My Family 7 re-write

My Family 7 re-write

My Family 7 Re-write.

We left my Aunt Jenny’s about ten the following morning. She let me drive so she could suck my cock on the way. She told me she was going to miss me and hoped I would come visit her Christmas break and to bring Ester. I would like to eat her fine pussy again. I assured her I would try, at least for three or four days. When we passed one of the big semi-trucks while she was giving me a blow job the guy almost went off the road trying to watch. When I came she sucked every fluid ounce out of my cock, not leaving even a drip.

We arrived just in time for lunch. I hardly got out of the car when Ester came running out of the house and jumped up and threw her legs around my waist and gave me a big kiss. “God I’ve missed you she whispered. I’m so horny I could fuck a monkey.” I just grinned and told her it was nice to see her too. I took my bag and headed for the house while Ester was hugging Aunt Jenny. Mom was standing in the doorway and said “welcome home honey.” Standing there in that light cotton dress that stretched tightly across her breasts and abovr her knees took my breath away.

I set my bag down and took her in my arms and gave her a big hug that allowed my now hard cock to push against her abdomen. I kissed her warmly. I wanted to french kiss her but thought better of if. I told her how much I missed her. She glanced down between my legs as we parted and said, “yes I see, I missed you too honey, welcome home but I need to talk to you after Esther goes to bed,” she whispered.” OK, I said.

We had lunch with Aunt Jenny and then she left for home. I noticed that when she hugged Esther she reached up her dress and rubbed her pussy and rubbed my cock too when we hugged good bye. When my Aunt got in the car Esther went to her window and reached in. I’m pretty sure she reached up Jenny’s dress and possibly ran her fingers into her Aunts pussy. I saw her elbow move back and forth for a few strokes before she stood up. I think I read Jenny’s lips say, “You tease,” before driving off.

Mom said, “You go unpack honey and put any dirty cloths in the wash. I need to go to the store. I just realized I was out of milk and a few other things.” OK I said. I went to my room and as I heard the door to the car shut Esther came bring into my room and pushed me down on the bed. “Ok brother, I’m going to suck and fuck your brains out.” She pulled her dress off and of course she didn’t have any underwear on. She undid my belt and pulled my jeans and underwear off.

She got in a 69 position and squatted on my face as she pushed my cock inside her warm mouth. I began to lick her pussy lips and rum my tongue up and down her slit, pausing only to run the tip of my tongue over and around her clit. I plunged my tongue deep within the folds of her cunt and I heard her moan, “OH Eric that feels soooo good, you can’t imagine how long the last two weeks have felt like. Yess Eric that’s it ohhhhh shit I’m going to cum. OOOOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSS.” She stopped sucking my cock as she pressed her pussy down on my face and came.

She laid like that for about a minute with her pussy pressed tight against my mouth before she spun around and sat down on my hard cock, She began to push up and down my cock and rotate her pussy back and forth at the same time. Harder and faster she went as if in a frenzy. I didn’t have to move. I just laid there and enjoyed the feel of her tight hot pussy moving up and down my shaft. “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned each time she came. Getting the blow job from my Aunt on the way home allowed me to last much longer than I might have. After about twenty minutes I felt the urge well up in my balls and I shot a nice load of cum up into her belly.

Go clean up I told her, Mom should be home any minute. ”Don’t think for a moment that were done. I’m going to fuck you tonight until you can’t stand up,” she said. I went into the ½ bath off the kitchen and washed my cock. I had just finished when I heard Mom shut the car door. I asked her if she needed any help. She said she did so I went out to the car. She was bent over the back seat grabbing a bag of groceries. Her dress had hiked up to just below her Ass. My cock began to swell even though I had just fucked Ether. That’s the effect my Mother had on me.

The three of us sat around the kitchen table talking until it was time to fix dinner. When ever my Moms back was turned Ester would reach over and rub my cock. I decided to tease her too. I would reach under her dress and play with her pussy lips. Making sure I rubbed her clit in the process. I could tell she was getting hornier and hornier. One time she grabbed my wrist and pushed my fingers hard into her vagina and held it there as I finger fucked her clit. I heard her suck in her breath as she came. We had dinner and watched the program “Best home movies” until about nine o’clock when Mom said “OK it’s time for us all to go to bed.” Mom Whispered for me to come to her room after making sure Esther was asleep. I put Ester into a hypnotic sleep telling her that when she woke up in the morning that she would only remember that we fucked several times and she had multiple climaxes.

