After School Math Help-Sessions 1 & 2_(1)

After School Math Help-Sessions 1 & 2_(1)

Teaser: Both Emelie an exchange student from Sweden and Michael won awards at a school Board meeting. It was that genesis that led to Michael using his math skills to tutor the blonde haired, blue eyed middle school teen after school at his house.

At first it looked like not very many parents and staff would show up to the monthly school Board meeting, but as it got closer to 7:30, the seats began to fill up. Carl Johnson was there with his son, who had been invited to attend because he had done so well in a math competition at his middle school. Mike was a very bright 16-year-old who had just started to notice the young ladies. His dad was looking at his watch, curious about how long he would have to wait before he could go home and hit the six pack that was waiting for him. He was raising his son on his own and they had developed a close relationship . . . but soon that relationship would involve a young lady who was also at the Board meeting with her parents.

One by one student's names were called to receive their certificate. Then all of a sudden the name "Emelie Petersson" was called, and an extremely beautiful girl stood up and went towards where the Board was seated and after having her picture taken, she shook the hand of the Board President and worked her way back to her seat. Except this time, she decided to enter the row Mike and his dad were sitting in and excused herself, as she moved across several people towards her seat.

She looked at Mike and said "Hi Michael congratulations on your award". Mike offered a quick "Thank You" and politely moved his feet back so that she could pass. As she was moving past Mr. Johnson, she slightly lost her balance and had to place her hand on his shoulder to keep from tripping and she turned scarlet. Carl looked up at the girl, who had long blonde hair that was braided into one gathering in the back, and quickly noticed her small titties that were displayed prominently because the top she was wearing was very tight.

She also had on a pleaded skirt and black patent leather shoes. Whether on purpose or not, Carl placed his hand on her tight little ass and boosted her back up so that she could navigate the rest of the distance back to her seat. She whispered "thank you" to Carl but fleetingly noticed the beginning of a boner in Mike's pants.

"Do you know her?" Carl asked his son.

"Yeah, she's got the same lunch as me and she usually sits at my table."

"She’s quiet a 'looker', that's for sure," he mentioned just loud enough for the woman next to him to give out a dirty look. The first part of the meeting ended, and parents were given the opportunity to leave, and they got up to do so. After they got out into the hallway outside of the media center, Carl was ready to head right for the parking lot when a hand touched him on his shoulder.

"Excuse me sir . . . but I noticed the fine award your son received in math and was wondering, whether he could tutor my daughter in mathematics?" Carl positioned himself so that he could see Emelie and her parents. Both he and Mike were so surprised with the question they just looked at each other for several seconds and then finally Mr. Johnson said, "That would be up to him . . . but I imagine we could work out something."

At that point Emelie's mother took over the conversation, indicating that they were from Sweden and here in the states for a couple of years and that math was the only area her daughter had difficulty with. While the parents were talking and walking down the hall towards the front of the building, Mike and Emelie moved closer together and began their own conversation.

"I am so embarrassed Michael. Don't be afraid to say no. My mom is quite the organizer/planner," she pointed out guardedly.

"That's not a problem. I would be happy to help you in math. You could ride my bus home and we could work before dinner, maybe a couple of days a week."

"I would like that," she said with a big smile on her face as she squeezed his hand. As Mike looked into her eyes he saw a twinkle and knew she must have found him somewhat handsome, and as a result, his cock began to rise once again. He had just turned 16 over the summer and she was a month younger, but that did not seem to matter as they continued to carry-on a typical high school conversation. As they continued talking, his cock continued to grow and he was soon suddenly embarrassed.

Nonchalantly, Emelie looked downward, and was similarly aroused as she noticed the boy's erection sticking up the front of his pants and was certain she was the cause. Thinking back, she had sat at his lunch table, because she had a crush on him, but just now learning about boys in sex-ed she was certain the boy's big boner was a GOOD sign. Then her mom interrupted:

"So Michael, would you do us the honor of teaching our daughter about mathematics. Maybe she could start tomorrow after school?"

"He suggested that I just ride his bus home and we could get in a couple of hours of studying before dinner. Maybe Daddy could pick me up afterwards, on his way home? I'll write down my email address, in case you need to get a hold of me," said Emelie with a wink as she scribbled her contact information for him. He nodded and then listened to her mother once again.

"If it is OK with his father, I think we have a plan then," said her mom.

