Ernie`s first Time

Ernie`s first Time

Ernie`s first Time.

I was a young boy of 13 years and I loved to go to the Friday night
Movies, I used to sit upstairs. right at the back near where the man
operated the movies, this night there was not many at the movies
and I sitting on my own, when the lights went out a man about 20 odd sat next to me, I thought it strange as there was a lot of vacant seats as he came up and sat beside me. After awhile he opened a bag of lollies and asked me if I would like one, “thank you” I answered
as I took one, he asked if I was with anyone “no” I replied. You don’t mind if I sit with you, at the same time putting his hand on my thigh, and giving it a squeeze, “no” I replied. He said his name was Merve at the same time patting my thigh and moving his hand upwards, I replied my name was Ernie. He keep moving his hand and I started to like him playing with my thigh, but something started to happen, I had it sometimes when I awoke of a morning my
thingy was getting hard, and I was a little embarrassed as I had never knew what to as I was the only one except my Mother, and I was to embarrassed to talk to her about it. Merve moved his hand to
the zipper of my pants and started to unzip me, he was older than me and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me, so I just let Merve do what he was doing, when he unzipped me he pulled my, by this time my very hard cock out of my pants and started to stroke it up and down, I have never ever had played with myself and this was the first time and I said to Merve, “ Oh this is really wonderful
I have never done anything like this before” with that Merve lowered his mouth down on my 4inch hard cock and started to suck it. In no time at all I had this wonderful sensation, Merve said “ Did you like that Ernie, if you did would you like me to teach you a lot more”, “Oh yes please, but when”. “ Would you like to come to my place, not tonight ,tomorrow is Saturdy and I shall be home all day and if you like you could stay the weekend, I live with my Dad & Uncle, and sometimes we have friends over”.
I replied “ I don’t know if I can as I live with my Mommy, I know she said she may visit my Aunty this week-end. Where do you live
Merve so I can tell Mommy that I am going to visit a school friend as she loves it when I visit friends from school”.
When Merve told me where he lived I got a shock as it was only a few streets form where I lived.
Then I got a very big surprise as Merve took hold of my little hand and told me to wrap it around his cock and play with it. When I felt it, it was a lot bigger than mine and lovely and hard, as I started to play with it, and there was no one near us, Merve started to take down my pants , I continued to play with his cock and at the same timeI had my pants off and shirt off so I was sitting there nude, me a 13 y.o. playing with another mans cock. Merve by this time had me hard again and was playing with my cock and had his other hand was playing with my little bum, Merve had a little bottle and it was full of baby oil so he put his finger in it then poked his finger up my bum hole, working his finger in and out, at first it hurt a little but he told me it would get better which it did and I liked Merve doing it to me. All the time Merve was doing this to me I continued to play with his lovely cock. Then Merve said “ Ernie you know what I would like you to do, is to give my cock a suck like I did to you”
So I thought how nice it was when Merve sucked me, and the way I felt all nice and strange with Merve`s Big Fat finger up my bum I did what Merve wanted, and as soon as his cock was in my mouth,
Merve was telling me how to Suck, I immediately enjoyed the taste of a cock and with Merve telling me what to do, that cock sliding in and out of my mouth and Merve`s big fat finger in my bum was turning me on, as my cock was getting hard again with all the attention he was giving me I was really enjoying myself, then I heard Merve say “That’s it Ernie suck me, oh yes oh yes that it don’t take your mouth off my cock because for the first time in your life you are going to taste some lovely hot spunk”, I did not know what he was saying as I knew nothing, as I found out later I was a virgin. Then it happened Merve started to cum in my mouth I wondered what was happening so I keep sucking Merve and the taste of his cum, was to me a sweet and salty taste that was most enjoyable. He told me to get dressed after he took his finger out of my bum, I thought I had done something wrong as I was enjoying what he was doing to me, he said “ I have to go the movie is about to end and I want to take you home and on the way I shall take you past where I live, and then I shall know where you live”.
I felt better when he told me this, as he had made me feel really wonderful. I was pleased when we were outside the movie theatre
as people looked at us as though we were big brother and little brother which I liked and Merve had hold of my hand smiling at me saying, “ well Ernie did you enjoy what we were doing in the movie`s, I think that was your first time you have been sucked off
and if I hadn`t sucked you off you would have pulled your-self off,
and did you like my big fat finger in your bum”.
“Oh yes Merve I loved the taste of that stuff you spurted in my mouth, and when you had your finger in my bum I was enjoying it,
But there was a few things I don’t kown about maybe you will teach me, and what is this pulling your self off”.
Merve said” get into my car and on the way I shall take you for drive and while I am driving you take off all your cloths and I shall play with you until your cock gets hard then I shall teach you how to pull your self”. So I did what he asked and no sooner was I nude he
Put his hand on my cock and started to get me hard by rubbing it up and down. He said “ now you do it” so I did what he showed me, it was feeling so good, then I had another thrill, it was wonderful.
But why didn`t I cum like you did, Ernie he said “ you will next time, your body will adjust. With that he pulled into a Park and there was no one around so he grabbed a blanket off the back seat of the car and layed it on the grass, and told me to get out of the car but don’t put any cloths on just come and lay down on the blanket, so I did what Merve wanted, and at the same time he was taking his cloths off , we layed down together and he took me in his arms and pulled me to him, as he his he did the strangest thing, he kissed me it was a long kiss, and he was poking his tounge into my mouth, the more he did it the more I liked it. Then he rolled me onto my belly, at the same time he spread my legs apart and poured some baby-oil between the cheeks of my bum rubbing it into my bum hole, then he started to work his finger in and out my bum hole, “ Ernie I know you are a virgin, that is a boy that has never been Fucked, and I want to Fuck you, it will hurt a bit but after a bit you will enjoy it, will you let me”. “Merve I am only a little virgin boy as you say,and what you have shown me tonight I have loved, please show how I am to be Fucked and if you have been Fucked, you can Fuck me”. “Yes , Ernie I have been fucked by my Daddy and I loved it, at first I was sore for a bit but now I like it.
With that Merve started to poke his cock into my Bum Hole he had trouble getting it in, it was hurting a bit but when I bent a little his cock started to go further in, it was hurting more but there was something about it and I was loving the hurt, then it was all in and he was sliding it in and out, at the same time I was pulling myself, he Fucked me for a far time and then he said he was filling my Bum-Hole with his hot spunk, he rolled me over and he started kissing me again, then to me he said “ Ernie you are a very lovely boy and I hope you will come to my place tomorrow,as I will have a few surprises for you.

Will Ernie go, see what happened.

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