The Post Production Party

The Post Production Party

My wife, Wendy, has, for her all working life, been a professional actor. We first met, in the 1960s, on a film set when she was in a couple of films based on the crazy adventures at a girls school. In the productions she played a minor role as a schoolgirl dressed accordingly in gymslip, white shirt and tie, black stockings and suspenders and, finally, navy blue school knickers. The majority of the cast were similarly attired and although they were mostly girls in their early to mid-twenties they played the parts of younger schoolgirls. I often asked her about her work and in particular her early films but as she and I had met and fallen in love at that time and, consequently, had spent nearly all our free time together, her experiences were somewhat limited. However, that wasn’t the case for all the cast.

Wendy used to meet up fairly regularly with a couple of fellow ‘schoolgirl’ actors who she’d shared digs with whilst filming. A little while ago one Wendy’s friends from that time, Emma, happened to bump into another actor, Pru, who was also in the two films and invited her along to meet Wendy and Mary at one of their get-togethers and the following story was divulged to them by Pru. Firstly she asked if the other girls had been at the end of production party on the second film. They all said they had been there briefly but Wendy had left early to meet me, Mary had had to go off to an audition and Emma had taken an early train home. ‘Ah,’ said Pru, ‘Then you must all have missed to exciting bit!’ And she then relayed the following story….

‘Well,’ she said, ‘As the party was winding down, some of the girls, who hadn’t had time to change out of their ‘uniform’ started to hand out invitations to a few crew members, extras, minor actors etc to wait behind till everyone else had left and promised them a ‘bit of fun’! By default I seemed to be sort of ‘in charge of proceedings’ at that point. Some of the others had managed to corral eight guys and six very willing girls. Four of the ladies were still in their ‘school’ uniform. The remaining two popped back to their dressing room to change back into their ‘costumes’. When everyone was back together I asked the men to get a chair each and form a semi-circle. I stood up and spoke to the guys, ‘Thank so much for staying back a bit longer but I think it’ll be worth it for you. Well I hope so.

‘Throughout the many weeks of filming,’ I continued, ‘You particular guys have always treated us ladies with the utmost courtesy and respect. That can’t be said about all the rest of the men on set. I think we’ve all ended up some days with bruises on our bottoms as, it seems, lots of the other guys felt we were just there for their pleasure. What with them constantly wanting to look up our gym slips to see our knickers, rubbing ‘accidentally’ against us with their cocks! Pinching and stroking bottoms both on top of our gymslips and up inside them if they got a chance it’s been a bit of a nightmare. Now, we don’t know why you guys didn’t get involved with that sort of behaviour but we put it down to your strong self-restraint. However, we are fairly certain that, given half-a-chance, being good looking red-blooded males you might be interested in both the way we are dressed and the sexual implications of sex, to some extent, with an adult schoolgirl. We’ll find out shortly whether we really turn you on as a way of thanking you for your thoughtfulness over last few weeks.’

‘The girls lined up opposite the men and I said, ’Now then guys do you want to continue looking at us in full uniform or would you like us to strip off our gymslips?’ The replies were unanimous. ‘Right, girls, off with your gymslips.’ And almost as one the girls removed their outer layer so that all six of us were standing in front of the eight men in our shirts and ties, stockings and suspenders and navy blue school knickers. ‘Ok,’ I said, ‘I guess that’s a rather nice view for you to start with but, before we go on to the next stage, I think that you guys may need to loosen your trousers or take your cocks out because they’re liable to starting to feel uncomfortable trapped inside your trousers as we proceed. I can see, already, some rather excited cocks! But that’s ok. That what we wanted girls isn’t it?’ The reply was a very enthusiastic ‘Yes please!”

'Some of the guys extracted their, already fairly engorged cocks, some dropped their trousers and underpants completely. ‘Wow! What a lovely sight that is,’ I continued as I scanned the cocks in front of me. ‘OK, now on to the next stage. We know that a lot of men (and boys!) are very interested in school knickers and in particular, maybe, in our school knickers! So, what we’re now going to do is have an auction. Each of the girls will come forward in turn and you can make a bid for their knickers. The girl whose knickers attract each winning bid will remove them and present them to you as a keepsake. What you do with them is entirely up to you but knowing that none of you are yet married I guess some future, heavy, staining might ensue! Which reminds me, their could be a little ‘bonus’ for you too. More of that later.

