Giving in to my sister: Part 1

Giving in to my sister: Part 1

I've been reading stories on here for a while, but Ive decided to post one of my own. Iet me know what you think. feedback decides if there is even a part two.

Well, first off my name is Jake. I’m 18 years old, and I have brown hair with brown eyes. I am 6’ tall with a muscular build. I have a respectable 7 inch cock. I am currently single, my girlfriend and I just broke up. She was cheating on me with another guy. Well, anyway, this is how I ended up where I am now. You see, I have a twin sister, she was born before me. Her name is Katie and even though I don’t really think of her as somebody that I am attracted to she is one smoking hot thing. She is about 5’4” with jet black middle-back-length hair. She has smooth tan legs that go on forever. Her ass makes you want to cry when you look at it, but it still doesn’t out do her beautiful tits. She has 36c tits that just happen to defy gravity. I’ve never seen them bare but I have seen her from time to time when she is in her skimpy bikini out by the pool. Now, our parents are very strict and protective of us. Before we were born my parents tried several times to have a baby but after several attempts they never succeeded. When they heard that my mom was pregnant with twins, it was like a blessing to them. Then it got bad. The doctors said that there were some major problems with the pregnancy and most likely we were going to be still born. We were born alive and dwindled on the line for about a week. After that we started to stabilize. After that happened our parents have tried to shield us from all of the bad in the world.

Out of the two of us my sister is more rebellious. I have always been one to follow the rules more. But that doesn’t stop my parents from favoring my sister when its me against her. You see, I try to get along with her but lately she has been unbearable. She sells me out for anything that she can.

My parents are going on vacation for a two weeks. We live in Ohio and my parents have always wanted to take a trip to Spain and now that my sister and I are older they can finally afford it. During this two weeks I was supposed to go camping with my best friend in Colorado. My best friend is Ryan, we have been friends since grade school. Anyway, my sister was going to have to be home alone for the two weeks because her friend recently moved away and she was the only girl that my sister had ever really been good friends with.

It was a warm summer day and I had just gone down stairs for breakfast, my dad had already left for work but my mom was down there to greet me.
“hey mom, good morning”.
My mom turns and sees me walking into the kitchen, “good morning Jake”.
Just then my sister comes downstairs from her room. She sees me standing there and shoots me a dirty look for no reason. “what’s your problem Katie, I haven’t even done anything to you.” she just ignores me and sits at the table. My parents leave for Spain tomorrow and I leave for Colorado with Ryan.
“Are you excited for Spain mom?”. my mom takes the scrambled eggs off of the counter and hands a plate to each Katie and I.
“ Oh yes, I’ve been looking forward to this for a month now, I cant wait. What are you and Ryan going to do in Colorado?”
I just told my mom that we were doing the average camping thing, nothing too spectacular. For some reason Katie was getting madder and madder as I talked about my trip.
Suddenly Katie jumps up and says “mom, Ryan was over the other day and I seen him and Jake getting into your alcohol. Jake is probably just going to be drinking the whole time in Colorado, he drinks all of the time”.
“WHAT” my mom screams.
“mom she is lying I don’t drink and I wasn’t in your alcohol.”
“ya know Jake I just cant deal with this and I don’t want my trip to be ruined because I’m worrying about you the whole time”.
“what do you mean mom” I say.
“I mean that you have to stay home, while we are in Spain.”
“I don’t want to hear it Jake, you are staying home and that’s final”.
I look at my sister and she just smiles and keeps eating her breakfast. I cant believe she just did that to me. I storm up to my room and slam my door. For the rest of the day I was too angry to do anything, let alone, leave my room. I just sat there and listened to the commotion of my mom scrabbling to get ready for their trip tomorrow. I just could not stop thinking about how Katie lied to my mom about me drinking. Obviously jealous that I had somewhere to go and she didn’t and would have had to stay home alone, but, thanks to her, I have to stay home too.

