Me and ben's first time together

Me and ben's first time together

This is my first story so try and keep comments constructive or appreciative. This is a fictional story. It has strong homosexual connotations so leave now if you think you may be offended

I spend most of my life at an all boys boarding school. I am surrounded by other teenage boys all in peak physical condition. This can be very frustrating for a closet gay like me as I have to try not to give myself away. I thought I was all on my own. Oh how wrong I was.
I share a dormitory with one other boy called Ben. We’re both sixteen but our physical appearances are different. He’s a bit smaller than I am. I’m six foot one with brown hair and a reasonably good body. He’s five foot nine with blond hair and his body is in great shape. He’s always talking about his girlfriend and how he’s always getting laid and I used to just nod along pretending to be interested when really all I could think about was a way to get my way with Ben. You see, I had always had many sexual fantasies about Ben. Sharing a dorm with him meant that I often saw him changing and I liked to sneak a quick peek of his firm ass. I had seen his cock once. It was bigger than mine at about three inches flaccid. He was circumcised and I often thought about what it would be like to put his cock in my mouth and feel it grow hard and shoot its load into my waiting mouth.
Ben and I were good mates and we often messed around together. One time there was a dreadful moment when I though he had found me out. We had a sportsmen’s bet going and I asked him if wanted to raise the stakes. He said sure; if you lose you suck my dick. He started laughing but I paused a moment, fantasizing about his warm cock in my mouth. I just snapped out of it before I thought he saw me but I’m still not sure whether or not he noticed that wistful look on my face.
One day I came into my dorm to find Ben lying on his bed with his trousers unzipped and his laptop on his chest. He had a big smile on his face which disappeared when I walked in. He made to do up his trousers and close his laptop at the same time but panicked and failed to do either. I walked over to see what was on his screen all the while getting a great view of his dick which was throbbing away just over the waist line of his boxers. When I got over to him he had a resigned look on his face. I checked the screen and received a big shock. Ben had his internet open and the main tab was two hot guys, both in their twenties, sucking each other off. I looked at his other tabs which all varied around a central theme of twinks either fucking or sucking each other. This startled me and turned me on at the same time. Ben, like me, had only been acting straight all this time to prevent the other guys from picking on him. I felt a sudden surge of arousal spread through my body as I realised what this meant in terms of my fantasies.
“Please don’t tell the other guys,” said Ben “they’ll bully me forever if they find out.”
I looked down at Ben and saw that he was close to tears. Wordlessly I bent down and pressed the play button on his laptop and the two hot studs on his screen started up again, moaning and slurping at each other’s dicks. Ben looked up at me first with confusion and then realisation. A smile spread across his face as the two twinks sucked away in the background.
“I always had a slight suspicion that you were gay or bi but I never plucked up the courage to ask you.” said Ben. I turned my head back to the screen and then back to Ben again. I brought my face down to his and placed a small kiss on his lips and then drew back slightly. He brought his head up and we shared a longer kiss, nibbling at each other’s lips. A small moan escaped his lips and I drew my face closer trying to share as much of my passion as possible. He pulled away lightly and looked straight into my eyes.
“I thought I was straight but recently I’ve been having more and more fantasies involving guys, in particular you.” said Ben with a touch of nervousness. My smile widened.
“I’ve wanted this to happen since we first started sharing this dorm.” I replied. We moved towards each other again and I cradled his head in my arm. When are lips met I could feel his tongue searching round my mouth. My tongue met his and we started to caress the insides of each other’s mouths. His tongue was velvety smooth and I loved the feeling of it running round the inside of my mouth. I started to think about what it would be like to have it running up and down my dick. I pulled away and my eyes were drawn back to the screen where one of the twinks now had two of his fingers up the other’s ass while taking his dick deep into his throat.
“Do you want to go a little further?” I asked semi pleadingly. He noticed the tone in my voice and wordlessly started to pull down his trousers and boxers and I almost through his laptop onto the floor in my excitement while I was undressing. Within thirty seconds we were standing in front of each other naked. We stood looking at each other drinking in each other’s gorgeous bodies. It was halfway through the summer term and we both had good tans. I had seen Ben naked before when he was changing but those had only been sneaked peeks. Now I was able to see him in all his naked glory. He was well on the way to getting some well defined abs and he had the perfect amount of toning on his ass and torso. I could see him looking at me his eyes flicking up and down as if he was trying to see me all at once. I suddenly thought of something and grabbed one of the chairs and wedged it under the door handle. I certainly didn’t want this perfect moment to be interrupted by any loud mouth jock that may come strolling in.
“Now we can be sure of not having any distractions apart from each other” I said grinning.
