Michelle The Widow

Michelle The Widow

The Widow

It was 9am on the day of the funeral, George had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack. He left behind his wife Michelle and 2 young children. George had run a local business selling computer products before his passing. He had done quite well for himself owning a large house and always driving the newest model cars.

Michelle was only 37, she was a stay at home mum who had always led the easy life due to George’s business. Too young to be a widow, people kept telling her. She looked even younger due to her athletics training and youthful facial features; she was 5 foot 3 with long brown hair. She was slim with a rounded ass and curved hips, when she bent over everyone appreciated it. She had 34c breasts which completed her figure beautifully.

There was knock at the door, Michelle headed towards it, wondering who it could be at this time. The funeral didn’t start till 1pm and she knew some family members were coming to hers around 11am. The kids had gone to a friend’s house for the day and were going to have a sleepover.

She opened the door and Alfie was stood there, Alfie was George’s assistant at the computer store, he was only 22 but very clever, he stood around 6 foot 1. He had short dark hair and was of a medium build. He had been very active in his teens, but when his dream of making it in football died due to a knee injury, he reduced the amount of exercising he did and started to focus on work instead. He had put money in various stocks and shares his latest money maker was bitcoin. He was quite successful but enjoyed working with George so had kept it up.

Michelle had met him on a few occasions and new George thought well of him. He had kept the store running in the last few weeks, Michelle knew how well he knew the store so it made sense.

What Michelle didn’t know was Alfie had developed almost a school boy type crush on her, which grew stronger through the years. He would sneak into Georges office when he was away to see pictures of her on his desk. His favourite was a summer holiday photo showing Michelle in a 2-piece red bikini. Since George had passed away that plus a few others now resided in his house.

“Hi Alfie, come in.” Michelle said.

Alfie entered and proceeded to the living room, he sat down on the sofa, “I’m sorry to come around so early, especially knowing what day it is but something urgent has come up.” A worried look came across Michelle’s face, “I’ve been going through the accounts and the store is in a lot of debt.”

“George never said anything to me about it, just how bad is it?” Michelle asked

“He took a loan out from the bank when the store was struggling a few years back,” Alfie handed Michelle a letter, “It’s a demand for payment of £15000 by today, the balance should have been cleared 2 months ago. If it’s not paid by close of business today the store will be closed and all assets seized,” he paused for a moment, “It gets worse, he also secured a 2nd loan against the house which is also due soon.”

“This doesn’t make sense; George always has money. How do you think we can live here and drive that Mercedes out there?”

“The house mortgage is in arears, but they’ve not chased you as yet from what I can see. The cars were always on hire purchase plans. The business has struggled since that big company moved into the retail estate and George didn’t move with the times as I advised he needed to do.”

“£15000, where the hell am I supposed to find £15000 at this short notice, in all honesty I don’t think I could get that with a month’s notice.” She stressfully stated. “What am I supposed to do Alfie?”

Alfie looked at Michelle in her panicked state, stood there dressed in a knee length black skirt and white blouse, “I’m not sure Michelle he replied, the store is doing ok now but there is nowhere near enough to cover that.”

“Maybe I can try to get a loan, but I don’t have time today.”

George replied “I don’t think a they would loan a recently widowed stay at home mum that kind of money Michelle.”

“Well can you suggest anything?”

Alfie started to conduct a plan in his head, he had wanted to fuck Michelle for a few years now, “Maybe I can get some cash to give you loan.” He stated trying to sound helpful, “Only problem is it’s in shares so I would need to pull it out losing me money.”

Michelle paused; she desperately needed the money but borrowing from Alfie didn’t feel right especially considering how helpful he’d been the last few weeks. Then she thought about losing the store and all its stock. “I might have to take you up on the offer, if you’re sure its ok?”

“Of course, it is, but there will need to be a few agreements to the loan.”

“Like what?” Michelle questioned.

“I can get £15000 today from an investment I have and pay off the debt to the bank. I’ll lose out on interest so I would need some kind of service in return.” He said.

“Service?” Michelle quizzed him.

“It’s simple Michelle, I want you to be my FWB until the loan is paid off.” He replied with a smirk on his face.

“What’s an FWB?”

“It’s a friend with benefits Michelle.”

A look of shock crossed Michelle’s face. “What kind of benefits?”

“As I’m the creditor whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s up to you if you want to agree or not.”

“You mean sex right.” She stated, now getting angry.

“Sex, love making or just plain fucking whatever you want to call it to make you feel better.”

