Becoming Prom Queen; Chapter 3

Becoming Prom Queen; Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up to the sound of that jarring rock song blaring from my phone. I was still a little groggy since I hadn't fallen asleep till late due to my awesome masturbation session. Slowly raising my head I grabbed the phone and turned off the alarm. Yawning, I swung my legs off the bed and walked over to my dresser. Well, I thought, time to see what kind of outfit I can come up with that won't give Beth a heart attack. Rummaging through things for a while, I finally picked one out. It was a pink sweatshirt that I thought would look good on a girl, so I tried it out. It was nice and snug and felt comfortable, so I took a look in the mirror. It was then I realized I'd forgotten a bra and if I went to school like this I could get in major trouble. Quickly putting on my strapless bra, I looked in the mirror again. Nodding in satisfaction, I couldn't help be please that there was also a bit of cleavage visible. Not a lot mind you, but when I bent over I gave myself a great view. Grinning I then pulled on some panties, remembering just in time to shrink my cock. Beth and I had added some extra, silk lining last night and so when I looked at myself carefully in the mirror I couldn't tell that there was anything out of the ordinary. Finally, I pulled on some skinny jeans that I thought framed my ass rather nicely. Giving myself a little spank, I grinned at my reflection.

Then I caught myself. This was totally new, this thinking about how my clothing framed my body. I'd never, ever done that before. But still, I liked it. Feeling a bit puzzled, I grabbed my backpack and a jacket and headed out. I got to the bus stop just as the bus arrived, and I was happy for it. It was just a bit chilly out, and the cool wind nipped at my nose and ears as I walked. I was glad that my parents had gotten me an apartment so close to the school, because I only had a five minute bus ride before we were there. It was a fairly large school, and I could see other buses arriving and all the high schoolers streaming out of them and toward the doors. I was sitting by myself in the back, watching as the various students greeted each other after summer break. I was the last one off the bus, and as I stepped back into the cold morning air, I took a deep breath to steady myself. It was simple, report to the principle, tell him I'm Jane Kilan, and begin classes. That was it.

My sneakers padded noiselessly across the pavement as I joined the throng of kids going into the school. It wasn't a huge school, but I figured almost every student was around me right now for the first day of school. As I walked in the door, I realized it was pretty similar to my old school, and I had no trouble finding the principal's office. Taking another deep breath and with my heart hammering against my ribs, I raised my hand and knocked.

"Come in!"

Stepping inside I saw Principal Gordan sitting at his desk. I was expecting a middle aged man with a bald head and glasses. Instead I saw a middle aged man with a goatee, black hair tied back in a pony tail, and a brilliant smile.
"Hello Miss..."
"Jane!" I said a bit too quickly, and then forced myself to relax. "Jane Kilan. I'm transferring for my Senior year here."
His smile grew wider as he pulled out a piece of paper.
"Miss Kilan, of course! I have your class schedule all ready here for you. I hope you enjoy it here."
I smiled and took the paper, feeling much better that I wasn't going to be grilled my a grumpy principal.
"Thank you Principal, I'm sure I will."
With a little wave goodbye I turned out of the office before he started chatting. I liked him, but I didn't want him to ask the wrong question. After I got all my class timing down and where they were, I headed off. The time before lunch wasn't much to talk about. I went to the classes and had an easy time with them, and I met Beth in the second one. She was careful to sit close to me at ever class, and having her there was nice even though we didn't get a real chance to talk. The teachers were pleasant and nothing special happened. The last class before lunch was taught by Mrs. Dell, a woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was tall, with dark brown hair coming down to her shoulders. She had a bit of a low voice, it made her seem a bit stronger and more in control, but no less feminine. Her green eyes were constantly roaming and taking everything in through her horn rimmed glasses. She seemed to take special notice of me when we came in and after everyone was seated she spoke.
"Miss, I believe I've never seen you here before."
"Uh, no my name is," and I nearly said John, "Jane Ma'am. I transferred here for my senior year."
She smiled at me, her eyes glinting with something I didn't recognize. "Nice to see you here Jane. I hope you learn a lot and enjoy you're year here." The way she said it made it sound like her words had a double meaning, especially since she held her gaze on me for a moment longer than was necessary. Then she went right on to teach Biology like nothing happened.