“Now now, if it wasn’t for sudden distractions we wouldn’t be in this situation would we?” replied Ben as he pulled in for another long kiss. The feeling of our two hot bodies rubbing together made me more aroused than I’ve ever been before and soon both of our cocks were standing to attention. This only served to increase my arousal as I could feel his dick poking at the base of my chest. I placed my right hand on his shoulder and slowly slid it down his side, feeling his ribs shifting under his warm smooth skin as he sucked in air. Soon my hand reached his hip where it paused and then continued down to rest on one of his ass cheeks. I squeezed it lightly, feeling my fingers indenting into the succulent muscle of Ben’s ass. He let out a low moan in response as I continued to release and reapply pressure to his ass. Ben continued to kiss me fervently as my hand, relinquishing its grip on his buttock slid round and approached his crotch. Ben shifted his head slightly and I felt his hip buck lightly in anticipation.
My hand reached his crotch and I gently wrapped my hand around Ben’s dick. Ben shuddered violently at my touch and several drops of precum oozed out of the tip of his dick. I could tell he was finding it hard not to cum even if I had only just touched him. I held my grip in place for a few seconds, waiting for Ben to calm down. When he stopped juddering so hard and resumed kissing me I started to move my hand up and down Ben’s dick. I enjoyed watching the foreskin furl and unfurl around the head of his penis. I broke our kiss to get a better look at what I was doing. We both looked down at where my hand was caressing his dick. I started to speed up slightly and I constricted my grip around the head of Ben’s penis. This made Ben through his head back as a gasp of pleasure escaped his lips. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Ben started to blow his load so, while continuing to stroke Ben’s dick, I lowered myself to my knees and positioned my face in front of Ben’s now bright red cock head. I increased my pace and I could see the muscles in Ben’s chest convulsing so I opened up my mouth. Sure enough I felt Ben’s dick tense and then throb in my hand. A big spurt of cum flew out of his penis and hit my bottom lip, dangling down below my chin. I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick so that the next three shots all landed in my mouth. I continued to pump away at his cock while sucking hard on his bell end, trying to draw out as much cum as possible. I wasn’t disappointed as the flow of cum dribbling from his dick showed no sign of stopping. Ben gave one last moan and bent double, trapping my head in his chest. He then stood up and drew his drooping, sopping wet dick from my mouth. My mouth was almost full with his cum. It tasted salty but slightly sweet. I savoured the flavour as I swilled his cum round my mouth. I showed it off to Ben by baring my teeth and letting some of cum dribble through, just like I had seen the cock whores in porn films do it. I felt like such a slut and I loved every moment of it. I sucked his cum back into my mouth and then stood up, grabbing Ben’s head and pulling him in for a long, cumswapping kiss. We stood there letting Ben’s cum mix with our saliva and swirl between each other’s mouths. Eventually the kiss ended and we both swallowed our portion. I still had some cum on my chin which I removed from my chin with my little finger. I stuck my little finger in my mouth and drew it out slowly making sure I’d removed all the cum from it while Ben looked on with an envious look on his face.
“So you want some more cum do you?” I asked teasingly. Ben nodded. “Well I think that can be arranged.” I said looking down at my still fully erect cock. Ben followed my gaze and stared at my cock with a greedy look in his eyes. He slowly lowered himself to his knees and put his right hand on my cock. He paused a moment and looked up.
“This is the first time I’ve done this so tell me if I’m doing it wrong.” He said. I could sense that he was nervous about the quality of his blowjob skills, whether as I was already near to ecstasy just at the thought of being given head by the boy of my dreams.
“Don’t worry,” I said “I’m sure that you’re a natural born cock sucker” with this vote of confidence Ben opened his mouth and tentatively licked the head of my penis. I have a very sensitive penis and the feeling of his tongue lapping at my dick head was exquisite and a million times better than any of my fantasies. Ben continued to lick away at the tip of my penis and, encouraged by the groans of pleasure coming from my mouth, started to take some of it into his mouth. My bird’s eye view of my penis sliding into Ben’s soft mouth looked amazing and felt absolutely incredible. I could feel his hot breath cascading across the sensitive glands on my dick head. Ben slowly began to bob his head on the first inch or so of my dick while simultaneously swirling his tongue around it. I wasn’t a virgin but neither was I sexually experienced and I was finding it hard not to blow my load right then and there. Every now and then I could feel Ben’s teeth brush lightly on my sensitive dick head which sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. Ben, worried that this was caused by discomfort, wrapped his lips over his teeth. This at first caused some discomfort but as his lips became moister my dick began to slide in and out of his mouth even smoother than before. Suddenly Ben stopped bobbing up and down and instead focused his attention on swirling his tongue. He then began to suck on my bell end, gently at first, but then increasing in ferocity. The lack of air in his mouth drew more blood to my cock head so it was almost glowing red. With all that extra blood it was now twice as sensitive and, as he resumed his assault on the rest of my dick, it felt even better than before. Having bobbed away at my dick for another minute or so he then totally removed my dick from his mouth.