“That’s disgusting Alfie, George thought so much of you and now you put his wife in a position like this,” Michelle was trying to plead to his sweeter side.

“Michelle, I want to put you in quite a few positions,” he joked. “That’s the offer, I’m losing a lot of money by pulling out of the investment to help you out. As far as I’m concerned, I’m helping out George as well by clearing up the mess he left his family in.”

Michelle sat down on the sofa pondering the options, in fact what options really were there, lose everything or give herself to Alfie. “Ok, once you’ve cleared the debt, I’ll let you sleep with me once and that’s it!”

Alfie chuckled “Nope, the agreement is ongoing until the debt is settled and I’ll also need proof your good for your word,” he undid his zipper and pulled out his cock, “C’mon Michelle it’s decision time.”

She stared in disbelief at the size of his cock, it was fat and at least 8 inches long. She had only ever been with George and he was only 5 inches. Michelle knew she had to do it though, she couldn’t lose the business, her home, the car and pretty much her livelihood. It’s not just that, she has 2 young children to think of as well. These thoughts ran through her mind as she edged over to Alfie.

She was sat side by side and took hold of his cock then started to wank him, slowly at first then faster and faster hoping to get him off quickly. “Put him in your mouth!” Alfie ordered, “as much of him as possible.”

Michelle leaned down to take his manhood in her mouth, Alfie spread his legs and guided her body down onto her knees in-between his. Looking up at him with innocent eyes she pleaded “please don’t make me do this, lets come to some other agreement to pay off the debt.”

Alfie looked back at her, she looked so beautiful kneeling in front of him with his cock in her hand, “You can still back out if you want but it’s the only way I’m helping you out financially,” came his reply. Michelle knew she had no choice.

Slowly she opened her mouth and started to take his cock inside. She started to suck and lick around the top half of his shaft. Alfie was loving it; it was like Christmas had come early. As much as he was enjoying the blow job, he wanted her to take his cock deeper. She was only playing with 4 inches, there was another 4 to go at least.

He placed his hands either side of her head and slid them forwards, interlocking his fingers around the back of her head. Gently he started pulling her further onto his cock. Michelle tried to pull her head back but he wasn’t letting go. She then grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her mouth. “What you doing trying to choke me or something!” Michelle angrily stated.

“Shut up and get back on it, trust me you can take it and if you touch my cock with your hands again the deal is off,” he replied as he placed his cock back into her mouth and took a hold of her head again. This time though he held her head still and started to thrust into her mouth, after a short while he again started to pull her head forward to meet his thrusts.

A smile came across his face as Michelle started to gag on his bell end hitting the back of her throat. He pulled her head away and enjoyed seeing the thick streams of saliva connecting his cock to her mouth. He re-entered her mouth keeping a tight hold of her head and slowly pushed his shaft in as deep as he could. The gagging noises coming from Michelle encouraged him more but that last inch would not go.

Keeping a hold of her head, with his cock buried in her mouth and entrance of her throat he edged forward on the sofa and stood up. He then started to aggressively thrust in and out of her mouth, every 3rd or 4th thrust he would hold her still while trying to bury his full length into her throat. After about 5 minutes of this with saliva drooling from her chin and tears from her eyes Michelle felt her nose squashed amongst his pubic hair and his balls wresting on her chin.

“Yes!” Alfie shouted as he held her in place before pulling out and sitting back down. Michelle took the chance to breathe properly at her own rate of control. He moved his legs so Michelle was kneeling at the side of him. He started to pull her head back towards his cock but she wasn’t tall enough. She climbed onto the sofa and was leaning across him now. “You’re learning quickly,” he said. She glanced at him with evil in her eyes but said nothing.

Alfie didn’t appreciate the look he had just received and grabbed a bunch of her hair around the crown of her head. His second hand grabbed the back of her neck and he once again pushed his cock into her mouth. This time though there was no stopping him. He thrust with real power and pushed her head down hard in rhythm with each other.

Michelle was trying to push herself off of him but to no avail, he suddenly stopped, his full length in her throat and “aaaarrgh” he moaned as he jetted streams of cum into her throat. As soon as he felt finished, he let her go. As she pulled off his cock a gush of seaman and saliva ran from her mouth down his cock and onto his trousers. “Fuck sake you messy slut, I’ll have to go home and change these now.”

Michelle regained her breath, her mascara running down her face, “I’m not a slut, you left me no choice now Just go Alfie you got what you wanted.”