"It's fine by me. Just bring along all your books and stuff and they can work at the kitchen table," said Mr. Johnson. There was much polite handshaking and praise as both families slipped out into the night and went home.

Just before he went to bed, Mike emailed Emelie reminding her to bring along her calculator, math book and something to write notes and problems on. Almost instantly she emailed him back:

"I have everything set in my backpack. The first hour or so, I want to make sure we concentrate on my math facts. My parents are going to give me some extra spending money if I can bring up my B- up to an A. With your help, I know I can do that. The second hour before my dad gets there . . . I want to show you my personal appreciation . . . which might help with that big lump in your pants tonight- Em"

First of all, just receiving an email from her, was enough for Mike to worm his hand into his pajama bottoms and pull out his cock. When it got to the last sentence of her email, he lost all control and a hot stream of cum catapulted out of the tip of his shaft and shot directly up to his chin. He looked over at a nearby mirror and watched his cum drip off of his face and he quickly fantasized . . . that might be what Emelie will look like tomorrow.

One Lewd Math Lesson

During lunch at school, Mike made a point of sitting directly across from Emelie. They continued to get to know each other better and just before the bell rang, he made arrangements to meet her outside her last hour class. They didn't look much like a couple as they boarded the school bus, but they did sit next to each other. Just about when the bus was going to stop, she grasped his hand and said, "I am so happy you are going to be my tutor. Let's go have some real fun together."

His dad had actually baked some chocolate chip cookies and placed them on the kitchen table when they entered the kitchen. While she was getting things out of her backpack, he quickly changed into a pair of Nike shorts and a top that showed off his chest and muscles. He liked to work out in the basement, and his hard work was easy to see with the development of his arms. When he came back, she was already working on her homework.

She looked up and said, "Don't you look yummy! But we must concentrate on math for at least an hour, ok?" He nodded and looking over her shoulder he noticed the Pre-Algebra assignment she was working on. They talked for several minutes, and she explained what parts of math she did not understand. Since that subject came so easy for him, he immediately offered some suggestions and what had to be memorized. After almost an hour and a half, she was almost giggly on what she now understood.

"We only have about 15 minutes and I still have to show you my personal appreciation like I said in my email last night . . . which might help that lump in your pants that is now getting pretty big. I have not done much with boys before so bear with me, but in Sweden, girls learn how to make their boyfriends like them A LOT by doing naughty things for them. So let's play a quick game. You be the leader and tell me what I should do to give you some relief".

"Are you sure?" he asked, not ready for her suggestion.

"Uh, huh . . . you kinda be like the master and I will be your slave and don't be afraid to talk dirty to me . . . cuz I love it!" He got up from the table and stood a foot or so away from her.

"The way my balls are throbbing right now, it won't take more than a minute or two to make me cum." She was a bit shocked at him suddenly talking so street to her, but she had asked for it.

"Well . . . let's see what you have been hiding then," she giggled. Mike glanced up at the clock and realized her dad would be there shortly and did not want to waste another minute. He began pulling down his Nike shorts and suddenly got the courage and dropped them to his ankles. As he stood up and stepped out of them, his throbbing cock waved back and forth and Emelie gasped in surprise.

"I didn't realize they could be so BIG," she murmured. He appreciated the compliment, and remembered she hadn't had much experience with males before and their distinctive equipment. Encouraged by her comment, Mike began to pull on his swollen shaft . . . sliding his hand up and down slowly, and at the same time he watched the look of fascination and awe on her innocent face. He once again focused on her long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Then he remembered he was the one that was supposed to be calling the shots and quickly stopped wanking in front of her and smiled at his new girlfriend.

"Okay slave,” he said with a smile, “That's all YOU have to do," he said convincingly, "just stroke it . . . till I cum, and my BIG boner will go away." She began to giggle once again nervously, but moved closer to the aroused boy and then stopped. It was almost as if she was in a trance. He wanted so badly to shoot off, and he knew they would be interrupted in minutes, he took her small moist hand and placed it firmly on his throbbing cock. He wrapped her young fingers around his shaft and held her hand there while showing her how to jack it properly. Once he was satisfied that she knew what to do and she had a steady rhythm going, he released his grip on her hand.

"That feels so good, Slave . . . just keep it up," he groaned.

