Taimanin Debauchery.

Taimanin Debauchery.

The following story is based on the Taimanin or "Anti-Demon Ninja" series created by the Hentai group LILITH. For more info on the following story and characters, please copy, paste and follow the below link. All OC characters are mine while the rest belong to LILITH. The link below will help with Visual of the characters. I would also advice watching the hentai Series Taimanin Asagi and Taimanin Yukikaze for extra effect. Sayonara


Key: Sentences in brackets() are thoughts.

Chapter 1: Capture.


A few years ago a mass of land appeared offshore next to the great city. None of the citizens knew what to make of it. Rumours are that this new…"island city" was funded by several powerful politicians and businessmen as a den of debauchery and crime. It was also shocking that the island declared itself independent of Japan though a long bridge led from the Tokyo mainland to it.

Only a few knew the truth.

The city was full of human-demon hybrids and other creatures as well as full demons themselves. Having cut deals with the government, the city was left unchecked and crime and prostitution as well as other illegal acts such as slavery took place on the island. Any who went there had to be very influential and powerful to survive.

But these demons had enemies.

The Taimanin. Anti demon Ninja.

Trained especially in the arts on how to deal with these creatures, the Taimanin fought an ever raging war against these beings from the shadows. Both sides took hits. Any demon faced Death or torture at the hands of a Taimanin while the ninja, who were mostly female due to their ability to awaken their demon battling abilities quicker than their male counterparts, faced death or worse. A life of Sexual servitude and prostitution towards demons and their allies, all the while being forced to bear powerful demon ninja offspring to counter their former comrades.

Our story follows one of these former Taimanin. A male Ninja by the of Jin kizuto.


Jin stood atop a building in the "Evil city" as it had been dubbed by his former Taimanin allies. He wore an expensive black business suit with a dark coat on top, his long dark hair flowing wildly to his neck. Two short samurai blades, both of them wakizashi, lay sheathed at his mid back.

His blue eyes flared red as he used his demon abilities to look inside a nearby building, a brothel known as "Under Eden" that served as a pleasure house for wealthy men and politicians as well as anybody else who could afford their relatively cheap prices. The prices were cheap due to the fact that the brothel had no shortage of Beautiful women to serve customers, kidnapped and broken mentally and spiritually until they were nothing but sows who begged for cock, willing even to whore themselves out for free. Those who could not pay were allowed to serve as spies and information brokers to pay their debts.

Jin sighed. He hated this.

He hated this secret war. Hated the Taimanin who had abandoned him in a Demon filled warehouse after an ambush and mission gone wrong and hated the demons, whose Blood had altered his DNA after his capture and experimentation. Now he was a powerful Half demon, more deadly than even a demon lord. And tonight, the beginning of his plans could commence and he would have his revenge on both sides. No matter what.

With a grin, he leaped from the buildings edge, disappearing into the darkness of the streets below.


Mr Real, or "Real-Sama" as he preferred his underlings to call him, sat in his expensively furnished office and smirked. His business was doing well. He had an order for 40 more women to be "coerced" (kidnapped) into working for his brothel by the end of the week and they should be properly "taught" (I.e Fucked into submission and broken) by the end of the following week, ready for business.

To make matters even better, he had just recently captured a female Taimanin sow who had been nosing around his business. She was quite the beauty and would bring in lots of cash to those who wanted to have a go at her pussy. After he had personally trained her of course. Miss Shiranui Mizuki would make a great addition to his brothel. He could already imagine the number of orders of demons wanting to break and breed the shit out of her demon hating pussy.

Once broken, a female Taimanin made for an excellent concubine, it seemed. He poured himself a glass of red wine and toasted his success. If things went really well, he was sure that he could enslave any other Taimanin that attempted to rescue mizuki, bringing in even more profit and pleasure for him. Life was good.

His thoughts of triumph were cut short as the door to his office was blown off its hinges, his demonic bodyguard's dead bodies being thrown to the floor at his feet as he attempted to flee the room.

In walked a tall dark haired man, dressed in a black suit. He seemed barely out of his teens, about twenty. He didn't seem to be packing any muscle on him though his thin frame didn't make him anymore safe to face. He held to wakizashi in his hand, the short samurai blades gleaming in the light of the well lit office, their tips dripping blood all over the carpet.

"Who the hell are you?" Real demanded as he took out a mini pistol from his picket and fired at the unknown man, who simply deflected every shot and seemed to flash directly in front of Real, smirking at the man's cries of fear.

"Your replacement, you piece of shit!" He said, the words being the last thing he heard as he was sliced clean in half from the waist, his last sight being the now blood red eyes of his assailant.


The Brothel's extra security team of fifty demons rushed into the room, only to find a man sitting on their former employer's chair. He looked up at the weary group with glowing red eyes, making many of the demon gulp loudly. He then proceeded to place the decapitated head of Real on the table, watching as the demons gasped and backed away in fear.

