The pool - part 1 - The trap

The pool - part 1 - The trap

By Patryxk B.

I just moved to this big apartment building. There are 6 floors and 20 apartments per floor. The price is kinda high because there is a big interior pool inside. So, anyone can swim at any day of the year between 7AM and 10PM. Even if I was in my mid-thirties, I was not a very good swimmer and hate to swim alone. So, it wasn't a big factor when I moved in here. Every day or so, I passed by it and looked to see if people were using the pool. I disliked it if there were too many strangers in the same pool that I went to. I was not into public swimming pools. And everyone here is a stranger to me. I didn't mingle with any of them and probably won't. I was kinda shy. The only people I knew were the old landlord and his wife. After a few weeks, I questioned myself about why I didn't use the pool yet? So, I planned a Wednesday evening to go swimming for an hour or so. Who knows, maybe it will become a habit. I choose 9 Pm, so I would be alone swimming.

So, the time arrived, and didn't anticipate it much. I putted on my blue bathing suit (nothing under it of course) with a t-shirt. I also filled a bag with a pool towel and a pair of shorts. I got shoes with no socks and there I went. I often crossed people with bathing suits on. They never seem to mind going to the pool or come back still wearing their swimsuit. All tenants were used to it. For me, my swimsuit looked like a short, and I was wearing a T-Shirt, so I won't be embarrassed at all if I crossed tenants.

The swimming pool is surrounded by glass walls and ceiling. I smelled strong chloride and the humidity level was pretty high. The pool is as big as an Olympic pool. No one around. Great. I touched the water with one toe, and its temperature was close to a sauna. I told myself that maybe I will do a few laps and stay around for a while. It is very boring all by myself. But at least, I will have peace with no kids around. I won't say ever to myself that I never used the pool. It will be very relaxing. I needed relaxation.

When I entered the changing room, There was a 20ish guy sitting there, naked. He smiled at me and then started playing with his lump cock. I looked away, tried to ignore it and sat a few meters away. There are lots of weirdos, and that's the way to handle them. There was a changing room with a locked door. So, I entered, lock it and changed. While changing, I kept thinking about that weirdo's cock. I wondered how long it could get. Dunno why this funny thought came into my mind. I was neither gay nor bi. I love women. I was attracted to girls. Then I came out ready, with the towel on my shoulder. It took me about 3 minutes to change. Once out, he was still there. I tried not to stare while I wondered if he was still naked or still stroking his cock. With a small peak, he was. I couldn't see his cock, but his right arm was still moving. I was thinking about how to bypass him to get to the pool. To my surprise, he stood up and came to me.

- Hey!

I kept looking away, even if it was difficult. I was embarrassed by his nudity and his action. And he was so close to me. Why did I come here anyway! I regretted it already. I have stupid ideas sometimes! I guess he wanted me to look at it. He definitely doesn't mind. So I stopped acting embarrassed and gave a great look at it while he removed his hand. I don't know why I felt ashamed, we have the same body parts, just not the same size. His cock is cut, curving a little upward. No hair around it. It was almost hard. I was sure he could make it longer if he continued stroking it. Bigger than mine. I wonder why my mind even made the comparison.

- Would you like to finish me off? He offered me.

I don't know why, but that offer was really tempting. I never thought that I could get in a situation that I could touch another guy's cock. Curiosity, I guess. I know this opportunity won't happen again. So, I told him:

- No! I am not into that! Thanks!

I tried to stay polite. He could be crazy. But he didn't accept that answer, and his body was preventing me from going to the pool. I was truly embarrassed and thinking about how I could pass him by. But before I tried, he asked:

- You never did it with a friend before?

- No!

- I bet you thought about it sometimes, didn't you? How it would feel to have someone's cock in his hand!

He was right, but I couldn't tell the truth.

- I... maybe... but guys don't turn me on!

- Come on! I am sure you thought about how it would feel like touching another cock! You can touch mine! No one will know!

- I shouldn't! No! I don't want to!

Actually, I did want to, but I was kinda scared. A stranger wanted me to touch his cock. That's too much for me.

- You don't even have to put it in your mouth! Go ahead!

- Sorry! I just want to swim! You could ask someone else!

So this was my final answer. I may regret losing this opportunity one day, but that's my decision. This time, he took my wrist and put my hand on his hard cock, and close it around it!

I was surprise. I didn't resist.

- See, it doesn't hurt!

I froze and didn't know what to do! I had someone's cock in my hand! Wow!

- Go ahead, stroke it! Go ahead! You know how to do it!

Yes, I did, but... never to another guy. I moved my hand a little down and then up slowly. I did it by instinct. I couldn't find any strength to remove my hand.

- Hmm that's my boy! You're good! Continue!