"Does it really? I have NEVER touched a boy before. Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"You have NO idea how awesome that feels," he gulped. He again watched her hand on his long cock, trying to remember this exact moment for later.

"Will you finish soon . . . then?" she asked. "I don't want Daddy to be here and catch us . . . but I love what I am doing to you, holding your cock and all . . . and I mean that."

"It won't be too long if you keep doing it just like that," he said with a stifled sigh. The sight of the blonde girl, with her pink tongue slightly protruding from her lips in concentration, her wide blue eyes almost closed as she studied the slippery tip of swollen cock head and the rhythmic motion of her dainty hand, could have brought him off in seconds . . . but he was trying so hard to make this last, despite the urgency of her dad possibly coming any minute.

"You need to be quick or we are going to get caught," she reminded him, which considering the circumstances, was a little indelicate and probably had the opposite effect anyway.

"You need to stop talking then," he huffed. "You're breaking my concentration."

"You need to concentrate?" she questioned as her hand slowed its pace slightly. "Concentrate on what?"

"What d'you think?" he shot back. "I'm picturing your sweet little tits right here (as he gently placed his fingers on her breast) in my mind as you are gripping my cock and it is so incredible." She remembered asking him to talk dirty but when the words came out of his mouth, she gasped and blushed deeply. After his words, she bit her lower lip and focused on jacking him off more steadily.

"You'll have to cum soon," she said anxiously after a few more minutes. "I can't be late."

"Show me your tits then," Mike said, meaning to challenge her but it came out sounding more like an order.

"What!!" she squealed.

"You want me to come QUICKLY right . . .and seeing your beautiful tits will make that happen a lot faster."

"I-I can't do that today. Maybe next time when we have more time."

"Why not? You're looking at my COCK. Just open up your blouse and let me look at you."

"How can I open up my blouse while I'm jerking you off?" she said wistfully. "I'd have to let go of you and I'm not stopping - that'll just make it last even longer." He was already prepared for her objection and reaching forward, began to quickly unfasten the buttons on her blouse.

"Wha... what are you... DOING" she yelped.

"Just helping you," he said softly. "I don't want you to stop either so I'll just do this for you." She bit her lower lip a little harder but couldn't think of a reasonable objection, so his fingers quickly finished the job, leaving her blouse hanging open to her waist. Without pausing, he tugged at her flimsy bra and brought it up and over her delicious young breasts and exposed a pair of precious nipples to his gaze. And that was all it took!

He was about to tweak her pink buds, and suddenly his cock was erupting with the force and quantity that he'd NEVER experienced before. Emelie squealed in surprised shock and released her grip on his spurting shaft. But that was a mistake! She was a good foot shorter than he was and her quivering breasts were in perfect alignment for the spurt of sticky fluid that coated her tits with thick globs of his sticky sperm.

His new girlfriend looked down at her splattered breasts in great surprise at just the wrong moment as he grabbed his spurting shaft in his hand and yet another jet squirted all over her face. That was the most cum he'd ever produced at one time, but the erotic sight of Emelie with his sperm dripping from her nipples and still more trickling down her sweet face to coat her lips was enough incentive for his overworked balls to produce a final flood that went directly between her lips.

For once she was lost for words. Her mouth opened and he saw his cum on her tongue, which was probably the most awesome part of this entire episode. Surprisingly, she quickly swallowed his seed and wiped her face furiously with the back of her hand but only succeeded in spreading the thick stickiness over a wider area. She looked more beautiful and desirable than ever with his sperm coating both her tits and smeared all over her face. (And for a moment he remembered the site of his cum on his own chin the night before and how amazing his prediction about Emelie and after school had come so true).

"What have you done to me?" she spluttered when she was finally able to speak.

"You made me cum," he explained simply. "You were holding my cock so I didn't have any control over where it spurted."

"Wait until tomorrow mister . . . when it will be MY turn to be the Master," she announced. Mike ran to the kitchen and got a warm damp cloth and gave it to her so that she could clean herself off. He was eager to touch her small tits, but realized this was not the time. They raced to get things cleaned up so she quickly pulled down her bra, (much to his dismay) and then buttoned up her blouse and tucked it in. She heard her dad beep the horn and as she was leaving out the back door she quickly kissed Mike on the lips.

"If mom and dad will let me, I will be back tomorrow. I loved what we just did. That was sooooo dirty, but it was awesome to do it with you. I hope I don't get heartburn from the cum I just swallowed. E-mail me!" And with that she was gone. Minutes later, his Dad arrived home.

