Teaching Me Part 2

Teaching Me Part 2

Teaching Me Part 2: The next day

I dont remember getting up off of Kay, or putting my clothes back on, or going to my room and tucking myself in, so I can only suppose Kay did those things for me. I lay on my back in bed, blinking in the strengthening sunlight, remembering the last 2 days, which had flown past, lightspeed. I remembered my first, then second encounter with Doe, and then my little cuddle session with Kay. I remembered how firm and pert her tits were, how soft her nipple was inbetween my lips, the light fluffiness of her pubes.

My mind wandered back to Doe, and unwanted thoughts crawled into my head. What the hell was wrong with me? Fucking a dog before fucking a girl. I started berating myself endlessly, until my stomach growled. I hadnt eaten dinner last night, Kays tits notwithstanding. I got up, showered, dressed, and went out to the kitchen. I was up early enough to see Nick walk out the door and get into his pickup. I wondered if he suspected something.

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. Kay sat down across from me, looking radiant and beaming, whereas I was down on myself. Kays outfit for the day was lifting my spirits slightly however. She was wearing a crop top that was showing down under cleavage sans bra, with her nipples poking through her shirt. Following down her flat stomach, I saw she was wearing a very short skirt made out of a rather flimsy material, which fluttered everytime the breeze lifted and came in through the screen door. Again, I wondered if Nick was a zombie not to notice that.
"How did you sleep?" she asked me, with a play of a smile on her sun-kissed face, showing off some pearly whites
"Fine" I said, trying to keep my bitterness about my dog/human issue out of my voice and the topic away from last night.
Try and keep the subject away from THAT, yeah right. My personal Venus, sitting across the table from me, had nothing BUT that in her mind, but she caught the edge of my tone in my voice, however subtle it was.
"Whats the matter?" she queried, her experession reading concern. She stood up and leaned over the table to touch my face, seemingly unaware that her tits were sliding out of the bottom of her shirt. I outlined my problem as she stroked my face, running her fingers along my jaw and over my lips, ever so softly. This, as you might have guessed, did not help speed up the process any further, with blood rushing from my head to my head.

Once I was done talking, she stood up, along with her shirt falling back over her tits, and told me how foolish that was.
" Do you think, Matthew, that I would be so cruel as to do this to you? Let you leave here without feeling the touch of a woman?"
I spluttered, Unsure of what to say, not wanting to offend as the scope of her plan unveiled itself.
"Its fine."She told me" Just get ready to go for a walk. You wont be needing your clothes, just shoes. Meet me here in five minutes. I sprinted to my room, stripped naked, and looked at myself in the mirror, fretting. I remembered about protection, and rummaged through my suitcase to find the lone condom I bought from a truckstop bathroom a year ago out of curiosity. I found it, and took it with me, striding out of my room naked, holding the shining silver packet like a knight would hold his sword going into battle.

I saw Kay standing by the door, waiting for me. She smiled when she saw me holding the condom.
" You wont need that" she said smiling. I started to ask her why when she cut me off, "I will explain everything to you on the way. Are you ready?"
I nodded.
"Good!" she exclaimed, and bounced on her toes, her tits bouncing with her. It was the first time I noticed she had no tan lines, and thought she must go on these walks often. I asked her and asked her about passerby traffic.
"Well, we are pretty far out in the middle of nowhere, Matthew, and our road ends in a dead end about a mile further down, with no houses and all the fields belong to us. The only people who come down here are the people we invite, and I have invited no one for today"
I let go a breath I didnt know I was holding, a little more relaxed. We kept walking, and Kay kept talking about life on the farm, how lonely it gets, and how there is little to do. She had a twinkle in her eye as she said this, and I noticed we were passing the Horse coral. Pegasus and Kara, She said their names were. She sidled closer to me and grabbed my hand in hers.
" I aboslutley love these horses, them and the dogs, they are my only satisfaction out here when life gets slow." She reached down and squeezed my cock, gently and firmly, and let go, leaving me harder than before.
"If you want, Matthew, you can have a play with Kara sometime, I know she needs it. I dont let Peg fuck her, see, because I dont want any foals, and I want the cum to myself. She led me over to the fence, and then hopped over. I saw a flash of pink for a second before she was on the other side, and my cock lept of want. She grabbed my hand after I lept over the fence, and led me over to Pegasus. As we walked over to him, I saw a shimmer on her legs, and I didnt know how I missed it before. Cunt juices flowed down her legs, all the way to her ankles in some places, And I realised why she was wearing fluffy socks with her shoes.

