Actress & Me ( Part 8 Hot Movie Sex Scene)

Actress & Me ( Part 8 Hot Movie Sex Scene)

Shannon and the girls went to their doctors for an 8 week check up, and everything was ok with the girls, and Shannon’s injuries were almost healed up. The doctor gave Shannon the ok to start working out, and in a few more weeks she could resume normal sexual activities without any restrictions. She had gone to see a plastic surgeon, and he fixed up her scar, so it was not visible.

She got herself a personal trainer to work herself back into shape. She swam a lot in the pool. I got her into playing golf. She took lesson at the club we belong to. Within 5 weeks, she had regained her former looks, her measurements were 36-24-35, she weighed 125 pounds, spaced over a 5' 7" frame, and not an ounce of fat anywhere on her. She was 33 years old.

She was very hot looking. With her long blonde hair and blue eyes, she could go right back to playboy and pose again, putting those young babes to shame.

The problem is me, even though the doctor said we can resume a normal sex life, I find that I can’t make love to my wife. All of a sudden this inability of mine, is starting to cause a strain on our marriage. I think there is a lot of guilt inside of me, for causing her to go through all the pain and suffering during the last pregnancy.

I find myself staying in my office till I know she is asleep, or I sleep on the couch in the office. In the morning I make sure I am up before she is. At night I can hear her crying in our bedroom. We argue a lot more, and I can see the stress in her face. I feel like we both are ready to explode.

I left the house one day, around the middle of October, I had an appointment with her doctor. I sat down with him and discussed the whole situation. “Shannon was completely healed up, and was ready, and able to continue normal sexual relationship.” He assured me. “Maybe I should go see a psychologist. He had a doctor friend who was real good at this type of problem, and could set up an appointment, if I want to go see her.” He suggested to me.

I said, “go ahead see what you can do.”

He left to go to his office, and told me to wait out in the waiting room. A few minutes later the nurse came and took me to his office. He was on the phone talking, and then looked at me, “is 11:30 this morning ok for you?” He asked me. I nodded yes back to him. He hung the phone up and told me how to get there, I thanked him for his help and left.

I spent a couple of hours with the psychologist, and she seemed to straighten me out. She tore apart all of my inner fears of what had happen to Shannon. Then rebuilt my confidence in myself, I could feel that barrier start to disappear. She suggested that we go away for a short vacation just the 2 of us, with no distractions.

“Doc those girls are only 4 ½ months old, do you really think that I can get her to leave them alone for a few days.” I said to her. She nodded her head in agreement.

But that suggestion did turned on the light bulb, and right then I knew what I was going to do. I explained my idea to her and she agreed, and thought that would work just nicely. I thanked her for the help, and headed home.

I drove back to the farm and parked out by the barn. I grabbed a blanket out of the guest house, and went up into the loft and built a love nest. I knew Sarah was there, I saw her car out front. I called Shannon’s cell phone, and told her to have Sarah watch the kids for a few minutes, I need to see her in the barn. She was asking me a bunch of questions.

“Honey please just do it for me.” I begged.

Pretty quick I could hear her in the barn.

“Where are you at?” She hollers.

“Up in the loft.” I hollered back.

She climbs up in the loft, ‘Where?” She asked.

“Over here.” I said.

It is fairly dark up there, but enough light to see by, as she walks around some bales of hay that I had used to make our love nest, and sees me laying there stark naked.

“What are you doing there?” She asks with a laugh.

“Will you join me/” I invited her.

She looked at my laying there naked, and she stripped bare in a flash, and laid down next to me. She quickly flowed into my arms, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She reached up to me with her lips, and gave me a soft kiss. She then reached down and touched my cock, and my tender cock recoiled.

“What is the matter?” She asked as she pulled her hand away.

“Honey this missile is so sensitive, that just a few touches will cause an explosion, that just might blow the roof off this barn.” I said as I gave her another kiss.

She started to giggle at my joke.

I pushed her down on the blanket and kiss with all the passion and love that I had. She returned the kiss with her tongue darting into my mouth. Our kiss lingered with our tongues locked together, as we gently probed each others mouth.

My hand was rubbing and massaging her breast, and nipple. Her nipples were standing to attention, like little missiles, awaiting lift off.

“My body is yours for the taking, make love to me,” She said with a moan.

“Go down and suck my nipples.” She commanded, as she started to push my head downward.

