Part 7, the girl with an ass

Part 7, the girl with an ass

I hope you like this story, part 7 marks many things to come in later stories. Please comment and enjoy.

Tyler's dad was a real frequent customer of my mom. He fucked her almost as much as John, but not more than Bill. Mom had other guys that would show up from time to time, but these 3 were constant. Mom had plenty of work, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. She had a few guys that would show up during the morning times, but she worked mostly at night. I would stay with grandma when she worked at night, and sometimes she would come pick me up and drop me off at school. If I wasn't at school, and mom was working, I was usually at my house waiting for mom. I would use the time to watch videos of her, and sometimes even the other girls on the site. I still fantasized about being mom, and I liked going through her lingerie and clothes, and trying things on. I couldn't fill up her bras, but her small thongs started fitting right. I loved wearing them around the house, feeling the fabric up my butt. I had tried getting mom to buy me thongs, but she refused, so I wore hers when she wasn't around. Mom knew I tried on her clothes, I had done it in front of her since I was a little girl, but she didn't mind.

I met Tanya a few months before my tenth b-day. Mom and I went over to her house to hang hang out with her and bathe at her pool. We were greeted at the door by a stunning mexican girl in a black bikini. Mom introduced her as a friend from work. She was amazingly beautiful. She was a 22 year old, hispanic, skinny girl, with long black hair, and big hips.
Tanya,"nice to meet you, you look so cute, just like your mom."
She was on my good side from that moment.
She invited us in, and showed us her big butt as she guided us in her thong bikini. Her butt was perfect, and she had amazing legs. She had a perfect walking posture, her hips swerved side to side, and her bounced up and down with every step she took. She had a big house with a pool in the back. Me and mom stripped down to our bikinis, mom was wearing a thong also. We laid down on her pool seats, and she began putting sunscreen on mom. She massaged her body, and the sun glistened off the water, reflecting on her beautiful white face, and mom's body. I was turned on watching Tanya touch my mom. She touched her entire body taking her time on her butt, her legs, her breasts, mom didn't even flinch. My mind clicked, I recognized her as the girl from the video. She was the same beautiful girl that had sex with mom. Tanya continued applying sunscreen, then came over to me. I laid facedown, and she began applying sunscreen on my upper back. It felt good as she massaged the sunscreen on me, moving her soft hands lower and lower. Tanya was talking to my mom about how good her breasts looked. And we started joking of how I would wear mom's lingerie and try to fill up her bras. She reached my lower back, than skipped all the way to my calves. I told them how I prayed I grew big boobs She kept massaging sunscreen on, moving up to my legs. She massaged the back of my legs and it felt amazing.
Tanya, "you look more like an ass type of girl."
Mom, "What do you mean?"
Tanya, "look at her legs, her hips, her ass."
Tanya began massaging my butt and mom got up and stared at me from behind.
Tanya, "her hips are widening up, she has thick legs, and a bubble butt, how old are you?"
She continues massaging my butt.
Me, "9."
Tanya tells my mom, "you see what I mean, look ate the way her body is developing, she is definitely an ass girl."
Mom,"You might be right, she might get it from her dad's side."
Me, "I hope not, I really want big boobs."
Mom, "My side of the family is blessed up on top, so you will probably grow boobs also."
Tanya, "Are you kidding me, there is nothing men like more than a girl with an ass, believe me, specially you looking like your mom, you are gonna have men lined up for you."
I loved Tanya. I still wanted big boobs though.

On my tenth b-day, Tyler gave me flowers, a teddy bear, chocolates, and those kind of things. Tyler's dad dropped off 100 dollars with my mom, telling her I could buy anything I wanted. Bill took mom and I shopping, and got me new clothes. Mom bought me a cake, and my first set of high heeled shoes. I had been wanting to try them for some time now, and mom got me a really expensive pair. I walked around the mall with them, I was falling every 3 steps. My friends in school gave me a few things, but my favorite gift came from Tanya, she gave me a small two piece thong bathing suit, and a one piece thong bathing suit. It was probably the smallest size available for women, and it fit just slightly big on top, but perfect on the bottom.

