Sue's New Job

Sue's New Job

I will start off by saying that I never believed the stories in these posts were true….until my experience. I now think there is a strong possibility that some are true experiences.
My experience began around two years ago while on vacation in the Caribbean. My wife Sue and I were relaxing at an all- inclusive resort, just enjoying the sun and having a few drinks. Sue was in her early thirties at this time and still received a lot of attention. She is 5’8”, 120lbs and has 34DD boobs and looked great in her bikini. We had been there a couple of days and meet several people, but mid-week we meet a really nice couple.
Bill & Michelle had arrived a day or two after us, and Sue started talking to Michelle while waiting for a drink at the swim up bar. They continued chatting and ended up over where I was laying at the edge of the pool. Michelle’s husband Bill came over and we spent the day together chatting, drinking and having fun. I had a hard time not staring at Michelle, as she was naturally dark skinned, about 6’ tall, had really nice tits and was absolutely gorgeous.
We hung out for the next few days and had some dinners together and at times were a little flirty, but nothing major. It turned out that we were all from the same city, and we exchanged business cards one night at dinner.
On our last full day on resort we all met by the pool as usual. We drank a little heavier than normal and were all a little tipsy. It started to rain mid- afternoon so I figured the day was done. Sue didn’t want to leave yet and said, “We are already wet, so why leave now.”
We stayed in the pool, as did several other people, and the party was going strong. Sue wanted to go in the hot tub, but I really didn’t want to. Bill said,” Sure lets go Sue.” Michelle and I stayed in the pool.
Bill and Sue sat a little ways apart in the hot tub and were talking and Michelle and I moved over by the hot tub and continued talking but stayed in the pool. I didn’t think anything of Sue and Bill as there was some space between them and there were a few people around. I was having a great time talking with Michelle. She was very intelligent and it didn’t hurt that I could almost completely see dark nipples showing through her bikini top.
Several more people went into the hot tub and Bill and Sue were now side by side. After about a half hour it started to thunder, so the staff blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the pool and hot tub. We jumped out of the pool and looked towards the hot tub. Sue looked very disappointed to have to leave and was a little flushed from the heat. She got out of the tub, but Bill stayed for several minutes before he got out. We agreed to meet again for dinner and all went back to our rooms.
We had a nice dinner that night and during conversation Bill said that they are looking for someone to help Michelle in the HR department in their company. Bill said to Sue,” If you are interested, give me a call.”
We talked a little more then called it a night. We had an early flight the next day and left the resort without seeing Bill and Michelle again.
We had been home a couple of weeks, when Sue came home a little frustrated from work. Her bass was a complete ass, and he was starting to really get to her. I said,” Why not call Bill, maybe they haven’t found anyone yet.”
Sue called the next day and Bill told her they hadn’t hired anyone yet. They scheduled an interview for the next day. When Sue came home she told me the interview was really good. She met most of the office staff, but Michelle was away and she usually does the interviewing with Bill. They scheduled another interview for the next Friday, after the monthly meeting that Bill and Michelle have. Long story short, Sue got the job.
Sue had been working for Bill and Michelle for almost two years, working Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. The last Friday of each month there is an office meeting, sometimes the staff get to leave very early after the meeting and other times they stay late. I also work until 5:00pm on Friday’s, but as a rule always go out with the guys after work for a few beers. Sue always gets home a few hours before me.
One Friday I got off work early and all of the guys had other commitments, so I came home. One of the guys needed to borrow my truck, so he dropped me at home and took the truck. A couple of hours later when Sue got home, she had no idea I was there.
I heard Sue come in and put her coat in the closet. I came around the corner to meet her and I don’t know who was more shocked…me or her. She tried to rush past me towards the bathroom, but I stopped her. Her shirt was mostly unbuttoned and untucked, she didn’t have a bra on and her hair was a mess. When I got closer, I noticed that she smelled like sex/cum and it looked like she had dried cum in her hair. I was dumb founded and demanded an explanation.