"So how did the study session go?" asked Mike's father, putting his lunch box aside and facing his son. Mike had quickly prepared some dinner so they sat down and chatted.

"It went very well. She is pretty smart and I doubt that she will need too many more sessions with me helping her," Mike said with a matter of fact tone in his voice.

"She may be smart, but she is also absolutely beautiful too . . . don't you think?"

"We certainly can agree on that fact," said Mike with a smile on his face.

"Will she be back again tomorrow?"

"I doubt it . . . she has a math quiz and she thought her parents would want to see how she did, before scheduling any more sessions."

"Well, did she know the material when she left?" Carl asked.

"Oh yeah. We even had time to go into the next chapter." Their conversation continued for several more minutes, but Mike was dying to get to his email to see if she had sent him anything . . . so he excused himself from the table indicating that homework was calling.

When he traveled upstairs to his bedroom, his cock began to rise in anticipation . . . and sure enough she HAD sent him an email and there was even an attachment to it. He opened it up and it read:

Dear Michael,

Did we ever have a GREAT time this afternoon . . . Huh? What a wonderful first study date! And I think I kept my part of the bargain about showing my appreciation, didn't I? As I am writing this, all I have on is my panties (and right now I am typing one handed, because I have my right hand INSIDE my panties on my wet pussy, just thinking of you!) and I can't wait until we are together again. Unfortunately, it won't be for a couple of days. My parents want to see my math quiz score first . . . as I told you. One of the things I liked best about today . . . was us talking dirty to each other. I know it's kinda kinky and a girl my age is not supposed do it, but it makes me feel SO horny just the same. Speaking of making someone horny, I snapped a quick picture of myself for you to put as a screen saver on your computer, so that when you jerk off tonight (and I am SURE you will) . . . you will have something new to look at instead of any other naked girls. Please hide it from your Dad though!!! And by the way . . . when we meet again at your house, I want you to squeeze and maybe pinch a little and mostly SUCK what I have taken a picture of. That of course is when I have you do naughty things to me after our next lesson. LOVE, Emelie

Mike could not click the attachment button quick enough and what came up on the screen, made him begin to erupt. There in front of him was a perfect picture of Emelie's bare titties, with two pink nipples stiff as his cock, that she must have just taken with her iPhone.

Next Day at School

Mike was leaving his English class when all of a sudden Emelie came running up to him with a big grin on her face.

"I gotta an A on my math quiz!" she shrieked, placing her arms around him and then whispering in his ear, "I texted that great news home, and my mom says I can come over today after school to study some more. Little does she know what we will be studying other than math though . . . does she?" The horny girl moved her hands from behind his back down to his tight muscular ass and pulled him closer, making his rising cock rub up against her.

"No she doesn't, but I do," he whispered back. "We just got to keep going over the math a lot, so that you not only can get more A's but also maybe get into Advanced math next year. That would make them very happy." Suddenly his English teacher placed his hand in between the two huggers and warned them about public affection. Emelie giggled and headed back to class, looking back and seeing his stiff shaft that she knew she had just gotten hard.

"Meet me by my bus," said Mike down the hallway, adjusting his full erection so that it was not so noticeable in the hallway. One more hour to go he thought as he sprinted to class. An hour and a half later, the bus pulled up in front of Mike's house and the couple got off. Emelie pretended to keep walking towards her house, but after a few minutes she doubled back. He had already opened up the back door and taken out a couple of Cokes out of the refrigerator.

"Let me visit the bathroom and we can start the next chapter," she said placing her backpack on the table. He watched her pleaded school uniform skirt swish back and forth as she headed down the hallway. While waiting, he sharpened a couple of pencils and when she returned they were ready to start. What he didn't know was that she had slipped off both her panties and bra, while she was peeing and washing up . . . making sure to use a wash cloth and soap on her bare pussy which she was hoping would be excited continually after the study session.

"What time will your dad be here?" he asked, looking across at her. She wondered whether he had noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, but his gaze was strictly at her blue eyes, which was exciting as well.

"Around 5:30 or so . . . depending upon traffic. So let's get started." Mike took out his cell phone and with the build in stand, let the time display as he placed it on the end of the table. It was 3:00 now so they could probably work on math for an hour and a half, and he would then work on her, for the final hour (lol). He had gotten a copy of her math book from his teacher and had prepared a short set of quizzes pertaining to what she was studying. They worked hard but by 4:20 she had taken in enough tutoring for one day.