“No, not yet I haven’t, I want to test something before I go.” He picked Michelle up and guided her back to her knees and leaned her forward over the sofa. “Now stay still this won’t take long.”

He pulled her skirt up over her ass and rolled it around her waist, he then proceeded to slide her knickers down her thighs to her knees. She glanced over her shoulder, “please no Alfie, my family will be arriving soon.”

“Don’t worry I told you I was just testing something and so far, you have passed, I’m not going to fuck you, I’ll save that for later.” He parted her knees and slid his hands up to her snatch, she was wet which brought a smile to his face. “Are you ready for this?”

“Just hurry up please, I beg you my family will be here soon.” She begged hurriedly.

With that he thrust 2 fingers into her pussy and started to guide them in and out with pace, Michelle began to moan, she felt bad but it had been a while since she had been touched there. Alfie rested his head against her coccyx area and drooled some saliva onto her anus. He had his index and ring finger in her pussy and started to push his pointer finger into her asshole.

“Nooo,” Michelle moaned, “George never even went there.”

“That’s his loss then.” He continued to thrust in and out of her holes. With his spare hand he grabbed his phone to take a souvenir selfie. He took a couple of pics. Suddenly Michelle started to moan loader, so he started to thrust faster into her holes.

“Ooooooohhh” she quivered as her orgasm started and her knees buckled.

“Quick look back at me I want to see your face as you cum.” She looked over her shoulder again and was surprised to see his phone. “That’ll be the best one.”

He slid his fingers from her holes and stood up. He leaned down and gave her a kiss on the back of her head, “that was amazing can’t wait till next time.”

Michelle rolled of the sofa and started to sort out her clothes, “delete those pics please.” She then heard her phone beep. She went over to the table and picked it up. It was a message form Alfie. “What’s this?” she said, then she viewed it, it was the pic he had just taken. It showed her bent over the sofa with Alfie’s fingers in her holes, he was smiling to the camera and her face showed signs of enjoyment in the background.

“Why would I delete such a wonderful pic, it captures you mid orgasm, look how beautiful you look.” He grabbed his jacket, “I need to go to sort out this money and change my trousers, I’ll see you at the church, you may need to sort yourself out though I think I hear your family getting out the car”

Panicked Michelle quickly ran to the toilet to clean her face, Alfie answered the door covering his stained trousers with his jacket. “Come in he said, Hi I’m Alfie I worked with George, I just popped round to see if Michelle needed anything.” He introduced himself calmly.

“Hi I’m Mary and this Dave were Michelle’s parents; I remember George mentioning you in the past. He said you were such a nice young man always very helpful” Her mum replied

“That’s nice to hear, I’ll miss him but I really need to get going, I have a few things to sort out at the store before the funeral starts. Michelle has just popped to the toilet she’s been quite emotional and needs to freshen up.” He then left leaving Michelle’s parents and a few other family members in the living room.

Michelle came out the bathroom, the whites of her eyes a pale pink and mascara running down her cheeks from her eyes, she had removed the cum and saliva from her chin though. Her mum assumed she had been crying due to the funeral being today. The family helped her get ready and eventually set off for the church.

Meanwhile Alfie was putting plans together, he now had Michelle where he wanted her, she was his. He began to wonder if he could profit from it. It was one thing Alfie was a master in, making money, a few ideas ran through his head but he settled on the idea of selling shares in Michelle.

He knew a few guys who he’d helped make good investments in the past. He knew a few of those guys were as perverted as he was, he tried to think of a couple who were both. In the end he settled on 2 guys, James and Mark. They were both single and had cash to burn. He had helped both of them with some great bitcoin advice before it went global meaning, they had both made good profits when they cashed in. He had also seen them spend thousands of pounds in strip clubs.

He contacted them both separately and explained his proposition, £10000 and they get to share Michelle for 1 year with him. They get to do whatever they wanted with her, Alfie would organise the meet ups, he knew she had young children so they couldn’t just show up whenever but he had to ensure they were getting their money worth. He did explain he hadn’t told her yet and if she wouldn’t play ball then he’d refund them instantly. Money was not to be discussed with her either. They were both interested but wanted evidence it was real and pics of the product. He sent them the pic in her red bikini and the selfie from earlier that day. The deal was done.

Within 30 minutes £20000 was in his bank account. He paid off George’s bank loan and made £5000 at the same time. He agreed with the guys that they could have their first session that night, he would contact them later with the time and location. He then got ready and headed to the funeral. He just needed now to figure out how to get her away from everyone at the end of the wake.