"The brothel is now under new management. Serve me…or die!" He said, smirking as the demons bowed, one by one.

"What may we call you, Master?" Asked one of the demons as Jin smirked.

You may call me Hermes-Sama. Obey me well and I will give you all you need. Now go, back to your posts. And get someone to fix the door." He said as they bowed once more and left.

He would not tell them his true name, lest their be a traitor in their midst. He would test their loyalty over the next few weeks. But for now…he had a captured Taimanin to visit.


Shiranui Mizuki (Pic at https://vndb.org/c2316) stood waiting in the room she had been assigned. To think that she, a fully trained and qualified Taimanin of only 32, had been captured was shameful. She had been here two weeks and her sexual torture and training had been endless since the first day.

Though no sex had yet occurred, she was sure today was the day her body would be taken and used. Her looks and body were enough to drive any man with a cock crazy with lust. Long, brown spiky tipped hair that reached her shoulders, Red, Tsurime coloured eyes and her latex ninja suit which showed off her ample and curvaceous figure as well as her E-Cup breasts were all calls for instant Penetration by list filled dicks. Luckily, all it had been so far was teasing until she would cum and finger and dildo penetration, leaving her hot and wanting, hopefully giving in and begging for cock.

But she was a master Taimanin and would not give in where others would.

The door suddenly opened and she turned to face her tempter for the evening.

"Sorry to keep you waiting….." A smooth voice said as Shiranui's red eyes widened in shock.

"….it ca...can't be….YOU??"



Mizuki Yukikaze and Akiyama Rinko stood in the brothel's locker room, changing into appropriate sexual clothing for the evening, nothing but transparent bikinis for their breasts.

They had been sent to the Under Eden brothel by the Taimanin organisation to investigate its involvement with demons as well as trying to find their mother, Mizuki Shiranui, who had gone missing while undercover at the same brothel. Their organisation had heard rumours of a hostile takeover, but nothing concrete. Unfortunately, the price of pretending to be girls looking to make some money in the brothel had been high. They had been branded with a intricate circular symbol on both their tongues and bellies. The slave seal, it was called.

Should they try to bring about the downfall of the brothel, sell out information on it or disobey an order from the brothel owner, the symbol would activate and send nerve wracking pain all over their bodies. Continued disobedience would result in death.

They had been put through sexual training for 6 months, being fingered, spanked, and trained in giving pleasure to any client they were ordered to service, though they had not been taken by anyone yet. They had also gone intense body modifications to increase the pleasure they gave to their clients, being force fed cum through nozzles while their bodies were passed through fleshy, liquid filled tanks that altered their bodies. Then being put through virtual reality simulations of any and all sexual situations that were made real by the machines than conjured the images. Apparently, the last REAL sex training began tonight, being done by the mysterious brothel owner personally.

Rinko was called away first and she had given her younger sister a quiet hug of support.

"Don't worry, Yukikaze. We'll find a way to send word to Asagi and the organisation, find mum and get out of here." She said as her sister nodded and fingered the necklace she wore, a present from her boyfriend.

Rinko left the room, leaving her sister to go back to her own rooms and wait.


Akiyama Rinko was considered a prodigy among the Taimanin of young age as she was just turned 20, taking the spot alongside others such as Igawa Asagi and Taimanin Murasaki.

She was also a great beauty. Her long violet hair and eyes considered as exotic as her mother and sister's red eyes, adding to the beauty of her curvaceous body and hips, pouty lips and large E-Cup breasts that were all now currently on show as she sat in the cold basement cell she had been brought to to await the brothel owner, wearing nothing but a black choker, black, silk thigh high stockings, black evening gloves and heels. There was nothing in the wide cell except a small bed.

"Hello, Rinko" A voice said from the darkness as a man stepped out of the shadows of her cell.

Her eyes widened in shock. How had he done that? The cell was locked from the outside, how had he got in?. "Jin." She said as he nodded, all the while removing his clothes slowly. "I'm glad you know of me. I am "under Edens" current owner and I will be participating in your final training. Now get on the bed, put your hands on your head, bend and spread your legs." He said calmly, removing the last piece of his clothing, making Rinko blush at the sight of his hard 8 inch cock.

"As..as if I'd do such a thing for you." She sputtered defiantly, her blush growing deeper at his commands as he sighed.

"Very well." He snapped his fingers as her belly began to glow, the intricate circular tattoo flashing to life with purple energy as it sent sexual heat all over her body.

("What's happening to me?" She thought in panic as her pussy began to literally flow with juices and her body heat up. Jin walked over to the quivering Taimanin and whispered in her ears.

"I thought you were the Elder sister to Yukikaze. Should you pleasure me here and do what I say, I will personally see to it that She never has to service a client nor will she have to go through this training." He said as Rinko finally submitted.