At lunch I walked into the cafeteria and was met by the usual scene: all the different grades milling about, the groups of friends sitting together. I looked at Beth as we got our trays of food and asked the obvious question.
"Where do you think we should sit?"
She shrugged and I scanned the room. I saw at the far side an interesting table that I thought provided an opportunity. There were eight people sitting there and they were both guys and girls. You could see where the cheerleader table was, where the nerd table was, and where the jock table was. This one seemed to be none of them. I could tell not all the kids were the same grade, and so I decided to head over there. After pointing it out to Beth we wove our way through the tables and approached the target one.
I cleared my throat and instantly eight heads looked in my direction, three girls and five boys.
"Mind if we sit here? We're new," Beth asked with a smile.
Immediately eight voices welcomed us and they all scooted over to give us room. Pleased and surprised by the friendly response, I sat down at the end next to a dark haired boy in a leather jacket, while Beth sat across from me next to a nerdy looking brunette.
"Hi, I'm Jay," the boy said with a smile as I slid in next to him.
"Jane," I replied. "What grade you in?"
"Senior. I sat behind you in Mrs. Dells class."
"Oh, I didn't see you. Nice to meet you Jay."
He grinned and I smiled back. He wasn't bad looking, in fact he had a kind of dark handsomeness to him. His black hair was a bit long, and his face was a bit pale, but it all gave him a sort of rogueish look that I appreciated...which made me do a mental double take. How was I suddenly thinking a boy looked good? I mean, sure, I was bi before, but I never would have imagined...then as I thought about it, even if I had met him before I would have found him attractive. Now even more so. What the hell, I thought, why not?

We talked for a while as we ate, and I found out that we had a few of the same interests in movies and video games and such. I was careful of the way I spoke and moved all day, but I was especially so now. I must have been doing okay, because at one point Beth beamed a "good job" look at me. Suddenly, Jay surprised me.
"You want to come to my place after school today?"
I raised my eyebrows in surprise and stammered a bit. "W-well I just got here, and I'm not sure I want to spend my first day away from my apartment, and-"
"No, no it's cool!" he said, cutting me off mid-stream. "It was just a friendly offer and if it's not good timing for you that's totally fine."
He said it so easily and with a ready smile, and I gave him a grateful smile in return. Then, a bold thought entered my head. If I would have thought about it, there was no way I would have gone with it. But I didn't think. I just acted.
"Bu-ut," I began and I immediately had his attention, "I wouldn't mind if you came to my apartment after school to help me study."
I thought Beth was going to hit me the way her eyes grew as big as eggs and her cheeks flushed. But she hid her reaction almost right away, and Jay just gave me an even bigger smile.

When Beth got me alone two classes later she raised her hand as if to slap me, but she didn't, for which I was grateful.
"How could you do that?" she stormed. "Why would you do that?"
"Because you're coming too," I said sweetly, and instantly I saw I had the advantage. She was totally put off balance by that response.
"I-I what?"
"Well I need a chaperone and you just volunteered," I continued in that same sweet voice.
"Yeah, because you just invited a boy you met two hours ago over to your apartment IN THE EVENING!" she whispered. "Why? You're not even into boys!"
There must have been a flicker in my eyes at that because she backed up a step.
I must have looked guilty because her eyes grew even wider. I really thought my goose was cooked now.
"That explains why you always looked at Brian the way you did. Well, now things make a bit more sense."
I was totally taken off guard by her casual response. She looked at me evenly and I smiled.
"You're not bothered?"
"So you'll come?"
"Great, see you then."

