New Life Part 2_(0)

New Life Part 2_(0)

*** All Characters are at least 18 years old.
Shane Springer: 18 years old, 6ft 180 lbs.
Kesley Adams: 18 years old, 5’5” 120 lbs.
Anna: 18 years old, 5’3” 110lbs.
Denise Curran: 18 years old, 5’7” 130lbs
Makta Shaw: 18 years old, 5’5” 120lbs.
Caitlyn Gravelin: 18 years old, 5’ 100lbs.***

Walking into a room seeing your first true friend, practically naked after being raped, that doesn’t do much for one’s emotions. I went from shocked and horrified to wanting blood in the span of a second. I rush over to Kelsey’s side and try to wake her. “Kelsey…Kelsey wake up.” I say as I shake her. I see someone’s hand move to Kelsey’s neck and check for a pulse. “She’s Alive but unconscious.” Makta says as she gently pushes her way past me to Kelsey. I allow Makta to check Kelsey. I don’t see Caitlyn or Denise as I leave the room. My thoughts are turning dark as I walk downstairs. I can feel my blood boiling, my mind screaming vengeance, pain, suffering, but I don’t know who deserves it. I see the two girls sitting on the couch, shaking with fright and crying. I march to them.

“Where were you two? Why were you not with her all night?” I roar at them.

“Shane, she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend. We let her and Dathan have some time together. It’s what this whole thing was about. Kelsey wanted to give it up to Dathan.” says Caitlyn.

“Yeah we never ever though what happened to her was going to happen.” Denise says.

“She was RAPED Denise.” I say as suddenly my anger can’t be contained any longer. Without warning my fist flies out into the back of the couch. Both girls dive out of the way. I turn to Denise, tears running down her face. My anger suddenly evaporates as quickly as it came and with it came the most shocking realization that I’m just like my Dad.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry girls.” I say as I turn and quickly head up to my room, shut the door and lock it. “I can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking?” I said to the empty room. I sit on my bed looking at my hands thinking about what I almost did when someone knocks on my door.

“Shane, can I come in?” Denise asks.

“Please go Denise. I’m sorry for earlier, but please leave me be.” I reply.

“Shane please let me in so we can talk.”

For some strange reason I got up, unlocked the door and open it a little to indicate it was ok. I turn my back to the door as I hear Denise walk in, shut the door and lock it. Great she wants to be locked in a room with a guy that almost hit her. I can feel Denise take hold of me and turn me around to face her. As I stand so close to her I look down into her eyes for the first time since we have known each other. Inside her hazel eyes I can see a fire burning, not fear but sadness and wariness. I can smell the strawberry sent of her body wash.

“Shane I don’t blame you for lashing out like that.” She says.

“But I almost hit you.” I reply.

“Shane, I’m not blind I know how close you and Kelsey are. Your reaction is normal, I feel it too, but I don’t know the whole story. She’s my best friend who I trust more than anyone in my life. Once I know her side I’ll act accordingly.

“Your right but you don’t know me, never wanted to and don’t know what I’ve been through.”

“You’re right I don’t, but I’ve always thought you were cute just awkward and shy.”

“Never would have guessed with how you talk to me.”

“Shane, everyone has things they keep hidden. I use insults and back talk to keep guys at arm’s length away. Never letting them get close. When a guy gets close all they do is hurt me.”

“Guess that doesn’t explain the boyfriend.”

“Shane I can’t stand him. He found out something on me and uses it against me. If I leave he would tell the whole school what he knows. I would be so embarrassed I wouldn’t be able to show my face there again.”

“Denise if he is blackmailing you that’s not love. Why would he do that?”

“Because he wants to own me, he wants a sex slave. He gets off watching others fuck me. If I don’t everyone will know my secret, I feel sub-human after he is done. I go home shower and cry.”

“What about your parents? Do they know?”

“Shane my parents are a joke. My Dad and brothers wouldn’t want it out and my mom well she wouldn’t stop it because it would benefit her.”

“What do you mean benefits her?”

“Sorry Shane that’s the secret.”

“Denise if I tell you mine I promise not to tell yours and you not to tell mine would you tell me yours?”

“You know normally I would say no, but after seeing how you reacted to what happen to Kelsey I will only because you’re like how I wish my brothers act.”

“Denise, my father used to get drunk and beat me. The final beating left me in the hospital, my mom raped, and caused me to hide behind how I dress. I don’t’ like people getting drunk around me, and I really hate rapist.” I tell her.

“That explains a lot about everything Shane. Ok Here goes.” Denise says as she takes a deep breath, looks at the floor and begins. “Do you remember how I ended up in an out of state hospital because of a sever traffic accident the end of 7th grade going into 8th?”

“Yeah you missed finals and the start of 8th grade you came back in November.”

“Well I wasn’t in an accident and I wasn’t in the hospital. I was at my grandparents’ lake house in New York with my mom. I was pregnant.”

“Wow Denise I didn’t know.”

“Nobody save for my parents and that reason being is that my dad is the father of my daughter.”

“What?” I say as the words ring in my ears. “Your dad is what?”

