( pt 1a) A boat trip with benefits

( pt 1a) A boat trip with benefits

A week or so ago, a guy I know who was best man at a up coming wedding, told me he was arranging the stag night and they were hiring a boat and some strippers for a night of fun, I said it would be better if you had a woman who would take you all on and more, he laughed and said yes it would be, but didn't want to pay a pro as most of the guys were single, some married of course and about 30 or so guys would be on the boat and bus back to the motel after wards.

The strippers were going to cost him a fair bit, so I said for half that I could get you a woman who would let you all fuck her in any hole, more than once, he told me he would check with the guys and get back to me soon.

When I told Sue what I had volunteered her for she smiled and said she would do them all and enjoy it, if they wanted her too. When we got the phone call a couple of days later she was happy as. I told them I would be joining them on the boat to as part of the deal.

The Saturday of the stag do arrived, Sue and I got ready, she shaved her pussy and cleaned herslef ready for anal, then with minimal make up and clothes we headed off, arriving around 7.30 a bus with the guys on pulled up about then too, heads turned to see Sue walking up the gang way her ass showing under her dress, and her boobs swaying free, a few guys helped her aboard thier hands finding her boobs and pussy, before she even stripped off.

It was a big boat the skipper had been told what might happen and he set up a mattress in the cabin, I'm sure he must have been friends with one of the guys too, all to soon we set of up the river, Sue was already naked and guys touching her up, as they lights went down a bit.

Most of the guy sat around watching and drinking, a few got her going, she took the first one in her mouth sucking him hard as another guy played with her clit, her ass up high as guys walked around fondling her boobs and body.

It didn't take long, Sue turned and told the guy to fuck her pussy, he looked at his mates who urged him on, so he pulled his cock out and slipped it in her wet pussy, cheers went out from the croud, as more guys now got closer watching the action. both guys worked her body, her mouth sucking hard, began to have the right effects the guy straining to hold of cumming.

Now a few more guys moved in, cocks in hand, as she stroked as many as she could, then with one hard push, the guy in her mouth shot his cum deep down her throut, she spilled a few drops but swollowed the rest, quickly he was replaced by a hard cock and she took him in.

She had been going now for 15 mintues or so, the guy fucking her pussy groaned and unloaded deep in her, cum ran down her legs as he pulled out, another guy slipped into her, pushing most of the cum back in.

The drink was going down pretty quickly too, as the noise got louder, Sue began to work harder to get the guys to fuck her more, the third cock going in her pussy kept her high, as she took on the fourth cock in her mouth now, not all the guys cum in her mouth, they wanted to try her pussy.

She was keen to get more, laying one guy down, she sat on his cock, then looked around, pulled another guy over to her and told him to fuck her ass, cheers went up once more as a shy but determined guy moved in, his cock aimed at her ass, more cheers as it went in, now most of the guy had enought drink to relax them and remove most inhabitions.

Sue was happy with all her holes filled, and the guys fucked her hard and fast, she was having a great time and told them so, which made them try even harder, soon she was rewarded with two nice big cum loads, and quickly she got two more to replace them and get going once more.

By now the drinks had helped a lot, as guys stood around most naked waiting their turn, Sue was not being let up, as one guy cum, another took his place, her pussy and ass both leaking cum every time, another cock filled her up, she was managing to swollow all the cum shot in her mouth, but her hair was cum soaked now as some guys wiped thier cummy cocks over her face once they had cum in her.

I waited until her ass was empty and shoved my cock firmly up into her bowels, feeling the guys cock in her pussy below me, we both gave her a good fucking, then his cock jerked and blew wads of cum deep in her pussy, soon he too was replaced and we both got going once more, Sue working her body back onto us both.

When the guy under her cum, I changed places with him, letting another cock fuck her ass, now I could kiss my wife while she took us all, her mouth took another hot load, this time she let it go into my mouth, sharing his cum with me as we kissed, my tongue going right in her mouth
getting the last drops from her.

We did this a few times, each cum load being shared, her ass had taken two or three more loads, as my balls began to strain under my load of cum ready to shot out.

Sue knew and looked in my eyes, as my cock filled her cum soaked pussy, she kissed me and went back to sucking cocks, my softening cock still in her, as she shared one more cum load with me, then I moved out to see her being lifted up and planted down onto two more cocks, this time both went in her ass.

