Curious Siblings (Part 1)

Curious Siblings (Part 1)

All I can really remember about mom and dad when I was young was screaming and fighting. We lived in a tiny home that didn't have much privacy so you could always hear the yelling. Luckily they got a divorce when I was young.

We moved out, my younger sister, my mom, and myself. It was difficult at first not having dad around but I quickly got used to it. I was always more attached to my mom anyways. It was my little sister that seemed to be having a harder time, asking for dad much more often than I thought about him. Soon she got used to him not being around too and it was like it was just the three of us.

We moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment. Just a tiny kitchen, a living room, a hallway with a bathroom on the left side and 2 rooms on the right. My moms being the one on the end, just slightly bigger than the other room. Which my sister and I had to share. At first I hated the idea of having to share a room with my sister. At our previous house I had my own room. As time went on I became used to it, never imagining just how much I would come to enjoy it in the future.

The three of us became very close after the divorce. My sister and I had to rely on each other a lot more now that we would be home alone a lot. My mom had to go back to work full time to pay the bills meaning we kind of governed ourselves. Despite how much she worked, my sister and I both felt very loved from her. Often times the three of us would even sleep in the same bed after cuddling together at night and watching movies. After long, my sister and I began doing everything together. We were each others best friend and would play games all day, watch movies together, and yes, occasionally fought too. Very rarely though. We got along great.

Our bedroom was small. 2 twin beds next to each other with a small night stand in the middle with just an alarm and a small lamp separating the two beds. After a year of sleeping in the same room, it became very normal to me. I was very sheltered and had never even had a sexual thought. I could recall my shaft getting hard in the morning but simply thought it meant that it had filled with pee and I needed to release it for it to go down. It always worked so I never had any reason to think much more of it.

One day, everything changed. It was a saturday morning and mom was home. We had plans all day to do some shopping so we needed to wake up early and get ready. Being that there was only one bathroom, getting ready took forever. Mom went first and took forever as she usually did. She came out wrapped in a towel and told my sister and I that the water was starting to get cold and that we should just shower together so we could both get some hot water. "Ok" we both agreed. We had showered together when we were younger but it had been years since that. Still, I didn't think much of it.

Mom went in her room and began to do her makeup on the floor in front of her mirror. "Hurry up" she told us. "We have a lot to do today".

We went inside the bathroom together and began to take our clothes off. I started with my shirt and then my shorts. I glanced up at my sister as she took off her shirt and began to remove her small training bra. I dropped my underwear and began to make my way into the shower. I got inside first. Then my sister came in. I still remember the face I made when I saw her walk into the shower. I had seen my sister naked before but it wasn't until that moment that I realized just how long it had been since I had. She had small perky A cup tits with small light nipples along with some light peach fuzz around her young pussy. I didn't even have pubes yet, so I was really thrown off when I saw she did. I had also never really seen tits, and although they were tiny, they were the biggest I'd ever seen.

"Hurry up mom said" She said, which snapped me out of the trance that I had been put it. "Oh right" I shrugged and placed my head under the water. I closed my eyes tight, trying not to think too much about what I had just seen. This was the first time that I had had these types of feeling and sensations and I didn't really know how to react to it.

I opened my eyes and to my horror my dick was hard as a rock. Did I have to pee? I wondered. I didn't feel like I needed to pee so the confusion grew. As did my cock each time I looked at my sister. She continued to wash like nothing was happening and didn't say anything about my hard cock. I'm wasn't sure she even saw it. I did my best not to face her. She noticed that though..

"What are you shy or something" She asked. "I'm just your sister".

"NO!" I responded in defense.

"Don't be stupid" I said, annoyed and embarrassed.

"Well move out of the water, I need to wash off the shampoo before it gets in my eyes"

I moved out of the way, not covering anything up as she had her eyes nearly fully shut to avoid the shampoo. She passed by me, just barely grazing my hard cock with her leg as we traded places. Not noticing what she had even touched. She got under the remainder of the hot water that we had and shut her eyes all the way as she began to rinse the shampoo of her head. This was my chance to really observe her body while her eyes were closed. I watched without blinking how the soap ran down her hair to her small nipples, and all the way down to her slit, which I could barely see since it was so small.

I felt a heat wave come across my body as I stared at her longer and longer. I couldn't take it anymore. Before she could finish rinsing I jumped out of the shower and quickly grabbed a towel and got out. She didn't say anything about it when she came out later. As far as I was concerned, she didn't find anything weird about the shower. Me however, my world had been flipped upside down.

We spent the whole day shopping and I didn't think much of it anymore. I hated shopping with them so my mind was filled with misery instead. I hated sitting at the department stores as she and mom shopped for hours. Finally we went out to eat, then ice cream and came home late at night. My sister and I insisted that we all watch a movie but my mom was too tired and told us that we could stay up for a little in the room if we kept quiet. She had to work the next day.

