Barb comes out

Barb comes out

Barb’s Adventure
Chapter 1
Barb had been raised in a church going household. As she entered her teen years, she heard the stories from some of the kids she went to school with about sex. Cock, oral sex, std’s, and of course babies. She didn’t think about it much. She was from a religious family and of course, she would never have sex before marriage. Through her teen years, she noticed the increase in her senses when it came to looking at and being around boys and men. Her sexuality was awakening. She noticed their smell, looked at their arms and couldn’t help but glance at their crotch and wonder how it would feel when the time finally came when she gave her body to a man, her husband of course. Fast forward to her wedding night. She had indeed remained a virgin for her husband. A rarity these days. That night sex was brief and painful for her. Her husband, also from a very religious family didn’t know how to please a woman. The play before sex amounted to two kisses, a hand full of breast squeezes and a very brief and dry vaginal intercourse. All of which lasted about 5 minutes. Barb lay on her side wondering if this was the best it ever would get. What was all the sex hub bub about? Fast forward 3 years. Sex with her husband had hardly gotten better. With decreasing frequency and no improvement in performance her frustration mounted. She felt an “itch” inside. An “itch” that intensified over time. She felt as though she might explode sometimes as she yearned for what essentially was sexual satisfaction, though she had no firm idea since she had yet to achieve even a minor orgasm.

Barb was a petite young woman, barely 21 years old. She had a very lovely figure. Average size breasts and a nice pretty smile and face. Barb had been working a retail job at the local mall for several months. She had noticed a nice looking man had been returning to her shop and striking up conversation for several weeks. She had been instantly attracted to him but had tried to hide it. She had glanced at him and been caught several times. She also gave away her attraction through her smiles and willingness to engage in conversation. Soon she found herself sitting at a table with this man at a coffee shop. It was an innocent enough meeting. Just talk. As fate and her situation would have it, the conversation turned to sex. She hinted at her frustration with her new friend. The conversation became more open and frank over their next few meetings. Finally she had to admit to her new friend her attraction to him. She burned between her legs every time she saw him. She told him that when he brushed against her breast they tingled and the nipples got hard. She didn’t understand these bodily reactions to this man. He wasn’t her husband. He told her his address and told her she should show up that night. Her feelings were confused but she new she must obey. She told her husband she would be away caring for a sick friend.
She left and met her new lover at his apartment. She almost couldn’t knock on the door but at the end her desire overcame her concerns and she entered Bill’s apartment. He greeted her with a kiss and a glass of wine. After a few minutes of conversation, he led her to the bath room and told her to take a shower and but on the sexy outfit he laid on the counter. She bathed and shaved her legs. When she put on the outfit, she was a little embarrassed. She was virtually naked. No man except her husband had ever saw her naked. When she walked into the room, Bill approached her and kissed her hard. His hands roamed over her body. He squeezed her ass, rubbed her back. He ran his hand over her legs and then pressed his hand between her legs. He caressed her pussy and noticed it was already wet with anticipation. She moaned with pleasure and virtually collapsed as she completely gave herself to him.
Once in bed, he kissed her and kissed and sucked her titties for a long time. He would briefly rub her pussy, teasing her and then caressing her inner thighs and up and down her legs. Finally, he began kissing her inner thighs and slowly worked his way up to her pussy. Much to his delight, she had closely trimmed her pussy hair. He rewarded her by licking her vaginal area, teasing her, driving her crazy as he finally began licking her cunt. Slowly at first he licked up and down the inner folds of her cunt, licking inside her cunt. She was delicious and as he increased the intensity of his tongue and began to concentrate on her clit, she began so squirm and spread her legs wider and push her hips and cunt into his face. As she had never been eaten nor had a climax before, she reached a virtual delirium of pleasure. As he then pulled her clit into his mouth and began sucking and licking it, she came with incredible intensity. Her vagina contracted wildly as she hit a pinnacle of pleasure she had never experienced before. This lasted an unusually long time and he kept up the licking until she had completed her pleasure. He sat back and looked at her swollen, wet pussy and wanted to sink his dick into her immediately, but he would not do it now. Not yet.