Beth drove me home as soon as school was over, and I made sure I cleaned up a bit before Jay arrived. Then Beth and I began some light studying together as we waited for him to arrive.
"How was your first night?" she asked suddenly.
I felt my face heat up as I thought about what I did, and I suddenly had this crazy impulse to tell her.
"Well...I spent a good amount of time checking myself out," I said, looking her in the eye.
She looked surprised at first and then nodded. "I guess that makes sense. What did you think?"
"Did you know that my cock is 9 inches?" I know, I shouldn't have said that either. But these impulses were just coming up and I wanted to follow them.
She started a bit when I said that and she blushed. I saw a small battle happened in her head in a split moment on whether she should respond with reproach or address her surprise at the fact.
"Nine inches?" she whispered, and I saw a surprised response won out.
"Nine. It's huge when I don't shrink it."
"God, was it that big before?" she was speaking softly now and so was I.
"No not nearly."
"Why would your cock grow after you change into a girl in every other way?" she whispered.
"I don't know, but it seems just backwards." I didn't really notice, but our faces were coming closer together as we talked more quietly.
She nodded in agreement and bit her lip thoughtfully. "It's almost like this was done specifically for you," she said finally.
"I had the exact same thought, and it scares the hell out of me."
It was then that we both realized how close we were. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers. A thousand messages passed between us in a couple seconds, and my breathing stopped. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

Just then there was a knock at the door. I pulled my head back in shock and we stared at each other. I could still feel the impression of her soft lips on mine, and I thought that I had just blown it. Then the knock came again, and I jumped up and ran to the door. I pulled it open and there stood Jay with his easy smile.
"Hey Jane, how's it going?"
"Uh, hey Jay, pretty good. Come on in."
He looked at me like he knew something might be up, but he just stepped inside and looked around.
Just then Beth came out of my bedroom carrying her backpack.
"Beth?" I asked, my heart sinking.
"Sorry Jane, gotto go. You two have fun okay?" she smiled weakly and walked out the door before I could say anything.
I closed the door behind her and put my hand on my head, hating myself.
"You okay?" Jay asked in a concerned voice.
I smiled at him and nodded. "Yeah we just had a...anyway, you ready?"
He nodded and showed me his books, but the concerned look didn't leave his eyes. I got out my own books and we studied together at the kitchen table. After a few minutes he let out a frustrated grunt.
"What is it?" I asked.
"This math, I just don't get it!" he snorted, throw up his hands in defeat.
I moved around the table and leaned down next to him, studying his book. I then began to explain it, and I was halfway through when I noticed he wasn't looking at the book. Confused, I followed his gaze and realized that the way I was bending over was giving him a perfect look down my shirt. At that point I should have straightened up, because he looked up and knew that I saw him looking. But instead I stayed bent over and kept right on talking. He took that exactly as it was meant, as an invitation to keep looking. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. It wasn't nearly as good as the kiss I shared with Beth, even in that one single moment, but it was still pretty damn good. I wasn't a great kisser because I hadn't had any practice, but I just went with my gut as his hand crept to the back of my head and pulled me closer gently. Our lips moved with one another perfectly, and I realized he had a bit more skill at this than I did. I let the kissing go on for a few seconds and then pulled back. Jay was grinning like someone had given him a Ferrari for his birthday, and I have to say I was smiling pretty wide too. I took his hand and led him back into my bedroom. As we neared the bed, he pulled me into his arms and began kissing me again. But the momentum of our movement didn't stop and we landed on the bed, him on top and me on the bottom, still kissing like...well, horny teenagers.