Before I knew it, it was 10:00 o’clock, I usually go to bed at 11, so ten is when I start to get around for bed. So, the first part of the routine was to get a load off. Sitting at my desk looking at some of my favorite porn sites, I’m ready to go so I pull my dick out and start getting off. Just as I was really getting into it my door suddenly opens,
“hey Jake?”, I whirl around in my chair to see Katie standing in the doorway.
“get the fuck out” I yell at her. Her face has a look of shock on it as she looks down and sees my rock hard cock. she stares at my cock for a few moments then immediately leaves and shuts the door behind her and I hear her shut the door to her room which is right across the hall from mine. For some reason, having my sister walk in on me really turns me on and the though of my sister seeing my cock makes me cum everywhere. Spurt after spurt of cum comes out of my rock hard cock and lands on the floor. It was the hardest I had jizzed in a long time and I think it was because of my sister. My mind was so confused right now that I cleaned up fast and went to bed. I will sort this out tomorrow, I think to myself.

The sun shining on my face wakes me up. I look at my clock and it is 9:30. My parents leave for the airport at 10:00, so I figured I better go down stairs and see them off. They are in total chaos trying to make sure that they aren’t forgetting anything. It was useless to try to talk to them. After they get through their check list they settle down a bit.
“you guys got everything”, my dad looks at me with an odd look,
“yea we have everything, what’s this I hear about you drinking?”
“dad, Katie was lying, I don’t drink, you know that I am not that into that stuff”.
“well your mother put her foot down and you have to stay home, if it was up to me I would let you go camping but I don’t want to make your mother mad right now, since I am about to spend two weeks with her in another country”.
“ yea I guess you’re right, I wouldn’t want to deal with that either”. My mom comes to the front door and gives me a hug goodbye.
“where’s Katie?”.
“She is still in her room, sleeping probably”.
“well we don’t have time to wake her up, tell her that we love her.”
“I will mom, you guys have fun”.
“we will, love you Hun”.
“love you too mom” and with that they walked out the door and headed to the air port.

I decide to go up stairs to my room for a little bit. Just as I get up there I hear knocking on the front door. I get down there and open it up and there was Ryan. He looks up at me and asks if I am all packed up and ready to go.
“no, Katie lied to my mom and said that she seen us getting into her alcohol and now I cant go with you”.
“that sucks dude, your sister is being such a bitch lately”.
“yea, tell me about it, I think she was just jealous that I was going on a trip”.
Ryan stares at the ground for a minute, “dude your parents are gone now, you are 18 just come with me anyway, they cant stop you”.
“yea I know but if I go then Katie will for sure tell on me and then my parents will be mad for disobeying them and then if I tell them that I am 18 and can do what I want then they will either make me pay rent or kick me out and I don’t want either of those things to happen”.
“ah, I didn’t think of it that way, well dude I got to get going, have fun at home”.
“yea like I’ll have any fun staying home with my sister”. Ryan left and it was me and Katie for two weeks. How fun, I get to stay with the person that sold me out.

I went back up to my room and surfed the internet for about an hour or so then went back down stairs. I went in to the living room and Katie was sitting on the couch. I walk over and sit down on the opposite side of the couch to watch some TV.
“Why didn’t anybody get me up to say bye to mom and dad?” Katie said.
“they were in a hurry and said it would’ve taken too long to get you up. They told me to tell you that they love you though.”
“oh” Katie sighed.
“Katie?” I say.
“yea Jake?”.
“you know what you did to me was bullshit right?”.
“I know but I didn’t want to stay home alone, I’m sorry. And besides now you get to spend time with me.”
“yea how fun” I say.
Katie looks at me and gets real close and says “I don’t think you have any idea how fun its going to be”. with that she got up to go to her room.
“wait, what do you mean by that?” but she just ignored me and went to her room.