‘One final point. As you can see there are six pairs of knickers available and eight of you guys but don’t worry we’ll sort something else out for the ‘losing’ two later. Right. I’ll go first. So what am I bid for this lovely, soft and warm pair of navy blue school knickers? Snuggled up, at the moment, against my rather swollen and moist pussy. They’re my favourite pair and only slightly stained from my wanking in them a few times.’ When you consider that new school knickers only cost a few bob to buy in those days the bidding quickly rose to a few pounds. A winner was quickly established for the first pair before the bids got out of hand and with an agreement to pay before leaving that evening I quickly removed my knickers exposing my rather swollen mound as I previously mentioned. I walked over to Glen, who’d won them, and instead of handing them to him knelt down next to him, examined closely his very rampant cock, kissed it and started to rub it with my knickers. The effect was instantaneous. Spunk flew from his cock as I squeezed and wanked his cock till it subsided. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘There’s the first stain! And what a big stain it is too!’ I examined them as I handed them to a rather spent Glen.

‘And so it continued. Jan was next. Her bids doubled what Glen had bid for his pair but I, still wandering, quite happily around with my pussy exposed and so beautifully framed by my black stockings and suspenders, called a halt when I felt it was getting too high. And again, Jan, removed her knickers wrapped them round the winning bidder’s very engorged cock (whilst I also took a very close interest!) and within seconds his cock exploded with his semen. Most of his spunk had been caught by Jan knickers but a little remained oozing out of his cock so she simply licked it off.

‘Eve followed Jan. She took her knickers off before the bidding began and exposed a totally bald pussy. Twirling her knickers in one hand whilst the bidding began her other hand and fingers were drawn down to her pussy which she began playing with. That raised the erections up another notch or two as Eve continued to examine them from afar. She was, quite obviously, extremely excited with the view in front of her and gradually seemed to be bringing herself to an orgasmic conclusion. Her knickers were won and she slid across to the winner and slipped her knickers around his cock. Rather than crouching down she bent from the waist and spread her legs slightly so that, Bob, who had won the knicks, got a wonderful close view of a very puffed up pussy. He came explosively! There seemed to be cum everywhere and Eve had her work cut out using her knickers to wipe it all up.

‘Janet was next in line. She stood at the front and turning round lowered her knickers to mid thigh, opened her legs slightly and bent forward giving all the guys a lovely view of her open pussy with her fingers gently caressing both her pussy hole and clit. She didn’t quite get to an orgasm but she must have been close before stripping off her knickers completely and wrapping them round Joe’s huge red cock. Janet was extremely gentle and slow with her wanking of his cock as she thoroughly enjoying the whole exercise. But Joe could not hold out too long and with final squeeze Janet released a huge gush of spunk. ‘Wow!’ she exclaimed and slipping her fingers down to her pussy wanked herself to a big climax too.

‘Paula, the bustiest of the six girls, was next. Standing in front of the guys she proceeded to open up her blouse as the bidding took place. Very slowly she gradually exposed first one and then both of her large breasts and started to stroke her nipples. Ronnie won the bidding that time and practically shot his load straight away as Paula removed her knickers bent over to wrap his cock in warm, soft knicker fabric whilst rubbing her gorgeous breasts in his face. Out shot the spunk and Paula, who hadn’t quite managed to completely enclose the head of his cock took a few spurts of spunk both on her face and her, stunning, breasts.

‘Last of the girls was Romy. A ravishing blonde whose navy knickers looked almost as if she had them made to measure! Tight and sculpted around her beautifully pert bottom whilst her puffed up pussy was emphasised by the soft clinging interlock cotton material. As there were on three guys left to bid on the knickers (and with the five ‘serviced’ men drifting away or standing away from the action) Romy strode over to them and encouraged them to have a bit of a fondle, ‘So you can ascertain what you’re getting for your money,’ she told them. She was clearly enjoying the ‘hands on’ approach as the three guys hands brushed against her bottom and pussy mound and she even allowed them to stroke her gusset in between her legs. The winning bid came from a very pleased (judging by the size of his very, very engorged cock!), Phil who started to cum almost straight away as Roma reached down to get hold of his penis whilst trying to slip off her knicks. A bit of quick thinking by her allowed Phil’s cum to spurt onto the front of her knickers whilst she rubbed the spurting cock against the material. As he finished Romy removed the sodden knickers and dabbed his, still leaking, cock with them. Romy was another young lady with a bald pussy.

