Fucking Theater Girls

Fucking Theater Girls

The theater program at my college has never been particularly cool. It tends to attract a more nerdy and withdrawn crowd, as well as the old archetype of the flaming gay actor. That makes me something of an outlier. I’m certainly not the coolest guy on campus, but I have a pretty broad social circle and certainly look a little more athletic than most of of our men. Even though I don’t look seem like a traditional theater kid I love the stage and it’s always been my favorite extra-curricular activity since high school. I won’t say I’m the best actor but I do just fine as a gruff military commander or some such typically masculine role.
There is one big advantage to drama that I think should be mentioned: the girls are amazing. They are almost universally attractive in all types, and being only average looking like I am still makes one look good compared to the rest of the actors. I’d had a few flames in the drama program but none that lasted long or were astounding in bed. There was one girl I’d always admired from a distance though.
Her name was Hailey. She had somehow got herself typecast as the goddess or queen role, which actually fit her personality pretty well. She wasn’t stuck up or bossy really, but assertive and always making her wants known. Even though she never really had a starring role, she was one of the most well known actresses in the college.
Our program was putting on King Lear, one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I had chosen to sit out from acting in this one due to my busy schedule, and was instead doing lights for the production, a mostly thankless job that involves a lot of running around in the dark and climbing around on catwalks. We were halfway through rehearsals for the show when after a run through Hailey and her best friend Jasmin wandered over to my backstage desk while I was sorting through spotlight filters.
“Hey Jake,” Hailey said as the two girls approached. “I had an idea for some of the lighting for my character.” She was playing Goneril, the oldest of three sisters, two of which betray their father. I usually don’t like suggestions from actors, but my crush on Hailey allowed to me to stifle back a sigh. “I was thinking that since Regan and Goneril are more evil and sadistic than Cordelia we should light them in a kind of green light to make them look unattractive. Then we could light Cordelia in gold and blue to make her look almost angelic.” Jasmin nodded off to the side.
It was a concept I’d already worked out, and I was in fact looking for just the right shade when they’d come over.
“Yeah that sounds pretty good,” I said. “Did you have any shades in mind for Goneril?”
“Well, from just looking at what you have out I kind of like this one.” She always liked to dress dramatically and today she was wearing a red and black strapless lace mini-dress cut low. As she leaned over the table to pick up a filter her breasts, which had to be triple D’s at least, rested on my arm and she displayed quite a lot of flawless cleavage. I tried to focus of the pale green Mylar she’d picked up but was inevitably distracted. Jasmin giggled.
Hailey obviously noticed where I was looking, and gave me a smile as she held that position for a few moments before standing up straight again.
“What do you think of it?” She asked.
“That one’s pretty good but it might be a little light to show up on stage. I have a lot to sort through still,” I replied, gesturing to the desk.
“Oh okay. Well let me know what you pick.” The two girls turned and walked away, quickly resuming whatever topic they’d been discussing before they’d come over in hushed tones. I watched them walk for a second, admiring the swing of Hailey’s hips and her tight ass, then took a deep breath and returned to my colors.
It was about an hour later that night when I’d packed up and gotten ready to leave. I hadn’t been able to get much work done, as I was constantly distracted by the mental image of Hailey’s luscious tits. She’d obviously been flirting with me, and there’s no way that that arm brush had been accidental. I tried to put it out of my mind though; I still had an essay to finish up for Econ tomorrow.
As I was leaving the auditorium I noticed my European History professor sitting outside on a bench reading a book. When he heard me he looked up and smiled.
“Jake! Some young lady wanted me to tell you that she had important business to discuss in the sound booth.”
“Thanks Professor Henshaw. Do you remember what she looked like.”
“Long blond hair, some ridiculous dress...” He replied, already returning to his book. That was Hailey alright, and I’m not so naive as to think she actually had important business to discuss.
“Alright thanks again Professor, see you Thursday.” I reentered the auditorium and set my bag down on one of the chairs. The sound booth was up a short ladder above the back row of seats, and I almost fell twice trying to get up it. I stood on the landing at the top of the ladder in front of the booth door and took a moment to mentally compose myself. It was very possible that the girl I’d more or less fantasized about for the last couple years was going to be in the booth waiting for me in a less than innocent mood. I reminded myself that even if she’d arranged it I’d still need to be smooth to get into her pants. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Hailey was sitting in one of the nice office chairs, absentmindedly spinning. When she saw me she broke out into a wide grin.
“You know you’re really not supposed to be up here without being trained,” I said. No use being over-eager.
“Well I felt like breaking a few rules.” She rose and took a step forward in a composed way, like a model on a runway. Or a cat stalking a finch, if you’d prefer. I tried ignore the growing bulge in my pants as I put my mouth on auto-pilot.
“Well some rules need to be followed,” I started to say. I didn’t realize at the time that this was an incredibly lame thing to say, so it’s a good thing I was interrupted by Hailey pulling my head to hers and bringing me into a deep kiss. I’m 6’3”, so I had to crane my neck down to reach her face. Though, taken by surprise, I relaxed after a moment, and set my hands on her hips, probing her lips with my tongue as I did so. They parted easily and we exchanged deep kisses.
As we did so I moved my right hand up to her upper back and began to bring down the zipper