The wake was being held at a function room which was joined to a hotel, he phoned the hotel and made a booking for that night. He now had a location; he just needed the rest to go smoothly. He would text James and Mark the room number as soon as he could check in.

He headed to the church for the funeral. Arriving just in time, he made his way into the nave. He sat aisle side of the bench awaiting the entrance of George’s coffin and the family members. Music started to play and in proceeded the pallbearers with the coffin. Everyone rose and you could hear the crying of some as the tears started to flow.

Michelle then walked past with her mum and mother in law either side of her, she hadn’t noticed Alfie, but he had definitely noticed her as he watched her ass for the rest of the walk down the aisle. She had on a black dress which hugged her body tightly and a black jacket. He watched as her ass gracefully slid side to side.

As she sat down, she took her jacket off to reveal the black long sleeve dress she had decided to wear. She looked amazing, her athletic body fitted perfectly into the dress and it showed the curves of her full amazing figure.

The priest started the proceedings, Michelle spoke of her love for George and how he could never be replaced through streams of tears. A few others got up to speak including Alfie. Alfie spoke of his respect for George and how he would always be there for his family. The priest ended the funeral, music began to play and the coffin was carried out to the graveyard. Once this had all finished mourners headed to the function hall for the wake.

Alfie was hanging around the car park waiting when he was approached by George’s parents, “Those were some lovely words, thank you,” George’s mum started “Michelle wants some alone time, you can head over to the wake we’ll take her over soon.”

“Thank you, your son was a wonderful man I’ll be eternally grateful for what he has given me, but you guys go ahead I don’t mind waiting for Michelle, when she’s ready I’ll take her over.” They agreed and set off on their way, leaving Alfie alone in the car park and Michelle at her late husband’s graveside.

He waited about 15 minutes then headed round to where Michelle was. She was on her knees crying, He silently walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. He initially had other intentions but decided this was not the place. “When you’re ready I’ll take you round to join everyone at the wake, I’ve also sorted the bank loan but there is a slight change to plan, just come around when you’re ready.”

Michelle was a little taken aback by this, after what had happened earlier, she did not expect to see this side of him. “Thanks Alfie I’ll be there shortly,” she replied softly.

Alfie headed back to his car to wait, his thoughts played tricks with him, should he have tried something for fun, to see what she was willing to do. No, he was right it wasn’t the right time or place, the right time and place was later that evening in the hotel room.

Alfie sat in his car waiting for Michelle to arrive, he started looking through the pics on his phone. He could feel his cock growing in his pants. At that point Michelle climbed into the passenger seat. “Thank you for waiting for me, I’m ready to go when you are,” she said.

Alfie replied “ok, but I need you to hold something for me whilst we drive round. I’ll explain the change to the loan agreement as well.”

“Hold what?”

Alfie unzipped his trousers and slid his cock out “This, and feel free to massage him it’ll take 15 minutes to get to the wake.” Michelle reached across taking hold of his cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down. “Just like that is great, I need to be able to focus on driving as well.”

“Just hurry up,” she urged him not wanting this to take so long, after a moment of silence she asked “so what happened with the bank?”

“I couldn’t get the full funds out from any of my investment portfolio, so I had to get a couple of guys I know to buy some shares from me, which then freed up the capital which then allowed me to pay off the loan.” Alfie wanted to make it sound all banking, knowing Michelle left all that sort of stuff to George.

“Oh, ok so where does that leave me.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll explain later when we have more time. Now I know the kids are away so rather than you go back to an empty house, I’d like you to stay with me tonight.”

“That’s very considerate of you Alfie but I’ll be fine.”

“Sorry maybe I mis phrased that, it wasn’t an offer, as part of our agreement you will be staying with me tonight. Don’t worry I’ve booked us a room at the hotel. Once everyone else has gone we can continue this then. Now I know you’re enjoying it but put my cock away we are almost there.”

Michelle put his cock back into his pants and zipped his trousers back up for him, “come on Alfie, please not today, I just want to get this over and done with then maybe in a couple of days.”

“No chance Michelle, I’ve sorted everything so you don’t need to worry, tonight will be fun it might be what you need.” Alfie smiled at her as he parked the car.

Michelle climbed out and headed straight inside to her family and friends. Alfie headed to the hotel to check in. Once he had completed that he arranged for James to pick up the spare room key from him. He agreed with the guys to be at the room for 10pm and to just come in quietly. Everything was set he just needed to work on Michelle now as he didn’t want to be paying the £20000 back.