I took a shower and put on my pajama bottoms with no underwear before going to Moms room. When I got there Mom was in her night gown and robe sitting in her lounge chair. “Please sit there on the bed,” she said, which I did. “I think you misinterpreted what I said when you left to visit my sister Jenny.” I started to speak but she held up her hand and said, “Let me finish what I have to say because it is very hard for me. It has taken me awhile to understand what has been going on between us. Over the past several months I couldn’t understand why I was having these wonderful sexual experiences with your Dad and then waking up realizing he was at work .When I found sperm in my vagina I didn’t want to believe what I suspected. I was sleeping so well and waking up to such wonderful relaxed feelings. Then I finally realized I only felt that way after you hypnotized me. A Mother and son having sex is a moral sin. Besides being wrong in the sight of society it is degrading to your Father. Eric honey I want you to tell me the truth. Have you been having sex with me while I was under your hypnotic influence?

I just stood there not knowing what to say to her so I said “skinny girl” and she immediately went into a deep sleep. I had to have time to think. If I tell her yes I did it she will make me stop and I knew I never wanted to stop making love to her. This is what I told her what I would do and what she was going to do when I snapped my fingers and I did.

I walked over to mother and pulled her to her feet. I took her in my arms and said Mom you have loved being made love to all this time. You secretly knew it was me so there is know reason not to continue. We love each other and that is all that matters. No one need ever know. Now make love to me. I removed her robe and let her gown drop to the floor. She shoved my pajamas down to my ankles and sat back on the sofa taking my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

She put her hands on my hips and began moved my ass back and forth allowing my cock to slide in and out of her mouth. Her mouth was warm and moist and the head of my cock would penetrate a small portion of her throat. I let out a little moan as her tongue swept over the end of my cock. Her powerful sucking soon brought me to the edge and I gently forced my cock in side her mouth as far as it could go and exploded a huge amount of cum down her throat. She choked a little bit but proceeded to suck until I was completely drained.

She looked up and smiled at me and led me to her bed. She laid down on her back with her knees at the end of the bed. I kneeled on the floor in front of her as I looked at that magnificent pussy I had come out of. I reached up and kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumb’s as I lowered my face to her vagina and slid my tongue up and down her slit pausing to circle her clit with the tip. She started to moan and shove her pussy into my face. I drove my tongue deep inside her hot wet hole and then began to suck her clit at the same time I shoved two fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her.

She was really beginning to moan, “Ohhhhhhhh baby, that’s soooo nice. Yes honey, you are making mummy so happy and my vagina is on fire with your tongue. Ohhhhhhh
Yes baby just like that ohhhhhhhh uuuuggggggh.” And she reared her Ass up grabbing my head and forcing me tight into her pussy lips as she came. “Ohhhhh god but that felt good. Oh jesus yessssss baby I’m ready to cum again don’t stop ohhhhhh that’s it right like that uuuuuuuuuuggg and she came again. “Oh baby it’s time to fuck mummy.” I slid up her body and took one of her breasts into my mouth and began to suck her popped out nipple as I slid my cock into the most wonderful pussy in the world. I began kneading the other breast as I slowly started pumping my cock in and out of her velvet inner walls.

Her lips tightened around my cock and just before I knew she was going to cum I snapped my fingers to bring her out of her spell. She looked at me with a strange look on her face and before she could do anything I kissed her forcing my tongue into her mouth while increasing my tempo. For a moment she just laid there and then she began to kiss me back moaning “mmmmmmmmmmm” as she had another orgasm. I continued fucking her as I took turns french kissing her and sucking and kneading her breasts.

Suddenly she gave me a huge hug and whispered, “Oh Eric I do love you and you make me feel so wonderful.” It was the first time she had ever used my name while we were making love and now I knew she knew who she was fucking. I can’t describe the feeling of relief and pleasure at that moment. I continued to fuck her for over twenty minutes making her climax multiple times. She had her legs around my waist with her heels on my Ass and was meeting each of my thrusts with one of her own. I reached down and pulled her Ass high and plunged my cock deep into her belly shot my love offering deep inside her fuck hole. “Oh god baby I can feel your sperm squirting inside me.