“He is my daughter’s father. My Dad had been molesting me at the time.” Denise holds herself as tears run down her face. “Steve, the son of my Dad’s friend, found out by accident when my mom got drunk at a party and complained how my dad wanted me over her one day. I was afraid everyone would tell, but instead Steve took me to his room and made me fuck him to keep it a secret. Come to find out my Dad, Steve and his dad like young girls and are pedophiles. Steve blackmailed me into being his girlfriend. His friends pay to fuck me which include my brothers. He makes me watch as he fucks other girls, and then makes me suck him clean, even if he fucks their asses. My mom hates me for having Kylie, but wanted another child so she took her and pretends to be her mom.”

I rush to Denise wrap her in my arms as she breaks down. “What they did isn’t right. You’re not to be blamed they are and something needs to be done.” I tell her.

“Nothing can be done. My Dad is captain of the sex crimes unit at the police department. He will cover it up. I told him about Steve blackmailing me and he told if Steve wants it to do it because if he goes down I will too since I’m forced into prostitution.” Denise says as she cries harder. Without thinking I kiss her on the check, tasting the saltiness of her tears and holding her tighter.

“Denise I promise I will find a way for happiness to be brought into your life. I tell her. “Your secrets safe with me and don’t worry I’ll never use it against you.”

“I know Shane. For some reason I trust you.” Denise says. “Thank you for listening Shane” as she kisses my cheek.

“Welcome.” I reply.

I leave Denise to go check on Kelsey and to apologies to Caitlyn. Makta has Kelsey cleaned up and dressed.

“You cleaned her up?” I ask.

“Yeah and before you ask its Kelsey’s decision to report it if she wants, but I will tell you the same thing I will tell her. The only drug that can do this is GHB and even with all the semen on the bed it comes down to her word versus his. Since GHB is fact acting the odds of finding it in her system drops fast every hour. I’m not even sure she would want the humiliation of it being known.” Makta says.

“Why wouldn’t she tell? Wouldn’t she want the fucker off the street?”

“Yes but since its hearsay people could say she wanted it but is doing it because she regrets it. We know that truth but nobody else will. Worse is she because labeled as a slut if to an attention seeking whore. Word would get back to our parents eventually. How would they react?”

“Her Dad would be pissed and never leave us here lone. My mom would want to know why I let it happen.”

“That’s right. Your lives would be changed and not in a good way.”

“Well it’s her call because I trust her decision, but it won’t stop me from having it out on someone for her pain.”

“Be careful you don’t’ take on more than you can handle.”

“Awe Makta I didn’t know you cared.”

“Well I do after tonight. You are a good man Shane. I hate to lose you in my life.”

“Thanks, I feel the same about you.”

“I will stay with Kelsey and keep an eye on her.” Makta says.

I nod my head as I turn to leave so I can find Caitlyn. I go downstairs and don’t’ see her. I check around and she’s not around so I head back up to my room. Denise is
still there, her eyes are puffy from crying, but she is doing better. She’s sitting on my bed texting someone.

“Caitlyn’s gone.” I tell her.

“Yeah she’s texting me now. She said she didn’t feel safe.” Denise replies.

“I wanted to tell her I was sorry about what I did. I feel she left because of me.”

“Shane, listen to me before you beat yourself up. She knows your sorry and wants you to have her number to talk about it, but the reason she left is because of what happened to Kelsey. We all know her Dad trains her and yet she was raped at her own party, in her own home, in her own room, and if that can happen to her how can any girl feel safe here?”

“I understand your point and your right. This house was always a safe place for Kelsey and her best friends.” I move to sit on my computer chair. “Feels like things have changed. That I have changed. I’m not like I was this morning.”

“Well coming out of your shell can do that, as does getting fucked for the first time.

“What... how?” is all I could say my mind stopped working.

“Earlier I came up here to see about sending people home. Your door was closed and I could hear moaning. When Makta said she was with you, I put two and two together.”

“Oops. I didn’t think she was that loud.”

“It’s ok Shane. Roger didn’t treat her good. I know she was happy till we found Kelsey. Just don’t hurt her or I’ll be Unhappy.”

“I won’t but I’m confused about a lot of things when it comes to dating. I mean I like Makta, but I like someone else I think. Makta I have no idea if it was a onetime thing or what and this other girl well we are great friends and Kelsey says she likes me and I think I do like her but...”

“But you don’t want to hurt either girl and possibly ruin a friendship. I get that and I know it’s hard, I have a guy I like but because of dipshit I can’t tell him or be with him.”

“I’ll make sure you can.”

“I know. Do you mind if I stay here for a bit. I could use some company and I don’t want Kelsey to wake up with me in there looking like this.”