As we went into the room and closed the door so mom couldn't hear us I began to remember our morning shower. i looked at my sister with different eyes. She was only a year younger than me, was about 5'0 and couldn't of weighed more than 90 pounds. She had long dark hair and big hazel eyes. Her skin was tanned and always so smooth. She had small tits as I had just realized but without a shirt and bra they were huge to me. She also had a nice, perky tight ass. I would later come to appreciate her ass more, but at the moment I couldn't get her tits out of my mind.

"So what do you want to do" She asked.

"We can watch some t.v" I responded.

She agreed and I began flipping through the channels. I landed on a scary movie (IT the clown). I hated scary movies, she was much braver than I was but I figured it gave me a good excuse to lay next to her if we watched a scary movie. Before she got in the bed she told me that she was going to change into her pajamas as she would probably fall asleep during the movie. I watched as she took off her pants revealing some tight, white cotton panties that clinged to the bottom of her ass well. Next she took of her shirt and was only wearing her small grey bra. I quickly dropped my pants and shirt and just left on some grey briefs.

"Mind if I lay in your bed" I asked politely

She knew that I got scared a lot easier than she did and she never was one to embarrass me so she politely accepted. I climbed inside her sheets and we both sat up with some pillows propped up to enjoy the movie. I was shaking a bit which she probably thought was just excitement for the movie. We both got close to each other as the movie scared the shit out of both of us. As the movie was nearing the end I asked if it would be okay if I slept with her the whole night. She was just as scared as I was so she agreed immediately. The movie ended and we agreed to leave the lamp on since we were both so scared. She always fell asleep fast which I hated because I would stay up scared alone.

Not this time thought. As soon as we turned off the t.v and cuddled up to each other the fear went away and turned into excitement. We both laid flat on our backs with just a thin sheet over us. It was summer and the room was always hot, never needing blankets. As usual she fell asleep right away. I could tell by the way she breathed. Carelessly making a small noise with each breath. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep but simply couldn't. I couldn't get my sisters naked image out of my mind. I opened my eyes and made sure she was asleep. She was. I then took the sheet off of us, brushing it off as if I were asleep and feeling hot in case she wasn't asleep and noticed. She didn't even flinch. My eyes instantly stared at her flat stomach, her cute little tits, and her small mound that was covered by her thin white panties. I knew it was wrong but I wanted to see more. I carefully lifted her bra up, ever so slowly so she wouldn't wake, until I revealed her small nipples. I was mesmerized by the sight of them. I carefully cupped her tits, my mind racing thinking what I would do if she woke up. Still, it didn't stop me. I ran my finger over her nipples, making a small circle with my finger around them. I took turns playing with both of them, noticing their differences, madly in love with both of them.

After a while of playing with them I was eager to examine her pussy again. I carefully slipped my finger under her waistband and even more carefully then with her bra, began to lower her panties until I had an unobstructed view of her young sex. I couldn't help myself. I ran my hand slowly over her mound, feeling her soft pubes on my palm. As far as I was concerned, that was her pussy. Little did I know what I was about to discover. As I looked closer I noticed her small slit and pink little lips tucked in between her legs. With my index finger I touched her clit. Just barely applying any pressure. I rubbed that for a little while then decided I would explore lower. I used my middle finger this time and ran it down her tight pussy until I froze. It felt wet. Soaking in fact. I pulled my finger up and noticed a stringy substance on the tip of my finger. Not grossed out in the slightest I stuck it back between her legs and felt around her young hole. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I did small circles with my fingers around her cunt until I noticed she started to breath a little heavier. Panicking that she would wake up i quickly stopped and laid back down pretending I was asleep. She rolled over and I didn't even get a chance to pull her panties back up. There was no way I would be able too the way she was laying so I decided to just leave it hoping she wouldn't notice anything in the morning.

I threw the sheet back over us and brought my finger to my face to smell and taste the wet substance on it. I stuck my finger in my mouth first and was pleasantly surprised with how good it tasted. Sweet mainly, with the tiniest bit of bitterness at the end. It smelled amazing to me too. Again, something I couldn't even describe. Completely new to me. I fell asleep with my finger by my nose, not being able to get enough of it as I drifted away into sleep.

Morning came and to my surprise I woke up in an empty bed. My sister nowhere to be seen. I got up and like always, noticed my hard cock pushing through my briefs. I needed to pee. Still half asleep I stumbled into the bathroom with my cock already out ready to pee when I noticed my sister sitting on the toilet peeing.

"WHOA, sorry, didn't see you there!" I said.