As we came up to "Peg" as she referred him, a giant black Clyde, she let go of my hand and stepped up to him and petted him on his side. He kept staring forward and had no sign of recognition. Well, to be truthful I didnt notice it at first, but as it grew, I saw that he was putting the utmost effort into standing still. As it kept getting longer, I felt myself getting redder. I have never had any sort of gay thoughts, and I dont think these were gay either, its was just the feeling that I wanted to have his cock, rather than my own. Knowing that Kay wanted to fuck my anyway, I squelched any thoughts about my "inadequecy" as I knelt down next to Kay who was starting to try and wrap her hands around the monster cock.
"its..." I started
"Gorgeous" she breathed
"Help me, will you?" she asked, with the most doeful experession in her eyes, I would have ran through town naked if she asked."Im rather thirsty, and I cant rub all his cock by myself, it just makes him frustrated." She opened he mouth as wide as she could, and rubbed her tongue around beforeshe had it in he mouth, all the while furiously rubbing her hands up and down his shaft. I joined, a little reluctantly, until he emptied all of his load in her mouth and over her tits.

Grinning with a mouthful of cum, she was smiling ear to ear as she said to me
"I feel much better, thank you Matthew" She swallowed with a loud gulp and agin took my hand, leading me into the barn. She took me up a ladder, (I went after her so I could look up at her glistening snatch) and up onto a balcony cut out of the south side roof, so if anyone were looking across the roof level, they would see nothing. I had a quick glance at the surroundings.There were a couple lounge chairs, and Kay was pulling the cover off of a large Futon matteress,which was covered with a large, soft and fluffy looking puff.
She smiled at me
"My secret Hide-out."she explained." This is where I go to escape, relax or have fun. But come over to me now and give Thumper a run for his money."I smiled inwardly. I thought that she had fucked him before. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, and it seemed like she was just there to look beautiful. She winked at me. I walked over to her and pushed her down onto the bed, my mind filled with nothing but lust, our mouths touched, and saliva and horse cum mixed together. I groped a tit as she slid her hand down the back of my leg and directed my cock into her sopping, excited cunt.

My whole cock had slipped all the way in before a warning light flashed in my head.
"Condoms?" I asked her.
"Im on the pill" she said breathlessly.
And with that she pulled her hip down as far as she could without letting my cock slide out, and then drove them upwards, slamming herself into me.
I was pumping furiously, her cunt softly grabbing my cock, rubbing it, not tight , but not loose, more than enough to keep a firm grasp on my member.
My brain was on fire. Every single motion I made prompted me to fuck faster, both my hands on her asscheeks, pulling her warmth ever closer. Our lips met and she chewed on my bottom lip, before sticking her tongue into my mouth. I pulled my mouth from hers, and brought my head down to her breast. I used my nose to brush her long red hair off the tit I was going to devote my attention to. My lips came down around her nipple and squeezed ever so softly, and started to pull my head up, relishing the feeling of the nipple slowly slipping out of my mouths grasp.

I felt her gasp, and I looked up, startled. Her eyes wide, every muscle in her soft body seemed to clench. This was to much for my poor, excited member, and I came with such a feeling as I had never known, my drops of cum seemingly spiraling out of my cock to land among the stars.

I collapsed upon her, feeling her breasts heave as she breathed, pressing superhard nipples into my chest. I kissed he quickly, and rolled over.
"A ten, I think, my good sir," she finally managed to say after a while. We lay there in the morning sunlight, spooning, allowing my fingers to lightly play over her body, along with gentle whispers and kisses. I slowly explored her in full, delighting in finding the places on her body that made her jump and squeak.
"Will you keep teaching me Kay?" ask asked her softly
"Only if you remain such an enthusiastic student," she said. I pinched her nipple gently.
"Yes." She said. I will teach you all I know about pleasing a female, human" I slipped a finger into her cunt," Or otherwise."

End Part 2
A/N Sorry this took so long, Ive been away from my computer. I hope you enjoy and the writing did not get a little sloppy for you.
Also: Any suggesting of what you would like to see will be considered, such as Kays pov or a niece of Kay's, or more loving in general.
Dr. Hyde

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