It was close to 6pm now, most guests had passed on their condolences, had a drink or 2 to the memory of George and went on their way. There were just a few family members left. Michelle told them she was drained and was going to have a lie down. She explained how Alfie had sorted out a room for her so she didn’t have to go home to an empty house, she thanked everyone for coming and headed up to the room.

Once again Alfie found himself the centre of attention for just how good and thoughtful a guy he was. He explained it was the least he could do for George, he was happy to help take care of his wife in her time of need. Michelle’s dad thanked him personally and offered him a lift home, he made up a story about a friend coming to pick him up soon. The rest of the family then all headed off.

Alfie went up to the room and told Michelle he had booked a table at the hotel restaurant at 7pm. She agreed to join him. He treated her to a 3-course meal of her choice and ordered a bottle of red wine. They shared the red but Alfie kept topping up Michelle’s glass ensuring she had the majority of it. It was now 9pm and the meal was finished, Michelle had drunk easily 2 thirds of the bottle then an extra glass of red wine once it was finished.

She felt a bit light headed as she started to get up. After settled the bill then escorted her back up to the room. Once in the room Alfie started to get undressed while Michelle got a glass of water. She was still feeling quite tipsy, Alfie had intended for her to be this way in the hope it would make her more open to the thought of letting the guys join later. If she was too drunk, she’d pass out which would be a deal breaker, if she was totally sober, he’d have to order her which may bring the full details of the deal out in front of the guys. His plan so far had worked.

Michelle put down her glass of water and turned around to see Alfie already naked on the bed stroking his cock, “someone’s keen,” she said with a slight slur. “I suppose I’m supposed to do the same.”

“Actually, I’d like to watch you strip. I want you to do it slowly for me.” He took out his phone and played some music whilst also starting to record Michelle, he placed the phone on the side table making sure Michelle was in clear view of the camera.

“Strip? Like some kind of tart in a gentleman’s club?” Michelle questioned him with a hint of attitude.

“Exactly, tonight you are my sexy little tart and this is my club, let me see what that beautiful body can do.”

Michelle was strangely getting excited; she wasn’t used to being called sexy or beautiful and she’d never been asked to strip before. The wine was working as planned, her inhibitions were lowering. She tried to recall movies with strip scenes but nothing came to mind so she just went with the music.

She slowly started to sway from side to side from her hips, elegantly she danced on the spot. She turned to face away from Alfie bending over from her waist keeping her legs straight. Making circular motions with her ass Alfie struggled not to take her then and there. Her ass looked amazing as it glided sexually around in front of Alfie’s eyes. She glanced back to make sure Alfie was enjoying the show.

Alfie then gestured for her to start removing her clothes. She dropped her jacket of her shoulders, let it fall of her arms and down her back to the floor. She then started to remove her dress, taking it from the bottom next to her knees and slowly lifting it upwards, she continued to sway side to side. As she got to her bum she again turned away from Alfie, stopped still for moment looked back over her shoulder and then lifted to reveal her perfectly peach shaped ass covered by a pair of black lace knickers.

She then turned back to face him and continued to roll the dress up her body. She started to sway her hips again and turn slowly. She slowly revealed her belly and back, once again she stopped just as she was about to reveal her breasts. She looked Alfie straight in the face then lifted the dress above her breasts, over her head off her arms and dropped it to the floor, this revealed a matching bra to her knickers.

The realisation then kicked in she was now stood in a hotel room in her bra and knickers with the young apprentice of her dead husband who she had just buried that day. “Oh my god, what am I doing?” she asked herself as she picked her jacket back up to try and cover some of her body.

“You’re having a good time babe, now come on and restart the show, you looked amazing as you revealed your sexy body.” Michelle was still a little hesitant. “You made a deal, I kept up my side of the agreement now it’s your turn,” Alfie had to remind her “You realise right now, you could have been penniless and homeless if it wasn’t for me and my investors.”

“Investors? You mentioned something about that earlier.” She questioned, “Just what exactly have they invested in?”

“You my dear, If I couldn’t pay the loan, you’d have lost everything. I couldn’t get the money in time so called a few friends who I knew could help.” He replied calmly “They agreed to but in return I have to share you with them.”

“No no no, I’m not prostituting myself out to some random men, the deal is off!” she replied angrily.

“Ok.” Alfie replied calmly again

“Easy as that, there’s’ no backlash?”