I surprised myself. I should have removed my hand immediately, but I kept stroking it. Nothing went in my mind. I had no more shame to stare at his cock, and I was holding it and running my hand faster! Some part of me enjoyed it and the other part was disgusted. The first part wan.

Then, he made me stop before he came.

- Gratz! You did your first cock!

Then he left the changing room and went to the pool naked, even if it was forbidden to swim naked.

I was shocked. My cock was rock hard after rubbing his cock! I couldn't believe what happened. I was not even sure what i was more shocked about, stroking a cock or liking doing it? My heart was beating hard. I had to get that experience out of my mind and took a cold shower before going swimming. I repeated : «I am not gay!» to convince myself.

During the short shower, I wondered what will happen if I met this guy again. What should I say or do. I decided that it was best to stay silent and ignore him. I could go back to my apartment, but my mind and body didn't allow me to *********** that choice. He might ask again to stroke him to finish him off this time. But I was not sure if I could say no again. And this guy doesn't accept no for an answer. Maybe he was satisfied with what I have done and won't ask? Hum! We'll see...

I entered the pool still shaking from the last event. In the water, no one will notice my hard on. I felt stupid thinking about it because the only other person here is the weirdo splashing at the other end. I ignored him like I planned. I will swim 15 minutes and get out of here fast. Or maybe just 5. He didn't even wave at me or address me. I guessed this was all that he wanted, to tease a random stranger. He wanted someone to stroke him. I was the victim ***********ed because I was there alone. End of the story. I try to think about other stuff. Kinda difficult. I kinda swim close to the middle of the pool as he swam toward me. At one point, he dived underwater. I was swimming backward when he grabbed my bathing suit. I panicked and tried to escape, but he pulled and removed it entirely! I was as naked as him in the pool. He came up on the water happy about what he did and was twirling my swimming suit around.

- Hey! Give it back to me! I yelled at him, forcefully swimming toward him.

The guy ignored my plead and continued to flee in the direction where the water is very deep. He yelled :

- I got it!

A girl with a pink bikini came out from the lady's changing room. She was very beautiful. In her young 20s, she might be 19 with long black hair, a dolphin tattoo on her right arm. She dived in the pool, before she rose near the guy. He whispered something in her ear while she was looking at me. Then she swam slowly toward me.

- So, my boyfriend told me things about you!

Gasp! Did he mention what I did in the changing room? Or that I was naked! She is his girlfriend, so he shouldn't have mentioned the masturbation.

- Please, don't approach me! I said. I didn't want her to see me naked.

But that warning didn't slow her down.

- I don't mind that you are naked! It is naughty! And I like being naughty!

That didn't remove my embarrassment about having a girl near me while I was naked. But I felt that my cock got even harder.

I swam backward, but she reached me first. We were eyes to eyes. Boy, she was beautiful! She then took my already hard cock in her hand!

- Stop! Please!

- You really want me to stop? As she rubbed it slowly while smiling.

I couldn't answer that while I noticed his boyfriend swimming slowly reaching us.

- You see, we are a very open couple! And we don't mind doing things like this!

She kissed me! I returned the kiss. She stroked me a little faster. No man could resist such seduction. The kiss was long, and she was good at it. She broke the kiss with a smile. Looked at my eyes and turned on her left to see her boyfriend, one arm away from me. I almost forgot about him. She kissed him without releasing my cock. She didn't want me to go. His girl wanted me to witness their passionate kiss. It was as long as the one we shared. Then, the girl came back to me, and we kissed again. This time I was more prepared. She broke the kiss early and quickly her boyfriend kissed me without being ready. I didn't know what to do, but kissed back. Then his girlfriend swam away from us, and I noticed that he was stroking me now. My senses were off guard because of the situation. I didn't notice the switch in my mind. Even knowing who was stroking me now, I continued the kiss. He tried to get my tongue to play with his. I resisted at first, but then, I let go and just enjoyed it without thinking.

She then shouted:

- This one, we will make him gay!

That's when I realized what was going on. I stroke him earlier, now he was stroking me, and I was kissing him! With his free hand, he reached my right hand toward his cock in order to stroke each other while kissing. So I did.

I was the first to cum. Then he released his hand on my cock and started kissing my cheeks and neck. I continued to rub his cock. I wanted so hard to make him cum. And was happy when I succeeded!

After that, he silently joined back his girlfriend. Both got out of the pool. He left my swimming suit on the deck. They whispered to each other before taking their towel and left to their changing rooms.

I swam directly to get my swimming suit back. I decided to stay in the pool till they leave. The guy got out first. And kept standing till the girl joined him. He got his arm around her and said:

- For more fun, come to 404 at 7PM tomorrow!

Then they left.

I couldn't believe the events that just occurred. They raped me. And I liked it. Did I want more? I didn't know!

- To be continued!

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