"Today's naughty session is about to start . . . and it is all about ME today," she giggled. "Move your chair over next to mine Michael," Emelie asked as she was providing him with his first instruction. As he was following her request, she turned away from him and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her white school blouse.

"Now . . . kiss me like you mean it," she requested. In all their time together, they had never really participated much in the basics, and Mike gladly turned sideways, placed his hands on her shoulder, and gently placed his lips on hers. For both of them, there was an instant rush of excitement, and it did not take long for Michael's tongue to travel into her mouth and soon their tongues were wiggling urgently against each other.

After a few minutes of pure exhilaration, the aroused boy felt Emelie's hand on his jeans, as she began to rub small circles up his leg. Mike could not believe her boldness and elected to drop his one hand down from her shoulder towards the front of her blouse. As he felt the young vixen begin to gently fondle the area over his stiff cock, he continued to insert his tongue into her mouth (much like a cock) with more voracity . . . and the palm of his hand soon sensed her stiff nipple underneath as he began to softly caress her breast.

Soon he realized she was not wearing any type of underwear on top, which added to his passion. As his fingers traveled to the buttons on her blouse, he realized she had readied his invasion of her titties by unbuttoning a few, and in record speed, he did the same down the rest of them until his shaking hand reached inside and captured her small breast. Emelie immediately moaned her approval, and he began to meticulously excite both of her nipples, to full extension, back and forth . . . back and forth. Again and again he tweaked her buds with his fingers, and her moans increased in terms of pure lust and volume. But quickly she broke their kiss and said:

"TAKE OFF ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES MY SLAVE! I WANT YOU NAKED BEFORE ME," she screamed. The boy shook his head in disbelief, and wondered whether it was wise . . . but stood up and looked at the blonde beauty with her blouse still wide open and her pair of breasts fully visible to his stares with her stiff nipples aching for attention. With much haste he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, showing her his bare muscular chest. Next he pulled back his belt, unhooked it, unsnapped the brass button at the top and urgently yanked down his zipper.

He slipped his fingers into the waist of the pants on the sides and jerked BOTH his boxers and pants to his feet. Emelie watched as his big cock literally bounced in front of her, with the purple tip discharging his slippery pre-cum. Momentarily he sat back down, but only long enough to untie his shoes, throw them into the middle of the room and circumnavigate his pants and shorts off his feet and towards the same direction.

The horny girl left her blouse open . . . in fact she took the bottoms of the fabric and tied them behind her back so that she could continue to display herself to him. She kicked aside the chair he was originally sitting on, turned her chair more sideways, sat back down, then flipped her skirt in the back so that her bare ass touched the leather seat. Then she slowly began to open up her legs.

"Kneel down before me . . . my servant," she commanded, and Mike did what she asked. Soon he was looking at her blue and grey pleaded skirt.

"Now, place your hands on my knees, and slowly pull up my skirt." Needless to say the horny 15-year-old could not believe the entire situation as he slipped his thumbs under the hem of the skirt.

"Now talk DIRTY to me . . . as you open up your present!" said Emelie with a smile on her face, knowing her pussy lips were almost dripping with desire and anticipation. Mike began with a grin on his face.

"Here I am kneeling in front of my princess . . . who has her blouse wide open and her bare titties staring at me. I know I am supposed to SUCK on them but I will wait for her instructions. My fucking COCK is longer than it’s ever been before and I am dying to pull up her skirt so that I can see her naked PUSSY. As I pull up her skirt . . . I am remembering a couple of days ago . . . that I shot a fierce load of hot slippery cum all over her face . . . and these cute titties (and he used one hand to momentarily pinch each one) and even into her mouth and watched her swallow ALL of it.”

“I am looking at her sexy and very naked legs as I get closer to unveiling her cute little pussy. I have never seen a real pussy before . . . and I am dying to see hers.” He has slowed down from moving closer to her body, but is now within six inches of her clit. “Hold everything . . . my princess does not seem to be wearing ANY panties. What a naughty girl! I must spank her bare little ass for that later. Oh FUCK . . . look at this naked pussy in front of my eyes. Not a hair anywhere and these little lips here are all slippery and wet.”