“Of course there will be, I’ll need to pay them back their money from the business account plunging it into an overdraft and you’ll have the bank repossessing your business and property shortly after. If that’s what you want?”

“No I don’t want that, George worked his life to make that business work, and I can’t lose our home. Surely there is something else I can do?”

“Sadly not, the finances were so bad I had to make whatever agreements I could. I needed to help you and the kids. It’s up to you now though what you want to do.”

“I don’t really have a choice do I, I can’t lose everything.”

“So I’ll let James and Mark know the deal is safe if that’s what you want.”

“Yes, I’ll do anything to keep a roof over my children’s heads.”

“You’re such a wonderful mother, now put that jacket down get on all fours and crawl over to my cock and suck it deep.”

Michelle complied with Alfie’s request and made her way on all fours to his cock, as she reached the bed, she lifted her head and found his cock aiming straight at her mouth. She took hold of it and started to wank him then slowly slipped it inside her mouth. Alfie smiled as he felt her tongue roll around his cock. She had been going for about 5 minutes when the door opened and in walked James and Mark.

Michelle hadn’t noticed but Alfie did, he gestured to them to be quite and strip off. Which they did. Alfie then lifted Michelle’s head off his cock and told her to stand up. He also stood up then kissed her passionately while squeezing her ass cheeks tightly.

He broke form the kiss “It’s time to meet James and Mark.” He said as he turned her around. Michelle looked at the 2 men and her gaze was instantly drawn to their cocks both around 9 to 10 inches in length, both erect and staring straight at her.

The 3 men gathered round Michelle and started to rub their hands all over her body, she felt ashamed but knew she had to fulfil the wishes of these men to keep her life as she liked it. Mark unclasped her bra and slid it down her arms and threw it into the corner. James at the same time was slowly removing her knickers, within minutes she was totally naked in a hotel room with her deceased husband’s assistant and 2 strangers about to do whatever she was told to do.

She felt hands on her shoulders pushing her down, she dropped to her knees. “1 in your mouth and 1 in either hand at all times,” Mark said “you’re going to busy tonight.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” James continued. “Now pick a dick and start sucking.”

Michelle took Alfie’s cock into her mouth and starting stroking James and Marks cocks at the same time. Unsure as to why she had chosen Alfie first, perhaps the fact she had sucked him before. One thing she thought to herself was that she needed to take control of the situation she had found herself in. Unfortunately for Michelle that was not to be the case.

James and Mark started to get annoyed at Michelle’s slow pace. “Move your hands quicker and swallow that cock!” James angrily stated. He then placed his hands on the back of her head and started to force it forward onto Alfie’s cock.

“James remember that Asian girl we shared on holiday a few years back?” Mark asked.

“Oh fuck yeh,” he replied then pointed to the bra in the corner. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked James.

“I hope so.” Mark replied and went to get the bra. “Put your hands behind your back!” he ordered Michelle who did as she was told. He then proceeded to tie her wrists together with the bra. “Your hands were pretty useless anyway.” He continued.

James then edged Alfie to the side and put his dick in Michelle’s mouth. He grabbed her head using a hand either side and locking his fingers around the back. He then started fucking her mouth, “That’s much better.”

He started fucking harder and deeper into her mouth, now entering into her throat. Michelle pulled her head away and down to break free. “Fuck sake take it easy I need to breathe for Christ sake,” she spluttered out.

“You can breathe on cock change over, now put this back in your mouth and be a good little girl,” said James.

Michelle took him back into her mouth, he took hold of her head again and was soon fucking her throat once more. After a few minutes he pulled out and made way for Mark. Mark waited for her to stop coughing then repeated what James had just done to her. After a few minutes he pulled out letting Alfie back in. A short line formed and they continued to swap around after a few minutes each in her.

This turn taking went on for almost 20 minutes, the whites of Michelle’s eyes had started to pinken and her face was soaked in tears and saliva. This time though as Mark pulled out and let Alfie in to her mouth he kneeled down behind Michelle.

Mark reached around and ran his hand across her chin collecting the droll gathered there, he then placed the saliva covered hand between her legs and started to rub at her clit and pussy. As Alfie moved to let James back into her throat Mark once again reached round this time putting his hand into her mouth then rubbing over chin to collect as much of Michelle’s own produced lubricant.

Returning his hand between her legs he spread the liquids around and started to finger her pussy, 1 then 2 then 3 fingers entered into her. While James was pounding into her throat Mark decided he would move up a gear and a finger moved out of her pussy and into her anus. Michelle bucked and mumbled something; James groaned in delight at Michelle’s movement.