Sue got very upset, but I again demanded an explanation. She asked me if I would leave her, and I told her. “ I loved her but….. I wanted every detail about what was going on. I did not yet know what I was going to do, but if I think you are lying to me, I might leave.”
Sue sat down and told me that she would tell me everything. She started by saying it started two years ago while we were in the Caribbean. When Sue and Bill were in the hot tub (a little drunk) Bill had brushed her tit a couple of times. When Sue didn’t react he started to rub her thigh. After a few minutes Bill started to massage her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She said she didn’t know why she didn’t stop him, but she was fairly drunk and it was very exciting. Bill then moved her bottoms aside and was gently fingering Sue in the hot tub, with everyone around and me only a few feet away.
When the whistle blew to get out of the pool, Sue said she was just about to cum and had just started to rub Bill’s cock through his shorts. That is why it took Bill so long to get out of the tub, he was rock hard. Sue told me that when we left the pool and went back to the room, she masturbated herself to an orgasm in the shower. She stated that nothing else happened during that trip.
The next time something happened was when Sue went in for her second interview with Bill at his company. This time Michelle was there, and they went into the boardroom for the interview. After some questions and job details, Bill and Michelle asked Sue if she wanted the job. They had offered her a rather large increase in pay from her current job and better benefits. Sue said she wanted the job and stood to shake Bill’s hand. Bill said, “Hold on. If you want the job, I get to finish what we started on vacation.”
Sue said she was shocked and froze, not knowing what to do. She looked at Michelle and before she could say anything, Michelle said, “Ever since Bill fingered you in the hot tub, he can’t stop thinking about it.”
Sue still in shock turned to look at Bill. He had his cock out, and told Sue the job was hers as soon as this “interview” was done. Michelle gently nudged Sue towards Bill. Sue said she just did it. She took Bill in her mouth and started to give him a blow job.
After only a few minutes Michelle said,” Let’s get these nice tits out,” while she started to take Sue’s shirt off. Sue just kept working on Bill as Michelle undressed her. Sue was now completely nude and was sucking Bill’s dick in the company boardroom.
Bill soon stiffened and was about to cum. Sue started to stroke him, but Bill gently pulled her head back to his cock. Sue took him in her mouth again and sucked him hard and fast until he shot his load in her mouth. Sue swallowed Bill’s cum and thought she was done.
Sue turned around, and got a complete surprise. Michelle was completely naked and had climbed onto the table. She looked at Sue and said, “My turn to cum.” Sue had never been with a woman before, but she was completely caught up in the moment. Michelle looked so good, her pussy was shaved and she was rubbing herself. Sue went over and started to gently kiss and lick her pussy.
As Sue was eating Michelle, Bill started to speak. He said, “What happens in the boardroom absolutely stays in the boardroom. Nothing is EVER discussed outside this room with anyone. The monthly office staff meetings on Fridays had two parts. The first is a regular business meeting, and the second is where the staff member with the most points earned during the month is rewarded. Only the winning staff member/members that win take part in the second half of the meeting. “
Sue said she almost stopped eating Michelle’s pussy to listen, but Michelle pulled her back to her pussy. Michelle then sat up and got Sue to lie on the table, and sat on Sue’s face. Sue said she thought that she heard something, but didn’t pay much attention as Michelle was now groaning with pleasure and she was really enjoying eating her pussy.
Bill started to lick Sue’s pussy as she was eating Michelle. The noise she thought she heard must have been Bill getting out of his chair to come to the table. Sue was not sure how long it took, but Michelle started to shake and as she grinded herself on Sue’s face she came heavily. Michelle then got off Sue’s face and moved away.
Sue was totally enjoying the attention she was getting and opened her eyes to look at Bill. To her surprise, it was Derek that was gently licking and fingering her, not Bill. Sue started to sit up, but was gently pulled back down to the table. It was Jim, another co-worker, and his cock was only inches from Sue’s face.
Sue was going to protest, but Derek was very skilled and she started to cum. Derek continued to work on Sue’s pussy as Bill started to speak again. Bill said, “The second part of the monthly meeting was where the winning staff member received their award. Sometimes they pick prizes or cash bonuses and sometimes they pick different rewards. This month there were two winners, Derek and Jim. They said they wanted to eat the new girl’s pussy and each get blowjobs.”
