Two weeks with Horas - Chapter 6

Two weeks with Horas - Chapter 6

The next door neighbour teaches Cathy to take Horas missionary style but that is not all she teaches her.

I reminded Cathy that Brian and Leena would be back next weekend. She actually looked sad. It was obvious that she was enjoying her nightly coupling with Horas. She had completely surrendered to idea of daily sex with her doggy lover. Horas, on the other hand, knew he was going to get bitch no matter who it was. I didn’t tell Cathy that in case she started to weep.

The week started normally but on Wednesday night Elizabeth from next door came knocking. Cathy invited her in. “I just thought I would come and say hello” she said but the way she was looking at Horas left no doubt what was her real purpose. Cathy and Lizzy sat on the couch. “Isn’t he lovely” Lizzy said, licking her lips. Cathy knew exactly what she wanted. “Horas lick” she said and Lizzy immediately spread her legs wide. She had come prepared as she was sans knickers. Horas set about pleasuring her pussy. “Oh yes my good boy” Lizzy moaned “God I missed this. Oh yes he has found my clit. He is such a lovely doggy”. I am sure Horas wouldn’t know what a clit was let alone know to lick it but as Lizzy moaned and orgasmed it did matter at all.

“I want him Cathy” she moaned and dropped to the floor and hands and knees. Pulling up her dress over her hips she yelled “Horas mount”. He was equal to the task and climbed on to back. She reached down to guide him home but he really didn’t need any help. He know what this human bitch wanted. Thrusting in deeply, his cock continuing to grow encased in Lizzy already soaked pussy he did what a dog does, fuck hard and fast. The noises that Lizzy was making was proof of his work. “Oh yes darling fuck me hard. Good boy. My darling boy” she kept moaning. Cathy sat beside her and slipped off her panties. She began to rub herself and moan in unison. “Give me your pussy” Lizzy squealed, her voice rasping. Cathy moved down and Lizzy buried her face in Cathy’s crotch as Horas tied with her. I sat spellbound as I watch the show in front of me. I was almost tempted to jerk off but I decided which ever pussy was offered to me I wanted to fuck it.

Cathy was moaning, Lizzy was groaning and Horas was whimpering. He tried several times to withdraw but failed. When he finally managed it Lizzy squealed. Horas wandered off to his corner to lick himself clean and Lizzy and Cathy embraced on the floor. They ten got up and headed for the shower. “Be naked when we come back” Cathy said as she left. I practically torn my clothes off and sat on the couch, my cock rock hard and pointed at the ceiling. They came back after the shower and both knelt in front of me and shared cock sucking duties. I felt like a king with my two concubines serving me. Cathy finally stood up and sat down on my cock with her back to me while she and Lizzy kissed and fondled each other. I will admit that I did last long before unloading. It was wild. Later, after Lizzy left Cathy and I had delightful seconds.

We got a phone call Thursday night from Brian. He said he and Leena would be back Sunday afternoon. Teena came on the phone and asked to speak with Cathy. She told me later Leena asked about Horas and how I took to finding out about Horas. Cathy told her all was cool. Getting off the phone she looked over at Horas. “I am going to miss you sweetheart” she said. I laughed and said she had been get used to only rare visits. “Well he is still mine until Sunday” she said “Come boy, come and get your bitch. Horas mount” she said and took him on the couch missionary position. “I think he enjoys that honey” I said. “Yes” she said “I can’t wait to show Leena”. Later in bed I offered the same. “No fuck my doggy” she whispered “You know I like it”. I nodded “indeed I do”.

Friday night Cathy rand Lizzy and said Horas was going home Sunday afternoon. “I will be over tomorrow then” she replied. Horas had his “exercise” and then Cathy and I doubled up in the bedroom. She clung to me and I could tell she was fretting. I knew what about. She had grown so fond of Horas she didn’t want him to go. I could understand as I saw how excited she got when he mounted her and how she moaned and squealed as he ravaged her. Thankful it hadn’t affected us, maybe even made it better.

Saturday Lizzy arrived early. They didn’t have to say it. I picked up the keys and shopping list and left them too it. All the time while shopping I had to adjust myself. I knew what was going on back at our house and I was turned on just thinking about. I got home to find Horas asleep in the corner of the Lounge and moaning coming from the bedroom. I peeked in to see Cathy and Lizzy making out and I went back to the kitchen to put the shopping away. I made a cup of coffee and sat in the living room. Two naked women appeared before me. “Did you make us both one” Cathy asked. “I will think about it” I said, mocking them. “Make us coffee and we will suck your cock” Cathy said. My feet didn’t touch the ground between the living room and kitchen.

We had or coffee, I stripped off and they did indeed suck my cock. I tapped Cathy on the head. Our sign for “I am getting close” and she stopped sucking. “Let me finish him” said Lizzy and while I moaned and Cathy watched wide-eyed Lizzy took my load deep in her throat and swallowed every drop. She looked up at me and smiled. I looked at them both. I was one lucky gut that’s for sure.

The rest of day they used Horas several times. He seemed to have endless energy and an endless need to mate with his bitches. For their part both Cathy and Lizzy couldn’t seem to get enough. I was left watching and all I got was an occasional lick and suck. Both of them deliberately stopped short of letting me cum. “Save it for later” Cathy kept saying. My balls were full and my cock twitched. “I can wait. I can wait” I kept telling myself.

It was later afternoon when they again cuddled up to me. The three of us had been naked all afternoon. “Lizzy has to go home soon” whispered Cathy “do you want to fuck her before she goes”. I nodded so hard my head almost came off. Lizzy smiled seductively “I want it on the kitchen table” she said. I expressed surprise. “Watch us fuck Cathy darling” she said. She got up and bent over the table and I took her from behind. “Oh God yes that feels so good. Cum honey. Fill my cunt with human cum this time” and did just that. I pulled out and she quickly put on her panties. “I want to feel you’re cum inside me” she said moaning. I wasn’t sure if it stay in there for long as her knickers were already getting soaked.

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