I can tell you I was incredibly nervous. This was the first time I'd ever done this after all! My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty, but my desires were burning so hot I just went with them. Our kissing became more and more passionate, when he suddenly pulled away from my mouth and began kissing his way down my neck. It felt really good, so I turned my head and gave him easy access. But he didn't stop there. He kept right on kissing down my body until he was at my collarbone. I thought he would stop there, but he didn't and kept moving down until he was kissing just above my cleavage. At that point I pushed him back a little and he looked up at me, the same desire in his eyes that I felt in my heart. Acting without thought, I reached down and pulled off my sweatshirt. I heard him suck in his breath as my bra covered boobs greeted him.
"Damn, those are nice!" he murmured, giving me an even bigger smile. He put one hand on each and gave them a squeeze through my purple bra. If doing it to myself had felt good, the sensation of someone else doing it was three times as good. I bit my lip and smiled.
"Why don't we get these off to?" I whispered, and he hastily reached underneath me to undo the clasp.
It took him a couple tries, but he got it and he slipped them off easily.
"Whoa. I've never seen any so nice!" he said, staring at them reverently.
I gave him a teasing smile. "Seen many have you?"
He grinned right back. "Well, you know. You're alone in your room with a computer..."
I laughed and pulled him into another kiss while he began to pull his own shirt off. It took some doing since I found it hard to pull my face away from our kissing, but he did it eventually. I glanced at his chest and found that his lean form was actually rather well toned. He wasn't buff, but he certainly was in good shape. I ran my hands up and down his chest, breaking our kissing just long enough to say: "What do you do? Running?"
"Basketball," he replied, apparently happy to let me explore his torso.
I felt it for a few minutes, since this was my first time doing this after all.
"You act like you haven't done this before," Jay said, and I wondered for a split second if he had read my thoughts.
"I, uh, haven't," I mumbled, blushing.
He seemed surprised, but I was glad when he didn't address the issue. He just leaned his head down and ran his tongue over my nipple. THAT sent a big spark of pleasure right to my brain, and my back arched as I gasped.
"Feel good?" he grinned.
"Oh god yes!" I sighed.
He went right back to it, licking one nipple and then the other, and it felt AMAZING. Sometimes he would swirl his tongue around the nipple instead of licking straight up and down, and the variety made me even hornier. All this time, my cock was super stiff, but I managed to keep it in tiny-mode. So I basically had a 1 inch hard boner, but my arousal was making it a bit harder to make sure it didn't get nine times bigger.

Jay kept right on licking and squeezing my boobs for a while, but then he began to kiss his way down my stomach and I felt his hand touch the button on my jeans. I had a sudden moment of panic, and I grabbed his wrist.
"Uh-uh," I said, "you first."
He gave me his grin again and began to undo his own jeans. "As my lady commands!" As he undid his button I pulled down his zipper, and he had his jeans down in no time. He was wearing white boxers underneath, and there was quite a tent in them. Smiling, I softly laid my hand on it and was rewarded with a quiet grunt from Jay.
"Excited?" I asked, and in response he just pulled them down.
I was surprised, because his cock was even bigger than I'd thought. It had a slight bend in it so that it leaned just a little to the right, and it was semi-erect.
"How big is it?" I asked, my eyes fixed on it.
"Six inches tops," he grinned.
I nervously reached out my hand and took hold of the shaft, giving it a slight stroke. I could feel it pulsing with heat underneath my hand, so I followed my instincts and just began to jerk up and down his quickly hardening shaft. He closed his eyes and ran his hands through my hair as my fingers worked up and down, up and down. Soon he certainly was sporting a six inch boner, and I was super turned on by the sight of it.

I'd always assumed my first sex would be with a girl, but in a girl's body I found myself enjoying this a lot! Jay leaned in close and kissed me on the cheek before kissing me on the lips again, and I held his face close.
"Take your pants off," he whispered between kisses.
"Not yet," I whispered back.
"Why not?"
He pulled back and looked me in the eye. "Jane listen, if you have something your embarrassed about, don't be. If you really don't want to take your pants off, that's fine. But girl, you got the sexiest body I've ever seen, I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed of."
Oh if he only knew. I wanted to tear my pants right off, but I figured if I did I wouldn't be seeing him again. So I floundered for a response, not really speaking just making a few half-sentences that didn't make any sense. Jay cut me off by kissing me again, and I felt his hands travel down my sides and take hold of my jeans. I gave a small, 'mm-hmm' through our kiss but he tugged twice and I felt my jeans begin to slip off my legs.
"Don't worry," he said.
Slowly my jeans were pulled off, and I was naked in front of Jay except for a pair of pink panties. I wanted to push him away, but I was so engrossed in our kissing, the way his lips felt on mine and they way they moved together...Then I felt his hand on my panties. I suppose he was trying to rub my pussy, but as soon as he touched my cock I lost control and it grew to full size.