She rode them, guys cheering her on, as her ass devored both cocks fully, a few more moving around to see clearly her ass take two good cocks, it was good to see them holding her up, helping her ride them both, before the sound of two guys filling her ass filled the room.

It was now I thought lets step this up a bit more, so laying down I got Sue and sat her on my fist, gasps and cheers filled the room again, as Sue rode my arm, showing the guys her talents, then after one good orgasm, she stood up pulling my fist from her ass, then took on another three guys making them fuck her, two in her ass and one in her mouth.

I noticed one guy was still dressed and not to into Sue's fun, so taking a break, I sat next to him and asked was he ok, with Sue being fucked by them all, he replied yes, but he was not into that kind of fun, the way he answered made me think maybe he was gay.

So without saying to much, I took the lead, and said yes, at some of our parites the guys have more fun with me, than her, his eyes lit up, then a
soft' Are you bi then" came from his mouth, Yes I replied. and we both enjoy anal and orgies with biguys.

He looked around, then said, Can you meet me in the front cabin shortly, I nodded yes and he left, making sure Sue was keeping them all busy, I took off, still naked and went forward, the guy was already there, his eyes lit up, when he saw me close the door.

I dropped down, his cock went into my mouth in seconds, as it began to grow I knew he was enjoying my attentions, soon it was rock hard and looking good, a nice thick 7 inch cock was filling my mouth.

I wanted him, my ass was ready to take him as I turned to give him access to my hole, his mouth went down, licking and rimming me nicely to my first anal orgasm. He explored my hole with a finger or two, then quickly, stood and rammed his meat firmly up my ass, my mind went blank for a second, as I took it all, then his cock pulled back hard, nearly coming all the way out, then quickly back in fully once more. he was good, and his cock hit the right spots too, my anal orgasm started getting stronger and stronger as he built up speed.

He fucked me for 5 mintues or so, then swung me around, laying me on my back, legs over my shoulders, then rammed his cock back in fully, causing me to gasp and orgasm, I was so lucky he wasn't just another fuck and go guy, he took time to make sure I was enjoying his cock and we both had a nice long fuck, then after what must have been an hour or so, he asked me where I wanted him to cum, I looked straight in his eyes and said where you are now is fine.

My ass took a good beating, as he pumped harder still fucking me with new found energy, my orgasm kept coming as he built up to his climate. I knew by the look in his eyes I was about to become his cum receptor, as his gase went wild, his cock jerking inside me sent me into a good long orgasm, then I felt his cum begin to fill my ass, and lots of it, he was going crazy, fucking me harder than before, forcing all his cum deep inside my happy ass.

It seemed like he wasn't going to stop cumming, then with one last push his face changed and he lay exhausted on top of me, his cock still jerking inisde my ass, but his load slowed to a stop. I did some thing now that I don't often do, I kissed him, and he responded kissing back, we lay totally happy, his cock still in me, jerked again, I kissed him again, and he slowly began to move in and out of my cum filled ass, surely he wasn't able to fuck me again so soon.

Not thinking I kissed him again, his cock now fucking my ass, his cum leaking out around him running down my butt, his cock still hard, another orgasm built up inside me as he once more found the right spot.

That was it, as I orgasmed his cock really began to move faster and faster, he was fucking me and how, my ass took control, and my orgasms ran from one to another with little time inbetween, as now he was thrusting flat out once more.

I was lusting after his cock, it felt so hot his cum still in me, his cock hard as before working its magic on, or in me like no other now. I knew the kiss must had some thing to do with his new found energy, so it was easy to kiss him, and each time I did, his cock felt like it got harder again, this just made me want to kiss him more, as my orgasm took me higher than normal.

It would have been another 15 mintues or so, and I knew he was ready again, his cock jerked and grew inside me once more, his balls slapping
against my ass let loose. another hot load of sticky hot cum filled my ass, this time he fell, landing on top of me, his breathing heavy, his cock still jerking wildly inside my ass, until he slowed and lay still.

When I could breath, I asked what happened, his eyes told me all, but he replied, that cumming in my ass, then me kissing him had just blown his mind and he just had to fuck me again, he said his cock normally goes soft after he cums, but this time it didn't, and he took advantage of it, to his surprise and mine he had a second load of cum ready to go too.