("If Yukikaze doesn't have to do it….if I can protect her from this….Fine." She thought as she walked up to the the bed, struck the commanded pose and spread her legs. Jin watched in pleasure as her clear shining pussy juices leaked out of her wet cunt, landing on the bed's sheets.

"My, my, my, Rinko. You seem very aroused. As you can see, so am I." Jin said. Rinko looked up to see his thick cock hard and erect, pointing straight up and leaking a thick stream of pre cum.

"Please take responsibility, Rinko-San, and pleasure my cock. And while your at it, please tell me who you are.'

She crawled off the bed and towards him, kneeling in front of his throbbing, leaking cock.

" H..Hai! My name is Akiyama Rinko and I will be your cock sleave this evening." She said, blushing as Jin smirked. "Very good, Rinko. I haven't taken a bath for two days and left my cock all sweaty and smelly, just for you. What do you say?"

Rinko gave the thick cock a quick lick, tasting the sweat and musk on it, her senses being overwhelmed by the scent of it. Thanks to the tattoo, to Rinko the smell wasn't of disgust, but the taste and smell of a Man.

"A...a..Arigato, Jin-sama. I will savour the gift of your sweaty cock." She said as she began to lick the cock's sweaty length from top to bottom before sucking it into her mouth and beginning to pleasure his cock orally. The cell was filled with the sound of her efforts, as she took in jin's whole length onto her mouth, milking it and covering it in her hot saliva, before releasing it and moving to his sweaty balls, sucking and nursing on them softly, covering them in her hot spit as she tasted and revelled in their flavour, his cockhead continuously leaking thick precum.

("Gods, I'm becoming addicted to the smell and taste of his cock."

"That's enough, Rinko." Jin said as she took one last lick of his length from bottom to top, catching a thick stream of his precum that now flowed from her mouth and stuck to her chin. "Don't waste it." He ordered. Rinko pouted her lips and sucked the thick line of pre cum into her mouth like spaghetti and swallowed loudly, to jin's approval.

"On the bed now." He said as Rinko lay on her back on the bed and spread her legs, her long violet hair spread all around the bed. Jin got on and went on his knees, kneeling down and placing the tip of cock at the entrance of her wet pussy as he held her legs apart at the knees. He now had a serious look on his face. "Now Rinko. I know you want my cock badly. But first you must tell me the truth. Who are you really? And what are you doing in my brothel?" He asked, teasing her as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit's entrance. She grimaced and turned her violet eyes away from his gaze ashamedly.

("I can't betray the Taimanin. If I tell him, me, Mother and Yukikaze will be compromised. We'll all be in danger. But I….."

Rinko looked at the hard thick cock of Jin's, its head getting covered with her cunt juices as he rubbed it up and down her slit.

(" I want…NO! I NEED his cock. My pussy is so wet and I need to feel that dirty cock inside of me. There's nothing for it. Forgive me, everyone."

"My name is Akiyama Rinko, also known as Taimanin Rinko. I'm here to investigate the relationship of the " Under Eden" Brothel and Nightclub with the demonic underworld." She said, the shame of her betrayal evident in her voice. Jin smirked and continued to rub the tip of his cockhead against her pussy opening.

"And now, what is it you want?" He asked smugly as she blushed deeply and in anticipation. "Your cock in my pussy, please." She answered softly, her voice needy with want.

"What's that? What do you want?"

Your cock in my pussy, plea...AHHHHHH!" Her answer was cut short as he plunged into her entrance, placing 5 inches of his thick cock into her sopping wet cunt. "Very well, Rinko. Feel the power of my cock." He said, pushing her legs wide apart and plunging all 8 inches of his cock inside her pussy and hilting himself fully inside her, making her violet eyes go wide and her mouth let out a squeal like a stuffed pig. Jin's voice was smug. "What's wrong, Rinko? This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

Her face was strained with pleasure and pain. "No…too big...your huge cock is tearing me apart." She said, her heeled legs twitching as she tried in vain to get him out of her pussy.

"Well then, we'll just have to make you a little bit more open. Now take my cock, Rinko." He said as he began moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Her cries of pleasure filled the cell as she panted from the feeling of jin's cock moving in and out of her pussy. Her cunt was so wet that soon the painful feeling of his thick member in her pussy faded, only to be replaced by pleasure as he filled every nook of her pussy, her silky tight walls parting to receive his cock. He suddenly stopped and looked down at her panting face.

"Now you will prove your dedication to my cock by fucking it into your pussy yourself. Act like a proper slave prostitute and plunge your pussy onto my cock, Rinko." He said.

Jin let go of her legs and stayed on his knees, his cock pointing forward but his arms lay behind his back. Rinko got on all fours and reversed her body until she felt the tip of his cock at her cunt entrance. Without hesitation, she plunged her sopping pussy onto the thick member and began to ram her pussy in and off his cock, screaming in pleasure.