“This girl must be very horny right now . . . and I'll bet if I touch this little clit right here . . . someone named Emelie will get REAL excited." And that is what he began to do. His hands gripped her legs, lifting them up and apart, and he gazed into her pussy from a few inches away. She looked down at him with wide eyes, her face now red. He slid his hands up her thighs to her pussy, then rubbed his fingers along her cleft. He pressed against it, and peeled her cunt lips open, revealing her pink inner flesh.

"Look what I have found! The prettiest pussy ever!" he shouted. "My lady . . . have you ever had your pussy licked?" Mike asked.

"No!" she gasped, not believing what was happening.

"Want me to?" he asked. She stared down at him, open-mouthed.

"I have never done this before . . . but they say it feels really, really good," he promised. And without any further notice, he moved forward and began his feast. He leaned in and pressed his tongue against her gash, licking up and down the glistening pink flesh. She gasped in shock, but didn't try to push him away as he licked over her clit repeatedly. Then Mike pushed his tongue against her little fuck hole. He stuffed his tongue inside her, pumping it rapidly as his nose rubbed over her clit.

Then he pulled his tongue out and slid his lips onto her clit, sucking and kissing the naughty bump, and then blowing a stream of hot air over it . . . and finally licking it with his tongue. He tried to remember the adult movie he had watched at a friend's house that had a boy licking his girlfriend's cunt so that he might do it right.

Emelie wasn't saying anything much anymore. She was lying back against the kitchen chair, eyes closed, chest rising and falling. Her hands came down on his head and squeezed it, and she began to hump up against him as she started to groan softly. He slid his finger into her cunt hole. She began to groan louder when his finger started forcing its way inside, but he got it in there without too much difficulty, and started pumping it in and out.

He fantasized about his single digit being his cock . . . in the near future. She was starting to hump towards him faster and faster, whimpering and moaning as her legs jerked spastically. He looked up the length of her wriggling body and watched her squeezing her breasts repeatedly . . . with her head drawn back and rolling from side to side. He pumped his finger faster into her fuck hole, then slowly inserted a second one, driving the two down into her to the knuckles.

"Michael! OhhH! OhhhOhh! Oh, Michael! Michael!" she moaned. And after that she just began to scream and her climax took over her entire body. Michael continued to thrust his fingers into her twat, and at the same time was licking her clit. Soon he felt her fingers on his head, trying her best to move him away from her near exhausted pussy. He took the opportunity to stand up, his cock still fully erect and pointing at her. Then with panic he looked at his phone at the time.

"We gotta get cleaned up girl!" he said, realizing that there was only 5 minutes left before her dad would be there. As they took turns in the bathroom, neither of them noticed that his father had been watching his son in action as he devoured the young girl's body and had her as a snack. He snuck back out into the garage, and even said hi to the girl's father when he drove up. He said goodbye to the Swedish beauty inviting her back whenever she needed help and then watched the car drive away. Now . . . what could HE do next time, to assist his son at the next tutoring session?

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In forest with a teenager

I was on my way to meet the girl. I had never seen her before, only chatted with her a few times in the Internet. But I knew that she was young - only 16, and she knew that I was more than ten years older than she was... Other than that I had never even seen a picture of her, although she had told me that she is very small in size. We had agreed to meet at a bus stop, at the edge of the city central. It was a warm summer day and I was arriving by foot...


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Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 2: Leann's Sells Futa Pies

Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale Chapter Two: Leann's Sells Futa Pies By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Leann Winthrop's Week, Saturday “There you go, cutie,” purred Skylar, one of the futa-janitors. Her blonde pigtails spilled down her youthful face. I gasped as she gave my naked ass a squeeze. My futa-dick throbbed as I remembered the day before when Ji-Min and I had satiated the futa-janitors with our bodies. They'd taken my pussy's cherry while I'd sucked their cocks and took them in my cunt and asshole. In the end, Ji-Min and I were dripping with cum. And the...


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Ernie`s first Time

Ernie`s first Time. I was a young boy of 13 years and I loved to go to the Friday night Movies, I used to sit upstairs. right at the back near where the man operated the movies, this night there was not many at the movies and I sitting on my own, when the lights went out a man about 20 odd sat next to me, I thought it strange as there was a lot of vacant seats as he came up and sat beside me. After awhile he opened a bag of lollies and asked me if I would like...


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