I asked him if he had ever taken his own cum, from a guys ass, he looked at me a bit strange, so moving above him I sat over his face, with a good push two loads of his cum fell from my hole into his mouth, I told him not to swollow it. Quickly I moved and got below him, then told him to drop his cum into my mouth , he did, then kissing him we shared it between us both. my tongue explored his mouth once more to get all the spare cum from him.

We cleaned up, and I left him to rejoin Sue's fun, she was stil going strong, the pool of cum showed me she had taken most of the guys, my cock
was now hard, so quickly I fucked her ass while she sat on aother cock, we both took her ass and filled it with cum.

I had a drink, and watched her take on a few more guys before the skipper came down and said it was time to berth, then he saw Sue, and quickly stripped of, his cock went straight up her ass and he fucked her hard and fast, dropping a nice load of cum in her before returning to more the boat.

As we pulled in, some of the guys looked disapointed, saying it had been great but wanted more, so Sue said we can meet up at the hotel if you want and carry on there, a round of cheers went up from the guys and the last 2 guys fucking her blew their cum deep in her pussy.

The guy I knew told me what hotel, and rooms to meet in, saying they would let us in vie a back door, away from the main reception area, seeing as Sue was a bit cummy, Sue jumped on the bus with the guys as I drove behind them.

With plenty of guys hiding her, we got into the hotel and headed to thier rooms, once inside the guys took over from where they had left off, Sue was lifted up and a guy fisted her ass, while another fucked her pussy, then as more guys caught on, Sue let them all fuck her ass and mouth or pussy while others fisted her holes too, she was really getting hot.

I sat talking to the gay guy, Mark, he said he had really enjoyed fucking me and wanted my number, the buldge in his trousers told me his cock was ready again, so I asked him if he would take me to his room for another fuck now, no one saw us leave or care.

This time he gave me a good long fucking, each stroke finding my g spot, and I had plenty of orgasms, then I asked him if he liked seeing Sue being fisted, with a strange look he said, "Can you take a fist too then".I didn't reply, pulling of his cock, I held his hand and pushed it to my ass, he knew then and pushed harder, his knuckles went in and soon his fist, a smile came over his face as his fingers explored my body.

I told him to push in more, now he was about 3 inches past his wrist, and my orgasm got stronger still, I turned over onto my knees, his fist still in me, and told him to stick his cock in too and fuck me, he seemed a bit hesitant, But once he had his cock in me too, he went crazy, fucking me faster than before, but this time he lasted a while longer too, his balls empty from our earlier fun.

I must have had 20 or more anal orgasm before he showed signs of cuming, his cock jerking wildly flooded my butt with more cum than before, then he fell onto my back, and kissed my neck,

When hs breahing became normal I told him to lay down for more cum this time he quickly lay and opened his mouth, my ass empitied its contents out and I swung ready for my reward

Now he once more moved over me, his cum flowing from him to me, spilling into my mouth and over my face, we kissed and shared it all, tongues lapping into mouths to taste the last drops.

I dressed and gave him my number, saying I would love to meet him and any mates he had for fun any time he was free, he asked if Sue would come with me, I said if you wanted her too, or just me, he kissed me and said "Just you please"

Sue was still locked onto a couple of guys, her ass swollon a bit and red, it looked like some of them had slapped her butt for her, but most of the guy had left, only 4 or 5 continued to fuck her, and thier cocks looked well used now too.

My contact pulled me aside, saying he was glad we had arranged this, and all the guys loved fucking Sue and especailly the anal sex, as most had never had anal before, I told him any other events coming up, she would love to help out too, with that he slipped me a envelope and said thanks, there is a bit extra in it too.

I waited for another hour or so, then Sue was finnally let free, the last guy fucking her ass, blew his wad of cum over her back, before making her suck him dry. she stood, slung her dress on over her shoulder, as we walked out of the room, saying thanks for a great night guys, most didn't hear her as they slept on the floor or chairs.

We drove home, and I told her about Mark the gay guy, and how we had fucked too, and she told me she would give my ass a good fucking with our toys too when we got home, and fist me, so she could play in his cum, "

Only if I can fist you and fuck you again" I replied.

I met mark a few times and some times with his mates, when I get time I'll tell you about that too.

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