Jay gave a big start and jerked backward, staring in astonishment at this massive cock that had just sprouted between my legs. I had a raging hard-on, and the nine inch shaft was pointing up, trapped against my stomach while my panties barely contained my balls.
"What the fuck?" he practically screamed.
"Listen I can explain!" I said desperately.
He froze and stared at me. I took that as an opening and took a deep breath.
"Okay listen, my real name is John Kilan, not Jane Kilan. But just after I got here-"
"You're a transsexual?" he asked his eyes wide.
"No! That's the thing! It happened overnight! Two days ago I arrived here late, so I went straight to bed. I was just an average guy, okay? But when I woke up I looked like this!"
His astonishment was quickly being replaced by disbelief and I knew I was losing him. Than it hit me how I could prove it.
"Okay, listen. Just watch this, okay?" I yanked down my panties, concentrated, and my dick shrunk down.
He didn't speak for several seconds, and the tension in the room was explosive.
"Oh. My. God," he said finally. "That's not possible."
"I know," I said miserably. "But it happened."
We were both silent for a long time, and I was fiddling my fingers between each other, hating my life with all my guts, when he broke the silence.
" you still want to have sex?"
I stared at him. "B-bu...this doesn't bother you? The fact that I was a boy before doesn't bother you?"
"Let's put it this way: I'm not gay. But I like you, not JUST for your body. Hell your body would be enough! But you're a really nice girl, and the fact that you have a bigger boner than me...well, it's unusual, but I think I can handle it. Besides, you let me on your big secret, it would be pretty rude of me to be offended at th-MMM!"
I flung my arms around him and kissed him hard, and we fell back down together, this time with me on top as I showered him with kisses. He wrapped his own arms around me, and the sensation of our bodies pressed together mixed with the already incredible sensations that came with kissing.

"But, um, how are we going to do this?" he asked after a while.
In response I merely smiled and slid down his body until I was between his legs, taking his cock back into my hand. Then I stuck out my tongue and flicked the tip of his pink cockhead with it. I heard him gasp and so I slowly placed my tongue against his cockhead again and slowly began to swirl it all the way around. His cock tasted better than I'd ever hoped. A bit musky, but it was like sucking on a warm, tasty hot-dog, except ten times better. After loving on his cockhead for a while, I grinned at him nervously.
"I've never done this before. Sorry. Am I okay so far?"
"Okay, she asks," he said in a shaky voice. "I'm getting the best blowjob of my life from the most beautiful girl I've ever met and she asks if it's okay."
I couldn't help laughing at that, and then took his cockhead into my mouth. It was so warm and felt so alive inside me! I began to move my tongue back and forth as I slowly lower my head down. I could feel his cock bit by bit sliding into my lips. I must have gotten a third of the way down when I felt like that was as far as I wanted to go. I was scared I would choke if I went any farther, so I stayed at that point and just moved my tongue around a lot. My hand moved up and down the part that wasn't covered by my mouth, and some saliva that leaked past my lips made the whole shaft slick. Jay was propped up on his elbows, letting out the occasional moan.
"Try moving up and down," he suggested at one point, and so I did. Moving slowly, I began the ascent upwards until only the very tip of his cock rested in my mouth. Then I began the slow descent and found that I got a little more in then before.

