Rose, the mom alone

Rose, the mom alone


Over the next few days I received texts from the twins. Helen wanted me more than anything and was will to meet me anywhere to show me. Rose sent me a text asking to meet and talk before I get together with either or both of her daughters.

Her second text invited me to meet her. I was just given an address and time. So when I arrived I was surprised to be standing in front of a massage parlor. As I walked through the door a cute young Hispanic woman greeted me and ask what kind of pleasure I wanted. “I'm Mike and I am here to see Rose,” She responded. “Hello Mr. Mike, I am Eve and Miss Rose is expecting you.” She pointed to the back saying, “through the curtains.”

As I walked through the curtains I could hear moaning. The picture I happen to see was very interesting. Rose was sitting behind a business type of desk, and leaning back in her chair. Stepping in another step I could see and woman’s head between her naked legs moving. In a second the head came up and the face was covered with shinning wetness. The moaning was obviously Rose having an orgasm.

The young lady with Rose’s cum all over her face walked by me smiling. Rose said, “Mike, so good to see you again.” “Tell me sir, what is the possibility of your nice big cock sliding into my juice pussy right now?” The young lady reached around me from behind and stroked my cock thru my pants and at the same time she started to undo them. Soon my cock was being sucked really good. Rose was watching the young lady work on my penis. In a minute or so I was hard. Rose said, “Kiko you can leave the rest to me.” Kiko went thru the curtain as Rose bent over her desk and asked me to do her.

As I move to Rose behind her desk, she was exposing her big tits to me. I got behind her, reach around to grab both breasts. At the same time, I drove my hard cock deep into her sloppy pussy. My cock was swimming in Rose’s juices. Kiko really got her warmed up. I was fucking her hard and fast. Rose was moaning and moving her ass back against me with each stroke. She didn’t last long. In a few minutes Rose had another orgasm. Her pussy gushing juices all around my cock. She collapsed on the top of her desk. “Oh Mike, I needed that.”

Rose called out to Kiko as I was pulling my cock from her pussy. “You’re not done Mike, she said. Kiko came thru the curtain her face clean, in the same simple wrap around smock. “Kiko, would you like this man’s cock inside your pussy? Rose said. “Yes mam,” Kiko replied. She removed her smock revealing a nice body.
Rose sat down on her chair as Kiko placed herself over the desk. She reached behind her to spread her ass cheeks. She was tight for my big cock, but it slid deep inside her with the first stroke because of Rose’s juices all over it. As my cock hit bottom, Kiko’s body started to shudder in an orgasm. She cried out is pleasure. I keep pounder her. I watched Rose reach over and she started to finger Kiko’s clit. Soon Kiko screamed out in another orgasm. I could feel again a woman’s pussy gush juices around my cock. It is a wonderful feeling.

At Rose’s request I pulled out. Rose stood up and asked me to sit in her chair. Rose went to the curtain saying, “Eve, locked the front door, put the closed sign up, and join us back here please.” Soon Eve walks thru the curtain removing her smock. Eve has a nicer body, larger tits, and a rounder ass than Kiko.

Eve comes to face me as I am still sitting in the chair. She climbs on top of me and gently lowers her naked body down. As I feel her nipples moving down my chest, I can also feel her warm pussy engulfing my cock. Still very hard, and covered with Kiko’s juices, it is easy for Eve to slide over it. My cock was deep inside her as she leans back and starts to grind against me. I can see Rose and Kiko nearby watching us. Soon Eve came really hard.

Rose asks the ladies to finish me off. Having two mouths lick and suck your cock is wonderful. It was my turn! When I came Kiko and Eve used their mouths to lick and suck up every drop of my semen. I felt wonderfully used.

Rose asked me to follow her, and told the ladies to open back up.

I was led into a large bathroom with a large shower. “Let’s finish this like with did at Ester’s house the other night Mike, Rose said. As we stepped into the nice warm shower water Rose said, “I want you cock to make me cum one more time.” She had been stroking me, so I was ready to give it to her hard and fast. The water falling all around us was wonderful. I was washing her big tits as my cock was pounding her from behind. Soon her had another orgasm. She turned and kissed me.

Rose had been telling about her business. She had 8 spas within 12 miles of each other and her and daughter’s homes. Her daughter’s husbands had a construction company, started and financed by Rose which built their homes and modernized the spas.
Rose asked me not to fuck her daughters too often. They, at times were uncontrollable. It was difficult for her to keep everything balanced. She asked for my help.

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