Meg: An Undeniable Love

Meg: An Undeniable Love

Meg was my love, we were both fourteen. Years ago I first layed eyes on her, she was beautiful. And she still is. At 14 years old, I once threw a party at my house. Oh boy I never expected it to end the way it did.
So my parents were away for the weekend. My friend Anna had an older brother who could get us alcohol. The night before he brought 5 cases over, Two cases of Natural (he insisted it for the newer drinkers) 2 cases of Yeungling and a case of Miller light. On top of that he brought over a bottle of vodka and Canadian whisky, and two Lemonades and two Cranberry Juices. I thanked him so much, I mean he hooked us up.
So Anna, my friend john and I started setting up. We were the experienced drinkers of the group coming over. We set up a room for Beer pong, dance floor room, and the sleeping room. We were expecting another 8 people come over. 5 girls and 3 boys. People started arriving around 9:00 PM. Things kicked off well, John and I shut these two guys out in beer pong, I didn’t even drink yet. So after that we went into the hang out room. I started talking to Meg, who was a bit tipsy after having two beers. I asked her if she was having fun, she said yes. I also noticed she was acting a bit flirtatious around me. She finished her third beer, and I asked her if she wanted a mixed drink. She said yes, so I go back to make her a drink, I also decided to mix myself one to. Now mixing her drink, I must admit that I put a tad bit more vodka in her drink then mine, just to see if she gets any more flirtatious around me. We start drinking and strike up conversation. I hear the techno music from the next room, and I suggest we go dance. She says yes almost immediately.
Now it is time to describe Meg, and me. Meg is a very smart girl, gets just about straight A’s in school, and she has been known to be sort of a prude. But she had the strike of innocence on her face that turned me on to her so much. She was probably an A cup, around 5’3” and she has the most beautiful ass in jeans I could imagine. I can describe it as a nice rounded tight ass, that didn’t droop but had a grip to it. She wasn’t skinny, and she certainly was not fat, considering she was a soccer stand out. She had amazing curves besides her chest. She also had wavy brown hair that went down to her elbows. Now I am not the tallest person in the world at 5’7” with brown hair and brown eyes. I have been said to be pretty cute/hot. Now if you’re interested in Penis, I have never measured myself, but I’m give-or-take 6”
So we go to start dancing. By this time Meg is pretty drunk, and I guess you can say she was all over the place. We started out dancing innocently, but then I decided to start ‘grinding’ with her. I can tell she liked it, as she gyrated her hips while we danced. By this time my dick was getting pretty excited, and I was wearing sweat pants, so my dick was pretty much being planted into her ass while we danced. We danced for about twenty minutes, pretty intimate dancing too. Jess got pretty turned on with the dancing too, we decided to go back to the couch. On the couch we started making out, I had my hand on her ass the whole time. She was still pretty drunk and was sloppy with the kiss, but I didn’t mind. After a while, I am pretty sure she started sobering up a little bit but she was still really into it. I was stimulating her clit from outside her jeans, and she was moaning into my mouth while we kissed.
After a while, it was leaning in on midnight, I was pretty damn horny and so was Jess so I decided it might be my lucky night so I led her to my bedroom. In the bedroom I laid her on the bed, and I took my shirt of and we started kissing again, except while kissing this time I went up her shirt and started tweaking her nipples. Now her nipples were rock solid, I took her shirt and her small bra off. She was topless in my bed just with jeans (and underwear I assumed) on. I started working my mouth down to her neck while I still attended to her nipples with my hands. After I sucked on her neck for a while (which she really seemed to like because she was purring) I decided to suck on some nipple. I could tell this is what got jess to the next level. She must have never experienced sexual pleasure before, as she started moaning very loudly. I decided to show her what real pleasure was like so I went down and started rubbing my hand on her vagina through her jeans while I used my other hand to unbutton them. I slowly took her jeans off and that’s when I realized how hot she really was. She was wearing very tight white cotton panties. I admit that really turned me on, so I asked her if she could turn around and get on her hands and knees so I could enjoy a moment of her fine ass.
After I enjoyed enough of that view I got back to work. I turned her over and started kissing her again and I slipped my hand into her panties. Oh my god I was in heaven. Jess was shaved and she felt so smooth against my hand. I spent what felt like an hour just running my hand against her navel, driving her crazy. She was just begging to be touched. With her legs being spread I had full access so I ran my hand all the way down to her vaginal entrance. With my thumb finding her clit I started rubbing it, while she is moaning extremely loud into my mouth. I decide to enter her vagina very slowly. I didn’t want to ruin it and pop her cherry before I could actually penetrate her. But I was shocked when I realized there was no resistance. I asked her why her cherry was popped and she responded it happened once when she was playing soccer. So relieved from having to deal with blood I move on with the finger fucking. She was extremely tight and warm. I also seemed to be pleasuring her pretty well because I was getting great encouragement from her. I broke the kiss and pulled my fingers out, and she asked what I was doing and I simply responded saying just wait. I moved down and looked at her beautiful vagina. It was the finest shade of pink. I decided I was going to eat her out. I slowly moved my head down and layed my tongue on her navel. Circling around I lowered to her Clit and started fluttering my tongue which made her go insane. She mashed my head into her vagina and I was in a tongue licking frenzy, but I didn’t want her to climax until after we fucked.
So after I thought she was incredibly horny, I layed down and asked her how she wanted to have sex, I suggested that she goes on top so she can be in control of it. Plus I loved the view of watching her bounce up and down on my dick
So she straddled me, and put the head of my dick (which was steel) against her vagina. She slowly sat down, and now I was in heaven. She felt so warm and her vagina was like a vice grip against my dick, just sucking me in. she got about ¾ of my dick in, then she started to move up and down. We were both moaning ridiculously loud. She started moving faster and faster, she was huffing and puffing and I could tell she was close to climax. Hell, I was also. Then I felt it, she went all the way down and just stopped there. Her vagina constricted against my dick and she started moving back and forth. She was literally riding me. She came first and I came shortly afterward. After about two minutes she pulled my dick out and laid down on top of me, where we started making out again, but this I could tell was extremely passionate. I uttered the words “I love you” Where she responded “I love you too” After that I just embraced her kneading her ass and holding her. We both fell asleep, and that morning I realized how much I actually did love her.

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