“Sure stay as long as you need.” I tell her as she smiles. I turn to face my computer and start typing away. I make a list of names, guys names who I remember seeing. Of course Dothan is number one. I just want to talk to him and found out what happened after he left, was Kelsey ok or acting strange. I get the list done then remember the stranger that wanted the bathroom. I remember his face and he seems familiar, but I can’t place a name with a face. I type up a description of him. 5’9”, 200lbs, athletic build from what I saw, dark brown eyes, black hair in a ponytail, and most of all a scar that started from his left temple running down to his lips. The list ends with him, but could there be more I don’t know about? I hear Denise put the T.V. on and recognize the movie, The Punisher with Thomas Jane, fitting movie seeing as he gets revenge on those who killed his family. I stop and think for a moment that’s what I’m going to do. I plan to hurt those who hurt Kelsey and free Denise from the blackmailing boyfriend. Could I be a hero like him? Maybe, I grab my Junior year book and start looking for the stranger. He is not a freshman, sophomore, nor junior like us back then, not even a senior. Strange I can remember seeing him from school the more I think about it. I decide to go through the other yearbooks till I found him in my freshman yearbook. Randal Runions, he was a senior when we were freshmen. Why was he here at a High School party? I’ll have to ask Kelsey that. I decide to stop for the night and sit next to Denise within minutes we are cuddling and laying down watching the first Saw movie. As I watch I get the idea of being a masked avenger punishing people sometimes using injuries to make them pay. I could hear the slow breathing of a person asleep. Denise must have fallen asleep. I make sure she’s comfortable before I close my eyes to try to get some sleep.

Unfortunately sleep didn’t come easy. All I could think about was the past 24 hours. I went to school as my normal shy quiet self, Kelsey told me to open up to some people which I did, I open up to Makta and got fucked, Kelsey got raped, and I then open up to Denise who tells me her problem. I want to help her be free and get revenge on the people that hurt these ladies. The question is how. I don’t want them to hurt; I want them to remember it every day. I can kick someone’s ass but that only means their injuries heal, if I break them down, tear at their emotions and soul, that’s permanent. That’s it, that’s how I get revenge for the girls. It will be slow like poison, but I have to be patent. Learn their habits and use it against them. Kelsey’s aggressor will take some time because I don’t know who yet, but Denise I can start now. Her problem is two-fold, her Dad, and her boyfriend. Eliminate them and the rest falls into place. Don’t know much about them other than both of them are pedophiles. Hmmm, that could work. Pedophiles like young girls and are creatures of habit, it’s possible their computers have dirt I could use. Liam Nelson said it best in Taken ‘I have a particular set of skills’. One still I have is hacking and computer programing.

I have been hacking and building g programs since I got my first computer. I even hacked the schools computers and some of the Principles reports on school incidents before. I get enough dirt, hand it to the Feds, they go away for a long time, but only after I’m done. First things firsts getting access to Denise’s father’s computer or household network would make thing easier. With a plan forming in my mind I finally fall asleep. I couldn’t help but dream of fucking Makta the way her tits bounced as she road me, ow good my cock felt inside her pussy, and how her lips felt against mine. Makta morphed into Denise who smiled as I fucked her hard. The pressure of my cock building as I wish for release, again Denise morphs into Anne, my hard cock inside her beautiful mouth as she blows me. “Come on Shane show me how much you love me by cumming for me.” Dream Anne says. I feel the pressure reaching the point of no return. I snap awake and can still feel the pressure of Anne sucking my cock only when I look it’s not Anne but Denise. She’s working my cock hard and fast. I watch as she removes her mouth to suck on one of my balls while jerking me slowly. We make eye contact and I see her smile as she returns to suck my cock again. If Makta was the Queen of cocksucking then Denise is the Goddess. She brings me to the climax point but stops before I can cum, letting me calm down only to bring me back up. She did this four times before she finally lets me blow my load. I bit my lip and moan softly every time I shoot cum out.

“Nice way to wake up huh?” Denise asks.

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that though.” I tell her.

“I felt so safe and when I woke up and saw that nice hard cock I figured I would show you how much I appreciate you keeping me safe and cuddling with me.”

“Well there are others ways to show that too.” I tell her as I reach down, place my fingers under her chin and gently pull her up. Denise takes the hint and crawls up my body. When our lips are level I kiss her deeply. I can taste the salty residue of my cum. I reach down to her and pull her tighter into an embrace. My right hand rubs her ass as my left rubs her right tit. My right hand makes its way down the back of her pants when she suddenly breaks away.

“Sorry Shane as much as I want you to fuck me as good as you did Makta we can’t.”

“Oh I just thought that your bf didn’t matter to you.”

“He don’t silly. I’m having my monthly visitor. Other than that your cock would be inside me.”

“Oh I didn’t know.”

“Well it’s not like women advertise it.”

“True. I need a shower and some food.” I tell her as I get up, stuff my cock back into my shorts, then, and give Denise another kiss before heading to the shower. As I get into the bathroom and get the water ready I finally realize that I not only have 1 girl I like but 3 neither one of them I want to hurt. Who do I like more? That’s a question I’ll have to think about. Right now I need to shower. Before I can get in there is a knock at the door.

“Shane, Kelsey is awake and wants to meet with all of us individually to talk to us. I already spoke with her, Denise is in there now, and Caitlyn is on her way.” Makta tells me.

“Ok I’ll shower quickly then.” I tell her.

“Can I come in real quick to pee?”