We lay there just kissing for almost a half hour before I began to rise again. She turned over and took my hardening cock between her legs and into her pussy from behind. I slowly started to slide in and out of her when she reached back and took my cock out of her pussy and placed the head directly at the entrance of her Anus. With a little effort I was able to enter her Ass cavity and began to fuck her slowly there. I took long easy stroke’s coming almost out of her before sinking slowly down deep into her.

I turned her onto her stomach and began fucking her faster and faster driving my cock deep before pulling almost all the way out. I wasn’t sure if I could cum again but I figured as long as I stayed hard I would continue to fuck her. I lasted close to forty five minutes before I came. I didn’t feel like I squirted much but it still felt good. We fell asleep. About 5:30 I woke up with my mother straddling me and my cock was inside her hot pussy. She was scooting her Ass back and forth with my cock as deep as it could possibly be. She was sitting straight up and she was kneading her own breasts as she ground her pelvis into mine. She was moaning, cooing and whimpering as she brought herself to several climaxes. It took about twenty minutes before shooting my love offering deep inside her vagina walls. “Oh honey I can feel your wonderful sperm shooting into me every time you cum.”

She kissed me and said, “You better get back to your own room before Jenny wakes up.” I took her in my arms and said we are going to have a long and wonderful life together Mother. “I think maybe if no one finds out then I think we can. Your Father or Jenny must never find out.” You know what could happen if they or anyone ever found out?” Yes, I said.

I woke up with Jenny shaking me. “Who have you been fucking Eric?” My cock was half hard and wet with saliva. I was still half asleep. “I wanted to wake you up sucking your cock but I couldn’t get it hard and I tasted pussy juice. There is only one other person in this house and that’s Mom. Did you fuck Mom last night?” That really woke me up. For the love of god Jenny how could you think such a thing? Don’t you remember you damn near fucked me to death last night? It’s a wonder my cock responded at all, what you tasted was your own pussy, I told her. “Oh, I forgot about that I’m sorry Erick.” You should be what an accusation. How could you even think I could fuck Mother? “Oh Eric
i’m really sorry; I don’t know why I would ever think something like that. Mom is so straight.” Whew, I thought I’m glad I had instructed her about thinking she had fucked me when I put her under last night.

I had taken a shower and was sitting at the kitchen table when Mom came in. Jenny was taking a shower. “Eric honey I just don’t know?” Don’t know what I asked. “I just don’t know if I can continue this masquerade. I love you and want you but it’s so sinful. Incest is a terrible thing. To have sex with a son is horrible and I feel guilty as hell.” She was facing the sink not looking at me. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and kissed her on the neck. Mom, don’t think about it as incest, think about the fact that we love each other not just as Mother and son but as lovers. “Yes, but I also feel so guilty about cheating on your Father. I do love him you know.” I know Mom, and I don’t blame you, he is a wonderful man and father. Why can’t you love two people?

I turned her around and kissed her fully on the mouth inserting my tongue into hers. She responded as I lifted her robe and night gown and pulled her legs up. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I lowered her onto my cock and began to fuck her. She whispered “Oh Eric it may be a sin but what you do to me not even your Father does. My body responds to you like it never has before. I have always responded to your Father and others in college but I have never had as many orgasms as I have with you. She grabbed me tight and I felt her cum on my dick.

I heard Jenny shut the door to her room so I lowered Mom and pulled her gown down and I sat down at the table as Mom tied her robe. I opened the window to make sure there was no sex smell. Jenny came bounding in and looked at Mom and then at me. I wondered if she could see Mom’s flushed face so I said, it’s about time I need to take a shower too. That seemed to distract her and whatever she was thinking went away.

“Mom, I talked to Dad and he said for me to talk to you. I want to get a dog, he said if it was OK with you it would be OK with Him.” she said. “If you promise to feed and take care of it we can go to the city pound Saturday and look at what they have.” “I don’t want a mutt, I want a thoroughbred, she shouted.” “A thoroughbred, you must be crazy they are very expensive Mom told her.” “No I looked up the different breeds and breeders on the internet and if you promise them the pick of the litter from their first litter you can buy one for half price. I saw an add for German Shepard pups for $300.00. I can sell the pups for around $150 to $250 each and that would pay you back.

While Mom was thinking about it I put my hand between Jenny’s legs and I whispered, you nasty little dog fucker you and rubbed the crotch of her shorts. She looked at me and gave me a big smile and winked. Mom said, “Well I guess it couldn’t hurt to look but remember Jenny it would be your responsibility to train and discipline the dog.” “I promise I promise she shouted.” “Ok, look up the address on the internet and make an appointment for Saturday late morning. Now Eric, go take your shower, I don’t want you two late for school.