“Is your jaw sore?” I inquired, worried that my stamina was causing problems.
“No,” replied Ben “I just thought I might try a different approach.” And with that he grabbed firmly hold of my ass and drew as much of my dick into his mouth as possible. It was his first attempt at deep throating and he managed to get about three and a half inches of my rock hard dick into his mouth. He held his head there for a couple of seconds and then drew back, excess saliva running from his mouth. He bobbed up and down a bit more and then had another go. He got about another half an inch further and then stayed there trying to ram the rest of my cock down his throat. I heard him choke and his throat muscles shifted around the head of my penis. The rippling contractions felt great on the head of my dick and my shaft was now thoroughly lubed up with saliva. Ben surfaced again, gasping for air, and then starting bobbing on my dick, getting it deeper into his throat each time. It felt incredible to have my cock sliding down his tight, convulsing throat and it looked amazing having my cock swallowed by my horny roommate. Ben now had all six inches of my cock in his mouth and he started to swallow causing his throat to contract around my cock again. Even this couldn’t prepare me for what happened next. Ben took his left index finger and stuck into his mouth, covering it in saliva. Then, while still sucking my cock, he trailed his finger round my hip, over my ass, until he came to my ass crack. He then brought it down my crack until he reached my puckered ass. I knew what was going to happen and the very thought of Ben sticking his finger deep inside me almost took me over the edge. However I didn’t want it to stop then so I restrained myself. Ben applied gentle pressure to my anus with his finger until it slowly started to slide in. He then began to wiggle it around inside my ass, exploring my anal cavity. He slowly began to add another finger. This caused a brief spike of pain but I knew it was going to feel so good so I let him carry on. Once he had the whole of the second finger in he began to pump his fingers in and out of my ass. The feeling of this anal invasion sent me over the edge. Spurt after spurt of cum launched itself from my cock straight down Ben’s throat. He continued to work my anus and cock until, hips bucking, I was dry. Ben took his mouth off my cock and slowly pulled his fingers out of my ass, grinning as he did so. He still had a little bit of cum in his mouth so I bent down to kiss him and we had another great cum sharing session. My cum was a little saltier than his but I stilled loved every moment of it. Ben’s cock was now fully erect again. The blowjob must have really turned him on.
“I see you’re still hard,” I said glancing at Ben’s glancing down at Ben’s solid shaft. “Do you want to try something else?” I asked casually.
“What else can we do?” asked Ben curiously.
“Well, I’ve always had this fantasy about being fucked in the ass by a young stud like you Ben.” I said grinning wickedly. Ben looked startled for a moment and I wondered if I’d gone too far. Then a massive grin spread across his face.
“Well only if you’re sure.” he said jokingly. With these words he placed his hand on my shoulder and led me over to his bed. He bent me over so that my head was pressed into his mattress and my ass was sticking up in the air. I felt very vulnerable in this position, which really turned me on, and my dick started to swell again. Ben knelt down behind me and parted my ass cheeks with his hands. He leant forwards and tentatively stuck his tongue out until it just brushed my puckered ass. The contact felt electric and I subconsciously let my legs spread apart slightly which lowered my ass but provided Ben with easier access. Ben noticed my change of stance and, sticking his tongue out as far as possible, drew a line of saliva from my balls to my ass. He then buried his face in my ass and started going to town. He started by using his whole tongue to lick up and down my crack. He then started to slowly swirl the tip of his tongue around my entrance, the feeling of which was driving me crazy. Having thoroughly soaked my ring he placed his tongue at the centre of my entrance. He applied light pressure and I felt his tongue slide into my ass. He stayed like that for a few seconds at which point his tongue started to squirm around my sphincter. He continued to rim me for another few minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Put your fucking cock inside me now.” I said, almost screaming with overflowing arousal. Ben withdrew his head, licking his lips.
“Have patience.” He said with a wicked grin on his face. He put his head back between my ass cheeks and continued to lick away at my ass. My hips were squirming with impatience and I could tell Ben was enjoying this sign of my arousal. He withdrew his tongue and stuck his right index finger into his mouth; his left hand was still resting on my left ass cheek. He sucked long and hard on his finger until he thought it was wet enough. He pressed the tip against the entrance to my ass. He let it slowly slide in, appreciating the view of his finger buried in my ass. When it was in he twisted it round and curled and uncurled it, exploring my ass. He slid in and out a few times and then, with his index finger in as far as it would go he added another finger. At first it made my ass sting but I let him continue to explore my ass and I felt a burst of pleasure as he found my prostate which caused a small drop of precum to ooze out of my now rock hard cock. Just when I was getting used to the feeling of two fingers sliding in and out of ass Ben stuck another finger in. I had played with my ass a few times before this but I rarely stretched myself that much. This was painful but for some reason I still couldn’t get enough of it.