“I guess.” I tell her as I get in the shower. I hear the door open and close.

“Umm are you going to step out so I can use the bathroom?”

“If you have a problem with me being in here I can but I really need a shower and just got in.”

“Fine by me.” She tells me as I hear the sound of pants being pulled down follow by the sound of Makta peeing. After a few seconds I hear her get some toilet paper to wipe. “Shane I’m going to flush.” She tells me.

“OK.” I tell her as I back away from the sudden rush of scolding hot water. I hear the toilet flush and suddenly the shower door opens and in steps a naked Makta.

“Thought I’d join you.” She tells me as our lips meet. We make out as I can feel Makta jerking my cock hard. I start massaging her wonderful tits as I get hard again. Makta breaks our kiss, turns around, bends over a little and hold the wall with one hand. I don’t need to be told what to do. I line my cock up with her pussy and push it in. Makta moans the moment I penetrate her slowly. I work my pace up from slow to fast.

“Fuck me harder Shane.” Makta tells me. Wanting to please I decide to go as fast as I can. Makta moans as she starts to rub her clit. I see her tight rose bud and decide to try something. I place my left thumb on her asshole and apply some pressure. This drives her wild as she rubs her clit faster as I pound her pussy. I can feel my balls about to burst. I grab her hips with both hands as I drive my cock into her hard and deep. Letting my seed penetrate deep inside her pussy. After I finish cumming I can feel Makta reach her orgasm. Her pussy clamps tight around my shaft as Makta screams out in blissful joy.

“I can get used to that.” Makta tells me.

“I know me too.” I tell her.

“Shane I do want you to know that Kelsey did tell me about another girl you like a lot. I’m not offended and glad we can have sex sometimes. I didn’t want you to think we are together. I care about you and think of you as a dear friend. It’s just I’m not ready to date a yet and your thinking of someone else when I’m not around. I’m ok with it. Just know that I’m willing to fuck you if you still want me.” She tells me as I can see the faintest hint of a tear in her eyes.

I let my actions speak first by kissing Makta deeply. “I will always want you, and not just for sex. I do want to do other things with you.”

“That’s why you’re special Shane. A great guy who any girl will be proud to have, emotionally I’m not ready for a boyfriend yet, but a true great friend I always want.” Makta says with a smile.

We finish our shower and get dress. I go downstairs to eat. I grab a bowl of cereal and dive into it like a hungry animal. After two bowls, I place the empty bowl in the sink when I see Caitlyn walk in. Kelsey’s best friends have always done that since Todd said it was ok. After all they are always here most of the week.

“Caitlyn, about last night, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to lash out like that.” I tell her.

She walks over, grabs my face and makes me look down at her. “Shane I’m not mad or upset. I was crying because my best friend was hurt. A woman I know to be a rock emotionally, and all round good hearted person. I told Denise to give you my number. So we could talk, but you never texted me.”

“I know and l’m sorry I didn’t. I had a lot on my mind.”

“I’m sure you did, but make sure you do text me, Kelsey and you are close I’m here for you as much as her.”

“I promise I will.”

“Great. Anyways Kelsey wants to talk to me. Are you going to be around, I have stuff to move and my boyfriend isn’t answering his phone to help me?”

“Sure what do you need moved?”

“I have an old trunk that was my grandma’s, my dad’s mom; I want to bring it to him because he has the matching set. I saw it there last night when I stayed there.”

“Oh I thought you went home.”

“No, my Dad lives just around the block so I went there. I live 10 minutes away with my mom. I was supposed to stay here the weekend, but I was scared that whoever did that to Kelsey was still here.”

“Well if you stay tonight I promise you will be safe, even if I have to sleep by the front door with a bat.”

“We will see. I will let you know when I’m done.”

She heads up to see Kelsey while I finish cleaning up a little and head to my room to do a little research on Randel and Dothan. I know I’m jumping the gun with Dothan, but Randel I really want info on him. I find a few things on him that really make me wonder how he knew about a high school party. None of Kelsey’s friends would have hung out with him. His school records indicate he was always in trouble and dropped out before graduation because he wasn’t going to graduate. He wasn’t a jock, a nerd, but a trouble maker. First week of his senior year he was suspected of being involved in the assault of a teacher. I remember hearing that. Seems a young teacher named Tiffany Robbins broke up an argument with Randel and another student named John Dang. Later that night Tiffany was walking to her front door when someone jumped her, forced her inside, and beat the hell out of her then raped her. The police were unable to get any DNA evidence because a condom was used and Tiffany never saw the attacker’s face because he had a mask on.

I decide to look up info on Tiffany. I don’t find anything recent until I see her name on one page I wouldn’t have guessed, the Obituary. It seems a few months after her attack she committed suicide. I read her Obituary and look at her picture. She was beautiful. I am drawn to the fact that she looks very similar to Kelsey, Blond hair, Athletic, and was a soccer player too. I start a search for all unsolved rapes in the city, which wasn’t a success. Of course it wouldn’t be easy to find online. I start debating on trying to hack the police network when there is a knock on my door and Kelsey comes in.