As she slowly came to her senses, she began kissing him and he guided her down to his cock. She undressed him and with large eye’s looked upon his cock. It was much larger than her husband. She had no idea they even grew this big. He told her to suck it. She had never done this but she knew if she wanted this man to continue to please her she would have to comply. She sucked him and quickly realized she liked it. She felt it grow bigger in her mouth and realized with increasing wonder that she would soon feel this huge cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. She couldn’t wait. After a few minutes she removed her mouth and looked at it and looked up at him and asked him to fuck her with it. He asked her if she was sure. She said Yes, Yes. He asked her if she thought she could take it. She looked down at his huge cock and said I don’t know but I want it, I want all of it. At that he pushed her back on the bed and licked her pussy again. As she again approached orgasm, he pulled her legs up and sunk his cock in about 6 inches. She pulled her head back in pleasure and as he began pumping it in and out of her she reached another huge orgasm. As he pistoned his huge dick in and out of her it slowly went in deeper and deeper. As is did, it felt better and better to her and she spread her legs farther and pushed her hips and cunt up and pressed toward him. As she did she felt pressure deep inside her as his long cock kept pushing in her deeper and deeper into reaches that had never been touched inside her before. Before long, he entire length of his ten inches were pistoning inside her. It was so big that she felt a combination of pain and pleasure as he stretched her inside to accommodate such a huge cock. He turned her over and fucked her from behind, on her side, then he put her on top. She fucked and fucked him. Coming over and over. Finally he told her he was about to come. He told her to suck the come out of him until it was all gone and to swallow every drop. So that is exactly what she did. Afterwards she lay back dealing with the shock of the experience she had just had. She had 10 super intense orgasms and had her pussy eaten and then stretched for hours around a huge cock. She lay there and noticed she was sore from taking such a large cock in her tiny pussy. She also liked sucking him off at the end. He told her if she ever wanted to come back to call. He would let her know when she could return for more.
A couple days later she called him up to see if he could see her. He said he was busy that night but had a friend he could have meet her. She said she didn’t know. Meeting a complete stranger for sex. How could she. He said fine, call me back in a couple days, maybe I’ll be free, maybe I won’t. Wait, she said. He said, OK then, but this guy is a little different. He likes to dominate. He will tie you down and spank you but he will also make you cum so hard you wont believe it. She said OK. He said oh, and shave your pussy. Completely. She said OK. They made the arrangements and hung up the phone.
She complied with the shaving request, lied to her husband and made her way to the hotel. She wore a short cotton dress. When she entered, Jim had offered her a glass of wine and a seat across from him. He sat on the couch. He reached to the end table, picked up a remote control pointed it to the wall behind her and pressed a button.
Jim was older than Bob. His head was shaved, He had tattoo’s and ear rings. Barb was instantly afraid of him and what he might do to her but also intrigued at the same time. He asked her name. Barbara Cooper. Was she married. Yes. What’s her husband’s name. She didn’t want to answer. Finally, she said “Thomas” What does he do? She looked at the floor. He’s the Pastor of Rolling Hills Baptist Church. No fucking shit. After some more small talk and a couple of glasses of wine, He asked her if she wanted to leave. He said the door is right there. She said no. OK then, he said. From this point forward I will refer to you as slave. You will refer to me as Master. You will not speak unless I give you permission to. You will follow my orders. Is this understood? She said yes.
She didn’t know but his video cameras were rolling.
He stood up went over to the door and locked it.
She began trembling with fear.
He said :
Stand up
Show me your breasts
She hesitated
Show me you breasts
She slowly began to ease her dress off her shoulders
What is your problem? Do you not want to please your master?
She stammered, not knowing what to say
Answer me damn it. He was visibly becoming angry
Yes sir I mean master I want to show you my breasts.
