Mom Sent Me Nude Pictures

Mom Sent Me Nude Pictures

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Mom Sent Me Nude Pictures

My mother was what you call technologically challenged.

She had trouble using cell phones, answering machines and even our microwave oven. As far as the digital camera and computer were concerned she was completely ignorant.

I had tried to teach her how to move pictures into her computer and how to send emails. The camera was pretty easy with the docking station. All she had to do was sit it in place and let the computer take over. Now the email was a lot harder for her to do.

She had asked me to help her send emails almost every day for a week until she thought that she had it down.

That was when she asked me to put another address in her address book. I simply took it off the email that she had pointed out. I couldn’t help be read some of it. The guy had asked Mom for pictures of herself. She had no idea that I added my secret email address to his but under blind copy so that he wouldn’t know either. That way I would get everything that she sent to him. With any luck she wouldn’t realize it.

After that was set up I said, “It looks like he wants pictures of you. Would you like me to take some? I’ll let you put on some makeup and something pretty to wear.”

Mom thanked me and did as I had asked. Then she posed sitting on her bed, standing in the living room, and smiling on our back porch.

Later that night just before I went to bed I checked my emails and found one from Mom. I opened it up and found the three pictures that I had taken. I was pleased that she had finally figured it all out.

The next day Mom asked me to take some more pictures of her. Of course I would, she was very pretty, and made a fantastic model.

When Mom called me into her bedroom to take a picture she was wearing a very short skirt and a white blouse with a red bra on underneath. Several buttons were undone and plenty of red lace and cleavage were showing. I praised her sexiness and took the picture. I took an extra one just in case she had her eyes closed.

When she asked me to sit on the floor and take another one I became curious. She was sitting on the bed and I was counting down from three as I had been doing. At the last moment Mom spread her legs and then closed them up again. I suggest taking another picture but she said that it would be okay.

Lastly she had me go out and stand in the hall while she changed. Upon hearing her call my name I walked back in. Mom was very nervous. She held a robe up in front of her. As I counted down she dropped the robe. Mom had on a very sexy pink nightie that was so thin that I could see through it. She immediately turned around and bent over to pick the robe up. I was so shocked that I snapped off another picture. Mom was not wearing any panties and I could see her dark pink asshole and her fury pussy from behind. Her slit was glistening. She stood up covered and took the camera from me.

I was in my room jerking off when I heard my computer make the noise telling me that I had mail.

I opened it to find all five pictures there with a note saying, “My thirteen-year-old son took these just an hour ago. I forgot and bent over in front of him. It made my pussy tingle.”

The next day I asked Mom if she needed me to take any more pictures. She just asked me to show her how to use the self-timer. Well that took a couple of hours but finally she got it.

That night when I checked my mail there were four pictures from Mom. I could tell that she had placed the camera on her dresser and that it was as far away from her bed as it could be. She had changed the setting and it no longer used the maximum pixels available. I could tell that she was in her bed with the sheet pulled up, then with the sheet just covering her nipples, then just under her breasts, and finally just covering her hairy pussy. They were blurry too. If I hadn’t known that they were pictures of my mother I might not have guessed it.

The note said, “Sorry, but I took these myself. I’m not very good at it. I’m afraid to let my son take any more! I might let him fuck me. He makes me so horny that I Jill-off every night to thoughts of him.”

The next day when I got home from school Mom said, “I experimented with the camera last night but I must have screwed something up. Could you look at it and see if you can fix it?”

Well I looked at it and then I explained to her that she had changed the pixel setting. I fixed it. Then I asked her what she had tried to do.

Blushing Mom said, “I met a man in a chat room and he has been asking for pictures of me. When I sent him some he wanted more. But he wanted them to be sexier too. Last night I tried to send him some nude pictures but they were awful. He said that he couldn’t see…any of my good parts. Is there any way that you can take pictures of me without looking at me or the pictures?”

I laughed and said, “No.”

Mom looked depressed. Then after dinner she asked, “Would you mind if I asked you to take some nude pictures of me?”

I immediately replied, “Mom, I would love to take nude pictures of you. Would it be alright if I kept a copy for myself?”

Mom blushed long before she answered me. “Yes, you may keep a copy…but…you can’t show them to anybody.”

I replied, “But you are going to show them to somebody.”

Mom snapped, “That’s different.”

That night Mom wanted to take a bubble bath. That was perfect because she would look great covered in bubbles. She liked the idea.

I waited until she had filled the tub and was in the water before going in. She was not ready for me to see her completely naked yet.

I reminded her that the pictures were free…unless you printed them out. I was going to ask her if she really wanted nude pictures of her out on the Internet for everyone to see with her face showing, however, I decided to ask her that after I had taken the pictures.