The next day, Tanya and mom went to the pool, and Tanya said,"well, let me see that ass girl."
I put on my one piece and walked out to the pool, and turned my ass towards her to show her.
Tanya,"That's a hot ass."
She grabbed my buttcheecks and fondled them, 10 years old and you are already developing well, all the boys are going to want you."
She let go of my ass after a few seconds of fondling them and I felt sexy like mom and Tanya for the first time. We bathed and swam for a while, they asked about boys in school, and then Tanya started talking about her husband. She went into detail about how he liked fucking her in the ass every single day. She ran away from home and became and underage stripper. She married a well off mexican guy that was about 30. She never left the stripping business, she actually enjoyed it. Her husband liked to hear her stories as he fucked her. She was allowed to prostitute herself for money, but no one could fuck her butt, only he could.
Tanya,"He is huge, and he won't give my ass a break, it wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't so big, what am I saying, you know what I mean, you are his favorite pair of tits. He loves fucking you."
Mom,"I don't know how you can take him in the ass everyday, he is huge."
I realized Tanya's husband had been fucking my mom also. I didn't care of course, but I felt awesome knowing Tanya and mom had gotten comfortable with this kind of conversations around me, forgetting I was a teen. I felt like one of the big girls.
Mom,"He is fun to suck on though, makes for an interesting deepthroat."
Tanya, "You are such a whore."
We all laughed. If it weren't for the videos I was watching, I would have been clueless, but no one seemed to notice I knew more than I should.

I kept getting more and more attention at school. I was growing a bit, and my clothes fit a little smaller. I started catching boys looking at me, and girls giving me weird looks. I loved wearing pants and shorts that showed my pantyline. I had a teacher, Mr. Anderson, who I caught looking at my butt a few times. He was a fat, ugly, old white man that I didn't like at all. I would go up to his desk and walk away shaking my hips a little more than usual. I didn't really notice an ass on myself, but I loved the attention I was getting, and didn't care who it was from.
Tyler,"I want to kiss you."
Tyler,"uuuhhh, ok."
I realized he probably expected some resistance. But he leaned in for a kiss and closed his eyes. It was too late to go back, so I did the same. Our lips touched, and he pulled back blushing in silence. I was dissappointed, I thought he wanted to kiss like mom did, big and long, but it was just a peck in the lip. It was like nothing.

Our school had the elementary students and junior high students seperated by a fence. Us girls would talk about how hot the older boys were, and liked hanging out close to the fence to look at the boys. I was hanging out when I heard an older kid calling as I walked by.
Juan,"Hey, my name is Juan, I'm Amanda's brother, you are Brenda right."
He was a tall handsome mexican kid.
Me,"oh hi, I didn't know she had a brother. Nice to meet you."
Juan,"I've seen you hanging out with her, thought we should hang out, you want to be my girlfriend."
I was shocked, "but I already have a boyfriend."
Juan,"Can I be your second boyfriend? No one has to know. I won't even tell Amanda."
It felt awesome to have an older kid wanting to be my boyfriend, he had that look of lust in his eyes men give my mom.
Me,"ok, but you can't tell anyone."
Juan," I promise."
Juan,"I know a spot where we can meet up with no one noticing, let me show you."
We walked over to this abandoned part of the school, that was off limits to us students. It was dusty and old, with no maintanance done to the buildings. Some of the older kids would go there to skip classes.
Juan,"we can meet here after school so no one can see us. I know it's dirty, but I'll bring some stuff in so we can sit down.
He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him. He pushed his lips on mine, and shoved his tongue inside my mouth. I stood a little shocked, but felt like that was a real kiss. He lowered his hands to my butt, and pulled up almost lifting me off the ground.
Me,"hold on."
Juan,"now that you are my girlfriend, I can do this, or are you a little girl?"
Me,"No, I am not."
He continued kissing me, and grabbing my butt. He undid my pants pulled them down, I was standing on my underwear. He continued groping me.
Juan,"I like your ass. I don't like little girls, and I can tell real quick if you are one. I'm gonna show you something."
He undid his pants, and pulled out his penis. It was hard. I had seen a few from videos and mom getting fucked, but I had never seen one up close and in person.
Juan,"Grab it."
I grabbed it with both hands, and just held it. I felt it pump and get bigger.
Juan,"Get on your knees right in front of it."
I obeyed, I knew exactly what was going on, and I played along pretending I was being hesitant.
I looked straight at it, he held both my hands and started moving my hands up and down, jerking himself with my hands.
Juan,"Just like that, show me your a big girl. Jack me off like that, and kiss it."
I knew what he wanted, and I was ready for this for a while now, didn't care who it was. I put my lips on it, and he began pushing his dick inside my mouth. I left my hands stoking it, and began going deeper little by little. He grabbed the back of my head and shivered. I felt his dick pump in my mouth, and then a salty taste with every pump. He came in about 30 seconds of me sucking him. I felt that salty liquid in my mouth, and just swallowed it. It felt thick going down my throat. He looked straight down at me.
Juan,"Did you eat it."
Juan,"Juan, wow! You are awesome. You are going to be a good girlfriend."

We left the building and I went to the spot where mom or grandma would pick me up. Mom was already waiting. We left and mom asked me,"How was school."
I still had the taste in my mouth, and replied,"It was ok, wish it would have lasted longer, I did learn a few new things though, and made a new friend."

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