I got down to those perfect 36C mounds, and I attacked her stiff nipples. I sucked on them, softly nibble on her nipples. I went down on the side of her breasts, and put my mark on her in the form of a hickey(I don’t ever remember giving her a hickey before, now she has one on each boo. I tried to suck her whole breast into my mouth, but no way was it all going to fit. So I worked on her nipples and the bumps on her areola’s.

My hand move done to her slit, and her lips were wet with her overflowing juices. The minute I touched her lips, she shuddered. I massaged the outer lips, as she spread her legs wider. I could feel more moisture leak from her pussy, as I continued to work on her outer lips. My finger brushed her star hole a couple of times, making her flinch each time.

I spread her lips, and inserted 2 fingers, and started to give her a good finger fucking. She was soaking wet inside her pussy, and you could hear her liquids squish as I rotated my fingers around her insides. I reached up to her sensitive G-spot, and put some pressure on it. She raised her hips right off the blanket as she cumed in excitement.

“Tell me what you want next baby?” I asked with a tit in my mouth.

“I am yours for the taking, do what ever you want to me.” She gasped in pleasure.

“Do you want to feel my tongue, licking across your slit, attacking your clitoris.” I teased.

“OOO yes lick my pussy make me cum again baby.” She said as she pushed my head down to her snatch.

She had her legs wide open now as my head reached her slit, and my tongue started to lick up her juices. I spread her lips apart, making her clitoris pop out of it’s hiding spot. I licked her clit a few times, as the blood flow into it, enlarged it like a small penis. Then I sucked it real hard and fast, and raked my teeth across it.

“OOOOO my Goddddddddd that feels sooooo good.” She shouted out in pleasure.

“O honey I missed you so, OOO keep doing that I am going to cum hard.” She purred in pure delight.

She locked her legs against my head, as her cum just poured out of her totally drenching my face and beard. She dumped 4 months of her cum into my face.

She finally calmed down from her massive orgasm, and laid there for a few moments gasping for air, before she relaxed her legs to let me loose. I looked up at her with her cum dripping off my face.

“OOPPPS did I do that,” She giggled looking at my dripping wet face.

I did not say anything I just lunged forward and planted a kiss firmly on her lips, letting her taste herself. To her credit, she did not back down, but instead licked some of her juices off my lips.

She whispered in my ear,”my turn.”

“No I am so ready, I can’t wait, I am going to fuck you now.” I said with cock in hand I was rubbing her slit.

“O baby yes shove that missile into me and make it blast off.” She said as she begged me to fuck her.

I slammed my missile deep into her pussy, pumping as fast as I could go. The heat that we generated was cooking my cum, and I could feel it boil.

“O MY GOD I have missed you so much baby, O MY GOD I going to cum again.” She screamed in ecstasy.

Just them I exploded in lift off and shot load after load deep into her pussy, the force of my and her orgasm together lifted her hips right off the blanket. We collapsed into a heap, with both of us panting like we just finished a marathon race.

“I am glad that your are back.” She cooed into me ear, holding me tight.

“It was a rough road I traveled, and I will tell you about it later.” I said to her

“No tell me now?’ She asked with pleading blues eyes.

“Ok, I went to see your doctor today. I discussed with him not only your condition, but also about my problems. He reassured me that you were perfectly fine, and I could resume normal sex with you. He recommended that I go see a psychologist. He called up a good friend of his, and she had a cancellation and could see me right away.” I informed her so far of my day

“Please continue.” She said.

“OK I went and saw the shrink, and she was good. I filled her in on the situation and she was able to break down the barriers that were causing my problems.” I told Shannon.

“What were your problems?” She asked me with some concern.

“I blamed myself for all that happen to you with the problems on your pregnancy and delivery, and almost losing you. It cause me to put a barrier so that I could not resume any type of loving relationship with you, no matter how hard I tried.” I said as I paused for a moment.

“But know this Shannon, you still are the most important person in my life, even over those 3 babies in the house, and I still love you with all of my heart.” I said in a voice full of love.

She put her arms around my neck and started to cry, as I held her tight, I could feel her body shake with her emotions, and tears.

“O honey I was so worried, I did not know what to do, I thought I was losing you, and I did not know how to get you back. I talked with my mother and Sarah about it, and neither had any good answers on what to do. I tried to talk with you about how I was feeling, but you just blew me off. And when you started to not sleep in our bed and spend more time in your office I was scared that our marriage was done.” She said as she was sobbing on my shoulder.