“Put another on in my slutty ass you stud” I moaned at him. Ben obliged and stuck a forth finger into my ass. He let me get used to the feeling of invasion before he started to move his hand around. I could feel my ass relaxing around his fingers, almost like it was realising that it belonged to Ben now and it had better get used to whatever Ben was going to do to it. Ben started to move his hand but then stopped suddenly. I was just about to ask him if everything was okay when I felt his thumb slipping into my ass. Ben now had his whole hand in my ass and I loved it. He began to push and my ass widened to accommodate him. I felt so helpless leaning there with another man’s hand shoved up my ass. It was so degrading, but just thinking of it like that made me even more aroused. Ben took his hand out of my ass and spat on it to make things a little easier after which he began to slowly slide it back in again, both of us savouring every moment. He did this a few times until he knew I was absolutely comfortable at which point he started to slowly pump his fist in and out of my ass. He built up a steady rhythm and it was driving me insane, having his whole hand ramming my tight ass.
“Please stick your cock in my ass.” I screamed, begging him. Ben withdrew his hand and I could feel my ass gaping. Ben ran his tongue round the inside of my ring and then stood up.
“I think we’re going to need a little more lubrication he said. I span around and dropped to my knees as fast as I could. I grabbed his ass in one hand and his cock in the other and then proceeded to give the messiest blowjob ever. I was enjoying the taste of his salty flesh in my mouth but I was eager for him to fuck my ass so I made sure that every inch of his cock was covered in my saliva. Once I was satisfied that I had lubed his cock enough I stood up and resumed my position of being bent over his bed. Doggy style always has been and always will be my favourite position to give and receive. Ben stood behind me and lined his cock up with my ass. He leant forwards until his head was pressed against my entrance and then thrust his hips forward. I gave a small yelp as I felt the head of Ben’s dick penetrate my anus. I was no longer an anal virgin and the knowledge of this fact fuelled my lust.
“FUCK ME!” I screamed, desperate to feel Ben’s cock deep inside of me. Ben slowly slid his dick into my ass, burying it to the hilt. The feeling was incredible and I wished we could have just stayed like that forever, our warm bodies locked together in sexual harmony. Ben pulled his cock out until just the head was in and then drove it back in again. This drove me wild and I started to buck my hips to trying to fuck myself on Ben’s cock. Ben matched my rhythm, timing his strokes so that we moved in together meaning he could penetrate deeper. We both started to speed up and the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my ass became overpowering and I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure.
“OH YEAHM FUCK MY SLUTTY LITTLE VIRGIN ASS!” I screamed.”I WANT TO FEEL YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE ME!” Ben grabbed my hips and started humping like mad. He span us both round and sat down on the bed putting me on top and giving me control. I stood up feeling his dick pop out of my ass, turned around to face Ben and, with a foot on either side of him, straddled his hips. I grabbed his dick, feeling it throb in my hand, and guided back to my ass. Once it was lined up I sat down, gasping as I felt his cock fill me. I started bouncing on his cock enjoying the view I had of Ben’s torso watching his abs tense and untense as pleasure ran through his body. Precum was now streaming from my cock and I took some off my bouncing cock and let Ben let it off my fingers. Ben relished the flavour, small grunts escaping from his lips as I bounce up and down on him. I lent forwards to kiss him both of us moaning into each other’s mouths and, removing one his hands from my hips, Ben started to jerk my cock. This was too much for me and cum exploded from my cock as an intense orgasm racked my body. Cum splattered both our chests and my as clenched in Ben’s cock. This combination of cum and added tightness sent Ben over the edge as he unleashed a massive load deep into my bowels. We both screamed away as we shared the best orgasm we’d ever had.
I lay there on top of Ben panting away. I could feel my cum gluing our chests together. I sat up and stood up slowly feeling Ben’s limp cock slip out of my ass with a *schlop* sound. Cum started to dribble down my leg and I picked some of it off with my finger which I then stuck in my mouth, enjoying the flavour. Ben, not wanting to miss out pulled me over to and sat me down on his face. He then proceeded to lick the rest of his cum out of my ass while I bent over and cleaned his cock with my mouth. When all his cum had been cleared away we stood up and shared a long passionate kiss, rubbing our chests together and feeling my cum smear across each other’s chests. We pulled apart and collapsed onto the floor, laughing with exhaustion and ecstasy.
“Promise you won’t tell the others I’m gay?” said Ben, mockingly
“I promise”

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