightly sticking out from her loose nightshirt. I thought about her tight butt. Which I had gotten a good look at numerous times since I had met her. And by sheer impulse, I put our friendship on the line and said “Sammy, make love to me.”
She looked over at me, not surprised, but with a blank look on her face. She sat up and swung a leg over me and pulled me up to her, so we were face to face. She leaned into me, and kissed me.
It was a short kiss. Her lips were wet with lip-gloss that tasted of watermelon. I stopped kissing her and looked into her blue eyes staring back at my own. I moved my hand from the top of her side where I could feel her bra strap on down to her hip and pulled her in closer to me. We shared another kiss, this one longer, more passionate, and sensually arousing. We lay down together without saying a word, both not quite sure what to do next. I stared at the TV, without much interest, and then decided to go for the gold. I rolled over on my side, and pulled on her shoulder. She willingly rolled over on her side as well, facing me. I slid my hand under her shirt, and slid it up slowly. She didn’t resist after I had gotten it half way off, so I pulled it the rest of the way over her head, and she obliged by ducking her head out of the neck hole.
I looked up trying to see over the side of Brittany’s bed and saw the brown fuzzy head of Jeff moving slowly, and took it he was still making out with Brittany. When I’d turned back to Sammy she was sitting cross-legged facing me, just finishing taking off her bra. Her nubile nipples were nearly as I had imagined them, soft, petite, pale, and gorgeous. I reached out to touch them and she moved her head toward me, expecting another kiss. I obliged and kissed her again, with more verve this time, twirling my tongue in knots around hers. I continued my venture to feel her breasts. I reached up and placed one hand on each of her sensitive nipples, running my fingers around the perimeter of the soft skin. I felt them as we kissed for while more, then wrapped my hands around her midsection and laid her on her back.
I didn’t waste anytime getting to what I wanted. I tugged at her pajama pants and they easily slipped down her waist. She lifted her legs slightly up into the air to help me be able to pull them completely off. To my surprise I found that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all! It was a pleasant surprise though. I brought my head down to her crotch and spread her legs wide with my hands. Seeing as the only light in the room was coming from the television, I had to go mainly on instincts and feel. I knew my way around the female anatomy pretty well; I did after all have a computer.
I used my two index fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. I then proceeded to slide my tongue into her tight hole. The sensation of the first contact between my tongue and her pussy was nothing less than incredible. My wet tongue lubricated its way deeper into her pussy, but suddenly could go no further. I figured it was her hymen. I knew if I didn’t want to go into high school a virgin, I would have to break this barrier. I swirled my tongue around her pussy once more, making sure to lubricate every area I could, and pulled my tongue out.
I was fairly sure that Brittany’s mother was still awake. And I knew for a fact that Jeff and Brittany were still up. So I whispered a prayer to myself, although loud enough so only Sammy could hear me, “Please don’t scream!”
With that I took the clothes still remaining on me off, and rubbed my erect 6-inch penis to its full length. Pushing her back on the mattress and at the same time spreading her legs, I lifted myself on top of her, positioning my cock just above her pussy. I hesitated for a minute, and then pushed my dick into the entrance of her cunt. She squirmed a bit, but got used to the feeling of my manhood inside her. When I felt she, and I, were comfortable, I took a deep breath and rammed my penis deep into her, blasting through her hymen in the process. This time she gasped, not loudly, and didn’t scream, or make any verbal recognition to the pain she was quite obviously feeling. Liquid was running out of her and onto my sack. Probably blood.
Slowly, I began pumping in and out of her. She didn’t make any noise or show any sign of discomfort, so I started pumping my hips faster and faster. She eventually started bucking her hips back at me, making the experience even more pleasurable. Now keep in mind that I was a virgin, and think back to your first time. Virgins don’t tend to last very long. I like to think that I lasted about 10 minutes, but it was probably more like 3.
My hot cum burst out of me, streaming deep inside of Sammy. It was ecstasy. Absolute ecstasy. She was still bucking her hips as I felt my penis going soft inside of her. She didn’t seem to have cummed, and I whispered to myself, again loud enough so just Sammy could hear me, “Come on baby cummm!”
She responded almost immediately. It was almost surreal how the thick water-like cum spewed out of her just as soon as I had said those words. Her cum soaked my genitalia and the blankets we had under us. And this time, she was not quiet. She squealed out in delight as the warm fluid came out of her body. Looking over towards the bed, my gaze was met with both Brittany and Jeff lying side-by-side staring at us, smiling. Quickly I removed myself from Sammy and pulled a blanket over us as I lay next to her.
We were both out of breath. I was happy, shocked, and confused. Getting up minutes later to clean myself in the bathroom, Jeff jokingly whispered, “Nice going there tiger!” as I walked out the door of Brittany’s bedroom. I walked down the hall towards the bathroom, in nothing but my boxers. To my surprise, just before I walked into the bathroom, Brittany’s mom, Cindy, walked out from around the corner holding a box of ice cream with a spoon full of it half way to her mouth.