“There there everything is coming back together, and I am so sorry to put you through all of this, it was all my fault, and I hope that you can forgive me for my actions. But I never did stop loving you.” I said as I kissed her forehead, while stroking her hair.

She just squeezed me tight.

“Well I think we should get dressed and get back to the house, Sarah is probably wonder what the hell has happen to us, and may think the worst and call the cops.” I said with a laugh.

We walked into the house holding hands just like 2 teenagers in love. Sarah watched us come in trying to search our happy faces for any type of clue.

“WOW you guys smell like you just had sex.” She finally said with a smile.

Shannon walked over to Sarah and whispered in her ear, and Sarah just nodded her head yes.

Shannon walked back to me and took my hand and we walk up the stairs to our bedroom to take a shower.

We stripped off our clothes and got into the shower, and washed each other clean. She then looked me right in the eyes, and got down on her knees, and kissed and suck the life back into my cock.

Her talented tongue worked my cock over and then my balls, her sucking action engorged my cock with a flow of blood, making it rock hard. Quickly she had my rock hard weapon fully
imbedded in her throat. She was deep throating me, with her throat muscle milking my cock.

It was not to long and I could feel the sensation in my balls of my cum starting to boil, and eruption was imminent.

“OOOO honey I am about to cum.” I said as I exploded inside of her mouth.

The force of my explosion caused her to gag a little bit, as I flooded her throat with my cum. She sucked me dry, and came up for a kiss sharing snowball with me. We held each other tight, and she had the glowing look of a woman in love all about her.

I shut the water off and we dried off and got dressed.

We went downstairs, and Shannon went to sit with Sarah and the girls, and I grabbed Shaun and wrestled with him on the floor. I could hear the 2 girls whispering back and forth with each other. Then they would look at me and then whisper some more. Pretty quick Sarah had the whole story, and they were giggled together.

Shannon took a couple of years off to raise the kids, and just be a mom. A couple of things happen in 1993. A director friend of mine called me. He said, “one of the supporting actress, asked to be released from the film, and he wonder if Shannon was ready to get back into films.”

He filled me in on the movie and who was staring in it. The shooting schedule was in the summer and fall of 1993, release date mid 1994.

Shannon and I talked about it, and she agreed to do the film. I told them our terms of $250,000.00 plus 2% of the net gross. They agreed to the terms, and she was in the movie True Lies. The move did well grossing almost 380 million world wide. She earned just over a million dollars on that movie. For the next 6-7 years she did one movie a year, all did good, but none were a superstar type movie for her.

In the summer of 1994, my dad’s company attorney called me with some very good news. It seem that TJ was making waves about running away and coming out here. Finally my exwife had enough and was willing to let him live here with us. Both Shannon and I were thrilled about him coming to live with us. Mom and dad flew out here with him in the June. It was good to have my son back with me

The next few years up to the turn of the century, were relatively uneventful, as we were busy raising our children. TJ really got into the production end of the business, and the crew taught him well. He showed some real talent on the field end of the movie business. TJ graduated from high school in the year 2000, and he immediately went into our production company. I visioned him taking it over in a few years.

In 1998 I acquired the rights to a book about MIA in Vietnam. I developed a script, and we got Chuck Norris to reprise his role of Col James Braddock. He got his old team together, to rescue his former sergeant, who was list as MIA, until a letter he wrote, got back to his wife. The movie was called MIA The Team Mission.

It was the first movie that both Shannon and I were in together. She played the wife of the missing sergeant, and I play the role of her wealthy father. We did everything in house, and the filming was done on location. The movie did well with a cost of 10 million to make and it grossed 50 million. We did alright on it financially. The movie was officially released in November of 1999.

The summer of 2000 we held a big Fourth of July Party at the Farm, with over 500 guest invited. It was the first party that we held here. The party was well attended, and everyone had a great time. We had a huge fireworks show around 10 pm, that lite up the sky. The big topic was the up coming Presidential election. That started an idea mulling around my head, for a possible new movie.

Also in the summer of 2000 I started to begin working on a book of our lives. It was something that I worked on in my spare time. So it was a slow going project. When I finished a chapter, I would have Shannon read it, and she would add or correct what was needed or what I forgot. I have not yet lined up a publisher, because I did not want to be committed to a date. When the book was done, it was done, even if it took 10 years to do.