“Hi Kel, How are you holding up?” I ask her.

“I’m ok. Just wish I could remember something.”

“Kelsey I’m sure if your mind don’t want you to it’s for a reason.”

“True, but I wish I could so I know who did it.”

“Well I may have a lead, but I don’t want you to be involved or Mom and Todd.”

“Shane I am involved. I know you will go after anyone who hurts me. Everyone pretty much is telling me that. I am not going to stop you because it’s your choice and I will help were I can. Just promise me you won’t get hurt or killed or in a lot of trouble. Revenge isn’t worth it if it means throwing your life away.”

“I promise Kelsey.”

“Thanks. I know a promise from you carries a lot of weight.”

“Welcome. If you’re serious about helping I need to ask you some questions. You may not want to answer them thinking it is none of my business but it’s to help me found out who.”

“OK but first tell me what happened that night from after the time I saw you topless in the kitchen, till you found me.”

I tell Kelsey the events from my point of view. I tell her everything including having sex with Makta to which Kelsey smiles. I tell her about Randel being upstairs, finding her half naked and my reaction to it with Denise and Caitlyn.

“Your reaction is understandable.” She says.

“Yeah, so questions.” I tell her.


“Did Dathan and you have sex?”


“Was it the first time?”


“What happened after?”

“When he was done he laid beside me after he removed the condom. I told him I was on the pill but he wanted to make sure. Plus the condom would help with him sliding in easier. After a few minutes his phone went off. His mom wanted him home because he forgot to do the dishes. While he got dress I quickly put clothes on and ran to the bathroom. I cleaned up some and went back to my rom. Dothan was waiting for me, kissed me good-bye after apologizing for a ruined night because he was stupid about the dishes. Then he left.”

“Did you stay up in your room or go back down?”

“Honestly I stayed up here and cried. Dathan’s excuse seemed lame. His mom isn’t like that. I felt used and betrayed about him leaving almost immediately after fucking me.”

I think for a second “Did you eat or drink anything?”

“Just my soda and water I brought up for us.”

“Was either open before you two had sex?”

“Both were. After sex I had a drink of water.” Kelsey’s eyes widen at the sudden realization. “You don’t think he put that in my drinks do you?”

“He is on my list, even more so after what you told me.”

“Why though? I would have had sex again willingly with him.”

“Only he can answer that, after all who else would have known you were unconscious and why.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“There is more.” I show Kelsey Randel’s yearbook photo. “He was by your door when Makta and I came up to my room.”

“Oh no, not him.”

“You know him?”

“Yeah, freshman year we had gym together. He always staring at me Couple of times I swear he was rubbing his crotch, licking his lips looking at me. It freaked me out. One day he asked me out and I said no, and told him to get lost. He called me a cock tease and stormed away. Few weeks later he was gone. He dropped out and I was glad. When you said his name I never put it to his face till I saw it. I wanted to forget about him.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine Shane. Nobody knew about it. I know you better than anyone else and I know you would defend me. At the time I didn’t want you to waste energy on him, but if he did touch me then he is all yours.”

“If he did he will get what’s coming to him.”

“Good.” Kelsey says as she turns to leave my room. She stops at my door. “Leave Dothan to me Shane, I want to question him and he better hope I like his answers and that he wasn’t part of it.”

“And if he was?”

“Then it will be a race to see who gets to him first: you, me or my Dad.” She says as she leaves the room. I have sparred with Todd and heard a few things about his military career. If Todd goes after Dothan, he will disappear forever without a trace. Not that I would shed a tear, but I want him first. I have the perfect punishment planned out for him and Randel. I turn to go back to my computer when my phone beeps. I check my message and I have one from Caitlyn asking if I’m free to help her. I tell her I am. I get my shows and a light coat on. She tells me to meet her downstairs so I go downstairs and we walk to her Dad’s to get his Jeep Wrangler. After that we take the 10 minute drive to her Moms. On the way there we talk about all sorts of things, we both like video games and action movies. Like me her parents split up when she was young and she lives with her mom. We get to her place and get inside, first thing I notice as we walk inside is the unmistakable sound of someone moaning and slapping sound. Caitlyn is standing at the doorway to what I’m guessing is the living room. I look in and I see why she stopped. Bent over the back of the couch is an older woman. Blonde hair like Caitlyn, same build only where Caitlyn is pretty much an A cup this woman is clearly a C at least. She is naked and behind her is a guy as young as me. He’s 6ft, average build with short brown hair. I look at Caitlyn quickly and I can see tears in her eyes. Something tells me this is not going to be good.

I look back at the two in front of us just as Caitlyn yells “What the fuck Barry and with my own mother?”

Barry pulls out of Caitlyn’s Mom and tries to find something to cover himself with while her mom just shakes her head.

“Damn it Caitlyn could you have waited a few more minutes I was so close.” As she looks at Barry, “Barry put that nice cock back in me so I can show my daughter how she’s to treat a nice hard cock.”

Caitlyn walks over and slaps Barry across the face hard. “You bastard. I gave you everything and you cheat on me with my own mother. Get out.” She says.