"Amazing, amazing, amazing. Jin-Sama's thick cock is filling me completely. I can feel Jin-Sama's cock filling every part of my dirty prostitute pussy. More, more. Give me more cock. I can feel it kissing my cervix. It wants to enter Rinko-Chan's womb. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!"

Her cries were getting louder and louder. Without warning he pushed off of her pussy and pushed her onto her back once more. He stood up and took up her legs as well. Her upper body lay on the bed while her ass and legs were held up in the air by jin, her pussy leaking her juices and flowing down to her tummy.

"And now, Rinko. Now to permanently mark your pussy as mine. To shape your pussy for only my cock's personal use and turn you into the perfect Slave prostitute and concubine."

He slammed hard into her pussy suddenly, pushing her legs down to the ground till only her ass was left in the air. It was lucky she had her flexibility as a Taimanin. She let out a shrill scream as Jin forced his cock all the way into her womb and then began to pile drive her pussy hard and fast.

"Take it you Taimanin whore! This is what you get for nosing into my affairs. My cock in your pussy and eternal servitude in my brothel. I'll shape your pussy to my dicks pleasure and break you till you're nothing but my personal cum dump and breeding factory. You Taimanin think your so smart. This is what happens to you Ninja sluts when you can't help your curiosity. I'm going to turn you into a slut for my cock."

If only he knew that Rinko had already began her descent into his cock slave. Her cries of pleasure were bordering on delirious as he pummeled her pussy from above.

"So thick. So hard. Fuck. My pussy is being broken by Jin-Sama's cock. Kissing my womb. I'm going to break. I'm going to be nothing but a whore for Jin-Sama's thick cock. Cock! Cock! Cock! COCK!!!!"

His pummelling into her pussy began to intensify as he began to get ready for a huge orgasm.

"I'm going to cum in your womb, Rinko. I'm going to make you bear my child. This is the beginning of your life as my personal slave prostitute and Cum dump, so be sure to get good and pregnant, Taimanin sow." Jin grunted out.

Rinko's eyes widened at his words. Pregnant? With this man's baby? No!

"No! Please don't come inside. I beg of you! Anything else but…AHHHHH!" Rinko let out a cry of pleasure and pain as he began an aggressive series of thrust into her pussy.

"TOO LATE, TAIMANIN WHORE!! NOW TAKE MY CUM!!" Jin roared as he sheathed himself deep within her womb and spurted a thick load of cum into the violet haired Taimanin, whose face took on a broken Ahegao expression as her womb was filled with his spunk.

("I'm being creampied by another man's dick. I'm being bred! I'm going to bear a stranger's baby." Were Rinko's shattered thoughts as jin finally pulled out of her conquered cunt and let her ass and legs fall to the bed, her pussy gushing out thick streams of his virile load.

"Just so you know, Rinko. I lied about your sister. I'm going to take great pleasure in breaking her and breeding her pussy. When I'm done with the two of you, you'll see no other future but serving me faithfully and being my women."

He walked over to her face, hearing her whisper "Jin-Sama" over and over.

"And just so you know. I was once a Taimanin, just like you." He said, seeing her eyes widen before closing as she slipped into unconsciousness.


Jin left Rinko in the cell and returned to his personal quartets to rest for a while before he dealt with Yukikaze. He sat in a chair next to a fire before he heard the sharp clicks of ninja heels walking towards him.


He turned in his chair to find The now conquered and broken Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki standing before him in her full latex ninja wear. He had fucked her and brainwashed her into submission and she was now nothing but a loyal servant to him with no hope of ever going back to her old self. She would even kill the two daughters of hers he had captured if it meant saving him. She was nothing but an addict of his cock now.

"Jin-sama, how may I serve you?" She purred, the mature Taimanin beauty kneeling at his feet. He smirked in triumph at his breaking of a once proud Taimanin into nothing but a 2 bit whore.

"Open your mouth, Shiranui. I'm in need of relief." He said as he unzipped his trousers and released his aching cock.

"Yes, master." She said opening her mouth wide as he slowly placed his cock into her mouth and watched as her soft pouty lips formed a seal over his cockhead as she swallowed his cock to the base.

"Ahhh fuck. Drink my piss, you whore." He said as his cock began to let out a hot golden stream in the subservient Taimanin's throat, straight into her belly. He groaned in relief and watched as Shiranui's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came and showered the floor below with her juices at the taste of his piss.

To think he had successfully turned one of the most powerful Taimanin into nothing but his personal cum dump and urinal. And he wasn't yet halfway done.

By the end of his plans, all the Taimanin would be nothing but sluts for his cock and servants for his bidding. And then he would destroy the demons completely. His revenge would be complete. Soon. Very soon.

To be continued…..

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