Then what is taking so long.
She then quickly slid her dress off her shoulders baring her breasts so he could see them.
That’s better.
He grabbed her arms twisting them around behind her back forcing her tender breasts to be thrust forward. He reached his mouth to the nipples and sucked them then began biting them harder and harder until she squirmed from the pain.
Tell me you want me to bite your tits
She stammered “I want you to bite my tits”
He grabbed her again and bit them again, harder this time. They were sore and swollen when he stopped. As he bit her nipples, she thought “Oh my God, if he’s doing this to my nipples I wonder what he has planned for my pussy”
Lay down on the floor
Pull your dress up
Pull your panties down.
She hesitated again. Her breasts were throbbing.
She slowly slid one finger into the elastic of her panties
What the hell is your problem you must be punished come here
She got up and approached him
He grabbed her wrist and layed her across his lap on her stomach
He lifted her dress and began spanking her bottom. He told her to pull her panties down so he spank directly on her ass. She apparently was getting the message so she quickly complied. He liked watching her obey him. He felt his dick grow as she complied and showed him her cute little ass. He spanked her harder and harder until her ass was beet red
He told her to get up.
Now, lets try this again.
Show me your breasts
Show me your ass
Lay down and show me your cunt
Pull your panties off
He said spread your legs, show me your pussy. Wider. Pull your cunt lips apart.
Show me where you want me to fuck you.
As she spread her legs he could see the moisture around her cunt. Her punishment had had the effect he had expected and had seen so many times before
Do you want me to fuck you
Yes, yes, please PLEASE
Here slid this pillow under your ass
Put this blindfold on
She complied with no hesitation.
She lay on her back blindfolded, tities bare and her legs and cunt spread as far as she could get them… that is without help.
He used his restraints to cuff both arms and pull them until she had no movement, then used more restraints to pull her legs apart farther until she was completely unable to move. He placed a cloth in her mouth to muffle her screams
He began with her breasts
He alternatively licked and sucked them then pinched and bit them
When he finished, he placed stiff clamps on the nipples to continue the pain
He then moved to her inner thighs and ass and did the same, he teased the area all around her cunt
He provided alternating pleasure and pain to her delicious body drawing ever closer to her cunt.
She squirmed as he spanked her cunt, over and over
She strained against her ropes and cuffs and made muffled moans and screams as she attempted to beg him to touch her cunt, lick her cunt, fuck her cunt, please please please
Finally when she thought she could take no more, she felt the knob of his huge cock begin running up and down her sopping wet cunt
She drew in gasps of breath in anticipation and strained with all her might upwards toward his shaft hoping to feel it begin its penetration into her.
He teased her for a while and then with one huge thrust, sank all his nine inches of thick dick into her
Her muffled scream was so intense as was her orgasm it was loud even through the cloth in her mouth.
The teasing over, he pistoned his dick in and out of her with intense fury, taking advantage of her compromised position to maximize his penetration of her cunt. After a long while of fucking her pussy as violently as he could, he squirted his load deep into her. Her groans of pleasure went on for several minutes after he stopped his thrusts. Finally, he withdrew his spent dick from her pussy and released her restraints.
He told her “Come over hear and lick my dick clean”
Barb slowly crawled over to him on her knees, took his limber dick in her mouth and began licking the cum and her own juices off of it. This took a while and she finished up licking around the base and around the sack as she licked him clean.
He sat back and said “you’re a pretty good piece of cunt”
Yes master
Here, put this on.
He handed her a two piece teddy that consisted of a top that would barely cover her sore breasts and a bottom that was so short that if she moved hardly any, you could see her cunt underneath.
Go to the restroom, cleanup, and put this on. I have a friend who will be her in a minute who wants to fuck you.
She whimpered and wanted to object but knew she had better comply. She slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. Her sore pussy aching with each step. She drank some water out of the sink. It would be all the refreshment she would get.
She bathed and put on the teddy and re entered the room.