After hours of sitting around and being lazy I look at the clock, it was 4 in the afternoon. Just then I realized how hot it was and decided to go for a dip in the pool. After putting my trunks on I go to the pool and jump right in. Katie must have heard me because she was out there not long after I had jumped in. she was wearing a bikini that I had never seen before. The top was being pulled tight trying to contain her ample tits and her bottoms were being stretched over that beautiful ass. She gets into the pool and after seeing her wet I start to lose the battle between me and my dick. I keep moving away from her as she moves closer. Trying to hide the fact that she has given me a raging hard on. Soon she catches up to me and wraps her legs around my waist, staring into my eyes. “Jake?” she says.
“yea Katie?”.
“the whole reason that I lied to mom about you drinking is because lately I have been having these feelings towards you. I cant help it. I just wanted it to be me and you alone for two weeks.”
“Katie, this is wrong, brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do this”.
“I don’t care, I just want to see if anything behind these feelings….last night I knew what you were doing in your room, I could hear the video you were watching. So I decided to “accidentally” walk in on you.”
Katie stares at me and moves in to kiss me. I back away and push her off of me. “Katie you have to stop this, I don’t like you like that”.
she looks down and sees my hard cock. “well your cock seems to feel a little differently about this whole situation.” with that she grabs a hold of my cock. This startles me and I slip from her grasp and get out of the pool to head up to my room. Lying on my bed with my head spinning, think about the situation I am in. stuck in a moral dilemma. I lie there until night comes and then I drift into a sleep.

CRACK. A loud clap of thunder suddenly shakes the house. I look at my clock and it is 3:00 A.M.. sitting up on my bed I hear Katie’s door open and then a knock on mine.
“come in.” I say. Katie is standing there in a t-shirt and a tight pair of shorts.
“what do you want Katie” I say, forgetting about her extreme fear of thunder storms.
“I-I was just wondering if I could sleep in your room tonight”.
“I don’t know Katie…” I look at her and she is almost in tears, seeing this I couldn’t let her sleep alone.
“fine, you can sleep in here, you can have the bed and ill sleep on the floor”.
“Jake?” .
“what?” I say.
“ I was kind of hoping that we could sleep in the same bed, so that you could hold me, id feel a lot better that way”.
“yea, I bet you would, but if you are going to be sleeping with me then I have one rule”. “what’s that?” she says.
“don’t be trying to make a move on me okay”.
“okay Jake, I wont”. she walks over and climbs in so we can get some sleep. Lying in a spooning position I have my hand on her stomach. I cant help but think how good it feels. She puts her hand over mine and we just lay there feeling each others warmth.
“Jake?” Katie says.
“I really am sorry about lying about you drinking”
“I know Katie, I’m over it anyway, I looked at the weather and Colorado is getting hit harder than we are, its supposed to be raining there for about a week.”
Katie backs into me until her ass is right up against my cock. She just sits there for a bit like she was waiting for me to pull back. Just as I was about to, she starts slowly grinding her ass into my dick. I’m starting to get hard so I figure I better stop this before its too late and i’m thinking with my dick.
“Katie, what did I tell you, you need to stop this.”
“fine Jake, ill stop”
Just like that she gave up on trying to seduce me which was weird for her because usually she is very stubborn. She starts to rub her fingers on my hand, but I figure that nothing bad can happen from her doing it so I let her keep doing it. After a while, Katie rubbing my hand starts to calm me and I drift into sleep.

I wake up and immediately realize that something is not right. The thunder has stopped but I was in a daze from sleep and I hadn’t come to my senses yet. I look over at the clock and it is 5:39 A.M. the light outside is just starting to show. Suddenly I realize what is wrong. I’ve been tied to my bed. My hands and feet have been tied to each bedpost. Just then Katie walks into my room and she has a pair of scissors.
“that’s what I though, you better cut me loose”
“oh these aren’t for cutting you loose” she says, grinning wildly.
Katie climbs up between my legs and puts the scissors to my boxers. “what are you doing Katie?”
“i’m cutting your boxers off, if I would have took them off of you while you were sleeping then you would have woken up and I would have been able to tie you up, and now that your legs are tied up I cant pull them off of you, so i’m going to cut them off”, she laughs.
She cuts my boxers off and pulls them out from under me. She stares at my cock and takes it in her hand working it in to a hard on.
“Katie, if you don’t stop this right now i’m going to tell mom and dad about this”
“trust me” she says. “after i’m done with you wont want to tell mom and dad”.
She goes into her room and gets a pair of her panties and stuffs them in to my mouth to keep me quiet.