This was a couple of weeks before Christmas vacation and when I got to school I happen to run into Sally in the hall way. She was one of the two gals I had hypnotized when practicing for my hypnotist act for the talent show last spring. I remembered her key word was “big boy.” We talked a little small talk and I asked her if she was still going with Tom. She told me no, they had broken up last summer and she was now dating the half back on the football team by the name of Jerry. As soon as I new her new boy friends name I said “Big Boy” and she immediately went into a deep sleep standing up. I told her to meet her boy friend Jerry at the detention class room right after her class she was on the way to. That she would only see Jerry no matter who came into the room. I knew that at that time of day the room would be unoccupied.

As soon as my math class was over I hurried to the detention room, Sally was sitting in the first row of seats. I locked the door from the inside and walked over to Sally and she looked up at me and said hi hon. I said “Big Girl” and she went under. I told her that when she looked at me she would see only Jerry and when I snapped my fingers she would come fully awake and she would unbutton Jerry’s pants and take his dick and suck it. If He came she was to swallow all the cum but if I didn’t cum she was to pull up her dress and pull down her panties. Then she was to bend over the desk and let me fuck her doggy style. I snapped my fingers.

As soon as she was awake she unbuttoned my jeans pulling them down to my ankles before pulling my cock out of my shorts and putting it in her mouth. She sucked my cock like it was a sucker on a stick. Saliva was running out the sides of her mouth and her head was going back and forth a mile a minute. When I started to get close I removed my cock from her mouth and waited as she lifted her dress and stepped out of her white panties. She bent over the desk and I inserted my cock head into the folds of her very tight pussy.

I took hold of her hips and shoved my cock all the way in. “Ohhhhhhhh Jerry, you seem so big. Ohhhhh god you feel so good inside me. You are filling my whole pussy with your wonderful cock. Oh god Jerry fuck me, fuck me harder. I’m going to cummmmm,
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggg oh shit yes and she shoved back on my cock just as I let lose a large amount of white sticky sperm deep inside her belly. I could feel her warn cum spread over my cock. I held her like that for about another minute with my cock deep inside her emptying my balls. When I finished I pulled up her panties and told her to suck the cum off my cock and she did. I then said “Big Girl” sending her back into a deep sleep.

I told her that when ever she saw Eric she would get a warm feeling between her legs and that on the third occasion she would get so hot she would go into the woman’s bathroom and masturbate. That on the fifth occasion of seeing Erick it will make her so hot she will want to fuck him. She will invite him to her house when she knew she would be alone and she would fuck him and suck his cock. I had never tried something like that before and was curious to see if it might work.

The following day I made sure I ran into Sally. When we met I said hello and asked how was she doing? She looked at me and her face became flushed as she stammered, “I’mmm a I’m just fine, how are you?” Before I could answer she stammered, I, I, Immm late for class.” and hurried off. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to be working. On the third day When I came up to her to say hello she just stared at me as I walked up. Suddenly she turned and almost ran down the hall. I followed her and she went into the bathroom. She was in there almost twenty minutes. When she came out her face was flushed and she seemed to be breathing a little faster.

On Friday when I said hello she took a deep breath and just stared at me for almost a full minute. She said Eric would you do me a favor and walk me home after school A couple boys have been giving me a bad time. I told Jenny I had something to do and for her to go home by herself. I walked Sally to her house. She seemed very nervous and she asked me to come into the house. I asked her where her folks were and she told me they were still at work. She put her arms around my neck and said “Eric I don’t know why but I have an over whelming desire to fuck you.”

She took me to her bedroom and began to undress. I sat on the bed and watched her take each item of her clothes off, It was erotic. When she took her bra off I could see her breasts had grown quite a bit since the spring I sucked in my breath seeing her standing there in her panties with the most perfectly round breasts I had ever seen. Her skin was as white as fresh snow. She had tiny nipples surrounded by light pinkish areolas. Her light brown hair almost blond was to her shoulders. Those tits were magnificent. I didn’t know the size but I guessed at least a CC or D cup. I pulled her panties to the floor and looked at her shaved pussy. The lips of her pussy made a perfect camel toe.