Sitting there alone was a muscular black man. She gasped at the thought of getting fucked by a black man, it had never been an option before although she had had a passing fantasy or two.
He told her to come here. He either didn’t know or didn’t care about the punishment fucking she had just gotten. She gingerly approached him still feeling the soreness in her pussy. Luckily she had found some Vaseline jelly in the bathroom and applied a liberal amount to her cunt.
He reached in his pant’s and pulled out his enormous cock. He told her to kiss it. He told her she might be surprised at what it did when it got angry. She took it in her mouth and began to suck it. It swelled and filled her mouth and soon she began enjoying him fucking her mouth with his huge dick and it slid farther and farther down her throat. At last he pulled if from her and lifted her up like a rag doll and ripped her top off exposing her sore breasts. He pulled her to his mouth and began licking and sucking her titties. Her sharp breaths could have been mistaken for pleasure but in reality, his attention brought her tender breasts pain. He slid his hips forward, lifted her up and used his hands under her to pull her cunt lips open as he brought her down on his massive cock. Once he had her impaled about 5 inches, he moved his hands to her shoulders and with a simultaneous thrust of his hips and shoving her down from her shoulders, he sunk his dick in her cunt to the hilt.
As she was already practically exhausted, she felt like a rag doll being pushed up and down on his huge dick. After a few massive thrusts she fainted. When she awoke, she was completely naked lying on her back on the floor. The black man was on top of her fucking her cunt like there was no tomorrow. Apparently fucking a woman while unconscious didn’t bother him any. She whimpered as his thrusts continued on and on and she felt her cunt and insides get raw. Finally, he sank his dick into her completely, continued to hunch into her very hard and spewed his cum deep in her belly. After a short rest, he got up, helped her close her legs, put on his clothes and left. She lay in the floor naked trying to get up the strength to get up and try to find her clothes. After a while, she was able to do so and made it to her car and left.
When she got home, she slowly made it into the house, went straight to the bathroom and got in the tub. Her husband knew something was up but was too much of a weenie to say much.
She called in sick the next day.
Two days later she went back to work. She was still very sore pretty much all over from her ordeal.
When Bill dropped by at noon, she blushed a little when he spoke to her. She remembered how he had fucked her with his long cock. He had made her cum like she never had before. She wanted to see him again. She was not so sure about the other guy.
They sat at a table and talked during her break.
Aw, come on. It wasn’t that bad was it? He said.
Not at first, then it kind of hurt and felt good too, but then a black guy just showed up and fucked me until I was raw. He was huge, I’m not sure my pussy will ever be the same.
But I would like to see you again.
Ok, but how did you like being tied up and punished a little then fucked and fucked?
She said “It was wild, and kind of fun”
He say’s tell you what. Tomorrow night, we’ll do a little role play.
You show up at the motel and I’ll leave you a little something to put on. You bath and shave and don’t forget to shave your cunt. Have a glass of wine and I’ll be there about 7. We’ll have some fun. You will be an insatiable teen cunt. I’ll be a hard up old guy. You will have to get creative to seduce me.
She did as he asked and waited. Her outfit was basically a see through teddy. When he entered the room he tried to act like he was apprehensive about what she could have in mind being so seductively dressed. He said, you really should put some clothes on. My My, you’re almost naked. You do really have beautiful breasts though. He walked over to her, grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her with one hand and fondled her breasts with the other. She sucked in her breath as he played with her and pinched her nipples. He said aren’t you ashamed for showing me your titties.