I was picking up speed with my Presidential script. I was using the internet to do a lot of researching on information for the script. Mean while Shannon was doing a couple of movies a year, but it was tough getting the right script for her that was a blockbuster. She was making good money, but no awards.

I finished the script in 2003. It was about a man who in the year 2000, won both lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball, in the same week with the same numbers. He won over 500 million dollars, and after taxes he had a take home of 350 million. With proper investments, and some luck he had doubled his money in 5 years. It follows his dream of running for the office of President in 2008 as an independent, his campaign, his election, his years in the White House, and new marriage.

I was having trouble finding just the right actors ,and actress to play the lead roles. I went through a lot of testing, and script reading, without finding the right chemistry. Shannon who was helping with all of this suggested that we play the roles. I was not so sure, because I never studied any acting or ever done any type of major role. She was persistent, and convinced me to try.

We got the cast put together, and starting shooting in 2004, and finished up in 2005. I was looking at a release date of November 1, 2005. The film was the most expensive that I have made to date. It costed 120 million, I worked with MGM on this movie. Shannon and I worked on a 30% commission after net gross. I handle all the production with our company, and worked with MGM on the rest of the behind the scenes work. This movie was the hardest that I worked on so far. It took far more of my time, than I ever dreamed it would. Being the star and director was difficult work.

I had wrote one scene where the President(who is a widower) meets an old girl friend. They spark up a relationship, with one sex episode, with very little nudity, just some shots of their behinds. Shannon and I discussed this scene a few times, on how we wanted to preform it.

We decide to just go with how it flowed at the time. I told TJ to just film the whole scene out and then later I could edit it to how I wanted it to be shown. I had three hand held camera’s, plus one that was on a tract above the bed. I wanted to make sure that all the angles were cover.

The scene went something like this.

We were together on the bed with a sheet over us. We were kissing passionately with our tongues locked together in our mouths. Our breathing became heavy, with our increased passion.

Slowly my hand cupped her breast under the sheet, as I gently massaged her nipples. It was clear that you could tell what I was doing through the movement of the sheets.

She was kissing and licking my ear, and softly biting my ear lobes. I was kissing her neck, and then back up to her lips. We opened our mouths and let our tongues out to dance together.

I kissed my way down to her breast, as my hand was down on her leg, rubbing the inside of her leg up and down under the sheet. My mouth covered her nipple, as my fingers invaded her soaking wet pussy. I think with a crowd watching her perform, Shannon was extremely turned on.

Her nipple was rock hard and seemed to stick out about an ½ inch, as my tongued gently played with her nipple, and my lips softly sucked on it. My finger was working her pussy over, and by the movement of the sheets, you could guess just what I was doing.

Shannon’s face was flush red, and her breathing became laborious.

“O My God it has been a long time since a man has touched me like that.” She moaned her line.

I shifted over on top of her, (the script said to pretend to fuck her) but my cock entered into her pussy, just like it has done for over 23 years, and I proceeded to fuck her. She had her legs wrapped around me and her arms wrapped around my neck.

I continued to fuck her with our mouths locked into a passionate kiss, she broke the kiss and said,” OOOO God baby I am so close....and I covered her mouth with a kiss.

She broke the kiss again and screamed into my ear, as we both exploded into major orgasms. As we came down from the high we were on from our sexual explosion, the above camera was filming all of Shannon’s facial movements as she went through her orgasm.

Shannon and I completed the scene, and when we got done, I looked around, and the whole crew had their mouths open. Finally I said, “cut and robes please.”

I looked over to TJ and said,”Well how was it?”

“WOW was that ever hot.” he said as he gulped and blushed.

The movie was called Welcome Mr. President, and was released November 4 2005, amid wild rumors that Shannon and I had sexual intercourse during that sex scene. It was a screaming hit, with theaters pack by people wanting to see our sex scene. The first full week alone we grossed over 200 million alone. We finished up just shy of a billion dollars on gross receipts. I was a great payday for us almost 300 million.

We never did admit to having sexual intercourse during that movie scene.

At the March Academy Awards, I swept them away, winning best actor, director, and screenplay, and Shannon won her 3 best actress award. We were the first husband and wife team to win those awards in the same year.

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