“Whatever you did, do it again Mark.” Mark complied with James’s request and slid his finger out then back into her anus a little deeper this time. “Fuck yes mate, she doesn’t seem to be enjoying that but it certainly makes it better for me.” James laughed, then pulled out to let Alfie back in.

“Stay out my ass. No one’s ever been in there and that’s the way it’s staying!” Michelle stated not realising no one cared what she thought.

Alfie started to fuck into her mouth and throat again. Mark slid a 2nd finger into her anus, 2 in each hole now and Alfie quickly learned what James had found so likeable as she bucked forward and tried to speak with a mouth full of cock. “Oh yes, that is fantastic,” Alfie happily stated.

As Alfie pulled out her mouth James guided Michelle back to her feet and led her to a desk chair. H told her to kneel on it. Mark grabbed a pillow and put over the back rest of the chair and told her to lean forward. With her leaning over the chair James made his way behind her and Mark guided her mouth back onto his cock.

James kneeled behind the chair and spread her ass cheeks. He spit onto her anus then entered 2 fingers into it. Michelle groaned and pulled her head away from Marks cock. “I said to leave my ass alone. You can all have my pussy”

“Don’t be stupid,” said James. “Your pussy is making love and babies; your asshole is for fucking and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Alfie please tell them.” She pleaded.

“This is the price you have to pay, now shut up and take this cock in your mouth.” Michelle was unimpressed with Alfie’s response but what could she do. She then felt something strange enter her ass. James had started to rim her and his tongue was going in and out her anus and he was fingering her pussy again.

James looked happy at the way her pretty little rosebud was now starting to stay open. “Guys she starting to enjoy this her pussy is soaking.” He stood up and initially put his cock into her pussy. Michelle moaned with pleasure as she felt a little joy that he had decided not to enter her ass. That was short lived.

“That should be wet enough now.” James said as he slid his cock out her pussy up a little and started to force his way into her anus. “You may want to relax for this, it’ll make it easier.”

Muffled “no, please no” noises could be heard from around the cock in her mouth but that wasn’t stopping James who was already a few inches in.

“This is a tight one guys.” He said as he pulled his cock out, he spat into her open anus, dipped his cock back into her pussy then quickly out to restart his assault on her back passage.

“Wait, please I have a small tub of Vaseline in my handbag.” Michelle blurted out as soon as her mouth was freed. “Please use it on my poor butt, it feels like you’re tearing me apart.”

“You should have said something sooner,” James said as he pointed out where her bag was to Mark who had just vacated Michelle’s mouth. “Now we can really get this party started.”

Alfie took hold of her head and was soon face fucking her again. Mark handed the Vaseline to James who spread some around her rim and some around his cock, he slid in much easier now. “I have to say James that looks great and feels great from here.” Alfie said as he and James started to build up a rhythm between them thrusting in and out of her.

“Hold her steady a minute guys, I think I’m almost there.” James called out.

Michelle thought to herself “Finally he’s going to cum and hopefully the others are not as forceful.” Once again though Michelle had misread the signs.

“1 more inch and I’ll be balls deep, hold her tight guys.” James continued as Michelle felt a little more Vaseline being spread over her anus. “Here I go.” Mark and Alfie had Michelle pinned to the chair. James pushed forward with great vigour and after a few attempts a smile crept across his face, whilst a look of grimace was on Michelle’s. “Oh yes, balls deep. Who’s next to try?”

“I’ll have some of that.” Piped up Alfie as he let Michelle go and made his way round back. James made his way to Michelle’s face and tried to slide his cock straight into her mouth.

“No way, that’s been in my ass. You need to go clean it if you expect me to touch it.”

“I expect you to do as you’re told or I’ll be pulling my investment out and still fuck your face.” James stated as Michelle’s submitted and opened her mouth ready to receive him. Alfie started to slide into her anus, hands still tied behind her back and Mark pinning her to the chair, there wasn’t much else she could do at this point. She was beaten and new she would let them do whatever they wanted now.

Alfie had been going deep into her anus for almost 10 minutes, “Alfie fancy letting someone else have a go?” Mark asked with a laugh.

“Oh shit, sorry, it’s just so good.” Alfie pulled out of her ass, James pulled out her mouth and Michelle took a moment to breathe properly. It was a very short break. Mark took hold of Michelle’s hair and pulled her to her feet.