“No Cait he can stay. It’s my house not yours.” Her mom says.

“What?” Caitlyn says.

“You heard me. My boyfriend can stay.” Caitlyn’s mom says as she gets up and walks naked over to Barry and kisses him deeply on the lips. “Barry, do you mind going upstairs while I talk to my daughter?”

Barry quickly leaves after grabbing his clothes off the floor, while Caitlyn’s mom covers up with her robe. Caitlyn is in tears as she says “Why Mother?”

“Oh come now you know why. You can’t possibly think you can keep a guy around and not give him a good fuck every now and the. What you think a guy would stay with you if you didn’t?”

“Yes, that’s what love is mother.”

“No Hunny love is more than that. Love is how you feel when you’re with that person. Men love sex and don’t care who they get it from. Barry loves me Because I’m not you.”

“How long, how long have you been fucking my boyfriend behind my back?”

“6 months.”

“So because I decided to take it slow you swooped in and took him?”

“More like it was mutual coming together. He was going to leave you. He felt like you were a lez, never wanted to do anything, never wanting to do anything. I can’t help it if he got me to satisfy his needs.”

“I’m not a lesbian. I want to do well in school. I told him that and I thought he was ok with it.”

“Well maybe you are or maybe not. Maybe instead of taking care of Barry you were taking care of that stud next to you. Hi I’m Monica”

“He is just a friend and my best friend’s brother who came to help me move something since my now ex was too busy fucking my mother to answer his phone.”

“Two hot guys and you’re not fucking either of them. Damn you must be a carpet muncher. Tell you what friend, come over here and I’ll give you the fucking she should be.” Monica says to me.

“Sorry I won’t hurt Caitlyn like that.” I tell her.

“Oh don’t tell me you prefer sausage stuffing like my bastard ex-husband.”

“That’s enough Mother.” Caitlyn says.

“What it’s true. He would rather suck on a cock then my pussy, and you rather have a pussy then a cock Cait.”

“No I just want a man that wants me for me not my body. I’m not slut who steals other women’s boyfriend just because the girl doesn’t put out like you are” Caitlyn shouts to her mom.

Her mother in return slabs Caitlyn hard across the face. “You watch your mouth you little dyke. I will not be disrespected in my house. Now apologize.”

Caitlyn holds her face as she turns runs out of the room. I turn and follow her. She runs down the hall to her room and shuts the door before I get there. I reach her door just as a fully dressed Barry walks out of another room.

“You have to know I Didn’t mean to hurt her. One thing led to another and it just happened. You can’t blame me though. Monica is a MILF.” Barry says.

“That’s where you’re wrong. Stubbing your toe on a step happens, shoving your dick in your girlfriend’s mom is something you wanted, and kissing her mom in front of her is meant to cause pain.” I tell him.

“I didn’t know she was going to do that or Caitlyn was coming home.”

“She lives here what did you expect?”

“Her to be at Kelsey’s for the weekend like she said.”

“Oh so you can hide the fact you are using her so you can fuck her mom like you have been for 6 months?”

“I wouldn’t say using her. I like her in all.”

“Wrong you were using her. She wouldn’t put out and you were going to dump her. Her cock hungry mother just afford to take her place because she can’t find a real man to satisfy her needs for a little boy.”

“Now wait a minute. You don’t know me or her...”

“No you wait. I know all I need to know you used a beautiful woman just so you could fuck her mom. Caitlyn is a wonderful girl who wants to be loved for her mind and not just a beautiful body. You used her because she wouldn’t put out in my eyes you are a step above a rapist.” I tell him as I poke a finger at him.

“I am nothing like a rapist.” Barry says with anger.

“Is that so, rapist use girls to satisfy their sexual needs, rapist cause pain to girls they use and rapist can ruin a relationship. You used Caitlyn to satisfy your sexual need for her mother, you caused her pain when she saw you balls deep inside her mother, and you ruined a relationship between a mother and daughter. Caitlyn deserves a better
guy than you. She deserves a man who will treat her right. Not an emotional rapist like you.”

Barry stands there like a fish out of water, his mouth opening and closing. At that point Caitlyn opens her door. I look at her. Tears still running down her face, she smiles at me and reaches up and grabs the back of my head. She pulls me down for a deep kiss.

“Thank you for those kind words Shane.” She says as she ends our kiss. She looks at Barry. “If you want my slut mother have her. I won’t stop you, but we are done. I don’t care what people think of me. I won’t be used by you and I won’t lie why we broke up. I will find a better man who wants me for me and can wait.”

Barry is still speechless as she pulls me into her room. Once inside Caitlyn wraps her arms around me and I hold her. All I can do is think about that kiss. It wasn’t a friendly kiss but a romantic deep kiss. I don’t know if she was serious about that kiss or was it to hurt Barry. If it was to hurt him I get it I was the only guy around and I do feel a little used, but he deserves it. If it was a serious kiss then what’s going on. Another girl likes me and how do I feel about her. I honestly never thought about her that way and yet the idea of it now has me thinking about her. I want to kiss her and feel her body up yet what about Anne? What about Makta and Denise? I’m so lost now. I don’t want to hurt them yet I don’t want to lose any of them. I honestly think I am falling for Anne and Makta. Denise is still an unknown in terms of feelings but lust is there. Now Caitlyn is thrown into the mix. She is beautiful and I did mean what I said to Barry about her. I’m not sure why I said it to him. I could have walked away like I normal would have. It’s like when I decided to come out of my shell my heart opened up too. I must be spacing out because I can hear Caitlyn.