After she gets me hard she spits on my cock to get it wet and starts stroking my cock. Working it faster and faster. All of the sudden she plunges my cock deep into her mouth, sucking and bobbing for all she is worth. I almost lose it right there, the warmth on my cock feels so amazing and she is slurping on my cock like a pro. She pulls off of my cock and plunges down on it again, this time my cock goes all the way in and down her throat. She starts viciously bobbing up and down, slamming my cock down her throat. The feeling is amazing and i’m nearing the point of no return. She pulls off of my cock again and starts jacking me off.
“how was that?” she says.
“eetth wath ehmatheeng” I mumble.
“oh, sorry” she removes her panties from my mouth, “what did you say”.
“I said, it was amazing, were those panties dirty?”
“yes, these are the panties I was wearing when I seen your cock, it got me really wet and I rubbed my pussy through them.”
“they tasted great, I wish I could taste your juices fresh from your cunt.”
“whoa, why the sudden change in attitude?”
“well after what you just did to me, I decided maybe it isn’t as wrong as I thought,, especially when it feels so right”.
“so is it safe to untie you now?” she says.
“yea, its safe.”
She stops jacking me off and as she starts to untie me I lay still and when she un does the last rope I spring up and grab her before she can do anything. I quickly grab her t-shirt at the collar and rip it all the way down. Then I grab her shorts and rip them off of her body. She sits there in shock about how quickly she became just as naked as I am. I put her on her back and spread her legs open. I get right down to her cunt and I can feel the heat coming off of it on my face. I get real close to her pussy and her breathing gets real long and heavy in anticipation of me eating her out. I blow on her pussy but I don’t get close enough for my mouth to touch it. This is driving her crazy and each time I blow she scoots towards my mouth, trying to rub her pussy on it. As she scoots towards me I move back even farther, soon she gets frustrated.
“come on Jake, I didn’t tease you when I sucked your cock”.
“yea that may be, but I didn’t want it as bad as you want it right now”
“listen to me“, she says, “ if you don’t start eating me out right now then IM GONNA-”
She is interrupted by me shoving my face into her hot cunt. I start licking and sucking and slurping as fast as I can. She instantly arches her back from the sudden pleasure. I feel her legs wrap around the back of my head and shove my face harder into her cunt. I cant do anything but slurp on her pussy hoping to get her off soon so she will release her death grip. As I am eating her out I reach up and feel her tits. Its still too dark to get a real good look at them but they feel amazing. My fingers find their way to her nipples and I start to gently pinch and rub them between my fingers. Katie is moaning like crazy now and bucking her hips into my face. I guessed that she was on the home stretch so I pick up my pace and focus all of my attention on her clit. Working her clit over with my tongue seems to do the trick because not long after I start doing it she bucking her hips even harder.
“ Ooh my god, yes, oh, Jake, yes eat me, eat you sister out good, come on don’t slow down i’m almost there, i’m almost ther- OH YES, EAT MY PUSSY WHILE I CUM FOR YOU, AAHHH YES, IM CUMMING, OH GOD.”
Katie clamps her legs down on me harder and her body is shaking violently, me on the other hand, I am trying to lap up all of Katie’s sweet cum, it tastes so amazing and my head is spinning because of the fact that I just ate my sister out to an orgasm.
As Katie is coming down from her orgasm, she gets up and tells me to lay down. After I lay down she gets between my legs again to finish me off. She takes my cock in her hand, still hard as a rock, and starts to stroke it. As she is doing that she gets down and starts licking my balls. Feeling her hot, wet, tongue on my balls and her hand stroking my cock, was getting me really close to cuming. She comes back up and takes my cock into her mouth, sucking and bobbing like before. She is taking me about half way in but she is going for speed. Getting closer and closer, she then takes me all the way down her throat and once she has my cock swallowed, she sticks her tongue out and licks my balls. It turned me on so much that I started cuming. Without missing a beat, Katie pulls off and aims my cock right at her face. Hot, thick, ropes of cum fly out of the end of my cock and land across her face. After four hard spurts the rest just oozes out. After I stop cuming she takes my cock into her mouth to suck me dry and clean me up. After she is done cleaning my cock she just stares at me.
“That was amazing” I tell her.
“So, are still going to tell mom and dad?”
“Not if we can keep doing this.”
“Oh believe me, this isn’t the last time.”

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