William and Ann Ch. 16

William and Ann Ch. 16

William and Ann
Chapter 16

School was starting back up from Winter Break when Natalie told Ann she needed to see her. Ann was now 3 months pregnant and a slight bulge was the only indication that she was bearing a child. It would be difficult to tell a baby was growing inside her, but in the halls of the school, Ann and William walked around like typical high school sweethearts. They held hands, sneaked in kisses when they could, even snuggled out in the parking lot before and after school. It was cute to see this big senior boy so infatuated with this little freshman, especially when you find out those two are full-blooded siblings. When word got out that Ann was pregnant, it would send the school administration through the roof, but she hoped to hide it from them a few more months. She knew she couldn’t keep it hidden until the end of the school year, but in the meantime, she wore baggy clothes, which worked well during the winter.

Ann met Natalie in the school cafeteria at lunch. Natalie sat across from Ann and pushed an envelope over to her.

“Look inside.”

“Uh, okay,” responded Ann with a look of query.

Inside, there was the second EPT test Natalie’s mom had stolen a few months ago. It was facing up and showed a strong signal of positive. Natalie had finally gotten pregnant!

”Way to go, Nat! I guess my dad is going to be ecstatic.”


“You know he will. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Well, remember what I promised you would never happen again?”

“You didn’t!” Ann was hurt. How could her brother have fucked her again, after Natalie promised and Will was chastised for cheating on his sister.

“We did.”

“Fuck!” She said it loud enough to make kids at neighboring tables flash a glance over to her.

”Well, I don’t think it’s Will’s baby, but it’s possible. I want it to be your half-brother, not your nephew.” Natalie was attempting to make a joke, but the timing was not good.

“It’s got to be my dad’s. William wouldn’t do this to me.”

“Ann, listen to me, I don’t believe I’m carrying Will’s baby, either. He pulled out as he was cumming, but some stuck in me. I really want it to be your dad’s. He and I want to be together for the rest of our lives. Just think, if all works out right, I’d be your new mom!”

“You, Natalie, will NEVER be my mom! William and I are leaving home as soon as we get enough money saved up, so it won’t matter if you marry my dad or not, because we won’t be around. You had better just pray that you are pregnant by anyone BUT William.”

“Geez, Ann, I was just joking with you about being your mom. I would only be your step-mom.”

“Fuck you!” Again, heads turned as Ann yelled at her and got up to leave the cafeteria.

When Ann found William walking across the high school campus, she called him over. He was with his fellow geek friend, James, who had to live vicariously through William to learn about sex and relationships with girls. Will and James had been best friends since they were in grade school and explored DOS applications together.

Will smiled and leaned over to kiss Ann, but she slapped his cheek with as much power as she could muster. James stood in shock as his friend went stumbling ten feet to the side from the unexpected slap.

“I told you that we are not to cheat on each other…. EVER! What the hell were you thinking fucking Natalie in the cemetery? You bastard! You may also have just gotten her pregnant, too! I don’t want our baby having any brothers or sisters from someone else! If I find out you got her knocked up, I will cut your fucking balls off!”

“What?” William asked still stunned from her greeting. “I did fuck her, but I used a condom, Ann. I was practically raped by her. She wanted me, but I told her I wouldn’t do her without a rubber because it’s just not right.”

James stood there getting hard thinking about the scenario that William described to his little sister. He noted her comment about “our baby” and realized Ann did look slightly bigger. Contemplating the incestuous relationship between them caused James to feel a tightness growing in his jeans. He stared at Ann and realized how lucky his friend was for getting to fuck that little freshman, and even luckier in that he could get her pregnant with her permission. He excused himself and told Will he’d meet him after school in Computer Club. James made a beeline to the restroom to stroke off a load before his next class.

“Well,” Ann continued, “why did Natalie say she may be pregnant with your baby and that you left some sperm inside her? She knows better than to joke about that. She sounded very serious, and she is definitely preggo now. I saw the test.”

”I used a rubber, but the thing is, it broke while I was in her. I didn’t know it until it was too late. I looked down right before I was about to blow and noticed it was shredded. I guess the fact that we were doing something risky caused me to start shooting, but before I was finished, I pulled out and let it fly on her butt and back.”

