Using Sara - Part 2

Using Sara - Part 2

Using Sara part 2.

After sleeping the best I had slept in years, I woke up more excited that I was last night. I cannot stop thinking about last night. I cannot even believe that my wife went along with it. Not only did she go along with it, she seems to be enjoying it. I looked over and found my wife still sleeping. I snuck down into the basement to check on my newest toy.

I found her still strapped down to the table where I left her, and awake. She began to plea to be let go. Poor Sara, I couldn’t let her go. I did not want to let her go. I was ready to continue our adventure. She would find herself being used, abused, tortured, and eventually we will end her misery. But for now, we’re are going to have a lot of fun. As I am preparing different things, I begin to explain to her just the amount of torture, and abuse she is to endure. She will have multiple men using her tonight. I explain to her that by the time tomorrow ends, she will be used, abused, and dead, and I will be off to my next victim. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was wishing she had taken a different route last night?!?!

I hear my wife starting to stir. As she came down the stairs, I could hear her say “You’re as bad as a kid at Christmas, cannot wait to unwrap your present.” I couldn’t help but laugh, but she was right. I was so excited. It was time to begin. Everything was in place, and I couldn’t be more ready.

As I look at Sara lay on the table, strapped down, I start to become aroused again. Today was going to be different. Today we begin to truly torture poor little Sara. I got my kit that I had prepared. Out of the kit I pulled the first of many instruments. Piercing needles. Sara was about to get a few new piercings. There were so many I wanted to give her, but I must be patient. I have plenty of time. My wife and I have planned this out so well, there is now way we can get caught, so I have plenty of time.

I started with her nipples. No warning, nothing to ease the pain. Just a 12-guage needle thru each nipple. As I pierced each nipple, I put a stud in. Sara writhing in pain, screaming. Music to my ears. Now down to her pussy for a piercing. Piercing right through her clit. So much screaming. As I hear her agony, I start to become aroused. Now it was time to start to stretch out little Sara for what was to come later.

I untied Sara to flip her over, and of course she struggled, but I easily over powered her. Secured back to the table, I found the foot-long dildo we had ordered. Without lube, I began to insert it into Sara’s ass. As I began to insert it, Sara began to struggle against her restraints. The further I pushed it in the more she would scream. She was certainly not enjoying what I was doing, but I was. Once all 12 inches were inside, I stood back and admired my work. What an amazing sight. What an amazing sound. 12 inches of dildo in her innocent little ass.

My wife broke out the camera, and began to take photos of Sara. Paying special attention to the dildo, the piercings, and the agony on Sara’s face. This is going to be a great start to our collection. Now was time for a little bit of fun. This time when I untied Sara, she was so tired from screaming and struggling, that she could not struggle anymore. I flipped her over, and strapped her back to the table.

I grabbed the knife out of my kit. As I slid my cock into Sara, I could feel the dildo in her ass. I can feel her struggle against me. The more she struggles, the more turned on I get. As I thrust in and out, I start carving lines into Sara’s arms. The more she screams, the more I get aroused. I finish by unloading a large load of cum into Sara’s pussy. All throughout, my wife continued to photograph.

My wife begins to bandage Sara’s arms. While she is doing that I begin to prepare sedative in a syringe. I also remove the dildo from Sara’s ass.

When I was done, my wife placed the camera down on the work bench. She drops down to her knees. As she begins to suck my softening cock, she stops for a moment to comment “This bitch’s cunt taste pretty good.” She goes back to sucking my cock. It doesn’t take me long to unload another load of cum into her mouth. As she swallows my cum, I again think about how I cannot believe that she was even ok with this, let alone, helping me with it, and enjoying every minute of it.

As we get up, and start to tidy things up. I pull the gag and sedative syringe out of the kit. I gag Sara with the gag, and inject the sedative. We have company coming over tonight, and I do not want them hearing Sara, until the time is right. They have no idea what they are in store for tonight. We had discussed it, but none of them had the balls to go thru with it. I did.

As we head upstairs to prepare dinner, Sara’s is sleeping peacefully on the table that she is tied to. I wonder if it sank in that tomorrow, will be her last. Does she truly realize that this basement will be the last thing she sees. Tonight my friends get to play, but tomorrow, it all comes to an end. I will end it while I fuck her. My wife, well she will record it, for our viewing pleasure later.

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