She stared at me in utter disbelief, her eyes looking over my entire body, starting with my face, and eventually working her way down to my penis, which was sticking out of the front hole of my boxers. I guess she sort of smiled, but it was more of a smirk. “What are you doing here Michael?” She said bitterly.
Apparently Brittany had failed to mention to her mother that either Jeff or myself were coming over that night. Thinking back, she did tell us to be quiet when we were coming into her house, which was odd seeing as we got there at 8pm, but at the time I didn’t think anything of it. Cindy and I didn’t exactly have a great relationship. You see, by no fault of my own, Cindy’s drug addiction had come to light because of certain, innocent, actions I had taken. But that is an entirely different story.
I rarely saw Cindy, and I wasn’t too sad about it. She was a bitch, and she knew what I thought of her. “I wonder if your mother would like to hear about this?” She said sinisterly.
“Oh shut the fuck up you bitch,” I said, getting ready to go back into Brittany’s room to get my clothes and leave, “You can tell my mom anything you want you whore. I don’t give a fuck!”
She looked at me, with an even more sinister smile. It kind of scared me. “I’ll get the phone right now then!” She shouted after me as I walked back in the direction of Brittany’s room.
“Suck my dick!” I replied.
Walking back into Brittany’s room without saying a word, I grabbed my clothes and took them to my original destination, the bathroom. Just as I had finished changing there was a knock on the door. I said, “I’m done, I’ll be out in a minute.”
To my dismay the door opened despite my attempt to thwart such an action being taken. Cindy, wearing the same bathrobe as before, walked in on me. I was perplexed. Why would she be coming in the bathroom that she knew I was in? Was she going to hurt me? I doubted it. She wouldn’t want to get sued. But what did she want then? She walked up to me with a somewhat familiar blank look on her face. Putting her hand on my shoulder she sat me down on the toilet. I didn’t know what to make of the situation. The final thought that went through my head, before the last thing I expected to happen occurred was, “Oh God I hope this isn’t a lecture!”
It wasn’t a lecture; instead, it was an oral exam. She got down on her knees, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled out my dick, and sucked it. Take a minute, swallow. Think about it. Brittany’s mother, the woman who most hated me in the world, was sucking my penis. Oral sex. I can’t even stress to you the perplexedly of the situation. I could hardly comprehend what was going on. As I said earlier, this was the one thing I never expected to happen.
Cindy’s tongue swirled around my dick head. It felt wonderful, although I was still too confused to enjoy it to the fullest. She continued gliding her tongue round and round my cock, sliding my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. I didn’t know why she was sucking my dick, I was confused. But I thought to myself, “What the hell?” And slid my hands together behind my head, and enjoyed the hell out of it.
Cindy obviously had some experience. She twirled her tongue like an expert around my penis, while simultaneously bobbing her head up and down. By now she had taken the full length of my penis into her mouth. I grabbed her head at one point and slammed my dick to the back of her throat, smiling to myself as I saw her lips buried in my pubic hair. As soon as I let her head go she continued bobbing a swirling her tongue around my rock hard cock. Feeling that I was about to cum, I considered letting her know what was coming. But I resisted. Cum exploded out of me and into her mouth. She tried her best to swallow it all, but the quantity was simply too much, and it ended up oozing out of her mouth and onto my leg.
When she had finished me off and swallowed all the hot cum that had previously been in her mouth, she proceeded to lick the remaining cum off of my leg, and clean my balls and dick with her mouth. I was satisfied, still mystified, and extraordinarily happy. She got up, walked out of the bathroom, and left me there stunned at what had just happened. Nonetheless I got up, put my clothes back on, and went to lay back down with Sammy for the night. They were all talking when I got back into the room. Apparently non of them had noticed the extensive period of time I’d been gone, and the movie had long been over, and they were not watching the 2:00am repeat of Conan O’Brien.
Something extraordinary was going on here. I was surprised that Sammy had had sex with me, and didn’t even know what to make of Cindy sucking my dick. Something was definitely out of the ordinary; I just didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was the lingering affects of the alcohol, or maybe it was something entirely different. “Jeff, go get me a pop!” I shouted.
To this he replied, “Get it for yourself you lethargic bitch.” That’s what I expected out of him.
“Brittany get me a pop and some food. Now,” I said.
Not at all to my surprise Brittany immediately got out of the bed strolled out of the room with a blank look on her face, returning shortly with a bag of chips and a soda. I thought I knew what was going on. And I was eager to try some stuff in the morning. Really eager.

I hoped you liked the first installment of my story. I will be writing another chapter shortly, regardless of what you all think of it. But if you do feel so inclined, feel free to leave a comment about what you thought of the story. Just know that I won’t be reading any of them.

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