When he released her arms, instead of covering her breasts, she lowered the top of the teddy to further show her soft breasts and began rubbing them on him. She climbed upon him and rubbed them in his face. He resisted the temptation to kiss them, suck them, bite them. For now. He pushed her away and told her she was not going to have her way with him. She lay on the bed and lifted her arms above her head so he could see how vulnerable her breasts were, he already knew how soft they were. He knew how they felt in his hands. She reached her breasts with her hands and lifted and squeezed them so he could see the nipples yearn for attention, they were swollen and begged for him to handle them again. She asked if he thought they were pretty. He couldn’t help but look at them. Despite the role play, his cock had already grown to considerable size. It was uncomfortable pressing against the inside of his slacks but would have to wait for now. She saw him looking at her, shaking his head, pretending like he didn’t approve. To intensify the effect, she laid back with her legs barely apart. He saw what she was about to do and could barely stand it. He could see her beautiful cunt through the teddy and now she began slowly pulling it up her legs. Slowly it rose until no more of the fabric modified the view he had of her moist cunt. Her shaved pussy with small pearls of moisture was beautiful and he wanted to lick it so bad he couldn’t stand it. Then, oh my God. She began slowly spreading her legs farther and farther apart giving him a clear and better view of her gorgeous cunt. He told her she was a bad girl for showing him her bottom. She asked if she should be punished. He said yes and moved over her on the bed. He slid one hand under her naked bottom and used the other one to begin spanking her pussy. He spanked slowly at first, then increased the frequency and intensity. She squirmed under the pleasure and pain. He then started mixing in rubbing her cunt along with the spanking. She spread her legs farther and farther and got wetter and wetter. After a while she slid over to the edge of the bed and with pleading eyes looked up and asked if she could pull his dick out and suck it. He said nothing so she removed his pants and began sucking him. After a while, he told her since she had been so bad, he had no choice but to punish her properly. He picked her up and set her down on his huge dick. Although she was very wet, she had trouble accommodating such a huge cock in her tight little pussy. He grabbed her hips and with several violent thrusts managed to bury every last inch of his cock into her cunt. As she moaned and whimpered, he began massive long thrusts in and out of her pussy. She would suck in vast amounts of air as she dealt with the massive member pistoning in and out of her cunt. She came at such an intensity, her entire body rocked violently and every blood vessel popped out on her skin. He flipped her over and fucked her from behind. She moaned and moaned as he made her cum over and over. Finally he shoved his dick deep inside her and delivered his load. He fell on top of her with his softening dick still deep in her cunt.
After a short rest, he rolled over and told her to go clean herself up and come back to bed. She complied and return to the bed totally naked. He told her to lay on her stomach on the bed. He had her to pull her knees under her and spread her legs as wide as possible. This left her ass and cunt open and exposed to him. He slowly rubbed her ass, ran his hands up and down her inner thighs and especially played with her cunt. He rubbed the soft folds of her pussy, occasionally pushing a finger into her. He listened to her draw in sharp breaths as he gave her pleasure. After a while, she began saying “please” over and over. She wanted to feel his thick cock in her cunt again. He lay his back on the bed and put her on top. She guided his dick into her pussy and pressed down as far as she could. There was about an inch and a half left. He picked her legs up at the knees and pushed them up toward her breasts. As he did, the angle, pressure and desire all came together and his dick penetrated her completely. She wanted thrusting so she began to squirm and press harder down onto him. Slowly she began picking up her hips and pressing back down fucking him. He knew she could not physically do this long and it certainly wouldn’t be intensive enough to make him come, but she would come over and over. When she finally gave out, he guided her down on him and told her to suck it. She hungrily sucked him and licked him until finally he came in her mouth. He told her to keep sucking him until he was dry and swallow every drop. She eagerly complied.

Chapter 2
She felt funny that morning. She knew her recent behavior would be looked on as evil by the church faithful. Sitting in the pew as the choir sang, crazy thoughts went through her head. What was she doing here? Was this really the life she wanted? Suddenly she heard a crack and static in the sound system. The church had invested in a large screen that showed clips and stills throughout the service. Someone had rigged the system and locked out the tech person in the booth above. The video of her being undressed, sucking a big cock, spreading her legs naked and begging to be fucked, then the intense fucking with Barb showing obvious signs of intense pleasure began playing to her husband and all of the church. She stared in disbelief at first, then became sick as she bent over and tried to figure out what to do. She quickly realized her only option was to retreat. The thought of the closest door and left the building hearing people shout at her as a whore and slut while others tried to get the tech guy to stop the dvd.