Okay, I got this, I thought to myself. I began to bob my head up and down faster and faster, moving my tongue around wildly to create as much stimulation as possible. Jay's moans were getting more and more frequent, and his breathing was becoming rapid. This made me give even more effort as my mind drifted in this lusty ocean of my first sex experience. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure my partner at the moment, and my bobs up and down became faster and my tongue movement even more ecstatic.
"Oh, oh, oh, I'm gonna...CUM!" Jay groaned, and the first shot of semen took me right in the mouth.
It caught me by surprise so I pulled off his dick and the next shot hit me in the cheek. I quickly began to quickly jerk him off as her moaned and shot three more streams of cum, two of which hit me in the face and the last one landed in my mouth. I'm not sure what I was expecting cum to taste like, but it surprised me. It tasted really good, salty and sticky. Giving Jay my most seductive smile (not that I'd had a lot of practice) and scooped the cum off my cheeks and licked it off my finger. Jay was gasping for air as he watched and gave me a winded laugh. He just lay there for a few seconds, recovering as I got all the cum off my face and into my mouth. Then I saw him glance at my own super hard erection and he gave me a worried look.
"So, what..." he asked a bit helplessly.
In response I just propped myself up on my pillow and began to run my hand up and down my shaft like I had the night before, keeping constant eye contact with Jay. I then put on an intensely hot, sexual show of jerking off my cock, with plenty of moaning, hip movement, tit squeezing and lust-filled looks. As I got close to my orgasm, I put my other hand over the tip of my penis and gave on last tug. With as feminine a groan as I could muster, my cock twitched and shot stream after stream right into my hand. As it plastered against my hand it dribbled down and coated my entire cock, making it twitch like mad. I couldn't breath for a couple seconds as I felt myself both shooting and being covered in the same cum. Jay had watched this whole thing with obvious satisfaction and now came over and kissed me on the lips. Then he did something that really surprised me. He brought up my cummy hand and licked one of my fingers.
"Mmm, not bad babe."
"I thought you said you're not gay!"
"I'm not, definitely. But I've tasted my own cum before, out of curiosity. Yours is much sweeter."
I gave him a grin. "Would it be rude to agree with you?"
"Oh come on!" he said and I laughed, holding him close. After cuddling for a few minutes we got out of bed and cleaned up and got dressed. In just a few minutes, I found myself sadly showing Jay to the door.
"Will your parents be mad you stayed out so late?" I asked.
"Nah. Me and the kids, the group we were sitting with, have parties all the time and stay out late."
"Wow, your parents must be pretty fun if they let you do that!"
"Well we're not exactly your typical teen partiers. We don't drink or smoke or do drugs. We just get together to have fun, normal fun."
"Correct me if I'm wrong," I began slowly, "but you're sort of the ringleader right?"
He nodded. "Unofficially. See, I noticed that there were a few kids in school who were really fun, nice kids. But they were either shy or not part of that 'in' crowd and so they didn't have anyone to talk to."
I rubbed his arm slowly and suddenly it made sense. "I wondered why a handsome guy like you would be hanging out with them. Normally a kid with good looks immediately gravitates to the cheerleaders, jocks, and beauty queens."
Shrugging, he waved his hand dismissively. "I could have stayed with them, but to be honest? The kids I'm with now are real friends. I don't have any regrets."
Now I felt I should ask a slightly awkward question. "Is there anything more than friendship going on between any of you guys?"
"Well, I won't lie and say that the word 'sex' and 'fuck' and 'dick' hasn't come up in any of our parties. But no, not really. Sometimes I get the feeling that some of them have feelings for each other, but are afraid to break the fun atmosphere we already have."
"But that's really sad!" I said, and I meant it.
He kept a level gaze on me. "Says the girl going through the exact same thing with Beth."
I took a step back and my face burned so hot I thought it would fall off.
"I'm not an idiot Jane. Listen, I really enjoyed tonight, I think you're an awesome girl, and I expect to see you both back at our table tomorrow? Got it?"
I smiled weakly. "Got it."
"Good." He gave me another kiss and was out the door.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve PRESTIRA Yavara was in good spirits, having gotten the message this morning that both Brock and Elena were alive and well. From what little Zander had risked putting on the parchment, I gathered that he’d set plans in motion for finding a Froktora. I liked Brock, truly I did, and the Terdini were renowned for their strength and size, but they were just too small a clan. The Protaki were the largest tribe in The Pines, but even they paled in numbers compared to the hordes of The Tundra. The ten tribes of The Tundra (aptly named ‘The Ten’...


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