I just starred at her beautiful body. Finally I slid off the bed and sat on the floor. I reached out and grabbed her thighs and pulled her forward until her pussy was in my face. She spread her legs and I reached up with my face and swept my tongue up her slit. Her Ass quivered as I proceeded to tongue that pussy. Up and down that slit my tongue went pausing at her clit to tickle it. She squatted just a bit and took my head in her hands and pressed my face to her to hole. I shoved my tongue as far into her vagina as I could and began to fuck her with my tongue.

I felt her cum ooze over my tongue and she said “Ohhhhhhhh god,” as she came. I started sucking on her tiny clit while I inserted two fingers into her cunt and started finger fucking her. Within a minute I felt her cum again on my tongue. “Oh my god Eric, you have the most fantastic tongue I have ever had eat my pussy. Ohhh yesss Eric that’s it, Oh my god I’m going to cum again aaaaaaahhhhhhhh yessssss.” This time it was a big one. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy into my face. Her legs were shaking and her Ass was bucking as she sat down on my face and fell over me onto the bed.

I got up and took off my clothes as quickly as I could. I lifter her further up the bed and rolled her onto her back. She looked up and smiled at me as she spread her legs waiting for me to enter her. I took the head of my cock and swiped it up and down her wet pussy before placing it at the entrance to her vagina. I shoved in about three inches and I heard her suck in her breath but she didn’t say anything. I began to move in and out of her allowing another inch to go inside her every couple of strokes until I had my full seven plus inches buried into her love hole. I fucked her slow, pulling my cock out to the head and then very slowly reinserting it to the furthest debts of her womb.

She was taking deep breaths and I could feel her abdomen kind of flutter against me. I Increased my speed and she began to moan softly, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh, mmmm, and she said, “Oh god Eric you have the nicest cock I have ever had in me. I don’t think I have ever had a cock fill me like you are. Ohhhh yes Eric I’m going to cum again. “Yessss, OH shit iiiiiieeeeee she screamed as she shoved her pelvis hard up into me and her legs shot around my waist and squeezed. She was pushing herself up meeting my downward strokes and kept shouting, “Oh god, oh shit, dam I can’t stop cumming Eric Ohhh please don’t stop I’m on fire.” She kept humping her ass at my cock and her heels were trying to force my ass to go down harder to force my cock deeper into her belly. That was all I could take I shoved down hard and came deep inside her. “OH Eric I can feel you’re cum squirting inside me, Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit” she screamed and came again.

We laid there exhausted and must have dozed off. Suddenly she was shaking me and whispering, “Shit, shit, shit, my Moms home. I jumped up and put my clothes on as she did the same. She thrrew her bra under the bed and slipped her skirt and blouse on. I heard her Mom call, “Sally are you home?” She told me to wait and when I heard her cough to sneak out the front door. “Yes Mother I’m home I’ll be right there.” She left and I heard her in the kitchen. She coughed and I hurriedly let myself out the front door. The last thing I heard was her mother saying, “Sally, are you catching a cold? Why is your hair a mess?” I didn’t hear Sally’s answer. Since it was Friday I knew I wouldn’t see her again until Monday.

When I got home Mom was fixing dinner. “Why so late honey,” she asked. I helped a friend work on his car and it took a little longer to get it started. Speaking of a car, isn’t it time for me to have one? Well I spoke to your Father and we decided you could have one on your 17th birthday. Ahhhhh that’s almost a year away. She just smiled at me so I came up behind her and put my arms around her and ran my hand up her skirt and tickled her pussy. “Stop it Eric, what if Jenny came in. We have to be more careful.” I said Ok as I took my finger and rubbed it up and down her slit several times real quick. I need to take a shower. “Oh you little shit, now I’m going to think about having sex.

I jumped in the shower and wasn’t in there five minutes when Ester came in naked as a J-bird. She squatted down and took my dick into her mouth. I was sure glad I had washed there first. She sucked it until it was fully hard and then she stood up and turned around. She bent over and said now fuck me big brother. I shoved my cock into her already wet with anticipation pussy and grabbing her hips I began rapidly fucking her hard. She said “Guess what Eric Aunt Jenny is coming for a few days over Christmas, isn’t that great?”
I thought ,Oh shit. I knew I wanted to fuck Sally some more and I wanted to make sure I was always ready for Mom but four women, damn I hope I wouldn’t disappoint anyone.
(continued) All Rights Reserved to the Author

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