Bill told Sue,” if you want the job and a $1000 signing bonus, then she should turn her head to the right and”……..Sue didn’t wait for Bill to finish his sentence and started to suck Jim’s cock. It only took a few moments and Jim shot his load into Sue’s mouth. Sue then came again into Derek`s mouth. Derek and Jim then switched places and Sue started to suck Derek`s cock.
Sue said she worked on Derek slowly and teasingly to make it last. After a while Derek started to tense, so Sue sucked him hard and fast. As Derek came in her mouth, Sue had another orgasm at the same time. Derek and Jim quickly got dressed and left. Sue then got dressed, signed some papers and came home.
Sue went to her first day on Monday and everyone acted as though nothing abnormal had happened the week before Sue had been there for almost two years and had been to some of the afternoon ``meetings`` and some she hadn`t been to. Some of the meetings were like her first meeting and some were rewards and prizes.
The day I found Sue cum covered she was obviously involved. She went to the morning meeting and as always there was a sealed envelope at her place. She said the red card inside meant that she was asked to stay for the second meeting. She knew she didn`t win this month, so she knew that she was going to be the prize and was so excited she could hardly pay attention to the morning meeting.
When the meeting was over, everyone left the boardroom and shortly after the prize winner returned. They did this to ensure that the other staff didn’t really know what was going on. Sue came back to the boardroom and was joined by Bill, Michelle, Derek and Jim. This was the first tie in points since Sue started. The winner of the contest knows before the meeting, so they have time to pick their prize. Derek and Jim decided on their prize in the morning and placed it in the envelope Bill had.
Bill looked at Sue and said,” Since these two guys `` welcomed `` you to the company and have won again, this is what they want. They both want to watch you eat Michelle`s pussy while they take turns fucking you. When they are done, they both want to cum in your face.”
Sue smiled and eagerly headed for Michelle, who was already undressing. Sue lapped at Michelle`s pussy as Derek started to undress her. When Sue was naked, Jim and Derek took turns licking her pussy to get her nice and juicy. Derek then entered her from behind and slowly started to fuck her. Sue and Michelle were both moaning loudly and both came. Derek now fucked Sue very hard and fast. He pulled out and quickly came to her head and Sue jerked his cock. She directed his cum to shoot mostly her tits, but some shot on her face.
Jim had already moved around and had started fucking Sue. As Jim pounded her, Sue sucked Derek hard again. She said they fucked her in several positions and she had no idea how many times she came. They eventually had her on her back on the boardroom table, and Derek was fucking her again as she sucked Jim`s cock. Derek pulled out and came up to Sue and Jim moved down and started to fuck her again. Sue noticed that Michelle was riding Bill next to them.
Derek started jerking his cock and shot a huge cum load, mostly in Sue`s face and hair. Jim started pumping very fast into Sue`s pussy, then quickly pulled out and came up to her face. He too shot a huge load onto her face and hair. Sue then heard Bill say he was going to cum, so Michelle got off him and he came over to Sue. Michelle quickly pumped Bill`s cock and he shot his cum onto Sues face and hair. They then all got dressed and headed home.
This is when I surprised Sue by being home. She told me that work is the only time anything like this happened. When Sue and her co-workers go out for drinks, nothing is ever mentioned. I wasn`t angry at all, in fact I was horny as hell after hearing this. I fucked Sue right there on the floor. I pounded her as hard as I could, then pulled out and came on her face the same as her co-workers did.
We talked after and I told Sue that she should continue to work there if she wanted. The pay was great and she clearly enjoyed the ``benefits``. The rule was Sue had to tell me about everything she did at the meetings, if she was involved. I was not allowed to let on that I knew of anything. But I am certainly trying to figure out how I can get at Michelle, especially after Sue has told me that Michelle’s tits are nicer than I thought and her pussy tastes great.
If I get enough comments, I might be convinced to post more. P.S. we would love to see some real pics of your wives covered in cum.

Thanks for reading!!

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