"Haha you're a dork" She playfully responded as I turned around bright red with embarrassment.

She came out of the bathroom shortly after and let me know that it was all mine. With my head down, still embarrassed and both hands hiding my boner I passed by her and into the bathroom. I released a loud sigh as I began to pee and the surprises wouldn't end there. Just as I finished peeing I noticed a long stringy substance hanging from my pee hole. It clearly wasn't pee but what was it? It reminded me of the substance I had discovered on my sisters pussy the night before. I pressed my finger to it and naturally tasted it again to see what it was. Salty. A very different taste than the one on my sister. I was excited about it nonetheless. I figured it had something to do with my excitement but this was before the internet and I had no dad really so I had no real way of finding out more. I raised my briefs back up and got out of the bathroom. My sister was in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal. She was wearing small athletic shorts and a white t shirt. At this point she could have been wearing anything and I'd find it appealing.

I did my best to act normal as we had breakfast and had our usual small talk. I was a bit nervous she would bring something up about last night but she never did, just talked about how scary the movie was. Mom was gone all day, she worked sometimes 12 hours a day. We were used to it already and spent most of the day lounging around. We watched some Tv and talked the majority of the day. As it got late, mom would be home in a couple of hours and things began to get interesting again.

"Hey, don't be weird but I want to ask you something" my sister said

My heart sunk, sure she was awake last night and was going to question me about it.

"Sure whats up" I played it cool.

"Why was your...erm..your thingy sticking up this morning in the bathroom" She asked nervously

I breathed out thanking god it wasn't about last night and pondered on my answer.

"haha you noticed that" I nervously responded "it does that when i need to pee in the morning"

"Really??" She responded, seeming unconvinced by my answer

"Yeah, I think so" I said

'Well it sure does get big when you need to pee"

Feeling proud hearing that but not wanting to seem it I responded "Yeah it gets a little bigger"

"A little?" She again responded with the same tone as before.

"I noticed when we showered the other day it was a lot smaller when you first took your briefs off, then when I glanced down in the shower, it was sticking up again....much bigger"

I couldn't believe she had actually noticed it, and as I was hearing her say it I could feel my cock begin to tingle in my briefs.

"Yeah, I guess i'm going through some changes.. and so have you! Don't think I didn't notice your huge tits in the shower too"

She blushed immediately: "Michael!, they are so not huge, how embarrassing" She exclaimed

"Well they are huge to me.. they are the only ones I've ever seen in fact" I responded

"Aww, well thanks big bro.. moms are a lot bigger and I see hers all the time so I don't feel like they are big"

'Well I don't think my dick is very big either, but I don't have anyone to compare myself too"

"Are you kidding me?" she responded "I think its huge, I couldn't believe how big it was in the shower..." She bit her lower lip a bit as the words escaped her mouth.

The conversation had me so excited now that my cock was bulging through my shorts, I hadn't even noticed it until my sister said:

"Bro, by the looks of it, I think you need to pee again!"

I glanced down and noticed just how obvious it was sticking straight up building a teepee in my shorts.

"I umm...uhh..uhh... don't even have to pee actually. Im not sure why its hard"

"Does it hurt?' She asked

"A little when it presses against my shorts" I responded

"Well.. why don't you just let it out then?" She asked as if it was nothing

"Umm.. really? Do you want to see it again or are you just being nice?" I asked

"Well.. id be lying if i didn't say both. I don't want you to be in pain but Im also curious about looking at it again.."

"Hmm..okay, but only if you take off your clothes too" I responded "Im curious too"

"Ok" she said without hesitation "You first though"

'Fine" I responded and took off my shirt first, then my shorts and lastly I dropped my briefs to my cock sprung up to my waistband immediately. I looked up at my sister and she was glued to my cock. Her face looked like mine did when I first saw her come into the shower.

"Okay, your turn" I said

She nodded, took off her shirt and undid her bra, once more giving me the view I had been thinking about non stop for 24 hours, then dropped her shorts and remained in her underwear. She was wearing the same cotton white panties she had on the day before.

"There" She exclaimed

"No way" I said "You need to take your panties off too"

She looked away from me, clearly shy. Seeming very unsure about it.

"Whats wrong? I asked "You showed me in the shower yesterday"

"yeah but umm.. well I don't know how to explain in but.. yesterday in the shower I wasn't wet" she responded

"Wet? What do you mean you weren't wet?" I asked "Of course you were in the shower"

"Not what I mean.." she responded "For some reason yesterday when I saw your hard dick it made me curious, and after my shower when I put on clothes I noticed my pussy was slimy.. and wet. In fact last night when you were pressing against me I could feel my pussy dampen again... and it feels wet again now.."