Clay had noticed Barb for the past year and wanted to fuck her ever since he first saw her. He recognized an opportunity. This girl had nowhere to run. He quickly left out of the back of the church, got into his car and found Barb walking quickly down the street. She didn’t know where to go or what to do. He pulled up and offered her a ride. She declined at first but on his insistence, knew it was her best option at the moment.
He told her he wouldn’t judge her and knew she needed somewhere to stay until she could sort things out. He told her he had a hunting cabin in the woods and she could use it. They picked up some provisions and drove to the place. They brought the stuff in and he helped her get acquainted with the small cabin. As she thanked him for his help, he approached her and leaned down to kiss her. She pushed him away and asked what he thought he was doing. He grabbed her arm and bent it behind her back and kissed her again. Look Barb, you need to get real friendly or I might let it slip to the preacher where you are staying. She fought some at first, then gave in. He kissed her some then he used his hand to lift up her dress. He gently pushed her back on the bed and pushed her dress up her legs until he could see her panties and stockings. She said, please don’t. He reached up and slid his fingers under the elastic of her panties and pulled them slowly off her ass, then down her legs. He saw her pretty shaved cunt and made her spread her legs. He leaned down and began licking her. She turned her head as she could not help but enjoy the pleasure. He licked her for a very long time paying particular attention to her clit. Finally as she experienced a minor orgasm, he helped her to her feet. He turned her around and unzipped her dress and slid it to the floor. He admired her ass and un did her bra. After she was completely naked, he pushed her to the bed, took his own clothes off. He bit and licked her titties a while then pushed her legs up and played with her pussy lips with the knob of his dick. He said, lets get this straight, you get to stay here as long as you want. And I get all the pussy I want. Right? She nodded. At this, he shoved his dick into and began violently fucking her cunt. In and out and in and out. He bent down and kissed her over and over. He bent over and put his hands under her ass so he could shove her ass and cunt up as he shoved his dick into her. After what seemed like forever, he finally came into her cunt. He didn’t remove his dick until it was completely soft. He rolled off the bed put his clothes back on. He said he would go by her house get some clothes and be back tomorrow. He said “I’m gonna want some more pussy too” he looked at her and asked “Do we understand each other” She said yes. Then he left. Barb rolled over on her side and began trying to understand all that had just happened. When was that dvd recorded? Why would someone play it in church and destroy her life? She would know the answers soon. She slept hard that night. She found some canned soup in the cabinet in the morning and had her first meal in over a day. She wondered what she would do. She only had the dress she wore to church with her. She needed to get home and pick up some clothes. But to go where? She thought she might can stay with her sister a few days but she didn’t have any way to contact her. She lived in a town 20 miles away.
The two good ol boys had been by the cabin before. It was a good place out of the way to go, hang out, get drunk. Bring some whores sometimes when they could get them. When they pushed the door open and walked in on Barb, she knew she was in trouble. Neither looked particularly smart or clean. Both looked at her and smiled. Well, what do we have here? What’s your name baby? She looked at them and said Clay was letting her stay there for a few days. Who the fuck is Clay? You know you are a fine looking woman. What do ya think about giving us some of that pussy? She said “No, please, Clay will be back any minute. Well, one said to the other, I guess we better hurry. She tried to get to the door but they caught her and pushed her back on the bed one held her down while the other found a rope and they stripped her clothes off her and tied her to the bed. They tossed a coin to see who would go first. The older one won and he pulled his pants down and pulled out his dick. He rubbed it on her pussy until it stiffened up. He then pushed open her pussy lips and shoved it inside. She was begging them to stop. No, Noooo, don’t do this. He pressed it in her anyway. She cried and cried, to no avail. They each took two turns in the rape. When they finished, they untied her and told her they hoped she would be there for a couple of days because they would be back for more.
