The Camping Trip_(7)

The Camping Trip_(7)

My name is Jimmy and I am 11 years old. I started going through puberty 3 months ago, and I have been extremely horny. One day I decided to invite my friend to a camping trip in the woods. His name was Michael and he was 10 and a half years old, he had dark brown hair and he was very small. He decided to come with me for a couple of days. I brought the tent and he brought the food and water. I also brought my golden retriever. The campsite was about a mile away, an there was a lake there. There was nobody else at the campsite so we decided to take our sticky clothes off and go for a swim. After a while we laid on the shore. I kept staring at his beautiful flaccid cock but I didn't think that he had noticed. I asked if I could touch it. He hesitated for a while but to my amazement he said yes. I started rubbing the shaft and the balls and he started getting bigger and also he started moaning. His 6 inch cock looked so tasty so I started to lick it. He started saying" I said you could only touch it" while moaning even more. After about 3 minutes he said" I am about to cum and I said" Jizz as much as you want in my mouth" and he cummed so much I almost couldn't hold it all in my mouth, but I swallowed it all. By that time my 7 inch cock was huge. When he saw it he said" Do you need some help with that." Then he started deep throating my cock with all of his might. I was amaze that he could do it so well and I was about to jizz in his mouth pussy. But at the last second I grabbed his head and started ramming my cock into his mouth much harder than before. I cummed all the way down his throat, but he kept on sucking and sucking for a couple more minutes. After he was finished we looked at each other and started giggling
      I had been thinking about his tasty cock all day and I couldn't get the picture out of my head all day. After we had dinner and were in the tents, we both just laid on our sleeping bags. I asked him if he minded if I sleep with no clothes on and he said only if I can too.  I asked " Hey, Michael can you get any sleep" and he replied " Nah.". After a while he suggested that we play truth and dare and i said sure. He said he wanted to go first and he dared me to suck his cock for 10 minutes. I was hesitant, but after a couple of seconds I agreed. I got on his cock right away and started sucking. It tasted just as good or maybe even better than before. I couldn't tell, I just wanted to keep sucking. He jizzed in my mouth 3 three times and it was so good. His cock was still throbbing so I knew he was up for more. I dared him to point his ass towards me and he did it without a second thought. I started slowly moving my cock towards his tight ass pussy, and I didn't think he knew what was happening because he started shouting a little, but after a while he started moaning. He started shouting " Ram my ass harder, oh yah harder, harder." His ass was coiling around my cock and it felt so wet and good.I grabbed his dick in my hand and started giving him a handjob. I started jizzing in his ass and he started moaning louder than ever.
    We did the the same things the other days, occasionally changing positions but we both liked me ramming my cock into his ass. The last night when I was about to start sucking Michael's cock, I noticed my golden retriever, Sparky, just standing their watching us and panting. An idea popped into my head and I went over to Sparky and brought him too Michael and I. I looked at his red dick and it was already out of its sheath.  I turned him over and I guessed that his cock was about 12 inches and I was absolutely amazed. I looked at Michael and started smiling and he smiled back at me do I thought that he got the idea. Both him and I started slowly going towards Sparky and when we got close enough we both grabbed his monster cock in our hands . I got the head and started licking the dick cheese, while Michael got down lower and started sucking Sparky's huge hairy balls. He started howling and without notice he started jizzing load after load after on us until we were both covered in his hot, smelly sperm. We were both pretty tired from sucking his giant cock, but Sparky was still huge. I got another idea and I told Michael to get on all fours and point his ass in my direction. I started slapping his ass encouraging sparky to mount him. It only took a couple of seconds, but Sparky got right on Michael and started ramming him at full force. Michael thought that I was going to fuck him, do he got a little scared when Sparky tried to put his huge cock in his ass pussy. Michael was screaming in ecstasy the whole time. He said" oh god this feels so fucking amazing. It's so big and hot. My ass is breaking but it feels so good." My cock was getting bigger as well so I decided to take his remaining hole and fill it too. So I started deep-throuting him while he was getting fucked in the ass by my dog. He was more amazing today than any of the other days.  His tongue was coiling around my hot dick while he sucked with all of his force. I grabbed Michael's head and I started ramming my cock into his mouth even harder. I started cumming all over his face and he had his mouth wide open . Almost at the same time Sparky started to give Michael a creampie in his ass. By the time Sparky and I were finished Michael was covered with jizz from head to toe and had passed out from so much ecstasy. We go to the same camping site every weekend with Michael, Sparky, and I .

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