I knew exactly what she was talking about now and it sent shivers down my spine as I heard her talk about it. I was beginning to put this together. When we both got excited our privates created a slimy substance and mine got really hard.

"Hmm.." I pondered "Well would it make you feel better to know that my dick makes the same thing and right now I can feel the head of my dick is really wet too...."

Im not circumcised so the head of my cock isn't always showing. I have to pull it back a bit when I get hard to really expose it.

"Really??" She asked with a relieved face now "That makes me feel better, look how I soak through my panties.." she glanced down at herself.. "This morning I woke up and they were wetter than they have ever been"

I stared directly at her wet spot, clearly seeing right through her thin panties feeling my cock get harder by the second.

"Well, just take them off then, now that we know we are on the same boat"

"You're right" She said and preceded to pull them down, exposing her soft mound and her soaking wet pussy. Strings of her juices clung to her fabric as she pulled them down. It drove me wild remembering what if felt and it tasted like the night before.

"Now what" she said, as she stood completely naked in front of me with my hard on nearly touching her with how close we were.

"Well.. we are both curious.. why don't we just explore each other?" I said in the most innocent tone I could muster.

"Like touch you mean?" She asked

"yeah.. if you're okay with that" i responded

"Yeah I suppose i am if you are..." She nervously said

"Why don't we just stop talking and do whatever feels right.. if you're uncomfortable or if I am we can just say stop, sound good? I asked hoping she would just agree already so I could touch her.

"Okay lets do it" She proudly said

We both stared directly into each others faced as we got closer to each other. I started first and reached for her supple tits and hard nipples. She was more modest and started touching my shoulders and arms as i caressed her firm tits. Our eyes wandering yet still making eye contact frequently as if checking for permission to continue. I stepped closer to her and the wet head of my cock pushed against her stomach. She looked surprised and excited at the same time. With a swift movement she reached her hand and grabbed on to my pulsating cock. I felt an instant rush through my body as her hand gripped my cock tight. Keep in mind I had never even jacked off at this point.

She held my cock firmly in her hand and I made my way down to her pussy. I ran a finger from her tits all the way down through her bellybutton until i found my way down to her soaking wet pussy. If was much wetter than it was the night before and a moan escaped her as I ran a finger through her slit. She bit on her bottom lip as I ran my finger up and down her pussy, enjoying her wetness and exploring her young pussy.

She then pulled on the skin back completely freeing my head and she noticed the bubble of precum that had formed on the tip of my cock. Intrigued with it she began to run her finger in circles around it. The sensation felt amazing and I began to feel a build up that I had never felt before.

"Mmmm brother...this feels so good... is it bad how good your fingers feel between my legs and how good your dick feel in my hand" She asked.

"I dont think so" I responded "It feels amazing to me too"

I now had two fingers running up and down her soaking cunt and she was stroking my cock hard back and forth. I brought my fingers lower and found her young hole. I stuck my middle finger inside it and she took a huge gasp in as I penetrated her for the first time.

"OH MY GOD, That feels so good" She screamed "DONT STOP BRO"

I didn't stop, and began to finger her insanely tight and wet hole. She continued to stroke my cock back and forth and I was sure something crazy was about to happen because I felt hotter than I had ever felt before. My knees started to shake close to buckling and I began to moan loud..


I began to finger her even harder and soon her moans were louder than mine.. my head felt like it could explode with euphoria and I held my breath in as I experienced the most intense 30 seconds of my little sister riding my fingers and stroking my hard cock.. i opened my eyes and witnessed as my cock shot out large white spurts directly at my sisters stomach.. spurt after spurt bouncing off her stomach. I couldn't feel my legs but I didn't stop fingering her..


I reached a second finger inside her and started to pull hard back and forth inside her... soon flows of what looked a bit like pee but clearer and stringier began to shoot out of my little sisters pussy. Her moans were as loud as could be as she continued to shower my hand with her juices as i continued to fuck her pussy with my fingers.

"Brother, that was the most amazing feeling in the world" she panted

Both of us stood in shock in front of each other, completely out of breath, and feeling better than we had ever felt before.

"Mmm baby sis, I agree... we made a mess on each other" I glanced at her stomach covered in my cum and the hardwood drenched in her juices.

"Mmm yes we did big brother, my stomach is soaked with your juices" She exclaimed as she played around with it with her fingers.

"Why don't we clean up real fast and take a quick shower before mom comes home" I said

"Mmm, okay big brother.. but only if we do that again in the shower" She winked

"Of course baby sis, whenever you want we can do that again" I pulled close and gave her a kiss on the lips..

"Now lets go".....

To be continued............

I'm new to writing so please leave constructive comments if there is something you think I can improve on. Also let me know if you enjoyed my story! Thanks!

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