They left and Barb cried some more. She saw a piece of paper on the floor and picked it up. It had fell out of one of the guy’s pockets. It was a receipt. The name was Tim Jennings. She found her dress and put it back on. It was all she had. She left the cabin, walked to the road and hitch hiked into town. When she reached her house, her husband was just leaving. He told her the church had voted him out. He had packed up his stuff and was leaving. He advised her to do the same as soon as possible. After all that had happened, it would be bad to be arrested for trespassing. She asked for a ride to her sisters house. He told her to fend for herself and left. She took a shower, packed her bags and was about to leave when the doorbell rang. It was Bob. He told her he had heard what had happened. He offered her a ride and carried her to her sisters house in the next town.
Her sister was nice enough to let her stay. Her sister worked 3rd shift. On the second night, Barb heard her door open. Her brother in law came in the spare bedroom and sat down on the bed. He told her as he rubbed his hand up her thigh, he wanted to fuck her and since she couldn’t help out with bills, she would have to do her part to keep him happy. He rubbed her pussy mound as he pushed her legs open. He asked her if she understood how things would be and she said yes. With this, he pushed her legs apart and continued to rub her pussy, He then pushed his hand in her panties and rubbed her more and more. As she begin to get wet, he moved to her breasts and took her shirt off and rubbed and fondled her breasts pinching then licking and biting her nipples. After a short while, he pulled her panties off and undressed himself and climbed on her. He pushed her legs apart and shoved his dick into her. She moaned and pushed her ass upwards to him and fucked him back. This made him more excited and he lifted her legs and put them up on his shoulders. He moved in closer on her so he could violently slam his dick into her cunt reaching maximum penetration over and over. She came several times before he arched his back with one final massive thrust pushing into her all the way and delivering his load into her pussy. He ground it into her until every drop had been squirted into her cunt. He got off of her and put his clothes back on. He told her she could stay as long as she liked as long as she fucked and kept her mouth shut. She nodded in understanding. She asked about borrowing a car. Sure, he said. She drove back to her home town and went to her husbands bank. She was on the account and wondered if there was any money. There was, he hadn’t thought to empty the account yet. Dumbass. She withdrew all the money. She called her work and checked on her job. She could come back if she had no more absences. She opened up her own account at another bank with the money and drove back to her sisters house. For the next several weeks, she worked and saved money while living at her sisters house. Each night, after her sister went to work, her brother in law would come in and fuck her. She even began liking it. She recorded a couple of sessions when she begged him to stop. So when she had enough money to get a small car and apartment of her own, she left and made sure her sister would find the recording. Her sister threw her husbands sorry ass out. He was pissed at Barb.
After a few nights she had time to collect her thoughts and was starting to get horny. She called Bob, no answer. She had saw a rough looking bar on the outskirts of town. What the hell. She bought a new very short dress, high heels and went in about 7:30. The regular crowd didn’t see women like this walk in very often dressed to kill. She had no experience with alcohol. The bartender asked her what she would like. She looked over at another table and said whatever they’re having. It was tequila lime shooters. She tried to throw it back like they were doing. She thought she would choke. Guy’s were coming to her table asking to buy her a drink. She told them no, no one looked interesting. Just when she was about to get up, a familiar face sat down at her table. It was Clay. Get the fuck away from me. He said, look you obviously are horny, why not come with me. At least you know I’m not an ax murderer. He bought her two more drinks. After a few minutes they left and drove to a nearby motel. In the room, he poured her a couple more drinks. She was quite drunk by this time. She stumbled over to him. He kissed her a time or two. He lifted her dress and rubbed her ass through her thin panties. He pushed her down on the bed and pushed her dress up farther. He pushed her legs apart and began kissing up her legs up her inner thighs untill he reached her pussy. Here, he nibbled and licked her through her panties. She began to squirm and moan with the pleasure. He slid her panties off and began to lick her pussy all over. Her shaved cunt was so wet and juicy. He slid his pants down pulled his