‘OK, guys,’ I said,’Thanks for your contributions both in ‘money’ and spunk but we won’t really be asking for any money. That was just an excuse to get you rather excited. And it definitely worked! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did but we have noticed that there are still two very, very stiff cocks here that have lost out in the ‘bidding war’ and must be about fit to burst I reckon. So you two, Col and Sammy, are to have a little different bit of fun. Ladies?’ she called. Splitting them into two sets of three they each rounded on the two guys. With their totally naked pussies exposed two of the girls (in each set) knelt down either side of the two men. Admiring and gently squeezing but taking care not to wank the cocks too vigorously to start with. The third girls, Romy and Eve, with their shaved pussies, stood directly in front of each man and, wetting their fingers, started to juice up their vaginas. ‘OK guys,’ I said, ‘Both Romy and Eve are desperate to get your cocks in their holes but you must be careful because we don’t want you cumming inside them. So tell us when you feel you’re about to cum, pull yourself out and we’ll finish you off. OK?’ There were muttered ‘ok’s’ from the guys as first the stunning Romy started to slide her pussy down on to Col’s cock. She didn’t move for a while as if savouring the feel of a cock inside her. Slowly, ever so slowly, Romy started to raise herself on his cock and the slide herself back down again, Colin’s eyes were tightly closed as he concentrated on restraining his cock from exploding inside Romy’s hot, juicy pussy. Meanwhile, Eve, had sat herself on Sam’s cock the opposite way on to that of Romy with her back towards Sam. Again, like Romy, Eve savoured the feeling of a very engorged cock buried deep into her vagina. She began, slowly, to ride Sam’s cock. He moaned. ‘Are you about to cum, Sam?’ I asked with a bit of alarm in my voice. ‘I think I’m pretty close,’ he replied. ‘OK girls. Get him out quickly,’ I said. And with seconds to spare the two girls kneeling either side of the couple pulled Sam’s cock from Eve’s pussy and wanked the cum out of him onto Eve’s tummy and pussy lips. Taking full advantage of the newly arrived ‘lubricant’ Eve moved her fingers down into the pool of spunk and rapidly wanked her clit to a climax with it. She collapsed backward on to Sam who was happy to have a rather spent young lady laying on him while she recovered.

‘The activity that was going on with Sam and Eve transmitted itself across to Romy and Colin. The gasps of orgasms next to him were getting a bit too much and Colin gasped, ‘I think I’m about there!’ “OK, Col,’ I said. And saying, ‘I’ll get this one!’ pulled Colin’s cock from out of Romy’s amazingly swollen pussy and wrapped my mouth around his cock just as it started to spunk. I sucked and sucked till every drop had been swallowed. Romy, obviously still well worked up, thrust her pussy into the face of Paula, who had been kneeling next to her during the initial stroking of Col’s cock. Paula realised straight away what she needed to do with Romy’s swollen pussy and clit and buried her head into her genitals and started to suck and lick. Moments is all it took for Romy to have a explosive orgasm. She collapsed onto a steadily wilting Colin - stunned.

‘It took a little while for everyone to attain a certain amount of equilibrium once more. The girls to return to their dressing rooms to change. The remaining guys to readjust their clothing and then meet up with the girls for a couple of drinks in a local pub before everyone dispersed. Some with material souvenirs in the way of navy knickers (stained) and all with a memories of an evening well spent and, undoubtably, enjoyed by all.’

And that was the story Pru passed on to Wendy, Mary and Emma when they all met. It sounded very, very exciting. Funnily enough, Pru married one of the guys who was at the ‘auction’ and ‘bought’ a pair of knickers but it wasn’t her pair. However, she did say that they still used the knickers in their sex lives occasionally to which, in unison, I, Mary and Emma, all said, ‘Funnily enough …’

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