on her tight dress. It fell off her easily and she pushed me back against the door, stepping out of the dress in 3 inch heels. Her strapless bra barely concealed her nipples, and I could see them stiff against the sheer fabric. She also had on some lace black panties, and I took my now free hand down to massage her firm ass cheek. She pulled away and whispered seductively.
“I can feel that you’re a little excited.”
“Well making out with beautiful women does that to me”
“Lie down.” She didn’t need to ask me twice, and I lay down to face her and the door on the carpet, propped up on my arms. She got down on her knees and crawled up to me. She pulled my T-shirt over my head and undid the buttons on my jeans. She pulled out my 7” cock and stroked it up and down sensuously, gazing into my eyes as she did it.
“I’ve wanted this for a long time Jake,” she said. “But you never picked up on the signs.” I cursed myself silently but quickly turned my attention back to the show in front of me. She pumped steadily with one hand and massaged by balls with the other. By far the best hand job I’d ever received. I took my right hand and undid her bra clasp in the back, then through her bra off to the side. Her massive white boobs hung free from her chest to rest on my thighs.
“Mmm,” she said. “You like my tits?” I figured the question was rhetorical. She began to rub her sweet pair up and down on my member while she sucked on my tip. I groaned in ecstasy. This was the most amazing thing a girl had ever done for me. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have the hottest girl on campus rubbing her tits on my dick. My cock was just about to erupt when she stopped, sitting up. Noticing the pained expression on my face. She laughed. “Don’t worry, you’ll get off soon.”
She stood back up and slipped her black panties off. The only thing Hailey was wearing now were her pair of strappy heels. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. She stood right over my hips and lowered herself slowly down onto my piece with her hands on my chest. It was her turn to moan now as my dick filled up her shaved pussy all the way.
“Oh god. It feels so good. I’ve never had a guy this big before.” I was flattered but didn’t say anything, relishing the feeling of her tight cave pulsing on me, slick with juice. She slowly began to bob up on down on it, her tits bouncing gently. For my part I relaxed to enjoy the view, grabbing the back of her thighs and giving the occasional moan. She ground on me faster and faster, releasing louder and louder squeals of pleasure as she did. I could tell she was about to come so I decided to take control and give her the orgasm of her life.
I gripped her around the waist and rolled over, putting her on her back as I took over thrusting my cock into her deep hole. Hailey went along enthusiastically, wrapping her strong legs around me and throwing her arms around my neck. As an added bonus I took one of her hard pink nipples in my mouth and sucked on it hard, drawing a sharp yelp from the writhing body below me It only took a few seconds until she went stiff and wrapped her legs and arms tighter around me. Her pussy squeezed my dick in spasms and squirted juices all over me. Hailey cried out in exhilaration. I was grateful the booth was sounproof.
“Oh Fuck... Oh Fuck. Oh God Jake don’t stop!” I only kept going harder and harder until she let out one last groan and relaxed. I had finally used up almost all the self control I had, too. The pressure was building in my balls and I felt myself going over the point of no return. I let her tit fall from my mouth; with a grunt I pulled out and shot my seed all over her tits and stomach.
“Ugh, here it comes babe,” I managed to gasp out as cum spurted out of me onto Hailey and the carpet while euphoria coursed through me in waves. I’d never gotten off quite this intensely before, and held my position above her until the waves faded. I looked down to survey Hailey. Glistening orbs of semen sat on her flat belly and more on her heaving chest, not to mention a few spots on the carpet around her shoulders. She was still gasping for air with her eyes closed. I rolled off.
After about a minute she spoke.
“You can cum in me next time. I’m on the pill.” She ran a finger around her nipple, picking up some of my goo. She stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “Not bad. Maybe I’ll have to swallow a whole load sometime.” She smiled a broad, naughty smile. It was entrancing and seductive. The perfect reason why any guy fucked any girl. I rolled over to her and planted a kiss on her neck. She did likewise and we lay there for a few minutes in repose. Then I broke the silence.
“Ready to go another round? I’ll fuck you hard enough to make that feel like a yawn.”
She laughed. “You’re on.” I helped her to her feet (still in heels) and spun her around so she was facing the wall. She picked up on what I was doing and bent over, bracing herself on stacks of mixing boards by the wall. Her pretty pink pussy was exposed and ready for me to take it. Now it was time for action. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her opening hard and fast. Hailey moaned in surprise. I didn’t slow down my pace any, ramming myself into her again and again to the sounds of her squeaks of joy.
“It feels so gooooood, Jake.” She gasped. “Grab my titties hard.” I took one mound in each hand and used those to pull myself against her. I pounded her pussy harder until I was bottoming out and pushing her almost to the wall with each thrust. I kept one hand on her boob and gave her tight ass a hard spank with the other. Hailey screamed and by the way her pussy tightened I could tell she was ready to explode. I gave one last spank then grabbed her tits again and pulled back to me hard. As she began to cum I drove deep and stayed there, blowing my load against her. Hailey moaned louder than before.
“Oh fuck! Your cum feels great in me!” She cried in joy.
“Yeah, take it all, bitch,” I grunted back, only half aware of what I was saying. After a minute we separated. She couldn’t stop smiling and I could see my seed dripping down her thighs. We got dressed and headed back to our respective dorms, thankful night had already fallen. She let me keep her black panties as a souvenir.

Continued in Part 2

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