“You did her doggy style?”

”Yeah, she said it felt better that way, and besides, I didn’t have to focus on her face.”

“You said she practically raped you. You can’t be getting raped if you’re nailing her from behind!”

“Oh…..yeah….. but she wanted it.” William was looking for any excuse he could find to get himself out of the self-inflicted mess.

“Whatever,” Ann said in frustration. “Just keep your dick in your pants, except when I’m using it.”

“Yes, ma’am. I won’t fuck anyone else again.”

“Better not, Will. I’m serious. I don’t need to be sharing my brother with other girls. Besides, you need to start thinking about our future as a family instead of getting laid by teen whores.” She grabbed his balls through his jeans and gave them a squeeze hard enough to remind him of the consequences for cheating on her.

That evening, Natalie showed up at Ann’s house to see Larry. He got the news and was feeling like the stud of the pasture. Now, thinking he had bred two teen girls with his seed, Larry had to consider how he would move forward in the living situation. His house wasn’t very big, so he sat down with Natalie, Ann, and William to discuss the problem. Ann was first to come up with a solution.

“Since I’m already pregnant with your baby, Dad, and I can’t get more pregnant, maybe it would be best for William and I to share a bedroom and let the baby have my room. Natalie’s mom will be happy to let her move in with us since she works nights and never gets to spend time with her anyway. And now that she’s got your baby coming, it would be a good idea to have both of the kids in my room and let Natalie sleep with you.”

“Hmmm. That actually makes a lot of sense. Will, are you wanting to let Ann move into your room, at least until you leave next year for college?”

“Sure. She and I will try to behave, but like she said, Dad, I can’t make her MORE pregnant. Can I stop using a condom now, Dad? We can always go back to using them after she has your baby.”

“I guess so. It’s going to be up to Ann, but I want you wrapping it up right after our little bundle of joy arrives. However, Ann, I still want to have my fun, too, especially later when your tits start bringing in milk. That’ll be awesome.”

“Daddy! The milk will be for the baby. We’ll see what happens, though.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Natalie. “I want to breastfeed, too. Finally, I’ll have some boobs. I hope they stay big for me.”

So, they agreed on the sleeping arrangements and hoped that Nat’s mom would allow her to move in with them. They all vowed to keep the father of Natalie’s baby a secret to prevent Larry from doing prison time and to keep her out of trouble, as well. They decided to just have her mom know that Ann’s family cared about her and welcomed her into their home since they also had a pregnant teenager who could mentor Natalie.

Over the next few months, the girls’ bellies continued to expand. Larry and William made time to enjoy their young round tummies and blossoming breasts filling with nurturing milk. They were told they had to be schooled at home to avoid being a bad influence at school, which wasn’t fun for William. He enjoyed showing off his sister’s bulging bump to James and rubbing it for good luck before heading to class for a test. Natalie and Ann liked the home school concept since they could sleep in and watch TV during the morning and do homework starting around noon when the news came on.

Content with their current situation, William and Ann decided to stick it out at home a little longer than originally planned. When Ann had her baby, she decided to list their son’s father as William and named him Lawrence William after her two suitors. They told Larry that although he was the biological father, by using William’s name on the birth certificate, it would keep prying eyes off him. He went along with it, realizing it wouldn’t look good for him to be listed as the man who planted his sperm into a high school freshman.

Natalie gave birth to girl and listed the father as “Unknown” in order to prevent her lover from doing time for statutory rape of a minor. The baby had Larry’s chin and ears, so Ann was happy to see that William didn’t impregnate Natalie. As the two girls would breastfeed their babies together, Larry and Will would watch like lions waiting for their turn to feed.

Ann and Natalie got onto birth control pills before going back to school as sophomores. This allowed them to participate in sexual explorations with Larry and William without fear of a repeat performance until they were ready to add to their family. The babies grew up like siblings, their parents would swap partners on occasion, and even have group sex every few months just for fun.

When Natalie turned 17, she married Larry in Tijuana, Mexico. Ann and William moved out with their son using the money William made as a computer programmer and what Ann had accumulated over the past four years. They decided they would have another child after they settled into their new place, and Natalie and Larry planned on having another one after she graduated high school.
All was well that ends well.


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