dick out and slid it into her. Oh God it felt so good. He pistoned it in and out as she lifted her legs to grant him deeper penetration. Finally, he put her legs on his shoulders and began to fuck her like crazy. Finally, he shot his load deep into her cunt. He rolled off her and lay on his back getting his breath. After a few minutes, she rolled over and began licking his soft dick. She licked it until it was hard again then climbed on top. She guided his hard dick into her soft cunt and pushed it in as far as it would go. She began going up and down faster and faster, finally as she began cuming again, she picked up her knees to her chest so she could grind her cunt down on him as hard as she could. He came into her again as she ground her pussy into him. She collapsed on him as they rested again. After a few minutes rest, she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. When she came out he watched her as she put one leg upon the bed. She lowered the dress and showed her breasts. She took her hands and pinched the nipples and squeezed them and rolled them around. Then she picked up the dress and showed him her pussy. She reached down her hands and pulled her cunt lips apart. Clay was hard again when he stood up and took all her clothes off and pushed her down on the bed and shoved his dick into her. He went slow at first wanting to feel every inch of her around his dick. He slowly went faster and faster, and rolled around with her still fucking him on top, then on bottom again. Finally he came into her pussy for the third time. He rolled over to the edge of the bed, pulled out a restraint from the bag and tied her left arm to the bedpost. He then did the right hand the same. He pulled a gag ball from the bag and pushed it into her mouth and slid the strap around her head. Then he picked up his cell phone and made a call. She heard him say, OK boy’s, you can come on in now. She tried to get loose and was trying to scream but she couldn’t do either. Soon the door opened and the two guys who had raped her at the cabin came in. She lay there naked and vulnerable and they walked over to them and began playing with her breasts. They rolled them around and pinched the nipples. Then they wanted to rub her pussy. Her legs were not restrained so she tried to keep them clamped together. As they rubbed around the mound and top of her pussy, she kept squirming trying to get away from them. One of them pushed a finger down her slit and roughly began rubbing up and down. At this, she began trying to kick anyone within reach. With this, two of the three men grabbed a leg apiece and pulled her legs wide apart and held them there. This opened up her cunt so the third could rub her pussy all he wanted. He rubbed her and slid fingers into her for a while then slid down his pants and climbed on top of her. He began by biting her nipples hard. He positioned his hard dick just with the head inside her cunt so that as she thrashed around, the most impact her movement would have would be to push his dick into her deeper. Finally, he began fucking her violently while the other two watched. It was no longer necessary to hold her legs, any attempt to close them would be futile. He thrashed and thrashed her cunt until finally when he realized he was about to cum, he climbed up her until he was straddled her head. He reached down and removed the gag ball and before she could scream, he shoved his dick into her mouth. She tried to bite him but he had pushed his dick into her so far, she could only gag. He grabbed her head with each hand and fucked her mouth until he came into her mouth. She got strangled on the cum and the load was so large that it ran out her nose. He didn’t care, he continued to fuck her mouth until his dick grew soft. He pulled it out finally and she managed a muffled cry before he slid the gag ball back into her mouth. When he rolled off and pulled his pant’s up, the third guy was ready to take his turn. The second guy took his place on holding her legs apart. The third guy, began by spanking her raw pussy. She squirmed from the pain as he spanked her harder and harder. Finally, he slid his largest finger into her asshole and pushed it in all the way. He played with her cunt folds while he finger fucked her ass. After a while, he slid his pants down and sunk his dick into her cunt. He pistoned it in and out of her for a long time before he finally pushed in all the way and shot his load into her. Her cunt was so raw, it was hurting. The cum shot in her burned her badly. Clay left and the two guy’s cut her loose and pulled her gag ball out. She rolled off the bed and limped into the bathroom. The two guy’s said for her to clean up, they would want more in a minute. The bag she had brought, lay in the bathroom floor.
She cleaned herself up, spread some lube on her sore pussy, and walked back into the room, wondering what would happen next…

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