Virgin Bedroom

Virgin Bedroom

This is my third story that I’ve written for this site, and again I apologize if there are any spelling or grammatical errors, or any other mistakes for that matter. I really like feedback and if you’d like to point out any mistakes do so constructively, I don’t respond well to people who criticize my punctuation when their message is typed in all caps or the like. Keep in mind this story is completely true with a very very small amount of embellishment to keep the story rolling so don’t post saying that it could never be true, because it is.

I had dating this girl for a very short time. Amanda and I had known each other for a few years

and I had been in “love” with her for a quite a while too, as she was with me. We could never act

on our passions because unfortunately she had a boyfriend, well, that all changed after he left

for the military. This was my time to shine. Suddenly there was no barrier between us anymore.

We were free to act on our lusts and now we had started dating for a short two weeks.

It was a crisp spring afternoon, just barely after winter it was only slightly chilly outside as I

walked up to the house. I adjusted my jacket as a cool, sunny breeze blew through the valley as I

reached the door. I rang the doorbell and stood there waiting for somebody to open the door. I

was greeted by Amanda, bringing with her: her short stature, nubile body to the door. I grinned as

she jumped onto me for a hug and she pulled me into her house. Both her parents were sitting

right there in the living room, I said hi to both of them and watched as they put their two dogs onto


“Are you guys taking the dogs for a walk?” Amanda asked the two.
“Yeah, these stupid puppies need some exercise, quite frankly so do we.” Her mom replied. “Are you just gonna stay here and watch a movie?”
“Yeah, there isn’t a whole lot else to do.”

Amanda took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her room. It was littered with clothes and she

apologized for the mess, but the only thing I was thinking was ‘How can her parents possibly let

us be up here alone together?’ Well my answer came in the form of a young, 15 year old girl

popping out of the room next to Amanda’s, her body like Amanda’s was very lithe, both of them

were avid dancers so they both had to keep their weight down.

“Hey you guys watching a movie in here?”
“Yeah, and no, you can’t come watch, there’s just not enough room in here.”
“Fine, I’ll just go watch the O.C. downstairs or something.”

Her sister exited the room, leaving the two of us there alone. We debated for a minute or two

over what movie we should put in, both of us knowing that we probably wouldn’t be watching it a

whole lot, but a commodity none the less. She popped the movie in and wiggled her way in front

of me, lying on her back. Immediately reached my arm over and began lightly caressing her flat

stomach, occasionally playing with her belly button piercing, (I have a thing for belly button

piercings, so shoot me) She turned her head and looked at me, giving me the “kiss me” look. I

didn’t hesitate to come in on cue so I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips, and immediately

it became a torrent of tongues, kissing furiously she pressed her body tightly against mine, lifting

her leg over mine, pulling me in closer. I ran my hand through her short brown hair as we

continued, occasionally taking a short break to breathe or pull each other closer. I between kisses

I could hear her moan slightly as she we ground up against each other, this turned me on even


Our session of kissing on our sides continued for nearly a half hour. Then it was time to change

positions. I lay back on my back and Amanda slid her way on top of me, straddling my body and

sitting exactly on my rock hard cock. At this point I was a virgin and so I was flipping out in my

head. Rather than being embarrassed, though, I understood that there was no way she couldn’t

have known about it, so it must mean that she knew exactly where she wanted to sit. I lay there

as we kissed passionately, I could feel her grinding her hips into my crotch slowly with each kiss

she bent down for, I responded in kind by carefully pushing my hips upward, involuntarily.

Grinding her even more. She continued to slide her lightly clothed crotch against mine through my

jeans and it was driving me insane until finally on one of her kisses she just lay there with her

forehead pressed against mine and her upper body pressing against mine. I felt her washboard

stomach twitch slightly as she lay on top of me, apparently after just finishing an orgasm. We lay

there for another few minutes kissing; I caressed her back lightly, placing my hands where her

ass met her body when we heard the front door open and close. She quickly rolled off of me and

lay besides me, waiting for a few minutes to hear if anyone was coming up the stairs.

After she was sure no one was coming she leaned over and kissed me for a few more minutes. I

looked at the clock and saw that I was going to be late home so I told her I needed to leave; she

bit her lip and sighed.

Outside we stood next to my car and kissed a little more. She thanked me for coming over and I

slid into my car. The whole drive home I could think of nothing else but our lustful night, so to keep

my thoughts straight here I am, writing this story. Come to think of it, she wanted me to go back to

her house and visit her again on Tuesday…

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