“Shane are you in there?”

“Yeah sorry, I was just thinking about something.” I tell her.

“Oh ok. Anything I should know about?”

“Nope it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Ok if you need to talk I’m here for you. Anyways this is the trunk I need to move.”

I look at the trunk and I must admit it is a nice antique trunk. I go to pick it up and I realize why she wanted help. It is heavier than it looks. Caitlyn grabs one side while I grab the other and together we walk it out of her room, down the hall, and out into the living room. We set it down so we can open the front door and the back of the jeep. We then move it into the back of the jeep. Caitlyn goes and locks up the house as I get in the jeep. I realize we didn’t see Barry or Monica on the way out. Caitlyn gets in and we drive to her Dad’s house. I start thinking about that kiss and I realize it’s bothering me. So I decide to do something stupid.

“Caitlyn you know earlier when you kissed me?” I ask her.


“Why did you do it?”

“Honestly I heard Denise and Makta talk about what a great guy you are and how you defend girls you consider a friend. I didn’t believe it till I heard what you told Barry. It took away the pain he betrayal caused. I was going to hug you but when I opened the door and I saw you something came over me and I kissed you.”

“But that kiss was very deep.”

“I know. When I touched your lips, it felt so right I just let go. Same when we hugged. I felt safe and I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“You will always be safe with me.”

She smiles as we pull into her Dad’s driveway. We unload the Jeep and Caitlyn wants to leave it in the living room till her dad comes home. We go into the kitchen and get a glass of juice. We are talking about everything and anything. I find it amazing how I have known her as long as Kelsey yet never knew her. I can’t help but admire her personality and her body. I can feel myself getting hard. I ask if I can use the bathroom and she gives me directions. I calmly hurry past her and get inside the bathroom. I drop my pants and pull my now fully erect cock out. I try to pee hoping it goes down but I can’t. I’m too damn hard.

I am about to start jerking off to relieve my pain when there is a knock on the door and Caitlyn walks in.

“My Shane I thought I saw you were hard as you hurried by. I think you need help since you didn’t’ pee.”

“What makes you think I haven’t peed?”

“Because I followed you down here and I haven’t heard the toilet flush.”

Caitlyn walks over to me removing her shirt and bra. I see her 32A tits for the first time. I can tell that her nipples are hard. She moves in fast and we kiss. As we kiss I reach up and take a tit in my hand. I rub it gently teasing her nipple. Caitlyn moans softly. I break our kiss and move down to her other tit and latch onto it. I tease her nipple with my tongue. I feel Caitlyn grab my cock and start stroking it. I reach down Caitlyn’s pants and find a shaved pussy. She opens her legs a bit and I slide a finger inside her. She is wet as I finger and tease her nipples.

As I finger fuck her pussy I kiss her just as she grabs my hand down her pants and squeezes her thighs together. A powerful orgasm hits. Her knees give out and she quickly wraps her arms around me. I remove my hand and put my finger in my mouth. I taste her sweet juices and I love it. Caitlyn takes my fingers from my mouth and licks it as well. She turns around and bends over. I line my cock up with her pussy and slowly slide it in. She is really tight. I feel as if I’m pushing my cock into a hole half the size of my thickness. Finally I get all the way inside her.

“Oh Shane go slowly please.” Caitlyn tells me.

I place my hands on her hips and pull out a half an inch and push back in. I continue doing this slowly, as she starts moaning. I feel Caitlyn reach down and rub her clit as I push into her tight wet pussy. Slowly I start speeding up, pulling an inch out and pushing it back in fast. Caitlyn pinches her nipple and moans louder. Her right hand is working her clit fast. Her tight pussy is getting to me. It tighten it grip around my cock as she has another orgasm. She screams with pleasure and like before Caitlyn’s legs give away. I help hold her up, but I her orgasm brought me closer.

“Caitlyn I’m going to cum.” I warn her.

“Don’t… Don’t cum in me.” She says.

I pull out, I try my hardest not to cum, but my cock says other ideas. Just before I cum Caitlyn spins around, drops to her knees and wraps her lips around my cock head. I feel her tongue touch my pee hole and that’s all she wrote. I blast my cum into her mouth. I must have blasted 6 good hard shots into her mouth. Caitlyn removes her mouth from my cock, opens up to show me a mouth full of cum then swallows it. Caitlyn gets up and holds me. I hold her back and I realize that while Caitlyn is naked, I’m not. My shirt is on and my pants are down that is.



“I hate to ruin the moment, but now I do have to pee.” I tell her.