“Kneel on the floor bitch, face down ass up.” Mark stated and Michelle complied. Michelle was on her knees her chest and face pressed against the floor; her hands still tied behind her back. In this position her ass was exposed for an easy assault. “Brace yourself, here I come slut.”

Mark thrust his cock deep into her ass, he slid straight in with no resistance and quickly built up pace. After a few minutes Michelle started to groan, then she started grasp for air finally “Oooohh!”

“This slut just came from being ass fucked.” Mark laughed, “She’s starting to enjoy it.”

“No, I’m not, it’s just …,“ she couldn’t think of any excuse. The 3 men all laughed, Mark pulled out and James replaced him. The 3 men form a line and started to take it in turns. They all fucked her as fast, hard and deep as they possibly could. They continued this for a while and Michelle came again.

Alfie went to lie on the bed, “Lift her up guys, I’m going in her pussy for a bit.”

Mark pulled Michelle back to her feet, walked her to the bed and guided her to straddle Alfie. Alfie pushed up into her pussy and took hold of her hips. Michelle struggled to stay upright and eventually fell forward. Her head next to Alfie’s she whispered to him, “Please end this soon, I can’t take much more.”

“Admit you’re enjoying it and I’ll consider it.” Alfie replied as he put his arms around her as if giving a cuddle.

“Yes, I’m enjoying it but it’s gone on long enough, I need to rest.”

Whilst engaged in conversation and a pussy pounding Michelle hadn’t noticed Mark climb onto the bed, he kneeled with one leg between Alfie’s, lined his cock up to her asshole took hold of her hips and thrust forward.

Michelle screamed “No, no, it’s too much.”

“It feels about the right amount to me, maybe 1 cock short still, James fill her mouth.” Mark answered back. James kneeled next to Michelle’s head taking hold of her hair and quickly started face fucking her once again.

Mark and James would swap places going from ass to mouth then mouth to ass. Michelle came again for the third time. “Mark remember what else we did to the Asian girl that she loved?”

“Yes, do you think Michelle, could handle it?”

“She’s handled everything else so far.”

“Let’s give it a go.”

Alfie and Michelle listened to conversation Mark and James were having wondering what was next, Alfie seemed more excited than Michelle about what was being discussed.

Mark lay next to Michelle on the bed, “Move over to me.” Michelle struggled to move over so James lifted her across and placed back down. Mark then slid his cock into Michelle’s pussy hole. James rubbed Vaseline around her anus and his hand. He started to insert his fingers into her open ass. 4 fingers in, he then tucked his thumb into the middle of the other 4 and pushed them all in.

Alfie had climbed off the bed to watch the show. James made a fist and slowly inserted it into Michelle’s ass. She winced but it went in. after a few minutes of this he pulled his fist out and rubbed more Vaseline on his cock.

Meanwhile Mark had pulled his cock out of her pussy and had started to fuck her asshole once more. He wrapped his arms around Michelle and held her tight against him. James then slowly started to push his cock into her ass as well. “No, you won’t fit 2 in there, please you’ll rip me.”

“Shut up, we know what we’re doing.” Mark replied, “Alfie shut her mouth up its distracting.”

Alfie moved to her head and once again she had 3 cocks fucking into her this time though 2 were in her ass, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she felt even more confused when she had her 4th orgasm.

As she came Alfie blew his load deep into her throat “Swallow it all babe, don’t spill a drop.” He stated whilst resting his cock in her mouth.

Mark and James upped their pace and were soon both flooding her asshole with their cum. “Oh fuck she was amazing, well done girl.” Mark said.

The men all moved away from Michelle and admired the mess they had left her in. Leaving her naked and tied up they all seemed proud of themselves.

“I could use a drink; will the hotel bar still be open?” James asked.

“I think it’s open till 3 for residents, I’ll just charge it to my room if you fancy a pint?” Alfie replied.

“Sounds like a great idea.” Mark concluded the conversation.

The 3 men all got dressed and headed down to the bar. Once they had a few drinks James and Mark called it a night. They told Alfie not to wait to long before arranging another session. They thanked Alfie and headed home. Alfie made his way back to the hotel room.

Once back in the room Alfie stood admiring what laid before him. Michelle was now his, lying there naked, tied up and fast asleep. He knew she would do whatever he told her now and he would have lots more fun.

He stripped and lay down next to her, untied her wrists and snuggled in to her as if they were a couple. What would the future hold for him, running a successful business and the woman of his dreams at his beck and call.

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