I snapped off several to get her used to the flash. When I suggested that she remove some of the bubbles from her breasts, she hesitated. So I filled a glass with warm water from the sink and poured some of it on her breasts washing the bubbles off just a little. Her areolas were still covered but I could see a lot of tittie flesh. She smiled up at me, which made the pictures even nicer. Soon the bubbles were disappearing on their own. Eventually her nipples became exposed and I took lots of pictures of my beautiful mother. I took normal pictures, close-up pictures, and then I stood up on the edges of the tub and shot straight down on her.

She became a little braver and I got her to left her knees up and spread them. With the help of another glass of warm water I managed to open up a hole in the bubbles over her pussy. It was enough to see her dark pubic hair under a couple of inches of water.

Mom said, “That’s enough for tonight. Put the camera away.”

I said, “No! I’m going to stay right here and get it all. I want to see you stand up, shave your legs, dry off, and pee if that is what you are going to do. I’m here now and I’m not going until I get it all.”

Mom said, “You’re embarrassing me, young man.”

I said, “I don’t care. You want to send nude pictures of yourself to a complete stranger and you told me that I could keep a copy. So lets do this.”

Mom asked for her razor then she shaved her legs from her ankles to her crotch. I stopped her there and told her not to shave her pussy, that I liked the hair on it.

She told me that her email friend had requested that she shave it. That he wanted to see right up inside her pussy.

I told Mom that I could take pictures just like that with hair on her pussy. Besides why did she want to please a complete stranger and ignore her own son’s request?

She conceded then she said, “You will have to hold off on those pictures of my fuck hole until I get used to being naked around you.”

Fuck hole! Where did that come from?

She must have realized what she had said because she said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t normally use language like that. You see he likes it when I’m vulgar. When I told him that I had let you take the first two sets of pictures, he wanted me to let you take more like you just did and like you are about to do. He even wants me to let you fuck me and send him pictures.”

I just smiled and watched my mother stand up and rinse herself off. I took pictures of her drying off, of her sitting on the toilet peeing, and of her brushing her teeth and hair. Mom let me take pictures of her getting into bed too.

Then it was time to transfer the pictures into her computer. Finally, I told her what I had been thinking, about him wanting incriminating pictures of her getting fucked by her minor son, and what he might be doing with them. After all that we knew, he could be running a web site and charging people to see our pictures. I suggested that I block out her face and put a watermark across her tummy. She said that it wasn’t necessary, that she trusted him, but then she told me to do it anyway.

She watched as I took the camera back to my bedroom and to my computer where I had programs that I knew how to use. I picked out four pictures as in the past, I blackened her eyes, and I wrote ‘Do not post’ across her tummy.

Back in her room she sent them. Almost immediately he replied. He bitched her out for destroying her pictures, that he wanted high quality pictures of her nude, and of her son’s cock in her incestuous cunt.

That was the final straw. Mom had me remove his email address and put him on her shit list. I just smiled, then I went to my computer, and brought back a virus that I had found. My final message to him was, “Fuck you!”

It was more than a week later on a Saturday evening when Mom said; “I’m going to take another bubble bath if you want to bring the camera.”

Boy did I, and how!

This time Mom undressed slowly in her bedroom and remained naked as she filled the bathtub, poured in the bubble stuff, and got in. Her breasts were above the water the whole time. She shaved her legs, sat on the toilet with her knees spread, brushed her teeth, and blow-dried her hair.

Then Mom lay back on her bed, lifted her legs up and pulled her pussy lips apart. That was my invitation get in closer and did I ever get in closer. Her fuck hole was full of white cream from her orgasms, the little man in boat was proud, and the fur surrounded everything nicely.

I remembered what she had said in one of her emails. “I’m afraid to let my son take any more! I might let him fuck me. He makes me so horny that I Jill-off every night to thoughts of him.”

I also remembered his email that he wanted high quality pictures of her nude, and of her son’s cock in her incestuous cunt.

I removed my clothes and Mom just watched. Then I stepped in closer and slipped my cock into her fuck hole. We were having incestuous sex and I was taking pictures of it all. That night I sat the camera on a chair and took some great pictures on self-timer. I came in her sitting on the edge of the bed, I came in her with me on top of her, and I came in her with her on top facing away from me. I really liked the reverse cowgirl. Some pictures were taken from the chair but most of them were from me holding the camera over my head. I loved seeing her asshole just above my cock as her pussy slipped over it time and time again. I held the camera off to one side and got her hanging breasts as they brushed my legs near my knees. Mom was great.

After that night I started sleeping with my mother. I took nude pictures of her almost every single day.

Then about a year later we heard about a local man that was arrested. He had a web site with incestuous couples on it. Most were of fathers fucking their daughters but there were plenty of sons fucking their mothers.

He may not have been the same person but Mom was pleased that I had protected her from being exposed like that.

Too bad I hadn’t protected her from getting pregnant. Our daughter will be born in about seven months. We considered calling her Philotes or Phil for short.

Philotes was the Greek Goddess of sexual intercourse.

The End
Mom Sent Me Nude Pictures

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