“Ha Ha Ha. It’s ok; I need to clean up anyways.” We separate and I pee while Caitlyn gets in the tub with a wash cloth. I finish up peeing and flush, then pull up my pants. I look over at Caitlyn and she’s slowly dabbing her pussy with a wet cloth. She sees me looking and moves so I can see. Her pussy lips are red and look like they are sore.

“Are you going to be ok Caitlyn?” I ask.

“Yeah, I mean it’s going to hurt for a few while. After all I never had a cock that big in it or any cock for that matter.”

“You mean I was your first?”

“Yes and I must say I’m glad.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Shane, you stood up for me, when I was in pain. You turn my mother down just so you wouldn’t hurt me. You comfort me and showed me I was safe. If I was to give it up I wanted it to be with a guy I trust not to hurt me. Even if this was a onetime thing, I will never regret it.”

“Caitlyn I’m honored to be your first. I won’t’ regret having sex with you ever. I just started coming out of my shell. I’m not sure of my feelings for anyone.”

“Not even Anne?”

“How do you know?”

“Kelsey told me. You really like her and I understand where you are coming form. Take some advice from me. If you really like her don’t’ wait to ask her out. If you do wait you may lose your chance with her.”

As she gets dress we talk some more then she walks me to the door. Before I leave Caitlyn kisses me on the cheek and tells me she’s always here for me. I head home and up to my room. I stop just as I enter my room. A memory enters my mind. When Caitlyn told me not to wait to ask Anne out, she had a tear in her eyes. Add that information to everything we did today and I realize right then, she likes me more than she lets on, maybe even loves me. I decide to play a game to clear my head for a while. After a few matches my phone goes off. It’s a message from Kelsey. She is staying at Mikta’s tonight, and I’m on my won for dinner. I think about what I want and I decide to go to Between the Buns for a chili burger with fries. I grab mom’s keys and take her vehicle. Mom drives a Rav4 that Todd had custom made for her. I drive to the mall where Between the Buns is located and I wait in line. My wait isn’t long and I get my food and head to a table. I am walking to a table, I spot someone I know. It’s Anne. I walk over to her.

“Hi Anne.” I say.

“Hey Shane, What are you up too.”

“Just getting dinner, you?”

“Same won’t you sit and join us?”


“My Dad and my mom.”

“Sure. Thank you.” I say as I set my tray down and sit across from her. Anne looks like she has an Asian type of dish. We start talking and I forget about my food for a few. I start eating when a man about 5’5” walks up and puts a tray down. He says something in a language I don’t understand, but Anne does and she replies to him in that language. I have to say this is her father. The man looks at me and says “Hello Shane. I’m Neal.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you.” I say as I hold out my hand. Neal shakes it and then helps a very thin woman to a seat. I don’t have to ask as I know this is Anne’s mom.

“Hi. I’m Michelle.” She says.

“I’m Shane.”

“So you’re the Shane that my Anne talks about.” Michelle says.

“Mom please.” Anne says with a bit of red in her face.

“Oh no need to be embarrassed Anne. I’m happy you met such a nice man. That is if he is as nice as you say he is.” Neal says.

“Whatever Anne has told you about me is true. I do like Anne a lot and I’d never hurt her. I just want her to be happy.” I say all this while looking at Anne and seeing her smile and get a little redder in the face making me stop and wonder. Did I just say what I said? I just came right out and told her I like her a lot right in front of her parents. What is it about her that makes me do this?

“Shane, I… Well… I” Anne says

I reach out and hold Anne’s hand. “It’s ok Anne. I understand.”

Anne smiles and squeezes my hand. We all go about eating our dinners and chatting. I found out both of Anne’s parents played soccer growing up and are proud of her soccer skills, but don’t want her to forget about an education because it’s more important. As we chat I keep looking at Anne and I see her looking at me. We finish dinner and Anne and her parents are heading to the movie complex to watch a movie. They ask if I’d like to join them but I say no thank you. I don’t want to intrude plus I have plans. I lie I know but I really didn’t want to intrude on a family outing any longer. I move to say good-bye to Anne but something else comes out.

“Would you like to go to the dance Saturday with me?”

“Shane I would love to. Pick me up at 8?”

“Yes. See you Monday at school.”


“Bye.” I walk back to the Rav4 feeling like I’m on cloud 9. I get back to the Rav4 and I start to get the keys out. Just as I find the keys I feel something hit the back of my head and then a shattering sound. I fall to my hands and knees and receive a kick to the gut. I roll onto my back. My head is dazed and I can’t think straight. I manage to make out Russ Wheeler who is sporting a couple black eyes and a broken nose. With him is he brother Chris Wheeler.

“Brother my nose will you.” Russ says as he delivers a hard shot to my temple. Next thing I know I am being dumped onto the street. It takes me a few moments to clear the confusion from my mind. I get my Barings and see where I am. Corner of Woodlawn and Fifth. Oh great not the place I want to be. I look down and see my shirt is gone and I have something written on my chest. I read it and my eyes bulge out. I can hear people just around the corner.

I have a bad feeling someone is going to die and that someone is me, for I am in the middle of a black gang territory with the words ‘I hate Niggers’ on my chest.

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